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Original Works

  • A New World

    A New World

    others Naruto


    What if before the 2nd great ninja war the uchiha clan gave birth to a prodigy? Follow Kyokai Uchiha as he strives to become the strongest!

  • Oneshot Cendrillon

    Oneshot Cendrillon


    Just a oneshot of around 500 words.

  • A Hero's Journey

    A Hero's Journey



    Here is the story of a scientist from a slightly futuristic earth that travels to the Marvel Universe. Find out how this universe will change with the addition of Mason Tunt.

  • Marvel's True Demon

    Marvel's True Demon


    He has trained for his whole life. It has already been 16 years since he was born, and he finally finished his training. His only relative left, his grandfather, died out of sickness. Now Mark Sutherland is left by himself to take on the world. Teenagers swinging using webs, billionaires flying in their shiny armor... Mark will make many friends and enemies through his adventures. But most importanly, will Mark discover the mysterious history of his family?

  • Harry Potter and the Dual Lord

    Harry Potter and the Dual Lord

    Book&Literature Harry Potter Vampires Prophesy Grindelwald


    Arthur Holly fell asleep like any other day. And he woke up like any other day. Except that he didn't wake up in his own body, but in a three years old one. Arthur transmigrated into what seemed to be the same world he previously lived in, except in the past, before he was even born. But everything changed the day of his fourth birthday. For those who want to buy me a cofee:


What does he mean he can retreat easily? This ain't be some chinese novel on ground, you are in the fucking sea! Tell me, where do you think you will flee? By swimming? View More
Great Age of Pirates · C3
2 days ago
Reading Status: C7
So, what do I think about this novel? To be honest, the first chapter gave me really bad vibes because of the BS about the MC's personality, but now that I have advanced in the chapters the novel seems to be fine. I am only at chapter 7 so I can't say for sure but I guess this is going to be a rather generic Xianxia novel with humor, but I don't care as it's what I wanted. View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch
2 weeks ago

callmewhatyoulike: I appreciate that you mentioned that it was not written by you.
But see here's the thing,
Few months back the same thing happened and yashwant (the author) expressed his disapproval quite clearly.
You may post someone's work here but please make sure you have their permission coz at times a disclaimer just isn't enough.

Recarnation of ultimate Spider man
3 weeks ago
First, thanks for reading my story. And don't worry, even though the mistakes annoy me, I'm still reading your story because the plot is great and the character development is awesome. Don't focus on the bad comments, if you can then correct the mistakes, but I understand as a writer that on this website updates are more important than grammar, so I think you did well in prioritizing the updates. As for your editor, I think he does a good job, it's just that I read the chapters as soon as they got out so I didn't have the occasion to read the edited version, so my mistake. Again, you are doing a great job, the story is addicting and I believe the more you write, the less mistakes you will make (If you don't believe me, then you check on my first story, it's just aweful grammaticaly because English is not my native language either). Good luck for the future! View More

Zhanye: I am honored to see you here, I was a reader of "A Hero's Journey". I'm with an editor, but every once in a while I post the chapter before sending it, so as not to delay the publication. Even Chapter 39 is corrected by him, as English is not my first language, you can check it out just at 39 to see if it's ok?

Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C40
4 weeks ago
Honestly, all those grammar errors are getting under my skin, I highly recommand you to take an editor. I'm sure some of your fans would happily do it for you for free. View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C40
4 weeks ago
The last sentence 'Aatrox saw something he had not expected', I think it would look more fluid if you wrote 'Aatrox saw something unexpected.' View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C26
1 month ago
Nop, she wasn't supposed to be one. If I had continued the story she would have been a link between several dimensions which would have been a way to link my different stories between them. But its never gonna happen sadly... View More

FallinFor30Mins: Is his Sister an attuned one?

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C58
1 month ago
I'm a mongrel? That sure is original... View More


Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C60
1 month ago
Thanks for answeringa as I didn't take into account the limit of the human body. As for OP I'm not saying it is bad, just that I don't like reading those stories myself. Of course there are a few ones that I actually like, One Punch Man being a good example. The thing is that most of the OP characters lack depth and are boring to read. But again, there are exceptions. View More

LordFi7th: There is so much power a human body can take, you can put a restriction on him so that won't absorb many powers so fast or he will explode.

