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Original Works

  • The Ark Project

    The Ark Project

    Eastern Fantasy

    A man known as Dark Star was found to possess super powers. He had three, creation, time, and life. He could regenerate from nearly anything. He could make things appear from thin air. He could manipulate time. But he was arrogant, he proclaimed himself as a god, and enslaved most of humanity. Right until he was killed. His last words asked "Who are you?" and his killer replied, "I'm The Ark Project."

  • Don't Fear the Mask

    Don't Fear the Mask


    Don't Fear The Mask, it's not that scary. It's watching you, unblinking. Red bloody eyes peering through the dark. Insanity is but a state of mind. The Mask isn't insane, just angry.

  • Guardian's Race Index

    Guardian's Race Index


    This is a collections of Races that were made in my mind that I may use in later novels.

  • Foundation 7

    Foundation 7


    This story is loosely based on the SCP Foundation, but it isn't the SCP Foundation, I do recommend checking the SCP Foundation wiki, there are some crazy things in there. -Synopsis below- [Foundation 7 Files] Subject: WATCHER Watcher is a robotic humanoid, currently, Watcher is the only thing able to get close to Subjects without violent reactions. Further Information is blocked without Dynamic Clearance. [Sentry United] Watcher is a robotic humanoid with no known violent tendencies, currently, the only recorded thing that can approach subjects that the Infidels test on to develop their super weapons. High Priority Target | Capture, do not eliminate. [Internet] Some sort of strange-eyed thing would randomly watch me when I was younger, I didn't understand a thing about it, originally I thought it was a stalker, but upon approaching it nothing happened, the thing that was watching me seemed to be some sort of robot, and it was very friendly, one of my best friends. However a few months later a bunch of military guys came and searched the forest, I never saw it again. I miss it.

  • Infinity World

    Infinity World

    Video Games

    Arin Realm was raised by the Overmind since he was just a little kid. Now he's finally reached adulthood and the Overmind is releasing the Full Dive game known as Infinity World. When his hops in the game his main goal is to enjoy himself. But his life is going to be a lot more interesting than he imagined.

  • DarkTale



    An Undertale AU.

  • Divinity | Modded Core

    Divinity | Modded Core


    A group of people are sent into a new world. And they know way more than they should.

  • Universe C-32

    Universe C-32


    Annilus, Singular Mind organism, Fast Evolution. Dangerous. Divinity, Organized super humans. Individualistic. Fast researchers. Series 07, Super AI, controls nano drones. Reincarnated OC Self Insert. There are more of these in this universe.


Let's see, we got a manipulative goddess, a mad godlike dragon, and several intelligent monsters who seem to be attacking the humans out of anger. Not to mention cultists and religious nut jobs. Great mix.
Anyways onto the protag. Seems like it's a bit convenient with the memories, however I believe that the reason our MC hasn't gone crazy yet is cause he never stopped, he continued to grow and increase the strength of his home and took control of his surroundings. Using his great strengths as a builder. He doesn't seem to mentally track time anymore due to how long he's lived, he's also forgotten how to interact with others for the most part due to how long he's been alone. The only way passed his shell is through mind reading.
Now onto development. It is fully possible we will have a new MC next chapter, if the protag chooses to pass away that is. If the protag chooses to stay he will have to develop his strength as much as possible. Best way I can think to do this is kill the Legendary Monsters. They listen to the Dragon and I believe some of the Dragons power comes from their worship. I think that's a long enough comment with my thoughts thus far. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C63
9 months ago
I like to think that the author puts alot of thought into this novel, each chapter is seemingly well done and the characters are portrayed as if they weren't actually blocky, allowing you to picture it, although seeing a image of a palm in your mind with no hands is very creepy. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C62
9 months ago
Why is it whenever I see something like that I always imagine that the Goddess/God that allowed the person to 'remember' actually just put artificial memories in their head. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C62
9 months ago
Are you guys forgetting that he has a second life? A few chapters back you can see he has a second life in his status, if he dies he can revive once. Only once. When a person dies in minecraft and respawns that person is teleported to their "home" point, the last place they slept in a bed. Or the "Spawn" point, which is set in a radius of where they entered the world. Which means he's going to respawn at his destroyed castle.

