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Original Works

  • The Fox That Became a Dragon

    The Fox That Became a Dragon


    A RWBY Fanfic. The day that Yang took Ruby out in a wagon to find her mom, they were almost killed by Grimm. Luckily, a kid with the power to freeze Grimm in their tracks showed up and held them off long enough for her Uncle Qrow to save them. This is the story of how an orphaned fox faunus with silver eyes became Yang's kid brother, and their adventures afterward. Table of Contents: Book 1: Childhood Arc, Full of Fluffy Goodness (Starts at Prologue 1) Book 2: Signal Arc, Full of Mystery and Action


The story's just a nonstop face-smacking for people who don't believe in the MC, which SHOULD make it pretty boring..... but somehow I'm hooked anyway View More
Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C132
1 month ago
I'd say "Elf-blooded Human". Sounds cool, and isn't factually incorrect View More

Tagnk: Well it would be weird. How do you call him ? Eight-elf?

Abyss Domination · C26
1 month ago
....so, can we like, have a sum total of all his perks? I can't even remember what they all do View More
Great Expert Ninja-Naruto Fanfic (My Version) · C1
2 months ago
Reading Status: C9
Grammar is good. One of the few fanfics that don't have the MC become OP right off the bat, and thereby removing all suspense from the novel. Unfortunately, much of the story is made of exposition.

Ex: Vegeta wished for Bardock to come back to life, and he appeared on the planet

That's the typical thing you can find in the story, versus:

Ex: Vegeta voiced his wish, and as the dragon Porunga roared, motes of light slowly gathered together forming first a cell, and then bone, before being wrapped in blood and flesh. Bardock had been reborn.

So the first example just tells us what happens, i.e. exposition. The 2nd example shows us in a vivid, descriptive manner a scene which forms in front of our eyes. This is the stuff that's found in great books. View More
Reborn as Vegeta
2 months ago
LOL! This feels like that first meeting between the parents of the spouses-to-be. Complete with totally embarrassing stories too View More
The White Demon Fox · C11
2 months ago
I still find it funny how Soran is a "half-elf" even though he only has an eighth of elf blood. View More
Abyss Domination · C26
3 months ago
19 chapters in and they're still telling us of the "advantage" of having your "erection" in contact with "her".

Lol View More
Abyss Domination · C19
3 months ago
Oh wait, my bad. Mixed up Mind Power with Mind Fortress. In chapter 11 you described it and said some of the Yamanaka had it, so when I mixed it up with Mind Power that's where the main confusion came from View More

Auren02: Really? I don't recall that. I even checked the chapter.

Gamer Naruto · C15
3 months ago
Why is he asking if other people have the Mind Power like he does? Cain already told him when he got the power that there were others that have it as well View More
Gamer Naruto · C15
3 months ago
Best revenge story ever View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C183
4 months ago
This goes into a further detailed discussion on proper nouns and what exactly differentiates them from regular nouns. Essentially, proper nouns have something with which people associate it with, in addition to the normal definition of a noun. With the proper noun "New York", the association people have with it is generally either:

A) New York City
B) New York State

People generally don't assume that "New York" is the name of a person. Since both general associations of the proper noun "New York", in regards to A and B, are both locations, it is perfectly fine to use the preposition "in" because there is no need for further clarification on the matter.

Now, with the pronoun "St. Mungo's", there are 2 different possible meanings that people generally associate it with.
A) An object or place which belongs to, or is associated with, the person known as "Saint Mungo" [This is the meaning that people in general would ascribe]
B) A hospital [This is the meaning that Harry Potter fans would associate it with]

Since this is a Harry Potter story and we're all, assumedly, Harry Potter fans, then we're more likely to use definition B. With hospitals, however, there is an additional rule that must be followed when referring to a person and associating their location with the hospital itself.

When using the preposition "in", people will assume that the person being referenced is a patient of the hospital mentioned.
Ex: "John is in St. Mary's Hospital"
People will assume that John is being operated on/treated for something at St. Mary's hospital. In which case, anyone hearing it will politely respond with a shocked face, "Oh my god, is he alright? What happened?". Even if you say something such as "Doctor Mary is in the hospital", people will still generally believe you are saying "Doctor Mary is being operated on/treated for a sickness at the hospital".

Contrast this with the preposition "at". With this preposition, in reference to situations with hospitals, it implies that you are simply there. The assumption that people in general will make is that the person being referred to is visiting someone who is currently "in" the hospital.
Ex: "John is at St. Mary's Hospital".
People will then respond, "Oh, is he visiting someone there?". When referring to a type of doctor at a hospital with the preposition "at", that just implies that the hospital has someone with that specialty currently employed.
Ex: "Is there a neurosurgeon at St. Mary's?"
To which people will respond, "Yes, there's a neurosurgeon at St. Mary's."

To summarize, using the preposition "in" when in association with a hospital leads people to assume that the person being referenced is currently being treated at the hospital. Using the preposition "at" will lead people to assume that they are there for a purpose other than being a patient at the place. This is most likely due to the preposition "at" implying a more temporary stay at the location, while "in" implies a longer duration. Such as the following example:
Ex: "He's in prison right now."
Ex: "He's at the prison right now."

