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  • Evey Hammond: Who...who are you? V: Who? Who is but the form following the function of what. And what I am, is a man in a mask. Evey Hammond: I can see that. V: Of course you can. I'm not questioni

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    Good evening Ladies and gents. Welcome to the interview show! Today’s guests Ankh and Louis are going to answer our questions on the special events that lead ‘THE MOST DESPAIRING....’ Ehhh?? That’s copyrighted.... by ‘THAT’ high school? Ok then, let’s find something else. How about ‘This a story about the day that the world was flipped on its head in a second. Right Ankh? Ankh: yeah you know? It was madness dude. Out here we all knew about ‘juju’, ‘wak’, ‘cultism’ and all those occult stuff but DAMN! this was something else, right bro? Louis: let’s do it like this. I pitch and you check okay? Otherwise this won’t end... Ankh: shoot! - Louis: werewolf - Ankh: Check - Louis: Vamps? - Ankh: Check - Louis: Zombies? - Ankh: Check - Louis: And the most fucked up of all. - Ankh: Wakmen? - Louis: Triple check! Ankh: there you have it guys. If you want to see what we’re talking about. Follow us on ‘DEADSTAGRAM’ or ‘MUMBLR’. Louis: cuties can dm me, I only discriminate the undead species. Holla at me!


Huh 😑 this Is War View More

Animeking101: Ed, you are a savage but don't be tyrannical because you will bring about a potential overthrow

Steampunk Apocalypse! · C80
3 months ago

Nole: Yeah, I don't understand how people read a book where owning slaves is normal and expect modern day social norms, and values.

Abuse of Magic · C17
3 months ago
Sry for the typo.
*How about you write* View More

PrimordialBaobab: Ahhh nice chap again!

I know I’m looking way too far ahead but once you are done with this story wow ls you write :”Abuse of the system: story of William”? He is the most intriguing character to me even when he is not there lol

Keep up the good work!

Abuse of Magic · C102
3 months ago
Ahhh nice chap again!

I know I’m looking way too far ahead but once you are done with this story wow ls you write :”Abuse of the system: story of William”? He is the most intriguing character to me even when he is not there lol

Keep up the good work! View More
Abuse of Magic · C102
3 months ago
Ohohoh hope you enjoyed this time with hubby! View More
Abuse of Magic · C99
3 months ago
Nice twist here but you put enough flags in the previous chapter so it doesn’t seem too abrupt. Well played.

SHAVIST nobles they are really dumb eh. Probably that casilea idiot allied with another empire... View More
Abuse of Magic · C98
3 months ago
Save hotel California for the haunted house chapter hehehe View More
Abuse of Magic · C91
3 months ago

Tibbles: I love the chapter name, The Eagles are a great band!!

Abuse of Magic · C91
3 months ago
Because most people don’t like spicy 🌶 food.
They want bland Mc, bland characters and bland face slapping. This shavist is too hot! View More

Ulvr_Laoch: I really dont get it. How is this story not in the top 100 yet, its brilliant.

Abuse of Magic · C82
3 months ago
You should try deep fried crickets 🦗. Pretty good snack View More
Abuse of Magic · C59
3 months ago

Klesk: Like this novel :3
9/10 for now

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C19
3 months ago

PoeticSonic: Guys the whole genre is about plot armour, they have all graduated from the batman school of plot armour arts....he saw that the peoe there where not really that bad. The only annoyance that I get from this story is reading the comments! Yes it could have been written a little better but it is ways away from the annoying edgy mc In almost all the Chinese and Korean stories!

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C19
3 months ago

LongSongGolden: Mc is self sufficient and does what he wants...and then people complain when he doesn't follow the generic tropes "find master, hide from the clans, run away and make no friends" because that's what these stories are about right? All about that sweet bad writing?
Imo I like it, but obviously not bland enough for some.

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C19
3 months ago
That’s what happens when your ambitions is different from the norm. People call you idiot and yet you know what you are doing.


This a fantasy novel and yet they judge from normal logic. Aren’t you the creative bunch screaming:”think out of the box?”. That’s what Mc is doing. He has his own values and ideas and is not scared of expressing his true feelings, without being overbearing at that. He has a good heart and wouldn’t mind ripping some benefits on the sidelines. Isn’t that why Iewa chose him in the 1st place?

I don’t know what book you guys a reading to comment this way. Seriously 😒 View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C17
3 months ago

Aspirer: Disagree with the idiot comments. Even more so with lib of heavens path.

The MC has his own plans and objectives. He is also mentally an *****. He doesnt understand the world too well, but he understands himself and his goals perfectly.

If the karma made it a mission, then he would understand the benefits he would gain. But it didnt. So in his mind, a master is someone who tells you what you can and cant do. He isnt interested in that.

I would have rejected too.

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C17
3 months ago
By the way you should read the LN called “the other side of cultivation”, you might get a surprise or two in there. View More

Trek: Anyone who is empathic and LG in a cultivation/magic world deserves death. Let's be clear here, just look at what mc has done so far, there are many stupid actions he has taken which cause him detriments just to be kind.

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C10
3 months ago
Hmmm well knowing how powerful William is and more importantly he has a system. Who is to guarantee he doesn’t have a skill like: - shrewd pebbler: Allows you to con Kings with a smile- lol View More

Mistborn: What kind of a weak s king allows a slave merchant to take advantage of him like that? One would assume he’d stoop down low to weasel his way out of the contract via imprisonment, kidnapping or assassination

Abuse of Magic · C40
3 months ago
True but is king is plain dumb. View More

NeoKorp: Trust is one thing.
You'd be surprise how many people get scammed because of the word trust.

