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Original Works

  • Reincarnated Into An Amalgamation Of Anime Worlds

    Reincarnated Into An Amalgamation Of Anime Worlds


    He wanted to be hit by Truck-kun on purpose with the goal to reincarnate and despite knowing it was slightly insane and being bored with his mundane life, he did it anyway. He got his wish but he isn't just reincarnating, he's been tasked to become strong enough to fight with others to entertain a bored God, in some kind of sick game. He doesn't mind, however, as long as he gets to make a harem and seduce beautiful girls, he'll fight whoever they want him to.

  • Werewolf in Highschool DxD

    Werewolf in Highschool DxD


    A boy wakes up after a groggy dream about him meeting God. But he soon finds out it wasn't a dream - It was all real! He's been reincarnated as an avatar to that God! Follow Takuya as he shows the supernatural world of Devils, Angels and The Fallen, the might of a Werewolf!

  • Reborn in Marvel without Cheats, just (Un)Lucky Coincidences!

    Reborn in Marvel without Cheats, just (Un)Lucky Coincidences!


    A young man wakes up in a white room after being hit by a truck. The room has no windows and only one door which is equally as white as the surrounding walls. At first he thinks he's about to meet God but as 5 people, dressed like evil surgeons and doctors, enter the room, commenting how he looks like a strong child he knows somethings up. "I know I've reincarnated but where was my meeting with God? The Wishes he owes me?! Where are my cheats?!" It wasn't until after a while that he realized he'd been reincarnated not with straight-forward cheats but with the ability to gain power through (un)lucky coincidences.

  • ......hhgh




  • Transmigrated into HOTD but with a Twist!

    Transmigrated into HOTD but with a Twist!

    others Harem


    Transmigrated into the anime Highschool of the Dead, Ryu Hattori has been given gifts that have not only changed him but also the world. (A HOTD and Resident Evil Fanfic!) Author Tags: Harem, R-18, Violence

  • DC: God of Evolution (Dropped)

    DC: God of Evolution (Dropped)



    Julius woke up in a tropical rain forest with a banging headache only to find out he'd be sent to the DC Universe to provide some entertainment for a few bored gods...wait, is that a T-Rex?! Why're there Dinosaurs here?! (A/N - As you might expect, the cover image isn't mine and I don't own it. If the original artist wants me to take it down, they need only contact me.)

  • Reborn in The MCU without Cheats, just (Un)Lucky Coincidences! (Rewrite)

    Reborn in The MCU without Cheats, just (Un)Lucky Coincidences! (Rewrite)


    A young man wakes up in a white room after being hit by a truck. The room has no windows and only one door which is equally as white as the surrounding walls. At first he thinks he's about to meet God but as five people, dressed like evil surgeons and doctors, enter the room, commenting how he looks like a strong child he knows somethings up. "I know I've reincarnated but where was my meeting with God? The Wishes he owes me?! Where are my cheats?!" It wasn't until after a while that he realized he'd been reincarnated not with straight-forward cheats but with the ability to gain power through (un)lucky coincidences.

  • Transmigrated as a Brute Into a World of Anime

    Transmigrated as a Brute Into a World of Anime

    Anime & Comics

    Finding himself awake, in a foreign place with a foreign body and foreign instincts, will Ban be able to adapt to this new place or will he once again be an outsider? (A/N - What I mean by a Brute is the Brutes from the Anime 'Killing Bites'


Wolvex: Scarlet witch

Marvel: The Living Vampire · C5
2 days ago
Aiden is just as frail as Deku - he's not got a body enhancing quirk. If we're going off of that logic, Aiden is weak. View More

Nixolas_Zinn: Frail = Weak

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C18
1 week ago

TDDG_fan: Phhhtttt [is this a goddamn anime?]..nice one.
After watching the anime of devil-man it was a nice connection to tie the mc to Asia.