The former implies incarceration due to the prep. "in", while the latter implies otherwise with the prep. "at". In much the same way, "He's in the hospital" implies a stay as a patient, while "He's at the hospital" implies otherwise. View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C61
5 months ago
Wow, so Webnovel has finally made things even more ridiculous with the new "purchase privilege" feature. View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C20
5 months ago
That's a common thing everywhere man, even in the US. At least when it comes to loan sharks and other sketchy places and people to borrow money from View More

star_ocean: Do children in Asia inherit their parents's debts? This seems common in Korean and Japanese novels as well.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C1
5 months ago
"Lu Zhiyu knew that atoms could exist as solids liquids or gases".

This is factually wrong. Atoms are arranged in MOLECULAR STRUCTURES which are arranged in different ways, depending on whether they're a solid, liquid or gas.

It's like the difference between saying "a tomato can be a sandwich, a salad or a soup", versus "a tomato can be USED in a sandwich, salad or soup" View More
Low Dimensional Game · C174
5 months ago
Dammit Lu Zhiyu! You said you were gonna talk to her!! Don't freaking run away!!! View More
Low Dimensional Game · C148
6 months ago
How many years passed in the other world? Don't tell me his daughter died! It'll be too sad, father-daughter never reunited T.T View More
Low Dimensional Game · C146
6 months ago
And when Lu Zhiyu took off with the spacecraft that humanity had poured all it's efforts into, thereby finishing his huge con over the entire population of Earth, he realized that he'd celebrated too early.

....They hadn't put in a bathroom yet View More
Low Dimensional Game · C145
6 months ago
True. On the other hand though, the Queen is now pregnant and the Kingdom of Orcs has been formed. If Verthandi wasn't thinking about it before, she might be thinking about it now View More

Arcanemissile: I think that maybe she doesn't. I think that she is obsessed with her "duty" of unifying the orcs and taking revenge on the Crete Empire and The Church of Light that she didn't have the time of thinking about the possibility of having children. You know much like Arturia from FSN.

Low Dimensional Game · C144
6 months ago
Dang, was really hoping for a reunion between her and the MC. She ain't dead yet, but that ending almost makes me think that she won't see her dad ever again. Here's hoping for a happy ending though.

As a side note, does anyone think that Verthandi might also have a desire to have her own kids? And by that I mean with her as the mother. On one hand, she's a woman and it's probably 100% certain that the thought has crossed her mind. On the other, she was raised as a boy and taught to hide anything and everything feminine and lock it all away where it'd never see the light of day. View More
Low Dimensional Game · C144
6 months ago
Woo!! Love the mass release!! I'm glad I always use my stones to vote for this story as it only keeps getting better and better. View More
Demi-Human In The Wrong Time · C116
7 months ago
A desert people who love fighting and are called "Aiel"? Somebody's a Robert Jordan fan!! Lol, the Wheel of Time series was great, it's too bad the author never got to finish it himself before he died.
Brandon Sanderson did a good job finishing it up, but I'll always wonder "what if" View More
My Sister The Villainess · C25
7 months ago
What if Huang Tielan was like Bunta from Air Gear? She looks chubby, but can turn muscular easily? Lol that would be hilarious View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C103
7 months ago
Lol, that last sentence View More
The Empress's Gigolo · C467
7 months ago
The content has been deleted
The Great Worm Lich · C87
8 months ago
I could swear this was the plot of that one anime "Listen to me girls, I'm your father" View More
I am Hunter! Why Do I Need to Be Popular? · C0
8 months ago
Nah, they'd never outright say that eating their stuff gives you cancer. What it actually says is "Certain products in our establishment have been known to increase the chances of Cancer".

It's in accordance with a State law that makes it so that they have to publicly disclose these kinds of health risks at their establishment View More

WebWorm: Btw is that true that McDonalds in your country put signs that eating their product increase chance of getting cancer?

The Empress's Gigolo · C459
8 months ago
Wait, is that thing about Kimchi a true fact? I mean, I know the fact that the more you eat McDonalds the higher the chance of you getting cancer is true. After all, they have warning labels all over their shops warning people that "the products here may contain chemicals which are known to cause cancer".

So, is that the same thing with Kimchi? View More
The Empress's Gigolo · C459
8 months ago
I think it makes sense. When people play games, DPS spellcasters are always the "blast first, ask questions later" kind of people.

Only difference between them and Natsu is that the latter got the opportunity to be a real life DPS Spellcaster, the former are still playing around in games View More

AuroraSuyaris: Why is the greatest hero mage a muscle-head?

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C163
8 months ago
Go Cat Sage!!! View More
Am I A God? · C687
8 months ago
Yes! Finally a novel that's realistic! Seriously, the MC shouldn't be able to get EVERY single treasure that he comes across. He should definitely fail a few times. There's no point in reading a novel where you know that the MC wins every single battle they fight.

The only OP main character I'll accept is Saitama! View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C79
8 months ago
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