Abuse of Magic · C40
3 months ago
That’s how you grow faster than anyone.
Never forget your mistakes and bad choices or you are bound to repeat them .... forever. View More

NeoKorp: Imagine remembering only the bad choices you did in your previous lives and note being able to forget them.

That's the kind of eternal damnation you should be afraid of.

Abuse of Magic · C37
3 months ago
I actually started using it 😂
Makes me think of Hugo Shavez from 🇻🇪Venezuela. Heard his enemies said he was a sick basterd so it fits lol View More

Sdrawkcab: It's a made up word. It's Joseph's way of cursing.

Abuse of Magic · C34
3 months ago
Status is status and no matter how close she can’t so easily talk to him. Plus they barely spent a month together ? Some people are introverts.

Status is also the reason why William doesn’t really like her I think, imagine in such a society having your son getting closer and closer to a slave girl ( lowest status) no matter how kind hearted you are seeing how bright Joseph his, a parent would be worried about his closeness to this servant that ( should I remind you) was not recruited by himself.

It all makes sense to me. Human relationships are anything but simple and straightforward View More

Kris_Watson: That seems weird. Joseph obviously has experience being bullied and didn't recognize it? William arranged for Stella to be his servant but doesn't seem to like her. William allowed his slaves to beat his son instead of just spar. Williams slaves at 7 were wanting to rape Stella as soon as they found out she wasn't a slave. A lot seems weird.

Abuse of Magic · C32
3 months ago
It was just fun and game. Don’t take it to heart.

Me-a-whore was funny though View More

SometimesITalk: The association is kind of funny.. but no. She is called Mea, part of the 'hor descent of the Rulin house. Also, i'm somewhat disappointed by all those likes..

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C11
3 months ago
So it was said that he spent is whole money on cores and books???

Ok he uses all the money to pay back his debt and then what? Walk around karma slapping everyone with a level 2? Lol

If he grows stronger he can make more money and settle not only his debt but many many other issues.

Besides he is not stupid enough to not have kept enough money to pay the 10 silvers he owes at the end of te current month...

If anything I salute the foresight of someone that can learn how to fish when given a can of sardines. View More

MrNiko: He's behind on his debt and makes enough money to pay it off but nope let's buy a new house and cultivation materials dumb ass

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C11
3 months ago
Gosh do you think every novels you read is set up in wild land without law???
Don’t you let your sister walk around with money in their purses ? Lol
Please the nitpicking level is over 9000 View More

DaoistMasterJohn: Wow. Because it is such a good idea to let two beautiful non cultivator girls from the slum wander alone with 10 gold coins on them. Has the MC **** for brains?

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C11
3 months ago
Some people are just empathetic and that’s far from being stupid. Do you think that anybody that did good to you for no apparent reason is an idiot too? Lol get real my man.

Just read the story before being so judgmental View More

Trek: The whole point of the system is to get back eqivelent value from your good deeds, if the good deeds cant be redeemd then its not worth it to do them. There is lawful good and then there is lawful stupid, i have no problem with me being good but he shouldnt be stupid about it like making 10s of nobles your ennemies just for 1 slave girl. At least until he could deal with them.

Being a hero or saint is useless grbage unless you get something back from it. Mc can get karma from it so its useful for him, this is why he must be smart about it and not make dumb choices like letting people freeload off him. Would allow a homeless person who you just freeded from slavers to live in your house and freeload off you?

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C10
3 months ago
1- Provided he knows his identity.... which he doesn’t and they live in a city with city guards that do their jobs ( he was chased for 5 km after just pickpocketing), even a fool no matter how evil would risk his reputation for a nobody.

2- this an auction house, is bidding a crime?

3- he is not actually snatching the item away from the guys, just forcing them to pay more.

4- The more pressure the stronger he will become.

5- the whole quest stems from his hate for evil people this it perfectly makes sense for him to receive such missions or are the kind that wants MC to receive quests that will make him fight op beasts and then complain about plot armor?

6- he has plot armor.

All in all I don’t even understand why you guys are complaining.
If you have better ideas, write your novels. I will read and also comment.

Peace. View More

ErozothDraeor: This system is stupid, not only the failure part but also the mission itself, it is placing him in danger by going against evil people. Someone with 16k negative karma will kill him, his sister and his neighbors just because he feels like it.

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C9
3 months ago
Dude where were you at 7? Playing with your snot? 😂 jk
Being immature at 7 is the duty of a child that’s is a far cry from being a spoilt kid. It’s already something for him to be this articulate and have a proper path. Don’t push it View More

IWishToREINCARNATE: If I were him, I could finish at least half of the task in maybe half a month... I mean... That's basically easy to get skills and he's wasting time.. Not to mention, a war can be there anytime and who knows what would happen. I'm just an inch before calling him stupid.. Then I realized that he is still a 7 year old and maybe a kind of spoiled child who had hadn't experience anything harsh yet to himself.. But Damn still can't let go that opportunities are right there and I feel like he's only giving his 60 percent to do the things

Abuse of Magic · C24
3 months ago
I like the pacing and details. Don’t change a thing is patient reader like to thoroughly imagine scenes (especially fights). View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C4
3 months ago
Lol he said he wanted to be king... View More

TigerBloodImmortal: The spear is the emperor's weapon

Abuse of Magic · C13
3 months ago
Ok! What about that SHAVIST!!!!!!!
Drop a little damn it from his previous lives from time to time lol. View More
Abuse of Magic · C21
3 months ago
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