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Original Works

  • The Unique Cultivation Of Ren

    The Unique Cultivation Of Ren

    Fantasy System

    This novel will be put on pause for now, the pause will only last as long as it takes for me to come up with more ideas in later chapters. I apologize for any inconveniences. Please give my second novel Potion Maker a read if you have time. In the world of Rasch where Rebirth, Xian, and Heaven stage practitioners strive to reach the peak of power and immortality, there is a small town called Riven. In this town, there is a young boy called Ren, who sells roasted meat for a living... He meets a fortuitous event *Ahem* or more.... Follow Ren as he slays legendary beasts and shakes the world of Rasch with his prowess and... *Ahem* plot armor... There will be a lot of violence in later chapters, also this novel is intended to be a power trip, also fast paced, but there will still be a story to enjoy, so don't run away until you read it, okay?

  • Potion Maker

    Potion Maker


    This is a story about a young man named Will! While playing his favorite game "Potion Maker" after installing a mod, his computer shorted out. Will then woke up in a new world with the ability to make any potion he wishes! With a system that allows him to gain new abilities, will he be walked on by those stronger? Or will he rise to the top? Release rate: 3-5 a week, except on times I put out more chapters. Buy me coffee? ko-fi.com/heavensp Please check out my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HeavenShakingPalm9/ Or check out my discord: https://discord.gg/M3ejYvV The first volume is available on amazon! https://amzn.to/2NCUlRc If the link doesn't work, I am sure you can find it with the good ol' fashioned manual search ;D

  • Bread system

    Bread system


    Okay, so this will be my first attempt at comedy? (Not full comedy though) Expect plot holes. So, the mc will be sent to another world with a system that makes bread. Upset? Here's some bread. Need revenge? Here's some bread. Broken engagement? Bread. Confessing your love? Here's some free bread. Aish Merahrah? Ajdov Kruh? Anadama bread? Anpan? Bammy? Banana bread? The system has it all. Not going to be describing food like, it's not a food novel. Limited knowledge on bread, so, I will be using wiki for bread knowledge.

  • A universe acquires a body

    A universe acquires a body


    First a note to readers of my other novels: My releases for Potion Maker have slowed immensly because of a mental block, a mental block caused by all these web novel Ideas flooding my mind. Oh, I also plan on redoing Bread System, I want to adjust the four chapters so I can resume typing it. Just like Bread System, this isn't my main novel, so the release rate will be slow.. Well, only if I am wrestling with my own mind, otherwise I'll try to release regularly once a week. Hopefully typing this will help clear my mind so I can put out more chapters for Potion Maker. -This will be typed using my phone, so excuse the occasional misstypes, I'll try to catch any that appear- A universe, the oldest amongst all in existence has started to lose stability. Not in a bad way, no, it had a massive surge of power as it was raising to a level no universe has ever risen before. What would the gains be? An energy hundreds of times stronger than primordial chaos with a hundred times more purity. A better environment for the lifeforms inhabiting it, and more resources for them to gain more power, if they can pass the universe's tests in the form of the usual heavenly tribulations. Otherwise they lose their life, or cultivation, or become a vegetable.. Well, the universe is fair, but has to maintain balance as well. It can't have everyone becoming immortal, right? Because the universe rose to a level that never existed before, it started to collapse inwards. It was about to fail. That was until, the very center of the universe, which is the will of the universe, its mind so to speak, slammed into the corpse of a fifteen year old young man, and merged with the boy's body. This caused the universe to collapse inwards as a whole and be absorbed by the boy's body. After the body reconstructed, the universe successfully gained it's own body, and prevented the lifeforms it once created from dying meaningless deaths. Instead they all died and like the universe itself, planets, lifeforms, energies, all souls, and knowledge, became one with the young man's body. The universe was named Father Of All, for he started existence itself. Now gaining a body, he took the name Shen Mu. "This was the only way to prevent a total reset, I managed to keep everything and the new level of power.. The deaths of my children, they can live through me... You haven't died in vain.." The eyes of Shen Mu reflected a vast universe as he opened a rift to the youngest universe in existence. "First I will have some adventures of my own, then I will rebuild what I once had. My children might not have lived all they could have, but the will play apart in my creating of something even greater!" This was written on a whim, I may fix the synapsis later. But this is the gist of it, and I don't need to write a prologue now do I?

