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  • Divine Ice God

    Divine Ice God

    Martial Arts

    I was born from the divine, and I am the divine. people with talents rise from nothing, but I bring them down from everything. talents come and go, but I will never go. never cross my path or you will never be able to cross any path. join us as we follow through this being's adventures in a world of unknowns which are all possible and impossible.

  • Blue Moon Emperor

    Blue Moon Emperor


    Xing Peng who is a teenager with an absolutely not-a-normal life, one day gets hits by meteorite-kun and his supposedly 'end' becomes a new start in a whole new world! . Let's journey together with the protagonist and experience this world together. discord link: https://discord.gg/jYXaZPB

  • Reincarnation System

    Reincarnation System

    Sci-fi System

    My Name Is Virsil Yenma. I was Born In The Year XXXX A.D In The Veyal Continent. I Was Leading A Trash Life And Was Killed Due To An "Accident". . Or So I Thought..... . . *Beep* . . Reincarnation System Intiating......

  • Jin



    On a remoted mountainous region, laid a temple at the foot of a mountain. Inside the old temple, cries of a baby rang out wildly. The heavens seemed troubled as they rained onto the region in an effort to perhaps quell the cries. A wolf happened to take cover from the rain inside a temple..... It was all well and good until.. it heard the cries of a baby.


Verthandi is only 16 years old wtf.. and he leave her like that she can't even be considered as ***** View More
Low Dimensional Game · C132
8 months ago
He left her like how a black dad would leave his children View More

RandomWeirdDude: This... was beyond lame wtf, I felt literally nothing at them separating. Piece of **** didn't even say goodbye when she was awake.

Low Dimensional Game · C132
8 months ago
Will gets laid with the princess 😉 View More
Low Dimensional Game · C131
8 months ago
Dracarys 🔥🔥 🔥 View More
Low Dimensional Game · C130
8 months ago
What are dragon rajas? Lizard people? View More
Low Dimensional Game · C129
8 months ago
Ibu- the first mortal to call god stupid, face-to-face View More
Low Dimensional Game · C127
8 months ago
When even the god wants to kill you, pity the poor dragon View More
Low Dimensional Game · C125
8 months ago
Lol so my guess is MC modifies the sword and gives it to little trouble to establish a proper kingdom of orcs to withstand the humans View More
Low Dimensional Game · C121
8 months ago
Instead of "Hey! Saint Maria", i think it was meant to be: "Hail Saint Maria!" View More
Low Dimensional Game · C121
8 months ago
At this point we can agree that humans side is OP given wizards, priests and the bloodline knights they possess. As for orcs? There were a few orc wizard disciples but they have not been mentioned (so i guess they are gone incognito), as for orc bloodline knights they are mostly half-orcs and their amounts are really pitifully low View More
Low Dimensional Game · C120
8 months ago
I think after the wizards war with the church of light led by leves, the nobles secretly collected the remains of the church knights and are now trying to disguise as the church and stimulate a war between church and orcs View More
Low Dimensional Game · C114
8 months ago
8 inch is highest? I bet Mask will help MC gain 10inch View More
A World Worth Protecting · C78
8 months ago
We need a lucifer View More
Low Dimensional Game · C109
8 months ago
I think she has escaped to earth and is trying to recuperate there. View More

Feliprins1: She is stuck into the mind realm, maybe growing, maybe in stasis, who knows, but she went through the only door left in the scroll

Low Dimensional Game · C108
8 months ago
Kage bushin no jutsu View More
A World Worth Protecting · C76
8 months ago
Author just casually leaving a spoiler in the end. 🤒 View More
Low Dimensional Game · C106
9 months ago
Leves = Li Weisei? OK View More
Low Dimensional Game · C105
9 months ago
Lol he want to build spaceship and travel the universe xD dude bring some hot human women with you along... Or i will seriously be disappointed View More
Low Dimensional Game · C104
9 months ago
Basically the jist of it is like this (i think): the new members of clan don't know what it is that is helping them cure their diseases and make them younger, they believe it is the rites that they engage in and give credit to the debye guy. The one who have more in hand knowledge (like the dude who invited MC to their cult) know that it is all dude to Cain's left hand. (MC read the dude's thoughts). So when MC personally try to check it out, he notice that it is a huge palm, 3m long, silicon-based lifeform. So we can conclude two things here: 1. This is not Cain's left arm. 2. The debye dude/ vatican clan has done lot of secret research into metal based lifeforms. (Assumption, mostly true). MC is interested in this metal based lifeform since it can restrict mental power/aid it as well.. he could make some real good alchemy stuff out of it. Unlike the boat SS eternity which is a life alchemy boat, but has its constraints but with a metal lifeform alchemy MC can make something much better. View More

Voidraig: I'm confused, I read the chapter a couple of time over but I dont get it, is there a character now that is stronger than mc?

Low Dimensional Game · C102
9 months ago
Where do i sign up for this vatican clan? View More
Low Dimensional Game · C101
9 months ago
TING is a good chinese restaurant. If you do visit London someday, do check it out View More
Low Dimensional Game · C100
9 months ago
So the jist of the story is: radiant knight is more or less equal to a magister BUT. After radiant knight there are 2 more realms: saint knight and war god. But for mage, after magister there is only grand magister. That is to say that the mage fall short of one realm.. so those training Dou Qi are stronger in the longer run? Because a war god is one realm higher than a grand magister (peak mage) View More
Child of Light · C63
9 months ago
Half elf? Damn his father might have banged an elf woman.. not like i dont understand ;) View More
Child of Light · C59
9 months ago
He bangs the demon lady and abandons her later View More
Child of Light · C56
9 months ago
I don't like how author just casually puts in spoilers in the chapters View More
Child of Light · C52
9 months ago
Dumb MC.. they are out there trying to kill you and yet you go easy on them because they are beautiful women View More
Child of Light · C48
9 months ago
MC not interested in women... Brotherly bond very intimate.. hmm.. pls dont be BL View More
Child of Light · C45
9 months ago
Guys does it make sense to you that a dragon egg from some far away place just ended up in a small shop and luckily was brought by MC? This just doesn't make sense. What MC's teacher has assumed is that the egg somehow ended up there but i think that is not the case. Xiao Jin might have originally been a snake.. maybe because of MC's light energy or the sharing of life magic he might have undergone changes and evolved into a five clawed golden dragon. Which could most likely be true. If MC takes Xiao Jin to the place where dragons reside it will only lead to complications! Since every generation has one golden dragon king successor.. with the presence of Xiao Jin.. it will lead to 2 successors .. you can imagine the bloodshed that might be caused due to the succession.. View More
Child of Light · C41
9 months ago

Curse_Mark: Reminds me of the anime kenichi the mightiest disciple

Child of Light · C4
9 months ago
Really nice info dump.. the way it is written makes the reader not lose interest :) View More
Child of Light · C1
9 months ago
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