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I alone am the Honoured One!

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Author: Akkuzz_69

4.68 (46 ratings)

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What do you mean by there are cultivators in this world?

And I have a heaven defying physique?

Zhao Tian is living a normal life with his family including his mom and sister! But what will happen when he comes to know that this modern world he is living in is not normal and there are people who can use supernatural powers who are called 'cultivators?'

He came to know that he has a physique that could even defy the mortal limitations of the heavens.

From there his life changed with many women entering his life.

And there seem to be a lot of secrets that lie within him that he doesn't even know himself. What will he do after knowing about his secret and origins?!

The most important thing. NO NTR! NO YURI

Dual Cultivation

Yeah, there will also be r18 scenes, it will be marked as *
and not every other chapter will be R18

Come and read it! At least try the free chapters man!

The Mc is not a simp. He is cold toward his enemies and doesn't hesitate to kill them. He only shows his gentle side towards his loved ones and is very affectionate of them.

English is not my first language, so there might be some errors and if you saw an error you can para comment it. I am constantly improving myself.

The cover does not belong to me if you want to remove it. Let me know and I will remove it!

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Handsome MC
Big harem

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    Of course, I will give 5 stars for my own novel i have practiced the Dao of shamelessness after all. *ahem* if you are looking for an OP MC with beautiful women this is for you. There will be action and more romance and slice-of-life moments. This is gonna be wholesome with many 18+ scenes. Come and read it. At least try the free chapters man!! If you have any questions drop it below!

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    Haha, It's from My broh Akkuzz so all five.

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    First of all, the grammer ruins this book for me. I could spot so many grammer mistakes. Adding to this, the "sound effects" were weird and kind of killed the atmosphere. And there's a distinct lack of comma's in the authors paragraphs, which is annoying as well. Other than the terrible grammer everything else is decent. Please fix your grammer, or at least read the chapter before uploading.

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    It's from Akkuzz so yeah it's good so read it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ฏ[img=recommend]

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    This book is honestly great. There are many books with 18+ but no plot.. but this one has a good plot and also 18+. This is quite interesting seeing cultivators in the modern world and stuff... and the origin of the MC is also very mysterious. He has the top physique in the world and imo he uses it greatly. He is definitely not a simp or petty as other MCs out there and his character is very likable from the start. Perfect combo of action, cultivation, romance, a slice of life, and quite mystery with some comedy. This book is worth spending money on! Throughout the Heaven and Earth I alone am the Honoured One!! Nah I'd win!

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    Throughout the heavens and earth, I Alone am the honoured one!

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    A future masterpiece from a great Author Akkuzz ah......I don't have words to describe

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    yo bro๐Ÿ˜ just checked it out after reading that 'very very important' note in the fan ficis this your original one?

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    LV 4 Badge


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    Everyday I lose more and more faith in Webnovel and itโ€™s readers. Chapter 1 had me going to check the blurb since I only checked it out because it was recommended and didnโ€™t read it. Why is this community so obsessed with I N cest? How can authors even stomach writing the scenes? Do they fantasize about their own mothers and sisters? ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข. I like the h***m genre, but with the increasing amount of I n cest in h***m novels, I may have to go with single fl from now on bc apparently itโ€™s too difficult to keep a family wholesome ๐Ÿ˜‘. Good luck on your future writing endeavors โœŒ๐Ÿพ

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    the novel is f***king great . I love the well structured way in which the author writes the novel, this should have been a five star but of course there's always room for improvement

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    Well...I'm here to support one of my favorite authors here on the Webnovel. This is another one of his work so i already know this is going to be good. Although this is a eastern fantasy novel with cultivation in this but at least it's different from most of the brain-dead cultivation novels which are present everywhere. The ML is not some naive character with some hero-complex, so this is a plus for me. And obviously since this a cultivation novel...the plot runs deep!!!....to know more about the characters and the plot do read the story.

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    I've read the author other fanfic "Reincarnated in my own Douluo Dalu Fanfiction?!" and I loved it very much. So obviously I believe this one will be just as good so I will give it a five star review to start its career hehe. Good luck author!

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    Is this novel competing in WSA 2024? Please reply.

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    This novel kinda feels the same as the novel Journey to become a True God.sus ๐Ÿคจ. Well the grammar is better than that though.

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    After reading 186 chapters I think it's time to update my review, this novel has met my expectations, the cultivation part was well balanced, which is what interests me the most after the Seggs scenes, personally I think the harem theme is quite rushed and it may seem like it's like catching pokemon, but it hasn't felt to the point of being bad, I think it's been tried to soften it by having small interactions to create feelings between the mc and the fmcs, what I've felt is that Not all the women are given enough time to appear, one of them is Chi Miya, I think that would be the difficult part, but I would like all the FMCs to appear more often even if the plot is delayed a little and well, well I have nothing more to say than to say that it is a great novel, thank you for this story akkuzz.

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    This novel has a very good start. Very minuscule spelling errors like mixing up he and her a little. Iโ€™ll give 5/5 stars for the beginning. Iโ€™ll make another review when a couple hundred chapters are out.

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    Author Akkuzz_69