  • The Price Of Ultimate Power

    The Price Of Ultimate Power

    Fantasy EvilMC DarkMC InsaneMC

    Note: This is going to be similar to Bread System and Universe acquires a body. It's brain vomit, just try to enjoy. Like the other two, releases will be slow asf. My main novel, PM, that's in writing(very slow updates, I get mental blocks because of all my Ideas) will still be updated. Note 2: This story will be stream of thought at all times, so simple power descriptions, and similar power levels you all will be familiar with, if not, it'll be very simple. Don't forget a ton of gaping plotholes, but remember it's stream of thought so there is guranteed to be inconsistencies. Enjoy my brain vomit. Talik, a young man who's age is forgotten wakes up in another world after accepting ultimate power from an unknown entity. The world he ended up in is a dog eat dog world of cultivation. One whom cannot cultivate and is labelled trash, one whom weilds the ultimate power with death constantly at his heels. One whom devours, integrates, lives in darkness, bloodlust, and bouts of insanity. Will he survive the price of ultimate power? With his instability, in a world where power is gained through control and repeated meditation? A world in which his power cannot be contained, even by the entity that bestowed(cursed) him with? Watch as a nightmare is released upon those whom aim for the peak, the ultimate predator will rise from the shadows.


Is this a personal attack!? I freeze up around girls, no matter how obvious it is they like me, why? What if they are pretending so they can accuse me of something? If not, what if my actions stop her from liking me?
Even then I can hardly tell when a girl likes me, I just assume she's strange or being nice, even when she verbaly tells me I assume it's a trick and she's messing with me.

I am that mc... View More

Kenrio: so this mc will be the cliche virgin, dense and coward when come to girls, and don't do anything even when they like him ? One of the motive I stopped reading most of light novel is because most of then are this cliche type and, with time the fun moment and embarrassing moment become annoying and boring

Chat Group For Magicians · C17
4 weeks ago
I have it on my phone, haven't played it yet, it doesn't want to get past the 99% installation of game data.

It seems so interesting too. *Sobs* View More

AinzOoalGown: age of wushu i guess its a game

Immortal Domination : White Emperor · C1
1 month ago
The grimoire seems familiar to an Anime I watched a while ago. Trinity Seven? View More
The Grimoire Chronicles- A Harry Potter Fic. · C6
1 month ago
THX gave me flashbacks, not pleasant ones. Lmao View More

JaimeMedeiros: don't make him run after pussy make them run after him, THX for the chapter hehe

Super Emperor System · C5
1 month ago
I can't even solve a rubics cube... Puzzles also hurt my head. They bore me, so I don't really allocate any brainpower for them.

My skill and talents lay in writing, but since I only plan 10% of my writing and the rest is stream of thought, it's not as good as it could be. I also taught myself the basics of java in a week, with only an hour a day and no foundational knowledge in any other programming language.

I slacked after that, and now I have to relearn programming if I want to program again.

Actually, as long as something is interesting to me I can learn it at a genius level speed, hardly anything in school interested me so I passed barely.

Even IQ tests are boring to me so I just don't even try, my school put me in special ed soon after.

A lazy genius, probably wasting potential, but potential is infinite correct? View More

Procrastinate: He that bad at a rubrics cube my record was 53 sec when I was In Third grade

The Inheritor · C7
1 month ago
I vaguely remember crawling, then later learning how to walk. My family learns to walk early.

No brain has the same degree of development. View More

CaptainBoyHole: Idk. A 1 year olds brain shouldn't be developed for anything.

The Inheritor · C6
1 month ago
I don't know what they were speaking of, because I haven't read their comments.