But you're obviously leaning towards Green Lantern, his downside imo is that the power itself is not actually his, he needs to recharge the freaking ring, and if you take it away or destroy the ring, well, he is a nobody.
Also there is nothing wrong with OP, look at One Punch Man, dude is OP but you don't see people complaining about it.
Best of luck with whatever you pick.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C60
1 month ago
Trash MC author's laziness made him into a dumbass. You already have eternal mangekyo and a combination of three sage modes as well as Kyuubi size chakra. In other words he is the strongest being on this planet(alive) so why the **** would he sacrifice his loved ones for the future? This is just author who is too lazy to create new content because he wants to follow canon as its easier View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C9
1 month ago
Biggest nonsense ever. MC learns under Minato for 3 months, and he never even heard of his friend. And Kyuubi attack happens at least a few weeks after Minato became Hokage. Don't you think the Hokage's son would be mentionned a lot? Not even talking about this friend following MC everywhere... Where the **** were you for the past three years?! Oh right, you were less than a km away! View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C6
1 month ago
Green lantern isn't that weak in the comics, it's just that they butchered the lanterns in the movie. A rogue like power is a problem because at the first setback I'll get slaughtered in the comment for not making the MC absorb more power. And I'm not really into OP. View More

LordFi7th: You could read BnH again and get yourself acquainted with the story. I myself hate the Hero concept thus I never read BnH and I dropped the anime as soon as saw what a wimp the MC turned out to be.

As for marvel, I loved the MCU, and you have a much bigger world to write about, x men, galactus, the celestials blah blah blah, I've never read the comics but I'm sure there are many more apocalyptic level villains. Again, this is just me, but the whole hero concept makes me puke. Who in their right minds would want to patrol the city every day, trying to put an endless amount of idiots in prison just to have to fight them again in a few months or years when they escape, plus you don't get paid and the press will crucify you because of the collateral damage caused in battles.

Also, green lantern is a failure, Ryan Renolds would agree with me. Space cops, bound by duty to a bunch of big headed idiots, a source of external power that can be taken away, and it is not even that impressive, I'm sure Captain Marvel can break through a green lantern's construct with ease.
You could put someone with a kryptonian bloodline in Marvel. Or if you think this is too OP, you create your own superman(no red and blue gayness) by introducing a mutant like Rogue, who can steal other's powers and permanently keep them, get telekinesis, cyclop's red energy bean, juggernaut strength. Sure he will be OP, but not from the very beginning, so you have plenty of chapters to write, plus some lemons here and there as fillers I'm sure no body will complain, and if they do they can fuk off.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C60
1 month ago
'It could be really dangerous if his quirk was revealed' You know how I see this seen? A family of three morons with troll faces praising each other about being so smart, oblivious to the much smarter average people. HOW COULD THAT BE DANGEROUS!? His dad is the strongest man on Earth and his mother not far behind, they tag team well. What could possibly threaten them? This story is trash. Moron View More
Primordial Saiyan: Chaos God Slayer · C2
1 month ago
Oh and when you are born you aren't 1 year old, you are 1 day old View More
Primordial Saiyan: Chaos God Slayer · C1
1 month ago
First, no human can be so beautiful that they are considered gods. And you can't tell whether a baby will be a baby killer or not, I mean all babies are ugly that's in their nature. And silver eyes isn't cool, as there are a lot of people with silver eyes already. They are called blind. AS for raimbow hair, don't even get me started, it's ugly as ****. So I hope you were using sarcasm when you said he was the most beuatifula dn instead meant that he was ugly as ****. View More
Primordial Saiyan: Chaos God Slayer · C1
1 month ago
That was an unnecessary fight. He just had to set up the formation, and use his golden flames which would have killed everyone at once, and absorbed their essence. View More
Golden Fox with System · C104
2 months ago

Kamome: I am the exp of my sword
Exp is my body
And exp is my blood
I have created over 1000 reviews
Unknown to death
Nor known to life
Have withstood pain to create many reviews
Yet, those hands will never write a proper review
And so I pray...

