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Pick Up the Pieces

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Author: Tinnean

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Change comes to all of us. For Theo Bascopolis, the first time is when he's fifteen. He finds his life falling apart when his father discovers Theo is gay and orders him to become straight or leave. Having no choice, in spite of what his father might think, Theo leaves. But where can a fifteen-year-old go? Especially when it starts to rain. He thinks things are looking up when he meets a striking man named Franky, who seems very attracted to him. However, once again Theo's life changes when he learns all Franky wants is for him to hustle. And so Theo becomes the rent boy Sweetcheeks.<br><br>However, Franky underestimates Sweetcheeks, and the results of the ensuing fight sees Sweetcheeks fleeing to Washington DC, where he crosses paths with a group of rent boys who take him in. Finally Sweetcheeks has a family, a home, and an additional source of income in the form of apartments they're able to rent out.<br><br>His life changes again a few years later when a mysterious tenant by the name of Mark Vincent becomes the reason behind the assault on one of Sweetcheeks's boys. Vincent visits the boy in the hospital, bringing with him his equally enigmatic trainee, William Matheson. The instant attraction blindsides Sweetcheeks. In spite of knowing love isn't for rent boys, he hopes Matheson can see beyond the body he's offered to so many.<br><br>But Matheson has secrets of his own. Can Sweetcheeks overcome his insecurities enough to believe in the quiet man who's come into his life? Can Matheson keep his actual occupation a secret without it jeopardizing their budding relationship?

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    Tinnean you deserve all the stars I have voted for you and even more everything from writing, translation, tempo was fantastic, ones I got into, I couldn't get out till I finished reading even to post comments was difficult but I still tried and voted the golden ticket and the power stones You are an amazing writer keep it up will be checking on all your other works . Love you, love you too xxxx take care and stay safe cheers

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    I really loved this one and am glad I discovered it . it holds real life problems but also had a awww aspect to it .I really liked the character growth and ending it led to . The hanky panky scenes weren't that bad either 😉 I suggest you read it if you want a story with RL aspect thrown in

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    Author Tinnean