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My CEO is an eccentric man

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Author: Little_North_star

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Good morning sir, welcome to Su enterprise, my name is jiang roulan and I will be your guide today.”
Han Zijun looked up to see an extremely stunning woman, his lips almost turned Dry just looking at her, and what was she wearing it was a knee lenght shirt with a slit that reached her thighs, with a body hugging shirt.

Han Zijun nodded and said “ lead the way assistant jiang”.
Jiang roulan nodded and started telling him everything about the company.
“What is an animal doing here.”
Jiang roulan smiled when she saw the little hamster

“ sir this little hamster came here some months ago, we tried chasing it away but it still came back. So we put him in this cage.”

“ where is the CEO’s office, I want to inspect it before we leave”.

“ you are coming back with me, to Han enterprises, you will not work here”.

“ alright sir as you wish”.
“The office is the biggest in the company, it has a room and a bathroom, you can make some changes to suit your taste.”

Han Zijun surveyed the entire office, it wasn’t that bad.

“ it’s okay, pack your things. We are leaving now.”
Jiang roulan nodded and when to pick up her and carried the remaining files on her desk to give to Lin suyin.

When unexpectedly Han Zijun picked up the files and walked out of the rooms
Did he just help me to carry the files.
Nah maybe he just wanted to look at them.

Jiang roulan rushed up to Han Zijun, when he asked “ how old are you miss jiang”.
“ I will be twenty four years old by august sir, why do you ask”.
Han Zijun shook his head and asked again “ married?”.

Jiang roulan shook her head, why is he asking such weird questions, Han Zijun was involuntarily happy that she wasn’t married
“ miss jiang let’s have lunch before heading back.”
Jiang roulan nodded and asked “ sir may I know what your preference are, what type of coffe you like or the food you like or if you’re allergic to anything thing”.
Han Zijun answered her in one sentence “ black coffee no sugar, I can eat all food , curry powder.” Jiang roulan made a mental note of everything

Chapter 6
Having dinner with an eccentric man
Headed to blooming hills for lunch
It was the most expensive restaurant
“Good day Miss, what would you be having.”
Jiang roulan glanced at the menu and “ spicy pickled fish, two bowls of rice, Sichuan Peking duck please.”
Jiang roulan turned to Han Zijun and asked “ sir is the okay with you, I ordered the bowl of rice if you can tolerate the spicy fish.”

So this woman is thoughtful too
“ it’s okay”.
The table fell silent again and nobody said anything except Han Zijun who told her that they would be attending a gala in the evening
“ sir don’t you think it’s too soon to take me to any party, since I don’t know anything about them.”
Han Zijun face remained cold and inhumane,

it was as if they feed me icebergs when he was growing up, the temperature in the car exceedingly cold, even though it was a sunny day
“ I’ll teach you the things you want to know.” Han Zijun said softly before turning back to look at the files, the chauffeur almost passed out from shock,
he had been with Han Zijun since childhood and had never heard him used this rare soft voice.
Jiang roulan coughed three times, not used to Han Zijun soft voice.
The chauffeur parked at the underground parking lot and opened the door for Han Zijun who then opened the door for jiang roulan.
The chauffeur was left stupefied again, this man actually opened the door for a lady, he doesn’t even open the door for his own mother.
Han enterprises was huge, beating Su enterprise by far.
“ follow me up, your desk will be situated close to my office, so you can come to me if you need anything roulan.”
Jiang roulan felt dizzy when she heard her name, it sounded so good coming from him.

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