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100% Sold To The Vampire Prince / Chapter 11: Welcomed by the Jaws of Royalty

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Chapter 11: Welcomed by the Jaws of Royalty

"When tension calls, attention answers".

Roxanne's POV

"So how does it feel entering the royal castle as a huntress, hmm?". Damon taunted, pulling my face harshly to his face as he gave me a wicked grin.

"P-please....just let..let me go...I'm obviously of no use here". I managed to plead in a whisper. "Why did you have to bring me to the headquarters of nightmare?".

I didn't care if I talked to him without his permission, and I'm ready to do it again if it means for him to let me go.

He looked stunned at my courage to talk back at him but laughed it off. "Let go of a huntress? I've never heard that before, little one".

I felt a pang in my chest at his words.

It was quite obvious that the royals have been searching for me for a quite long time now. Maybe I should've stayed low for a while.

"Now now little one, we've a long day to ourselves, so make everything easier by heeding to my instructions". He cooed with a chuckle as he yanked my leash to make me move.

I couldn't move any longer and laid on the ground panting for breath and air.

I had a serious respiratory disease called bronchial asthma, no one knew of the illness ever since my fate.

My pet sealer always thought I was either faking it or I was just looking for some sort of excuses for air and ignored me a lot.

Yes, I had it for six darn years and managed to survive---that's a bloody miracle.

"Little one". He stared at me and crouched to my panicking body, trailing his hand to my jaw.

"P-please..don't hurt me". I whispered shakily, in between my wheezings at his touch. "You can drink from me but not now...".

"Shoot, you're burning up". He placed his gloved hand on my forehead and flinched a little at the temperature. "Ugh, why do you always have to look for ways to slip from my hands".

I barely heard his words as my world began to fading and spinning without stopping, and before I knew it, the darkness slowly consumed me.


"When attention calls, intervention answers".

Damon's POV

"Little one". I groaned in anger as I felt her wheezing increasing, alongside with her rapid temperature. "Go get the pet doctor immediately!". I ordered the servants that were awaiting my return at the entrance of the castle.

Not that I cared about her situation anyways.

If she needed to die, she'd have to die in the most grievous way.

But it wasn't the right time yet.

I can't believe I'm doing this either but I did.

I heaved a sigh and lifted her up, carefully supporting her waist as I slung her arm around mine.

In the meantime, she'd get some medical checkup and latter-day, she'd be definitely punished.

She grimaced in response but fortunately didn't complain.

It wasn't easy carrying her, but thanks to her lightness, I made it to the hallway.

It wasn't long before the doctors arrived. "Why did you show up late?". I growled, glaring at the shuddering human doctors.

"W-we're sorry your majesty, we'd take it from here now". The human doctors apologised.

" anything you wish to her, but don't return to me without her lively body, got it?". I instructed, unwrapping my arms around little one.

They nodded quickly and grabbed the unconscious girl from my grasp, not even minding the tightened collar around her neck.

I started walking away from the scene but then stopped for a moment, turning back to the doctors.

"And... she's having problem breathing...". I informed them, glancing at the shackles around her collar before walking away from the scene.

Your in big trouble little one.


"When intervention calls, hospitalization answers".

Roxanne's POV

Why it hurts so much-

It feels like thousands of knives slicing their way through my chest.

What's going on?

I let out a shriek when a hypodermic syringe was brought dangerously close to my face and worse, I was on a bed with six doctors all around my bedside.

"W-what happened to me?". I asked politely since I observed that they were all humans and not vampires this time. It'd very comfortable talking to them without any evil intentions.

"You passed out from the condition". The male doctor by my left stated, placing his stethoscope firmly against my sore chest. "Are you aware of this?".

I lowered my head and nodded slowly. "Y-yes-..but comes and goes".

"Fortunately, the drugs you need are still in stock...but it all depends if your master's willing to support your medical services". He adjusted his glasses and gently removed the needle that have being inserted in my wrists.

I flinched a bit and heaved a tired sigh. "D-don't call him...please".

"I'm afraid that's too late, I've already arranged for his presence immediately". He said, giving me a look of pity.

"He's here". Someone announced, bowing down graciously.

My breath hitched at the announcement and felt more scared than ever.

He's going to kill me-

-I just know it.

Damon walked into the ward with someone else behind him, but I couldn't see the person as the effect of the drug was still affecting me.

He glanced around the room before eventually meeting my terrified face.

I didn't see the usual disgust on his face anymore but he still looked cold to me.

"Your highness, she's responding perfectly to the general drugs we've given her". A female informed him, fidgeting with the medical objects in her hand. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Good". He plainly said. "And what was her situation?".

"Bronchial asthma and some internal bleedings around her venter. The bleedings weren't too severe fortunately, or she'd have died instantly".

"Hmm, and did you give her the necessary attendances?". His stare turned to that of a glare to the medical personnel, and I watched as they cowered at his intimidation. "Y-yes my lord, I mean...we'd get the supplies right away". They bowed and left the room hastily.


-Not again.

Don't leave me you cowards!

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