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A/N: I don’t own the rights of this novel or the characters of the Series.
A/N: No sheets, only knowledge about the world.
A/N: This story is mainly built on schemes, strategy, and little Romance.
Edward was a teenager who loved Game of thrones. He always dreamed of experiencing such a life. His family owned a factory that made artisanal whiskey and vodka. He, himself, owned a winery. When he was returning from his winery, a thief tried to rob him but he didn’t control his strength and killed Edward.
When Edward opened his eyes, he found that he was in a baby’s body.
Follow Edward on his journey in the game of thrones.

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For the first 50 or so chapters, the author tries his best to characterise the protagonist with a set of characteristics; cunning, scheming, and ruthless. At one point, he was even contemplating whether he should kill his own mother for power! For his ambitions, he is willing to sacrifice anything and everything. And I respect that, truly I do. And then he meets Ashara Dayne (chapter 49). So begins one of the cringiest romances I've ever had the displeasure to read about on this site. During the first meeting, the MC just gapes at Ashara for a whole minute, unable to utter a word. The second meeting MC calls her Ash, and she calls him Ed (MC's full name is Edward). Third meeting, the MC is declaring his undying love for Ashara, solemnly promising in his mind that he will do anything within his power to keep her happy. Even if this means abandoning much of his ambitions (the very same ambitions which led to the MC sending his own father [father!] to death). The MC at this point becomes a feminist's wetdream. If this isn't enough, the object of MC's affections, Ashara Dayne, has two words which best describe her personality: promiscuous slut. In cannon lore, she sleeps with more men than Lys' number 1 prostitute.

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Writing Quality: 2 stars ---Decent grammar and spelling (relative to this site, not even close to professional grade though). However, the author uses many terms that simply aren't used in Game of Thrones, such as "hey." Stability of Updates: 5 stars ---The stability of updates is rather good. There's a bit of a lull during the holidays but otherwise it's very consistent at the time of this review. Story Development: 3 stars ---Nothing much to say here. The story is only 9 chapters in, and the story development is pretty standard for a Game of Thrones fanfiction Character Design: 1 star ---The main character is ok. However, every other character is essentially just an NPC, with no other reason for being other than granting the MC's ridiculous requests. --- 5 year old MC: "Father, give me a 1,000 soldiers and trainees to use as I wish with no oversight!" --- MC's father: "Sure son, no problem. Anything else I can do for you today?" --- MC: "Yeah, give me some children to brainwash to be loyal to me, despite me not being the heir." ----MC's father: "Sure son, no problem. Anything else I can do for you today?" ---I'm not even exaggerating this. This is essentially how the conversation was written in the story. World Background: 1 star ---Like I mentioned before, some of the words used in dialogue is incongruous with the Game of Thrones setting. Then there's things like the MC dual wielding two great-swords despite not having any enhanced strength. A lot of the small details in this story are incredibly ridiculous and simply don't fit with the setting. And the large details were created by GRRM, so I don't really consider them while rating this story. Thus, one star for world background

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Dude your title is silly. It's like saying the doctor who heals people, or a Chef who makes food. Do you get it? Scheming is like the thing of nobles and court politics. Your title is stupid and I am a reader who reads.

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A good book if u like a spoiled and sociopath mc i suppose. Not in my alley for sure ........................................................

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This review is gonna be very harsh. This story is so ridiculously stupid that i actually laugh out loud sometimes at its stupidity. Everything and i mean EVERYTHING goes the Mc way for no reason at all, literally nothing happens that doesn't benefit him immensely. Also the Mc is for some reason this ultimate badass so much so that Tywin freaking Lannister is afraid of him for no damn reason. There are a lot of stuff that i could complain about like him becoming the lord of Stormlands which would NEVER happen since he is not the oldest, westeros rules are very strict in that regard, or him somehow (by somehow i mean in a way that would never work) making the Stormlands extremely rich, the richest actually, in a laughably short amout of time (he is making MILLIONS of gold in pure profit every month) but let's focus on the recent ones. During the rebellion he negotiates a deal so ridiculous that even if i try to read this ff with my brain shut off the sheer amount of stupidity shocks it back on. He tells Jon Arryn that he will only join the rebellion if after it's success they will recognize Stormlands as an independent kingdom lol. But as ridiculous as that is it doesn't end there, he also demands a HUGE portion of Targaryen gold like half or something hahaha. If you thought he was done you are wrong, he also demands that all the lands he takes over will belong to his new kingdom. Do i have to even explain why everything he demands is literally Impossible? But of course just like everything else all goes his way. You know what, i will give a few reasons why it would not work just in case some idiot thinks this will work For example: when Aegon Conquered westeros he appointed great houses as Lord Paramounts and gave them the authority to reign within their region as they see fit, as long as they pay taxes and follow the Kings Laws of course. Now why did he do it? Becouse he wasn't stupid enough to think that noble houses that followed and served the great houses for THOUSANDS OF YEARS would simply abandon them and be loyal to his house from that point on. So if Edward (the Mc) takes over some of the Reaches lands, one third in fact lol, the noble houses in that region would never be loyal to him. Their loyalty will remain with their Liege lords and/or the House that they're sworn to. The House Tyrell struggled and still Struggles to gain their loyalty for now 300 years. And the only reason why they had some success is because they would marry in to those houses like Olenna frome the Redwynes or Mace wife from House Hightower. Also why the Tyrells were so obsessed with having marriage ties wit royal family to strengthen their hold on the Reach. Also a perfect example would be some Houses in crownlands don't pay taxes and when tax collectors are send to them, they either don't return or only a small number makes it back with only a portion of the taxes.

