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  • The Mechanic

    The Mechanic


    “Are you one of those bored gods that transmigrate souls for entertainment?” 'Oh he knows, quick say something else' “No you were picked for an experiment”. A normal soul, maybe too normal, gets picked by a god for his experiment. Transported in one of the many marvel universes with very little knowledge of this place, how will our protagonist make a new life for himself. This is a MARVEL Fan-Fic. I don't own any characters from the original comics.


Kupkake: More than likely his brother was probably a few years older than Qin Fan when he joined the military. Also it seems like Qin Fan and his brother might come from some kind of ancient martial arts family or something similar. I say this because Qin Zhan obtaining an inheritance from a very powerful faction(which includes a training regiment and resources) is the only way I could see him holding a candle to his little brother who also has an inheritance just not from his family or faction but from Atlantis. I think that if Qin Fan was given his families inheritance he could probably do much better than Qin Zhan because he has the Atlantis inheritance on top of that.

The Favored Son of Heaven · C38
1 day ago
what super advanced tech ? ... that liquid just improved his body and gave him a personal teacher ... his brother is 5 years older then him and may have his own luck View More

ErozothDraeor: lol, this just ruined this novel, honestly. MC gets some super advanced tech to basically turn him into a superhuman in terms of talent and power and yet his brother (at the same age) was leagues a head of him??? Can we have a novel about his brother instead??? Self talent is better than luck talent.
Pass on this.

The Favored Son of Heaven · C38
1 day ago
Fuke me ... the butler did not go and assassinate him this .... View More
The Favored Son of Heaven · C27
1 day ago

Ash: Hi guys, I am the current translator of this novel. As this chapter was translated by someone else, there is some text missing, which I can't add because I can't access it. So the remaining text is posted here, I hope it remains in top.
'Arghhh!' Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers let out a thunder-like Tiger roar as his chest fell and rose, and his muscles became as hard as a rock! He took a half squatting posture as he withdrew his fist! Then, raising his knee, he threw a kick! Simultaneously pushing the tenacious art of Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians to the extreme limit, he was about to exchange attacks with Qin Fen.
'He won!' Regal Propria's eyes suddenly lit up brightly. But the joyful expression on his face lasted no more a fraction of second before it was replaced by horror.
'How is this possible?' Everyone was dumbfounded. To everyone's surprise, Qin Fen lied down on the ground as he cast the Sleeping Arhat in the time it takes for a spark to fly off a flint, avoiding Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers' Sweeping Away a Thousand Troops. At the same time, supporting his body by his palms, doing a handstand, he kicked the jaw of Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers. Suddenly, Qin Fen's shoulders dislocated as his elbow sprang up and he flew upwards in an upside down posture!
Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers had already been kicked into the air. As an upside down Qin Fen sprang up into the air, he ruthlessly gave a second kick to Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers' ear!
Ears are responsible for one's balance. The Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians might temper the entire body muscles, may even strengthen the ears as compared to the ordinary people, but in front of Dragon Elephant Prajna Art, the ears weren't that different from ordinary people's ears. At the very least, the second level of the Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians was unable to temper the ears like steel!
With the balance broken, the might of Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians was weakened. Qin Fen had already shot high into the air like a kite in the clouds. Then, stepping on the chest of Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers, Qin Fen gave the fourth kick, brutally trampling on Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers' throat. It was the Treading the Mountains from the Shaolin Arhat Fist!
Immediately, crisp sounds of bones fracturing resounded as the Thirteen Fiercely Temper Grand Guardians was broken. Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers was unable to maintain his body as hard as a rock anymore. And naturally, could not withstand this powerful blow. He suddenly blacked out and had already logged out/withdrawn of the battle network system.
"Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers died, the duel ends." The voice of a beauty, created digitally, sounded out and gently entered the ears of every spectator.

The Favored Son of Heaven · C5
1 day ago
he was a lvl 2 before the cheat View More

DevilsMocktail: He was lvl 1 or 0 before the incident, what lvl he is now - nobody knows.

The Favored Son of Heaven · C3
1 day ago
go read Forty Millenniums of Cultivation View More

Robin: Since when are chinese webnovels NOT copy/paste stories? I haven't seen any author of novels actually managing creating his/her's "own world", its all copy/paste. It sounds more like you are looking for something that chinese webnovels won't be able to provide. Let me help you out: "The Sword of Truth" series by Terry Goodkind, "Discworld" series by Terry Pratchett, "Dune" series by Frank Herbert.

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
1 day ago

FateXero: Guys I don't think the author is trying to hide the fact that he's copying ideas from Fallout. I don't see the big contradiction going on here. If he was trying to pass it off as some super original idea he wouldn't have made it so obvious.

