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Glitner: Wow Boring, taimat should rip the girls head off in front of him , the vould make him less stupid and pet like maybe he will grow some balls or some brain both works aswell

Well maybe its just me but i hate these japanese beta males yes i say beta males cuz they are all overly Good men with 300% moral that dont make any sense and make weird ass choices, look at him he is a dragon and he knows it yet he Walk right up to the first human adventurer who can easly kill hin and try to "talk" to him
if thats not a 10 year old child decision making i dont know what is then he goes for the girl like some lost puppie

Well other then that Good writing and Good release rate.. hope it turns out better when we get to dxd universe

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System! · C7
10 hours ago

vjnbkmlf: My problem with "system sharing" is very simple: MC meet character that he knew from some sort of fiction and for some reason believes that he won't be betrayed/backstabbed by that person that he know nothing about.

On the other hand here we have a couple that went through thick and thin together for half-a-century at least, so empowering your best possible ally is only logical.

Chaos System: I'm Evil so what? · C26
1 week ago

Chaosking24: Sengoku: Subordinates dam that garp *wisper*-i wounder if Adam will give me a bigger paycheck then the World goverment- Garp: Hmmm sengoku did you say anything Sengoku: Nothing now shut up garp

Invincible System start from One Piece · C35
1 week ago

CestMoi: Saitama have no real skill. At most he knows some basic hand to hand combat as shown on season 1 pre 2 years training. He mostly relies on his godly senses, reaction speed and strength. He never used a skill when he fought genos. The shockwave that he produced was the result of his overwhelming strength. Everything he does, the skills he mentions, moves, is a result of producing more strength than necesarry to defeat his opponent. And saitama had no real limit, he broke his limiter and that means on everything. So that means he cant get bruise by just falling on the sea. He literally went back from the moon to earth in the speed of light. He's a gag character. Think of Broly but on roids. A protagonist needs to experience hardship to powerup and defeat their foe. Saitama is permanently on powerup mode.

Invincible System start from One Piece · C2
1 week ago

Kaioner: Dragonborn level pocket picking is always a joy to see.

Is It Wrong To Be A Khajiit in a dungeon · C7
1 week ago

Suresh_Kumar_4175: please first make up with erza....then look for lucy....he says he likes her ...but totallt forgetting to reconcile with her...please....go back to smart mc not to a dumbass....please first fix with erza...then go to lucy

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C29
1 week ago
He should start training the girls in Ki already, damm he is 40 looks like 20, and the girls will only be older and older View More
Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C101
2 weeks ago

BlackOni: Oh my dear child it not a cult, but a belief of a better future of a better life and they wish it share it with all of us, such as you who is a Lost lamp that has not seen the way. And they are fuel by there belief and so in turn there belief drive them forward in everything they do FOR THE MASTER.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C66
2 weeks ago

SuperHamster: Nobody expects the Master Inquisition

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C66
2 weeks ago

Hnn17: hmm so this parallel china copyrights protection and infringements are settled through fisticuffs, the winner takes the losers' product and company. i hope mc becomes a martial lawyer and fight it out in court.

very interesting concept, i can imagine company lawyers duking it out with fists or feet instead of boring talks, and they can call on witnesses for a group sword formation battle too.

World's Best Martial Artist · C3
2 weeks ago

Blasphemer: Budget R.O.B hahahahaha idk why nobody does this more often,i mean reincarnation scene is surely memorable for the mcs why wouldnt they act it out haha

Life in DXD · C45
2 weeks ago

Skiterz: Please tell me you are smart enough to tell the doctors about the stomache problem, because it seem quite bad if you even faint from it.

Now the joke, are you still you or did someone transmigrate in you? xD

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C0
3 weeks ago
It would be nice see him in other worlds View More
Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C17
3 weeks ago

Ryuu23: I agree. Let it look funny. But the plot did not advance at all. Only a scene of jealousy. She needs to change her character, because we want a harem. Yandera, who is jealous of other girls, is a pain. :)

Life in DXD · C32
4 weeks ago

RenCmps: Uma história ótima, super recomendo para qualquer um que queira ler uma história deste tipo, acredito que seja uma das melhores do mundo, talvez até mesmo do Brasil.

Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse.
4 weeks ago

Innactive333: Yasaka tho...?

God succession system · C124
1 month ago

SamStrike: I hope she will NOT become part of Alex's harem, I like sirchez and I dont wsnt his wife to be stolen by him since they also truly love each other

God succession system · C123
1 month ago

Hachikachan: Yeah the gamer system in this novel are too much in the nerf side, although I like a growing character which try hard to understand every skill he have, but everytime I saw an obvious potentially strong skill nerfed so much, it just made my heart disappointed, at least give the MC the way to resolve all this nerf. PLEASE.

Book 1 of the Gamer Series: This Is My Life As The Gamer! (Rewrite Version) · C7
1 month ago
Se ferrou na lei seca kkkkkkk
Ótima novel Man, tô gostando mt View More
Master of Legends · C27
1 month ago

AwronZizao: Why shouldn't you? Tell me, why should you? Have they done anything to harm you? Are they evil? Do they harm anyone? Do they portray something bad?

You're apparently a completely narrow-minded fool who hates something simply because it most likely has something erotic about it?

Also, I've seen more harem where nothing even happens than harems where something actually does. Most of the time the main character is literally just a loser who has women all over him and pussies out every time. Plenty of people seem to agree with you? You mean the likes on your "review"?

There is also random comments that are literally just *Harem* spammed over and over with more likes than your review. Obviously not on this novel in specific, yet it's out there. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's bad.

Like, just because someone doesn't like dogs, does that mean all dogs are evil? What is your reasoning. You wanna know what else turns into a wankfest and smut? All mature erotic novels, can you guess? Yeah, most of those aren't harem either.

"I hate monogamy cause it leads to sex between two people in a sexual relationship!" Oh wow, that's literally your logic.

Book 1 of the Gamer Series: This Is My Life As The Gamer! (Rewrite Version)
1 month ago

animadrop: Update stability and story development saved the rating from 1 *
pathetic grammar, poor quality dialogues, poor quality reasoning in the novel, bad explanations and form, etc.
basically, even if you are bored and looking for a fanfiction to read where a lot of wish-fulfillment happens, this isn't something I would recommend.
only the amount already written makes it slightly appealing.

The Multiverse Conqueror
1 month ago


Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C6
1 month ago


Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C6
1 month ago
Well at least FBI isn't saying loli is justice, if did the world would end... View More

FBI_B1TCH: A harem without a milf is like an oreo cookie with no filling. It's just unnatural.

1 month ago

dovahkiiiin: I'm just saying this but recently as i was playing skyrim i finally came across sheogorath. Thus as had completed his quest i stole his cheese

Dragonborn Saga · C488
1 month ago

Navizy: I think the relationship of Androssi with Bam is a little bit force, that's what I think.

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C59
1 month ago
the stones are calculated with the number of words View More

Keanan19992: What the! 20 stones? Why the hell is it so expensive?

Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C91
1 month ago

eraygns: Everyone: Angra Mainyu is coming! We better work hard and do something!
Holy Church: Angra Mainyu is coming! Lets steal this dude's holy grail!
Noble families are piece of shiets but at least they own it. Church is even worse yet they are not ashamed to call themselves holy while deceiving the billions. I hope Vahn is not as understanding towards them as much as he had been towards the Clock Tower and purges all of the tumors. I hate those who deny logic more than anything or anyone else. Cheers!

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1263
1 month ago

SYFL555: But aren't u letting the FUG too much space to move around??? Even a Advanced Ranker and no one is keeping an eye on them... Even if the workshop is neutral, as it says it's neutral it means the Zahard knows they deal with anyone... I feel like the Advanced Ranker were pushing it too much... It just look like the royal family and their military is useless...

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C58
1 month ago

Nirvanic_Sun: The thought of Freya not getting ignored makes me want to shoot laser beams out of my eyes! I don't see the need to make her a virgin though, only beta boys would get upset because their woman wasn't a virgin. If you feel insecure that she's been with another man, you just need to show her such a good time that she feels ashamed that she's the goddess of sex instead of you

Is It Wrong to get Love in the Dungeon? · C25
1 month ago
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