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keep it up author good luck........................................................................................................................................................................................................

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Well, mc is basically generic villain. He hates everyone just because, and is from start planning to wipe out his family without even considering any other options. He just is evil like some nameless side villain without any motivations. I mean there are countless better ways he could rise to power even if we ignore all the moral questions. If we take morality into play, mc is just absolute bottom of the barrel scum. He's clearly not psychopath so you can't even blame it on that. Baratheon the schemer is quite ill suited considering mc is not even smart enough to get his family on his side or use any other more reasonable strategy. Better title would be Baratheon the vile.

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This story doesn't make sense if you read asoiaf, it's very dry and bland, mc is a cunt, the plot is forced, nothing to see here.........................

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Bro this character design... MC is acting like a 14yo with his brother, i hate it, act like a fucking ***** moron. Your brother is a little prick ? Then you teach him, you help him, that's what a brother do, that's what an ***** do, you help him get better. Robert may be a little shit, but MC is no better, letting things go wrong with his brother without doing anything just laughting at him. I can already tell where it's going and i hate it. OF COURSE you have to make robert a bad guy in every point, otherwise how could you take the power from him. OF COURSE, because the MC is in the good people side right, he is a good person, so he can't betray someone good to get to power right, it would make him nuanced and that's not what we want. Let's stay with the manichean view of the world, good side, bad side that's it.

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Not the most Logical, but theres some logic in the story. Its a good fanfic, with adequate plot. Some grammatical errors here an there But u can see at various points that the story was written by a teenager. Overall a good GOT fanfic with OC Tho not bad overall

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Dude, don't take the following review as offensive or anything, but I am going to be brutally honest and provide constructive criticism where it's due. The first few chapters were great, there were a few cringy moments where the mc acted more immature than canon Joffrey, which is saying something. The plot till now has been great, you have portrayed the character as a cold, no nonsense guy who doesn't take shit from anyone unless he gains something in return. He literally sent his father to death and almost sent his mother as well before contemplating on the fact that he maybe loves her. That was great. Your portrayal as a manipulative and scheming protagonist is spot on. Then came chapter 50.... Let's just say that the moment I read about the unbelievably cringy romance between Ashara and the mc, was the moment my opinion of your character development went down a couple of stars. I have also found that your character has way too many conflicting thoughts on actions to be taken, and once he takes them, he either regrets no going down a different route, or thinks how great it would have been if it had gone down a different way. The fact that you update daily is something I can respect and the writing quality, though not top notch, is still pretty good. In conclusion, great story, good writing quality, bad character. P.S, just rewrite chapters 50-54 again and make it less cringy. Just s piece of advice, cause I almost quit after reading that pile of cowdung you call romance.

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Keep it up man doing good so far...././ : :;; :::::;;;3://;/// ::::;;;/:::;: :.:::::;;::: :;;;;;: ::::;;://:: ::;;;;::33322 ::....../;;;;;;;;:

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👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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Awful writing quality and a bad character. He hates unconditionally for actions that the character he directs his hate to has yet to even attempt. If you want us to hate the target, give us something to hate. Robert is a child in the beginning. Why skip 10 years when you can add interactions with Robert and MC, maybe changing Roberts character instead of just ignoring him. The MC is stupidly breaking connections with a possibly formidable warrior that could be a strong ally or subordinate instead of an enemy. Making the entire baratheon family an enemy isnt a good idea.

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The mcs personality is obnoxious he acts like he is the choose one a god but hes just an arrOgant **** he says he hates his brothers for their fUture personalities but never tries to change them

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Its pretty bad. The mc is supposedly some godly warrior made flesh and everyone else in the story is just a robot to make the MC look good. Very badly written fiction.

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well too op I know you guys are saying he has no magic no nothing except his mind. but what if he never remembered these things and was born in Essos and that man that was reincarnated was Alexander the lll of macedon who has most of his memory's but doesn't even know anything about game of thrones that is what my story is gonna be from a slave to a warrior I will have 300 chapters with 1000 words written in each chapter before we reach joffreys name day I will add every detail so it will be long. when my mc reaches 5 that's when brutal things happen so I hope you read it I need people can help me with my journey and to this author of this great book who inspired me please give me a shout out

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The premise is intresting, that is to say zo have an MC who is not a goody two shoes. However it is written like a bad wuixia fic. The grammar and sythax is all over the place that make the story difficult to understand. Furthermore the story itself makes little sense, like a 9 year old beginning to build an army or deciding a person born a week ago is useless. In conclusion I would say this story is for those that expltored all other options of better quality and have time to burn with nothing better to do

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is it Christmas already?! multiple chapters in one day!

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I’m gonna be honest I think it’s a good book the writing quality could be better but the story development was good until Ashara but that’s not my problem thing is I stopped reading as soon as I read he was contemplating on letting a 13-15 year old girl get raped for his plans to get Ashara to hate the lannisters I didn’t read anymore so I don’t know if he goes through with it but that’s just sick honestly I hope he didn’t but I’m not reading this anymore but it was a good book at least to where I read it.

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