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
1 day ago

Astolfo_My_Waifu: *cough* atleast fallout was never made a book oh btw Ultimate evolution is derived from movies and stuff Why is there no hater there? HUH?When i see people like you focusing more like COPY=SHIT kind of retarded story i just wanna throw you a toilet and flush it ._. REALLY SATISFYING

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
1 day ago
Yes the xombo of scout and sniper is godlike for assassination and it even has a match with his talent of high dmg on crit zones i dont know why he wants warrior View More
Fatal Shot · C212
1 day ago
hmm i think he would go scout with a focus on dagger and gun View More
Fatal Shot · C211
2 days ago
Well, keep up the good work, you should do what you want with the characters that was just my opinion :) View More

Xoul: The story started good with a mc that was leaning on the dark side ... but it quickly ****ed up and the mc became a tsundere hero ...

Even his badass "strategist" freind became a moral compass for the mc to do good ...

Trash in the Apocalypse
1 week ago
Reading Status: C79
The story started good with a mc that was leaning on the dark side ... but it quickly ****ed up and the mc became a tsundere hero ...

Even his badass "strategist" freind became a moral compass for the mc to do good ... View More
Trash in the Apocalypse
1 week ago
And that evo ... i tought he was a cunning ruthless genius type and he went to the dont't do this don't do that ... a economy in a apocalyptic scenarios is based on strenght not love and kindness View More
Trash in the Apocalypse · C76
1 week ago
What the **** happened with the badass mc ... he was starting on a good mob boss type and now two of his people are killed and he only goes for the leader ? View More
Trash in the Apocalypse · C76
1 week ago
Just now i realised that the cystals are awesome for nonfighters to level up .... i was thinking they should also gain some exp from noncombat skills View More
Trash in the Apocalypse · C69
1 week ago
you cannot call her Cult like women if the kids father was a true gu master... View More

Atua: I'm starting to Hate this Cult like Woman

The Great Worm Lich · C27
2 weeks ago
I was stating the difernces from what he said with the actual novel ... the mc dose in fact admire the body of his servent ... that looks mature for her age of 14 (this happens even irl so I do not see the problem with it in a novel with ancient traditions for man and women relations at those ages).

My commment was about him stating made up facts. View More

Lcator1: Lmfao did you just completely ignore the fact about the lolly that was stated...??? Lol wot

Divine Brilliance
4 weeks ago
he dose not know other gods only the Goddess of Redemption who is a low god View More

TruePurple: Why doesn't Sui ask for help from the other gods?

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C111
1 month ago
spear is most of the time mistranslated as gun in average translations View More

MARKZ137: So, gunner = archer and gun = bow or spear? Reading this translation is like solving a puzzle.

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C50
1 month ago
A team of adventurers can make 200 gold a month around that ... so a 4-5m log fit for a his weapon will be considerd unique and be kinda expensive ... and 10 gold coins in a village that was talking about 1 family View More

MARKZ137: Few chapters ago looting whole village made 10 gold coins. Now he pays 100 gold coins for single log. With that price, he should just sell logs and become millionaire...

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C27
1 month ago
a 9 tail fox as a monk ... dose he have to shave his tails? :-? View More
Divine Brilliance · C490
1 month ago
Why dose this review of the first 10 chapters have this number of likes ... Not coming in the defense of the novel but this stuff annoys me... It is clear that the one that posted the review has personal hate of the novel/author. View More

hawlol: A wish fulfillment tale with giant plot armor and equally big plot holes. And I've only read 10 chapters of if.

Mc is a 13 years old boy that can break world records from sports, be a super genius that learn complex things in hours, have super musical talent, and basically do everything right, without any cultivation. Also acts like a pervert with every girl he finds while being an arrogant ass to anyone else.

This is as far as I'll say about this bad novel to warn future readers.

This is a second review, as at the first the Author got butthurt and started to refute with things that weren't convincing at all until, do personal attacks, until I was just bored to reply, so I'll just erase the rest, as he obviously doesn't want the critique and I don't wanna lose anymore time with this.

The fanboy that started attacking me at the coments had a point though, I hated this novel so much that I ended taking the points from stability of updates, when there has been so many chapters of this already. So here you go, 5 points. And no, the writing is confusing, disconnected from important plot points and with messy descriptions. Grammar alone doesn't earn you 5 points.

There will be people with pitchforks on the comments. Peace!

Reaper of the Martial World
1 month ago
you got that from 12 chapters ... your level of prediction are amazing (sarcasm) View More

DeadEye12: Its a story about the most contradictory character you will ever read. A story like your typical xianxia stories, it won't seem that way but once you reach a certain chapter you will want to punch your computer screens. Im so sick of all these contradictory mc's and the beyond heavy plot armor that surrounds them. I also don't mind shameless characters but i hate when they are shameless with every girl with a vag between their legs

Reaper of the Martial World
1 month ago

Kaosdao2: Agreed. Classic case of a TREASURE making a poor man guilty trope....Abel should have just NOT acted all "super OP" until he was secure in finances and gear....but NOOOO. Author wanted MC out of the house. lol.