Devilman DxD · C6
1 week ago

BattleKing10000: he will go crazy with rage when something happens to asia and when she dies

Devilman DxD · C6
1 week ago

Kurosis: Very nice like were this is going lots of potential but can also easily be ruined. Good luck author, keep dem chapters comming 😉


Game of Thrones: The Lion-Blooded Witcher
2 weeks ago

KingSaoto: Its an fantastic idea and i cant wait to see more...please dont Drop this Cause i love the witcher genre and i always wondere why There Arent more witcher fics 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌🙏👌🙏🙏👌🙏👌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌🙏🙏👌🙏👌🙏👌 had to get 140 words 🤪😂

Game of Thrones: The Lion-Blooded Witcher
2 weeks ago

Noble_Siegfried: That's where I've gotta disagree with you, buddy. A King is a slave. A slave to his people, to people's thoughts about him, and most of all, he's a slave to the obligations and rules that come with being King. If he doesn't do what his people want, they will rebel against him or at the very least, he won't have a happy Kingdom, which will eventually lead to rebellion. This is especially true in GoT where the Iron Throne is a very wanted thing - people will find a reason to betray him and turn the people against him.

Just look at Joffrey. He was an evil little bastard and he got assassinated because of it. But it wasn't because he was evil. It's because he did what he wanted and people felt intimidated by his rashness and his ability to switch moods instantly. The MC would do the same thing - he'd go out fighting, he'd go out hunting monsters, etc, etc, and he'd eventually get a very unhappy kingdom with people who want to kill him. It's all fun and games thinking "Oh, he could just kill the people against him" but what happens when people start to think of him as another Mad King? That's when sh*t would hit the fan.

But all in all, the MC won't become king after Robert dies. That's all I've decided on. Whether he becomes King after Joffrey bites the dust, who knows? I'm just not having this develop into a Kingdom Building novel. It's about a Witcher, so it'll focus on fighting and monster hunting.

Game of Thrones: The Lion-Blooded Witcher
2 weeks ago
It's more along the lines with "Don't expect a clever psychopath to just play along with the role you've forced them into and expect them to play". Su Bai has enough points to withstand the failure of MT 1, and he's honestly a bloody psycho, so to think he'd play along with his predictions was a bad play by the Monk aka Seven. View More

Dragon_God123: Dont try to predict, pyshopath are highly predictable. They have patterns and rules and preferences that they really abide bull****.

Dreadful Radio Game · C115
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C19
Pretty good story, all in all. Apart from the slightly unnecessary Deku hate that's started flooding the chapters now that the MC is in U.A...but what can you do? Some people just don't like Deku. I can agree, because he's a b.itch sometimes--Anyway, I've digressed.

Good character development, nice style of writing that's easy to understand, and the character design for the MC is well-thought out, even if the MC does annoy me with some of his thoughts sometimes. So, like I said, all in all, it's a pretty good fanfic. View More
My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!!
3 weeks ago
Literally has no right to call Deku a weakling though. Deku literally blew holes through concrete in the fight where he got injured - one punch to Aiden and he'd be put on his ass. Full-Cowl 5% Deku would probably be faster, stronger, and more durable than Aiden, so Aiden better contain himself otherwise he's gonna get the sh*t smacked outta him.

And this is coming from someone who also dislikes Deku. The guy's an absolute crybaby b*tch who's annoying as hell and doesn't feel like a MC, like, ever. But his quirk is pretty good and very OP when you think about it. You have to acknowledge that. View More
My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C18
3 weeks ago

FBI_B1TCH: Hmm Aiden's gonna need an upgrade or else he's quickly going to get left behind. Also, why hasn't the distance that he can Astral Shift increased with training?

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C16
3 weeks ago
If Aiden has trained himself as much as he says he has, he should be way stronger than what he currently is. Stain, a person with a quirk unrelated to his body, could go toe-to-toe against Deku when he was using Full Cowl at 5% and that was purely through a body he'd trained to the maximum. Aiden, no doubt, had better martial training and physical training than Stain, so he should be around the same strength as Stain (because of Aiden's younger age) or stronger (due to, the aforementioned, better training).

If Aiden can't find a way to use his Astral Energy in the same way as One For All, he's quickly gonna become a side character. Call Deku a b.itch all you want, at least he has a quirk that can make him strong.

