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Awesome_2937663: The novel is nice and all but don't you think that mis-interpreting the words "Everything will be my way" I mean it sounds like it will be an op mc but all I see is he being thrashing around by others in most of chapters.

Everything will be my way!
1 day ago
I love your story man, but i didnt like the "nerf" on heero because i like a op characthe.
You said he will fight with everything he has in 100plus chapters, please dont make a dragonball fight sjere he almost dies to these emperor class hero, where in his world where at thebmedium level of power, he was a guy who could kill gods View More
Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C79
2 days ago

InsanelyParanoid: And yeah, be careful with those saying. I mean, don't post kanji and emoji here or you will lose power ranking

Food Master of the Underworld · C7
3 days ago

Soaapj: What a foolish man..... Does he seriously believe she would be happy in heaven? I'm sure she sincerely does want to go to heaven when she dies..... But would she still want to go when she realizes the man she supposedly loves so much isn't there? Would she like to spend an eternity alone wondering where her love is only for him to be hopping around the omniverse while leaving her? Either there love for each other is weak as Shiit or author is using heaven as a way of getting her out of the picture. This is uncomfortable and to be honest depressing.

Strongest Unlimited Unknown Supreme Being · C10
4 days ago

Peace12345: This is kind of stupid. I was hoping to mainly stick to the original storyline at least until Shippuden where he would not need others to save his ass. Also powering up all the enemies does not really make sense when he literally wiped them all out in his timeline so he should not be that impressed with them. The kid being curious about him also does not make sense unless he is dead in the future and the kid does not know his father. Well this is all just my complaints since I never watched that crap called Boruto so I am not really sure if parts of this are canon.

Naruto: Space-Time Lord · C43
4 days ago

LittleApple: i read einlion novel every day for over half of year or more and the mc on that novel is natural born the only thing
similar to them is the abilities :) i cant make the ability of mc to have magic becouse there is no magic in real world and if i change it in pysical strength it will become sueless ability in the worlds that he will going to visit much better if he have that kind of ability :")
plz the mc is clone for human medicine he was made for medicinal purpose :) do you know why he die?

because he is ready to be harvest "Evil smile"

The Multiverse Conqueror · C1
5 days ago
thx but need more :D View More
Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C76
5 days ago
Please dont limit the moves too :D View More
One Piece - Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer · C1
6 days ago
Please morrreee View More
One Piece and the Celestial Dragon · C64
6 days ago

Pancake61: I remember when this book was number 1 with daily updates. It's a shame but understandable that daily chapter are difficult but 4+ days for any sort of update really sucks.

Dual Cultivation · C252
6 days ago
Holy ****, that was good! View More
Dragonborn Saga · C471
1 week ago

Nirvanic_Sun: Don't pull some bullsh!t like him needing to go to the azure dragon empire to save her. He knows that they're going to take her and if he lets them I'm dropping the story

Supreme Summoning System · C43
1 week ago

Peace12345: This world is not strong compared to DxD. The only ones here that might give him a fight are six paths Madara, Kaguya, Sasuke and Naruto after they reach their full potential. Oh and Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki.
That's it. So please do not nerf him and bring him down to their level.

Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world · C52
1 week ago

Nirvanic_Sun: Even if parents should eventually let their kids move out, no good parent would kick their kid out of their house, change their name and get a new face with plastic surgery, then move to a different country so that their kid can't come visit. It would take YEARS for them to see him again, and no matter how strong they get or how long they wait, they have to hope that HE decides to come back. Just let them access the immortal realm in their sleep if you want them to continue their own story so bad, that way they can at least see him every night, even if he will be asleep in the immortal realm most of the time

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C147
1 week ago

Weirdo: Well, if you really want a unique and helpful abilities, Van Hohenheim should be useful... He is super alchemist that had versatile abilities that ranged from building something, to destroying something, even killing people by simply making a philosopher stones...

Supreme Summoning System · C4
1 week ago

SD_Liv: IIIii this fan fiction completely slipped into the trash (I could have been softer but I lost time because of you) everything started not bad, but the author decided to hammer on the plot and just list everything that happened, the only thing that saved this fan fiction was a harem and that the author managed to crap, Ehhhh, the author took 4 chapters to save the canon and he destroyed it successfully (What is the meaning of these 4 chapters if it was possible to save the rin and upholstered and not steamed?) And the author decided to give to Rin, I feel that the author will continue to give all the girls : Sakura, Hinata, ten-ten, Ino and so on so that I throw This fan fiction is in the trash. And was it worth MC to leave the village if he really didn’t gain combat experience? And I don’t understand what the author was motivated to do when MC hid his talent and was slightly above average. (I use Google translator) (For this work, I don’t want to read the works of this author at all)

iShinobi(I will be a ninja my own way with ***** System) · C13
1 week ago

Nasu: Similar scenes seen within the church, tower and the ancestors: "New report to Vahn A. Mason's activities" *All round attention* "He's been seen petting cute animals in a Zoo"

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1218
1 week ago

Peace12345: Please do not make him as dense as Kirito was to his harem and have him actually do something with them instead of being a pansy. Also I only watched the first two seasons, never touched gun gale because I lost interest when they made ANOTHER game, two was already to much. Also since his sister is not blood related I completely ship them, they were doing great until they found out who the other was and it all went to hell.

