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At the peak of Mount Iyaguris, in hell. There is a pool of Black Lava, rumored to be able to smelt every minerals in the world, stood 9 people.
A cleric, giving the strongest divine power from the strongest god.
A hunter, giving the toughest leather from toughest animal.
A warrior, giving the hardest bone from the hardest animal.
A mage, giving the strongest Mana from the strongest mana core.
A necromancer, giving the best undead energy from the strongest undead.
A miner, giving the best minerals from the deepest mine of the world.
A herbalist, giving the best herb from the largest forest.
A woodcutter, giving the hardest wood from the tallest tree.
A demon, giving the most evil energy from the most evil being.
And finally, there was a man collecting the best or strongest ingredients in the whole world while taking other ingredients out of empty air.
While the Gods are watching with envy.
While the Demon are watching with bloodlust.
While the mortal are watching with awe.
'It' was born.
The Supreme,
The Strongest,
The Best.
[*&^!&@*~&* iT iS bOrN- Player Datron- Has created the impossible-*&^!&@*~&*

Status is elevated to Supreme God
Status is elevated to God of Blacksmith
Status is elevated to God of Herbalist
Status is elevated to Demon God
Status is elevated to God of Woodcutter
Status is elevated to War God
Status is elevated to Mage God
Status is elevated to God of Miner
Status is elevated to God of Death
Status is elevated to God of Life
Status is elevated to God of Hunter
Status is elevated to God of Envy
Status is elevated to God of Awe
Status is elevated to God of Killing
Status is elevated to God of Peace
Status is elevated to...

Your body cannot endure all those title and has exploded.
Your status 'Supreme God' has transformed your spirit into a wandering 'God Soul.']

*For you achievement, one wish has been granted*
-Good, DeStRoYe ThE WoRlD !
*Wish granted, The world will be destroyed and Morpheus shall auto-destroy*

-You have regrets, don't you ?
-...?! Who ?!
-I am the true Supreme God. I, Gaia will allow you to become the strongest without regret. As for the method, it is your choice to decide. A path of blood filled with regrets once again. Or will you finally appreciate life to it's fullest with a companion to share your burden with ? Fate awaits you, young god.
In Paris, Datron or Lucas by it's true name, was smashed into ash by an extremely powerful lighting.
He was dead, he, who finally got his revenge on this game has finally died. Or so he though.


If you didn't notice, yes he will be extremely powerful but don't worry. He will have a lot of enemy who are powerful and numerous.
** = Morpheus talking or World Announcement.
[] = >System Alert
- = Character Talking

No One 17 and Under Admitted

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