Maybe Aiden could reconstruct his muscles and bones to make them better temporarily? Or to reinforce them like how Mages do in the Fate Universe? I don't know. I think you're already planning to do this, but if not, you should probably think about it. It's cool and all that he can teleport, and that he can make knives, but if he doesn't sort out his physical strength, he's gonna get wiped if he gets into a big fight.

Overall, though, I'm liking the story. Keep it up and thanks for the chapter. View More
My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C15
3 weeks ago

DuesTenebris: wrong, real use normal mode for we are not embarrassed about watching ****

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C11
1 month ago
It doesn't matter what that Naruto character can do, because this is a One Piece character, in a world with different rules and power systems. He can't do any of those Jutsus because he doesn't have chakra, nor would he know the hand seals necessary to perform the Jutsus.

Just because Hashirama can survive that attack, doesn't mean the MC of this fic could survive it because he has wood-based powers. You're being incredibly unreasonable toward the author.

In my opinion, he'd get his ass handed to him by any kind of fire-based attack as long as it was hot enough. So, the Flame Fruit and the Magma Fruit would decimate him. View More

Obito_Tobi: first i am sure 100% you know almost nothing about hashirama wood as it's defense is able to take on a tailed beast bomb "bijuudama" without getting a scratch second you should tell us about it if we agree or you want to make it forced that will lead into decreasing your readers like telling them that they can vote for what they want and then you ignore it and put what you want making them like idiots for voting for something won't even be used
and i advise you to not think about something like chaos or void those things are still mystrious to humans and doesn't exist in one piece


One Piece: Marine's Life · C6
1 month ago

ChuYang: The fruit I have in mind actually does have close relations to this. The variety of creative abilities the fruit could do is good to write about.

We'll see if it stays that way though. Great idea. Thanks for reading!

One Piece: Marine's Life · C6
1 month ago
Eh, I can think of a few things better than a Wood Logia fruit. Especially seeing as fire or magma would burn the wood if it's hot enough. You keep going on about Plasma Matter, so why not a Logia fruit focused around Plasma Matter? That'd kick the sh*t out of a wood Logia, no? I don't see a tree, no matter how mighty, being able to match the sun.

Also, this site has enough Naruto derived powers in other universes, so I don't wanna see a good One Piece fanfic get ruined by Naruto stuff. Plus, the elements of the Logia fruit don't affect the physical body of the user, do they? So why would he gain super regeneration and massive amounts of stamina? Kinda seems like an ass-pull. Or like you're treating a Wood Logia Fruit like Hashirama's flesh being grafted into his body. I'm not sure that's how Loga Fruits work. View More

Obito_Tobi: wood logia is far better than any okay can use hashirama's technoques and more especially wood golem wood dragon and 1000 arms kan'on (trump card ) downgraded version (HxH netero's 100 type guanyin from wood )
can travel through the earth can create a very deep forest even huge veins or thousand of veins there is wood clone that can use his abilities can shape his body into into any form can stretch his limbs like luffy but he is wood and you know grow fast to stretch and with wood it came two things abnormal generation ability even without logia body or elemental body his body can heal at a very fast speed then a monsterous stamina from wood ( since wood known form both regeneration and stamina ) if other admirals can keep fighting for over 10 days without resting he would go even months and choose his admiral codename carefully something resemble him since sengoku is already buddha so his code name is sennin think about all the abilities and techniques for wood logia then 1000000 times better than fire and always stay below akaini don't say fire as hot as sun cause it's impossible sun is a plasma matter so that's whu it's that hot fire have it's limit and it's below magma and now i gave you a choice and there is a lot of abilities to use with it also master all marine six styles and learn to fight with staff ( better than vergo 'the only one that fight using bambo staff ) so a staff that is like sun wukong staff that can grow long as much as he want add all this together you will get a very strong mc

and why the earlier romance "you are making thing just more difficult to understand moreover having an oc for romance is unwelcomed by readers since they prefer the womens in one piece so those are your mistakes rushing up things
no explaining about mc or his life and just at the start and he already have a lover and on top of that the unwelcomed oc "

One Piece: Marine's Life · C4
1 month ago

Nirvanic_Sun: Baki the grappler! That's all you need to know!....