Sword Among Us
2 months ago
fucking coward, afraid of someone because of his past. He is not afraid of provocking the Wei merchants, but he is afraid of one man? Coward. View More
Stealing the Heavens · C163
2 months ago
So Yan Dan really is the crown prince from ancient China. For those who don't know the story, he ordered a famous assassin to kill a king, but that king survived and later became the first emperor of his dynasty, although I don't remember which one it is. Yan Dan own father beheaded Yan Dan and offered his head. View More
Stealing the Heavens · C113
2 months ago
Aren't the Nie pair talking a bit too easily about their array secret art? I mean, it is supposed to be an art hidden for 600 years, but now they are talking about it to everyone they meet... View More
Stealing the Heavens · C108
2 months ago
There seems to be a problem with the Emperor and his bloodline. He is 2000 years old, and yet he only has great grandsons. Think about it. If Jesus had children, would it be his great grandchildren living in our time? View More
Stealing the Heavens · C73
2 months ago
Sorry, I wrote the chapter before reading your comment. So it won't be in next chapter. BUt I'll make sure to put those details in the chapter after that. Thanks for the information. And I didn't even know what snow crabs were. View More

Weirdo: I see... Then, make all those freeloader wizard to help the sailor in controlling the ship!!!! Let them be baptized by the first warm up tribulation, the great Poseidon wrath/rain storm at the sea.... I had once working at the sea, catching snow crabs at Japan(I didn't even remember how I got the freaking job, I swear.. And I am not even a Japanese!!!Even after I finish the job, get my share and then go back to my country and share my story to my friend, no one believe me!!).. So when they brace the storm, make sure you depict the scenario where you could literally flying out of the ship any moment, great wind that blow the water droplet so hard, it feel like a freaking peeble, let those kids see the horror of giant wave splashing, fish sudden slap(I got slap by a fish a few time, it hurts!!), ship that goes 90° up, and down 90°,with some magic whale been pull up by the tornado, multiple tornado just around the corner, and they saw all the sailor just laugh and sing their sailor song...

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C53
2 months ago
No there is a crew, just that I haven't talked abou it yet as I don't know anything about a ship's crew. They will be mentionned in the next chapter when I will have finished my research about them. View More

Weirdo: No ship crew for them? Well, sucks..

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C53
2 months ago

Zabkiel: Aizen

Cool Anime System II · C1
2 months ago

vabrasanu: the problem is a Dark Lord would kill the innocent regardless of if they are in the way or out of the way because no one is truly innocent. this is an issue of philosophy. the thing you're describing is "a brainless person" aka volde who happens to also be a Dark Lord.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C52
2 months ago
Yes, only someone extremely paranoid would do that. View More

vabrasanu: no that does not define dark lord. it defines someone who lacks brain cells because of soul fragmentation like volde.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C52
2 months ago
Despite him cleaning his reputation, he won't get back to Hogwarts. Or at least, he won't study there anymore... View More
Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C52
2 months ago

Weirdo: Since he had both Holly and grindelwald inheritance, he didn't have to worry about resource and knowledge... Not of mention, his God Slayer teacher, Merlin.. He got wealth, fame, reputation, background,knowledge, everything..So as long as author able to built the world, I don't even care if he home school...

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C51
2 months ago

Weirdo: Screw the one that called your pace is slow!!! I don't even know what does that mean!!!! For me, either it's interesting or it's boring, that's all... There's no fast, slow, medium rare stea.... I mean chapter!!!! It's a great gore episode by the way, although it's still soft in my eyes since I am horror lover.... I would only consider something like "Boku No Pico" as ********, try go and find them in YouTube or something.... To everyone that had watch it, shut up... Let our new friend have their baptism on the true horror...

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C50
2 months ago
Yeah, it's a blood eagle without the lungs. Hey, he is in Scandinavia, so it's not out of context View More

achile: Ok blood eagle

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C50
2 months ago
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