Just saw the annoying his/her thing, where they or their is proper and a less annoying usage.

Screw political correctness btw.

This is a good novel so far though, it sucks when you see comments that spoil your mood, that's why I usually avoid commenting as much as possible. View More

AAA001: Well i all ready read all chapter for this novel, and see all his/her comment. I more beliave the he/she really doesnt have idea how society work.

Path of Medicine With a System · C4
1 month ago
Maybe you're the magical dagger? Trying to stand up for yourself eh? View More

LordKokonut: Fatty don't belittle the magical dagger. Hmph

Super Electric Eel Avatar · C76
1 month ago
Are you serious? Never heard of the, "This is a christian minecraft server" joke?

People lacking the ability to detect sarcasm nowadays, ah. View More

Maudib: Who said anything about 'christian'? Anyone can call foul language trash. It's lazy and pointless. If some author wants to be rebellious and use poetic license to do so, it's certainly their right. And good luck to them keeping all their readers... but I won't be one of them.

Arcane Slayer · C20
1 month ago
'Tis not a christian server. How dares't thou heathen call'st tis work'v arte trash fore the mere'st of curses? View More

Maudib: Foul language isn't needed. Story is interesting no need to turn it into trash

Arcane Slayer · C20
1 month ago
This one he can control the elements though... View More

salem277: Okay I get that it's copied from the other story but even this accident situation is the same

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C7
1 month ago
[Do wish to upgrade?]
[Yes] [No]

[Available points | Points required]
[0 | 9001] View More

Daoist726865: The story is interesting; however, the translation and editing need upgrading.

Divine Talent Born Mortal · C2
2 months ago
So, when I run into another intelligent being and don't understand what their intemtioms are unless the say it, is that to say I am stupid?

I also am unable to read lips. I don't stare at people's lips enough to know that... View More
Prime Originator · C8
2 months ago


I've Transmigrated... with a Broken System · C3
2 months ago
Actually, I would feel no remorse towards anyone threatening force lethal or not towards me if I killed them, including vomiting none of that.
Even if they are doing their job, any physical threat towards me means instant retaliation. View More

doubter: It's not the blood that disturbs you it's the death.

Saiyajin Against The Gods · C1
2 months ago
I like this MC, too bad it would be rude to list similar novels with nanomachines/chips or I would ask.

This has similar elements to xianxia and xuanhuan, it's too high fantasy to he a normal wuxia, but still not exactly reaching xianxia. If wuxia is low fantasy, and xianxia/xuanhuan is high fantasy, this is medium fantasy. Medium fantasy can do the same as xianxia/xuanhuan high fantasy, but they have to work harder for it.

This isn't a review, or I would post in the review section. View More
Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) · C50
2 months ago
I did as the chapter asked, I commented first...

Where's the reward!? View More
Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) · C38
2 months ago
This is an old comment, but I can't help but use internet necromancy.. After reading eastern literature, reading western literature is unbearable. I consumed hundreds of hundreds of western novels up until highschool, then I found JPA and CHA, and stopped reading. Soon after I found translated novels, and even though I haven't read nearly as much eastern novels as I have western, I cannot stand western novels anymore.

Eastern novels won my heart halfway through my first. View More

Leylin_Farlier: Don't know, don't care. The point is that the west has a dozen, at most, of novels to actually read that are pretty good. I've read a few hundred of these eastern novels easily. Honestly if you take a hard look at western and eastern novels you can easily say that western novels are made to be read, not truely enjoyed... I mean when exactly were you reading Lord of the Flies, Twilight, or 50Shades and actually imagining yourself as the maincharacter and taking this journey with them, the answer is that you typically don't because a western novel is just telling you to sit the f*ck down and read the characters journey, whilst an eastern novel is typically made to be YOUR journey. This is a huge difference that goes down to the very core of literature and one that I feel the west has yet to realize how to write for some reason or another.

Martial Arts Master
3 months ago
Spelling? View More

HeavenShakingPalm9: Literally Sun Wukong!