One Punch-Gamer · C1
1 week ago

StellarWings: Awesome author, I always felt bad that the novel was dropped. Now you can continue the legacy.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C1
1 week ago

Nirvanic_Sun: He IS undead though... A vampire prince of darkness... And he has stuttered twice to everyone he has met. He didn't stutter once when on earth, why did he forget how to talk? It's not like he was a mouse and keyboard gamer that now has to fight for his life. He played REAL vr games, has the strongest body in this new world, and has countless life and death experiences in game. I know that doesn't translate to not being afraid of death irl, but he should AT LEAST have confidence. Especially when he's immortal and can kill everyone in the city alone. I have 0 respect for him, and even if I saw him destroy a mountain irl it would be the same. He will stutter ten times before doing it and fu<k up his apology to the mountains afterwards. I bet this merchant chick is the love interest and will push him around plenty in the future. You will try to write it like a japanese harem protagonist having trouble handling his women, but it will just feel like her using him for his abilities because that's what ANY person in the world you wrote would do. Unless the author decides she is a dedicated love interest because he wants the mc to stop being a pu$$y in every way imaginable. He's participated in plenty of game tournaments and has probably heard entire stadiums cheering for him if the game was as popular as you said it was, why does he lose 99% of his mental abilities when ANYONE looks at him?

The Rise of the Strongest Vampire Prince of Darkness ( WB-JPN ) · C7
1 week ago

Ghost151: So far so good, it's just, his personality is too Japanese shounen protagonist-like, i won't even be surprised if he spare some bandit that do a lot of inhumane thing that tried to mug him, only for the same bandit to hurt his colleagues, then he'll be like saying "why did you do such a thing?" to the bandit, then the bandit will start his monologue, and bla bla bla you know the rest.

The Rise of the Strongest Vampire Prince of Darkness ( WB-JPN ) · C6
1 week ago

angel701: I hope he just leaves issei alone.. even in the anime he's so annoying and I'm sure we all watch it for the sexy women and issei is just perverted and overall useless

Entering the World of HSDxD · C2
2 weeks ago

RaaRonRon: “Honey we always wanted a child! So why don’t we keep him and not see if he was forgotten by accident” he said

“MY BABY..SOMEONE HELP ME FIND MY BABY *Sob*Sob*” After the Hyoudou’s left. A beautiful women of middle age showed up screaming and cry as if her most precious has been stolen. She falls down in defeat while sobbing, she felt as if her heart has been pulled out of her chest.

She always wanted and son she could spoil and love, but as soon as her wish was granted; it was taken away. Her son was the blood of her husband who died of cancer and the last living memory of him. She had no one to turn to as she decided to run away with her husband because of there family rivalry, making enemies of both of them. At the time neither of them new he had cancer...

She could only look up at the sky with a tear stained face and curse the world as she felt her last support has been broken while her heat was filled with a million needles.

Thanks for the chapter🤗

Entering the World of HSDxD · C2
2 weeks ago
Same name View More

Not_a_Penguin: The content has been deleted

The Speedster of Konoha
2 weeks ago

HumbleOne: The story is good but the system is so annoying and useless. It makes no sense that you have to pay to unlock a higher path of a skill that you already own. Or pay to unlock skills that you learn

While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System to Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! · C29
2 weeks ago

Tobi_Obito_2: you are making a big mistake how can she be faster than him pika pika no mi made him light human have light speed and there is also his strength after all the hellish training he is only the same as that green small girl i am disapointed with him you said he is fast growing and all but he isn't even Baam is learning faster than him and better too and he should really try learn haki at least observation haki and armament haki

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C14
2 weeks ago

evilpanda279: seven deadly sins

2 weeks ago

Readerboy333: The healing isnt as strong as it should be for a god level healing factor. Just 10x?? Thats too weak for a god level healing. And like couldn't you just like not make him train so young?? Like babies of that young age are not supposed to train at all but it can be ignored. And also like if he has instant Mastery then shouldn't he be like op already ? Try cooking become cooking god, try sword become sword god ,try sex become sex god😋,etc . The skill is called instant Mastery for a reason ..so i don't get it when you said he couldn't get like to a certain level. And like god level healing isnt accelerated growth ....so uh like looking older ?? Doesnt it mean that when he is like 20 yrs old.he will be like 80yrs old??

3 weeks ago

TurtleManiacc: for me u ****ed it up with that new monster thing sorry mate

Mortal to Omnipotent · C9
3 weeks ago

AerosDragonewt: Awesome chapter as always!! I had an idea that Clavicus Vile was involved. I remember the story Barbas spoke of in-game, a man’s daughter was cursed with lycanthropy and he asked the Prince for a cure and was given The Rueful Axe.

Dragonborn Saga · C457
3 weeks ago
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