Abe the Wizard · C8
1 month ago
I see your point but you seam to not understand some stuff about that place ... the knight of Bennet is just that a knight ... not a merchant. You say nobody will find out, but here is the thing the place the MC sold the gem is just a branch of a bigger merchant enterprise and they will find out that overnight some local "big shot" has a way to make money fast. They need to buy many potions to get higher level stuff ... and again they do not have the funds, even if somehow they get started they will not have buyers in that place. To get more buyers they have to move to a bigger place and then bang... someone gets curios how this new enterprise have potions and investigate and find something fishy... I understand your dissatisfaction with MC not telling them and leaving but it is the most realistic option without having plot armor tossed at the problem. View More

Sorenmageofmareth: The knight of Bennet is the local big shot in a low communication fantasy land and his neighbor is also a bro. The specific thing is the adults are more aware of this **** and economics than a bodybuilding rando and could make a scheme to build up their income publicly over time with the cube power leveling them and their friends in a the area quietly. This is especially true when the master level potions basically are unfindable. This is cultivation land as well. Communication ain't easy and fiefs can be pretty autonomous. Also with the cube you can basically super bribe people. Also with the existence of random dead badass and ruins you can find excuses for windfall.

Even if it ain't easy. Not telling them is just purely retarded. Because they are DE facto trustworthy and DE facto screwed and all the subordinates are by default loyal in position to benifit by compliance and weaker than dad.

It's not like the cube can be stolen to any of their knwoledge.

Abe the Wizard · C8
1 month ago
you just answered your own question mate ... Art of Tao has more overpowered
attacking/defensive options at lower levels but the body as a whole is weak and I think its focus is close to the magician way of training (understand stuff - get stronger spirit - make more ****) ... the External and Internal arts are more for absorbing spiritual energy but they cannot mix you get 2 different types of energy. The MC's master made a totally different cultivation path altogether by absorbing it from food so he can use that energy for internal and external at the same time .... His choice in that mater is on what he should focus more as he has limited energy but he can train all of them. View More

Kupkake: Wait, if the MC was able to learn all 3 styles of cultivation,why did he make it seem like a choice in the earlier chapters? It makes perfect sense why he could do all 3 because as he said he cultivates energy and all 3 types require energy. It would have been more believable if the MC also trained in the internal and external arts when he had the energy instead of working on the Art of Tao because as of right now the first two give you permanent strength whereas the latter gives you temporary strength. Then again maybe he did not have enough energy or given his situation the Art of Tao would give him more combat benefits then the internal and external arts,at least in the very beginning of cultivation. Hopefully the author explains all this in a future chapter.

Warlord of Chaos · C33
1 month ago
from snakes and rodents when he did not have anything else to ear... this are bigger bones and i don't think he would spend effort when he has better options View More

Korpiks: I was wondering the same, didn't he ate some in the beginning of this novel ?

Warlord of Chaos · C27
1 month ago
that is a Cultivator vs Demon point of view it View More

star_ocean: Has mc been exposed as a racist? Feeling like he should kill everyone insight just because they aren't human.

Warlord of Chaos · C26
1 month ago
The race the MC refers to is Human Race ... in a cultivation world were most of the time they fight demons ... View More

Kupkake: I thought the same at first but if you put yourself in his shoes where he is an unknown world where monsters that are normally from fairy tales and myths are walking around, his reaction makes sense. At least more so than most other MC"s who reincarnate and keep their old memories and feelings. Of course they are not monsters but basically humans just in different forms with different cultures and I am sure the MC will realize that eventually(at least i really hope that is the case). I dont want a repeat of the legend of the mythological genes because I had to stop reading that story as a result of it being so blatantly racist.

Warlord of Chaos · C26
1 month ago
You understood close to nothing about the novel I see ... The cultivation you call useless dose not even work as you say. The MC cultivates by eating food, he transforms that food in "cultivation" energy. The 0.1-1% rule that you are so annoyed with is about him getting that "cultivation" energy from objects that are not food (beast crystals, metals with energy, etc), if that energy from objects exceeds 0.1-1% of the energy that he already has in his body he will get hurt. The more energy he has the stronger he gets. His master was said to reach a level of energy that made his body "immortal" (think high level body forging cultivation) View More

Invisalats: How should I put this: the translation is bad and it actually has worsened after the initial release chapters. (Up to ch 23)

The story is very generic for a generic story. Also the author does a very poor job of staying consistent with mc's reasons for his actions and typical horn dog fashion the mc fixates on a female character but in atypical fashion this fixation was not sexual until suddenly it is for absolutely no reason and the author didn't even have the courtesy to treat the readers like idiots by giving a dumb nonsensical explanation to add a few hundred words to the word count... Disappointing really.

The mc is overly useless with a supposed cheat cultivation method that makes him basically a cellphone battery that turbo charges only if it has plenty of juice, if it's at 1% then the charge rate is not only bad but dangerous if accidentally exceeding the 0.1% of current energy stored. I figure eventually the author will throw in bottlenecks and what not so every 1-2 fights you'll have plenty of mc is recharging chapters.

The world is a great big unknown, and the few times characters start mentioning deeper world building information the mc will derail it in some way or some event will take place leaving the reader just as ignorant as the mc but luckily the readers are still on Earth so such ignorance won't get them killed but it also won't get me to give this novel a good rating.

Warlord of Chaos
1 month ago
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