If you want to know more though. Even though he's stronger than everyone his age, his enemy is THE strongest creature. The life of his family is in constant danger and they WILL die if Yujiro decides that revenge will make the mc grow faster than love will.

When testing how strong love can make someone he almost splattered his sisters head on a wall using a rock.

OP done right. Even though he's strong, he's under constant threat because there are many people older and stronger than him

Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime
1 month ago

SunWukong_: I see you everywhere and in my perspective your comments most of the time seems to be you trying to push your ideias at all cost.

You have to calm down is aparent that you like harem, but that dont mean that every girl you like need to part of it. If the author dont want it Just respect is choice.

Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C5
1 month ago

SunWukong_: Keep it up man, great story so far. I agree with you miu and shigure dont need to be part of the harem there other great and beutiful women. Is always this two and i cant imagine shigure in a relashionship.

Also there is no problema the MC having female friends. Dont listen to Obito_Tobi.

Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C5
1 month ago
There's a difference between the mass genocide Nobles and Ghosts commit when they sacrifice innocent civilians for their rituals, and Lu Sheng killing criminals and his enemies for power.

I can't believe that you even hold those two things in the same light. It's baffling. View More

SteamedBunInvading: well wasn't he talking about how bad the nobles and ghosts are for sacrificing mortals? he's doing almost the same thing to get power right now. looks like the author forgot what he wrote about a few chapters ago >_>

Way of the Devil · C169
1 month ago

fillerkiller: It's funnier because she's a horrifying existence for mortals but Lu Sheng scares the hell out of her.

Way of the Devil · C158
1 month ago

Weirdo: Agreed.... It's like the foundation of any fighter, even archer train basic hand to hand combat first before archery even when it's for strengthening them self... And the training area, he didn't even abuse it to create all type of opponent, terrain, for fighting experiences.... And timeless private world, it's like the greatest treasure inner world he could have!!!! Yet he also didn't used it fully... Such foolish mc... I think author is nerfing the mc too much.... It's the dream of every one to have timeless free for all inner world, and he still not reaching first stage.... Gosh, I feel like smacking his face...

Super Gene: Domination · C5
1 month ago

Orcanaman: at least he still has muscles and isn't "stunningly beautiful with eye lashes like black butterfly wings and jade like skin"

Way of the Devil · C110
1 month ago

Grayscale: It literally just said his body shrunk to normal size except he's still somewhat muscular (which is perfect) will you not be satisfied until he's frail?

Way of the Devil · C110
1 month ago

mnnaz: Slim body ? Do you want protagonist to become lady

Way of the Devil · C110
1 month ago

Orcanaman: FINALLY A MANLY PROTAGONIST! I mean i don't ave anything against other protags. but wielding giant swords and punching dragons and stuff while being skinny shorties is just weird as they all have like invulnerability and stuff but there are Chinese men who are taller it's like COME ON!

Way of the Devil · C109
1 month ago

BlackLily: Consume massive amounts of Yin, Cultivation, attract more ghosts, ?????, Profit.

Way of the Devil · C56
1 month ago

Unit_of_War: Do you really think he could catch this guys alive and even interrogate? He barely managed to kill them while suffering injuries at that. Or maybe he should've let them run away and that way his sister would have been raped, tormented so on. He just have done what was in his capabilities, he's not as OP as you may think...As for his sister's location, that won't be too far away from city, as long as the abductors are taken care of, she will be safe temporarily.

Way of the Devil · C18
1 month ago

PieceofSh1tApp: I just wasted my stones on voting for something else and I gotta tell you how disappointed I am in myself. Prototype is probably one of the coolest things out there and seeing that someone that can write so we'll picked it up is super crazy for me.

1 month ago

AdrianVeidt: Well i'm also agree with you statement... I just hope mc didnt become slime or tentacle monster..hahaha(***** my doujin strikes back)

1 month ago
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