From Fish to Dragon (Hiatus) · C15
3 months ago
Literally Sun Wukong! View More
From Fish to Dragon (Hiatus) · C15
3 months ago
The kind of person to choke on the air he breathes...

Hahaha 😅 View More

Allanitomwesh: How is that idiot not dead yet

End of the Magic Era · C43
4 months ago
Think about it, mothers irl and in cultivation novels always cry whine and beg their son to not do anything reckless, always tell them to not get revenge.

They hold their child back irl and in cultivation novels.

I even read a novel, where the author was too realistic, and the mother forbid him for practicing a technique that will allow him to get stronger since he couldn't as a mere "mortal" and after making him swear not to practice it, he was helpless to stop his family from being murdered. THEN he was able to use the technique, which made him stronger than his enemies shortly after, if she let him learn it before, he wouldn't have become an orphan. View More

ThrustThunder: One of the strange troupes I find in these novels is a complete lack of motherly recognition. Like, they don't even exist nor are they ever mentioned. Its always fathers and brothers everywhere.
The only time women are mentioned is when they are either potential Harem members, bitter old bags or Succubi trying to ensnare the MC.

End of the Magic Era · C18
4 months ago
I thought, "Seems like someone likes coiling dragon" I need to finish that novel, I left off after the H scene with his wife. Need to resume. View More

YourGrandma: Bebe, is that you? 😂😂😂

Dragon Breaks The Void · C4
4 months ago

YourGrandma: Bebe, is that you? 😂😂😂

Dragon Breaks The Void · C4
4 months ago
😅 View More

HeavenShakingPalm9: Lies, you just have a serious mental block, ideas, but no idea on how to implement them. Do what I do, read other novels to rev your engine, and finish planning what you want the other two volumes to be! Most importantly, PUT IT ON PAPER! You might have confidence in your memory, but you struggle to remember your qi cultivation system right? You made the mana system easy, but even then you have issues remembering what you named the last stage!
Use those numerous notebooks you have!

I've got my eye on you!

Potion Maker · C59
4 months ago
Lies, you just have a serious mental block, ideas, but no idea on how to implement them. Do what I do, read other novels to rev your engine, and finish planning what you want the other two volumes to be! Most importantly, PUT IT ON PAPER! You might have confidence in your memory, but you struggle to remember your qi cultivation system right? You made the mana system easy, but even then you have issues remembering what you named the last stage!
Use those numerous notebooks you have!

I've got my eye on you! View More

HeavenShakingPalm9: For anyone reading this: I am trting , and want to release a chapter a week, but I have terrible time management, and constant idea changes.

Bear with me as I try to improce not only me writing, but myself as well.

Potion Maker · C59
4 months ago
Not me, I hardly drink milk. I drink water or tea, mainly tea. View More

Goldmember: What kind of a monster would mix together water and milk?

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven · C3
5 months ago
I agree, I tend to not read novels with pushy female characters. If this happened to me in reality, I would be like "Go ahead, tell my father, I made this, you have no say" Then I would remove everyone except me from the admin list, and set a self destruct protocol so if someone tries to hack into it. I'd quickly make her know her place in my domain, and that she has no pull over me. If the parents force me to add her back, I'd just activate the self destruct protocol, and build Jarvis some other time. If it's mine, no one will tell me what to do with it. View More

smokenreave: Why does there always have to be some bossy girl making the MC do what they don't want to. always makes me feel like the MC is a pushover.

Technomaster in My hero academia · C5
5 months ago
My name irl. William, Will I am, I am Will. Haha, I always find a way. This saying is literally me, even though there are a lot of Williams. View More

Akshay007: Yup, if there is will.... There always be a way.....

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C22
5 months ago
For anyone reading this: I am trting , and want to release a chapter a week, but I have terrible time management, and constant idea changes.

Bear with me as I try to improce not only me writing, but myself as well. View More
Potion Maker · C59
6 months ago
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