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    This is a joke...no, I'm serious, it's a freaking Joke! you won't get anything out of this lol.


Next arc, Zhang ye direct the Avengers! Or maybe...game of thrones? View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1532
6 months ago
Lin Xingtong, Lou hou'er, fox princess, loli fire spirit, sister, bai yueyin, and forgot how many damsel in distress he stuffed inside the Divine Lord pagoda. And it should be about time he created his own pagoda, why still used the Divine Lord Artifact/pagoda when he's way above that level? View More

TheDeathmail: Wait... so he has a harem of 4 girls???

True Martial World · C1709
7 months ago
So lou clan kid probably is princess Lou's son? Time flows differently in the sink hole and chaos heaven? View More
True Martial World · C1706
8 months ago
I'm thinking....maybe, False Martial World is next? View More

Krieze: Wow the author can't really put endings to his nkvels huh? Is he thinking of a sequel? Or a prequel of martial world? Or a sequel called The Real Martial World because being True Martial World is not enough.

True Martial World · C1704
8 months ago
It's easy to go back to Earth. YY will need to crawl back to his grave and it will teleport him back to Earth, at the cave where he first encounter the purple crystal card. View More
True Martial World · C1702
8 months ago
Dark Knight Demon God = truly intense battle... Ancestor God?...barely any battle, just a competition of devouring the Chaos Heaven. View More
True Martial World · C1699
8 months ago
I do feel like Yy and LX spend more time fighting the Black Armor Demon God than YY vs the Ancestor God. I thought the final battle should be over 30, long, chapters. Not these short battles like using brick to end the battle in 2 seconds. It just doesn't feel like Yy is beating the final boss at all...even that Shentu Nantian makes a better boss in comparison to the Ancestor God. Okay... Enough of me *****ing, I hope the ending is not so disappointing. View More
True Martial World · C1698
8 months ago
Yy: good game!
Mr.Nian: oh hell no!!! View More
I Am Supreme · C844
9 months ago
🤔🙄 View More
True Martial World · C1688
9 months ago

Chouhouin: Yi Yun will get everyone’s hopes up and then disappears at the last moment, just like what he did at the Sink Holes. Everyone there thought he would stay and fight the Ancestor God, but hundred years went and pasted, Heavenly Dao sucked and gone; so, where was Yi Yun? Not even a lingering thought from him as the Sink Hole went up in flames.

True Martial World · C1687
9 months ago

Lord_of_Universe: Sometimes I truly wonder, if this author is the same guy who wrote Martial World

True Martial World · C1687
9 months ago

ILikeMangoes: (•_•)
<,|\ ____(•_•)
_/_/_\   \_\_

The hell you looking at?
Keep scrolling.

True Martial World · C1686
9 months ago

yanuar: It would have been better... had i not read this novel at all... oh mah hart.. mah soul

Pursuit of the Truth · C582
9 months ago

Master_Ryu: This novel should have the tag 'Psychological'.

Pursuit of the Truth · C581
9 months ago

Bexder: I get even more confused, am i real or is su ming real idk anymore

Pursuit of the Truth · C581
9 months ago

Lonahora: Struggling with every inch of my body not to plunge into LNMTL!

Pursuit of the Truth · C576
9 months ago
Maybe because it's too short?😅 View More

SolivagantWC: 8 hours to translate since raw chapter was released. Guess that's faster than normal lol (usually ~18 hours)

True Martial World · C1675
9 months ago
Exp! 🤗 View More
Release That Witch · C1333
9 months ago
Lou King: I know what you did last summer!

Yi Yun: having sweet time making love with Lin Xingtong.😚

Lou King: No, you idiot! You were flirting with other girls.😤

Yi Yun: 😅...🤫 View More

Thedarkapprentice2: Lou king: I know what you did last summer Yi Yun.
Yi Yun: I’m still gonna kill you geezer.

True Martial World · C1673
10 months ago
😑 View More
True Martial World · C1670
10 months ago
😑 View More
True Martial World · C1670
10 months ago

Rkana: Exp

True Martial World · C1670
10 months ago
He really loves hiding inside the cauldron...I wonder how the hell did old Snake lost all his memories. View More
True Martial World · C1669
10 months ago
Reading Status: C3
This is the best novel out of all my novels☺️🤗😂. Yes, it's the one and only novel that you will either like it or not like it lolz.

And so I need to make it 140 characters long....

.... View More
Start With Title
10 months ago
Just infuriated because the chapters are too short, so it felted like I just read nothing...you knows, it should be like Martial World, those chapters are longer. View More

Daoist_DarkMoon: I will never understand how people believe that chapters like this are a waste. When you have a story there is supposed to be plot building, and foreshadowing. Not every single chapter has to be fierce battle, or realm breaking. This series is great. Other series have honestly ruined a lot of people's expectations on what it takes to have a good series. Maybe some of you guys need to check out a western novel every now, and then... Great chapter as usual!

True Martial World · C1666
10 months ago

2ndless: Your windows had been successfully upgraded

Release That Witch · C1324
10 months ago
🤔 View More
True Martial World · C1664
10 months ago
Sure, offend all factions! That's the only way to climb higher! View More
True Martial World · C1663
10 months ago
Still short...and all of that just to introduce a new character. View More
True Martial World · C1661
10 months ago
Too short, and cost so many spirit Stones! View More
True Martial World · C1659
10 months ago
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