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What is worse than being the worst team in the world?
For Dave Richards that was a very easy but heartbreaking question to answer, a goalkeeper who performed poorly between the sticks, he was still available as a first-choice goalkeeper because Unique FC didn't have any other goalkeeper.

He was slow on his feet, couldn't jump properly and worst of all, he didn't know how to hold the ball properly.

The only way that Unique FC was able to survive taking in a massive goal-fest sometimes was because of the extra effort they put in their defence.

After a terrible match in which Dave wasn't able to make any saves and also made a lot of mistakes, he was seriously scolded by the managerial staff and almost received a beating from his angry teammates.

He got home sad and also angry at all those who told him he looked like his grandfather and would therefore inherit his goalkeeping skills.

He discovered a hidden door below his room and when he got down there the only thing he could see was a black box.

He found the box to be quite familiar and when he opened it the last thing he saw was a bright white light when the light was gone he could see something in his field of vision.

[ Welcome Dave ]

[ You have activated the Goalkeeping system ]

A female voice read out the messages.

This is a story about how an ordinary man who didn't know his place between the sticks went from nothing to pro and beyond that.

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    Shameless author review here. This is first time writing a sports novel so don't expect this to be a super novel although I am a super football fan so I am sure of what I am doing. My grammar isn't great but I'm pretty sure it's readable and I try my best to minimise errors. Drop any questions you need answers to🥰

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    i never thought of writing a review here nor did give one before but this novel deserves one. first of all the novel is amazing it refreshing to read. it's not like other novel where the MC would get skills and be super strong, here it's a bit different it's neither a OP one nor a sloppy one, it's the best for that situation. And the other thing i liked in this novel was romance even tho it's not much but i like those sweet moments. Even tho there are few bugs coming in between their relationship both MC and FMC are swatting those bugs away and i do hope that author won't make any changes to their relationship especially cheating, NTR, etc it would be worst. i think that's it. Thanks for the novel and hope u keep up the good work👍👍

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    Hello, everyone, it's the author here to drop an appreciation review after reaching 300 chapters, the novel didn't start out well but I'm doing my best to tie up all loose ends and I hope you guys are seeing it get better, a big thank you to everyone for all your support, that's the main thing that keeps me going.

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    Too much unnecessary drama and lack of drive. I just want to read a football fic man, not some sappy romance :')

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    Goalkeeper system or watching football system? read until chapter 14 and drop because author keep writing about MC watching football game only.

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    Sorry but dropping it early. The novel has a lot of fillers and it feels like the author is underestimating soccer players too much or the mc is just trash. First, the task given is 2km running, drink 2 litters, Spend 2 hours in the gym. The mc [author] created a loophole and not realizing it, just run 2km in the gym and gets double reward but nope. Also, a soccer player can run around 6 to 8.5 miles per game or 9.7km to 13km. I understand that the mc is a goalkeeper but 2km is ridiculously low for the mc to whine about how hard it is. Btw, I understand that the latter chapters may be better but not all reader willing to go through almost 20+ chapters of mediocre writing to get there. Anyway good luck.

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    A bit of a missed opportunity with the is one. Read 30 chapters, way too little progress and way too much time spent with the gf.

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    The mc has the personality of a cardboard. The story remains stagnant on the MC and his love interest's romance. One of the worst sports novel in webnovel. wouldn't recommend it to anybody

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    Not bad, although I feel like its lacking a bit in the action part. Its really good though for someone who likes the soccer genre. Update faster and I'll drop Powerstones everyday

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    Annoying snarky system, an MC with absolutely no drive willpower or self confidence, seriously slow leveling up, and constant failed missions. Honestly I'm only still reading it because some people say it gets better, but the MC is pathetic if he is this lazy and still expects to succeed in pro football. I just don't see the appeal in reading about a loser failing challenges even when he has a cheat like system. The romance is ok but feels pretty flat as well. All in all, I'd say read it if you are really wanting a sports novel. Skip it if you want to read a novel with an MC worthy of his system.

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    Story is ok, but the most annoying part is Catherine the ai that Dave has. She isn’t endearing at all, and doesn’t add anything meaningful to the story. All she does is insult Dave. I wish he could turn her off. Ggggggggggggg

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    I think this novel has too much drama I would prefer it to be more stories about football with a little slice of life, but overall it's good novel

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    Love the story and the way you describe the football matches, however the thing that made me drop was the extremely slow system leveling and the mc in general. I love emma tho, she’s great.

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    O protagonista é estupido, a namorada dele so serve como distração, o protagonista espera ser profissional em casa no sofa, eu acho que a teg misterio so foi colocada para justificar o baixo QI do protagonista, mas tem uma boa qualidade de atualizações de capítulos

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    I like dave and emma :) they really have it out for each other thank you for this :) a good book for football but Im in it for Emma thank you 👌🏻👌🏻

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    A NEW SPORTS NOVEL, LETS GO!!!! Though I prefer basketball and (American) football, I love this novel. A bit lacking on the action side but it’s still a 4/5 from me. Good luck author, I only expect the best from you 🫡

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    Get to writing!!! you got me addicted, I NEED MORE!!!

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    well the direction of the developing novel looks extraordinary with the focus on mc as GK, he has a lot of potential to become one of the best expecting more thrilling moments

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    I read first 10 chapters and it reminded me of GOAT and I liked it. But it would have been better if the system was bit more practical and realistic.

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