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Yuga Kanon is something of a sports prodigy, he wasn't overly muscular or anything, but his athletic prowess has always been miles ahead of his peers, being aware of this he wasted no time mastering the basics of every sport he partook in, he was aware of his gifts and used them to Their fullest, most times he would build an ideal body type for someone like him who was slightly lacking in height, so he worked on everything else, his technical efficiency, his creativity in many sports, his control and other such attributes never lacked, though he did it in a way that allowed him to not stand out, he didn't want to be scouted because he stole the limelight in some random match, mostly because he wasn't really interested in the other sports he was just good at them.

His favorite sport would always be football, simply because it allowed him to weaponize a talent he had that only he seemed to think cool at the time, as such he went and applied to a soccer youth team, he was barely 16 so he passed the age requirement, now it was to test his skills, though this wasn't just any youth team, he applied to the Asura Youth development academy, the only academy in his home town which had both a 90% rate of players there going pro abroad but also only 1 or 2applicants actually end up making the main team even from the school that the academy premières in, scouts are usually overlooked altogether because Their fundamentals aren't polished as well as the school members, this year though Kanon was sure that at the very least he wouldn't fall behind the academy, and it seemed the head coach of the main team would be present to see if there was any potential so Kanon was somewhat hyped up.

Despite being 16 Kanon stood at 5 foot 10 with a lean build, while it was lean, his muscle toning was perfectly done for his frame, he has light brown skin and white hair, he kept it in a dreadlock ponytail and kept his side shaved like a fade he has dark orange eyes and well defined facial features, he had the face of a model yet the body of an athlete and somehow, he made it work.

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