Also for some reason when I comment on this story I get alot of likes and replies. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C61
9 months ago
For some odd reason I don't believe that the Goddess and the Ender Dragon are the only god like being in this world. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C60
9 months ago
The world is tumbling, Humanity has turned to it's worst side, Monsters are in a state of war with humans. Other magical races are spread around the world. Carolus just wants to go back to his peaceful world. He's lived so long that he doesn't seem to fear death anymore, but he fears never going back home, that's why he got angry. Because they said he couldn't go back. Humanity could have stood against the monsters if not for greed. They wouldn't of even needed Carolus as they wouldn't have provoked the Ender Dragon. Carolus needs to learn magic now. I always believed that EXP was magic in the game. I believe it's the same here, as they heal with EXP, they enchant with EXP, and they shoot fireballs with EXP. I believe that Carolus can learn to use EXP to shoot fireballs and other elements. But then again, I'm not the author. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C60
9 months ago
I wonder if I should include a combat scenario next chap, or maybe a peaceful first contact? Hmm, we shall see. This is the current state of the new Annilus, Let me know if you have any questions, I'm willing to answer currently. View More
Universe C-32 · C7
9 months ago
I don't really write harem novels. Human form? Humanoid...ish... Conquest? Maybe, uncertain. World conquest isn't something that the Annilus is interested in. Annilus likes to observe and create life after all. View More

BreezyNovels: Interesting, does he get a human form? Is this a harem? Rofl. Conquering the multiverse type novel?

Universe C-32 · C2
10 months ago
I realized I put the wrong name for this type of novel. The pov won't always be on Annilus. So I decided to just put the name of the Multiverse. View More
Universe C-32 · C5
10 months ago
Those were some fast replies. I'll give it a day before I start up with writing again. So far it looks like I'm going to transferring them to the Fiery Volcano. View More
Divinity | Modded Core · C11
10 months ago
I keep going off tab to read other people novels. Man there are a lot of talented authors out there. I was awake till 6 am one time reading. View More
Universe C-32 · C4
10 months ago
Everytime I read a chapter in this, I just wonder about Herobrine and Notch. I wonder if they are even connected to this world? In most stories Herobrine is his own force with his own goal. Normally it revolves around the character Steve. But looking at this novel it's possible that Steve doesn't exist in this world. Then again this is a Minecraft world. Steve must exist, which makes me think this is either a future or past. I'm starting to think it's more like the past, and Steve hasn't been created yet. But if that's the case does this mean this is a origin story? Creepers didn't seem to exist before Caro's intervention and curing the zombie. Which means it's possible the Caro fails in taking down the Ender Dragon but weakens the dragon to a point where Steve can take the ED out. Then again, I just like to write sometimes. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C45
10 months ago
No comment. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C44
10 months ago
I suppose the goddess was desperate. It's possible that the goddess doesn't even know that the summoning worked in the first place. After all our MC isn't a follower of the goddess and doesn't pray to her.
Let's see what I understand so far though. The Ender Dragon and the Goddess are both sealed in their own realms, unable to interfere with the Overworld. Unless the residents either pray, or wish for revenge. If the residents wish for revenge, the Dragon turns them into a monster. If the Goddess wishes to help others, they have to pray to her.
There are obvious restraints in this. It seems like there is a power drain on the goddess after using her powers. This power drain seems negligible on the dragons side. But the Dragon is only able to change those with true hatred. Other wise the dragons blessings will turn out like curses.

That's about all I understood. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C43
10 months ago
I wonder what Herobrine and Notch think of the situation. I feel like they exist in this world but have no reason to interfere I mean Notch only cared about Steve and I believe Herobrine wants to conquer the realms. Oh it is possible that Steve sealed Herobrine instead of fighting the Ender Dragon allowing the dragon to grow. Its also possible that in a fight with Herobrine he fell. Which led to this situation. Then again these are only guesses. This possibly isnt even the land of Minecraftia View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C42
10 months ago
Didn't I set this chapter up to get auto released tomorrow? Hmm. Somethings off here... Oh well. It's out now. View More
Divinity | Modded Core · C9
10 months ago
If I was the guy I'd be absolutely peeved at the goddess. She took him from his peaceful world, into a world he didn't even like in the first place. Everyones complaining how he was gone. But he wasn't even supposed to be there in the first place, after all it wasn't his world to protect. Then they have to nerve to blame him for what they started themselves. With the way things are going I think Carolus is going to turn into a second Herobrine at this point. They are legit trying to get him to hate them, the way they are blaming him at this point. He was dropped into a world with no explanation. He didn't know if he was supposed to do anything or not. Not to mention he had been alive for years. His emotions must have mellowed out in that time. But if they keep trying to stir up his repressed emotions they will let out that hatred and anger that he's repressed into himself, and I believe that will lead to a situation where even the Ender Dragon looks like a joke. This guy is close to Herobrines level of power currently. Not quite there yet, but close. View More
Minecraft: A New Beginning · C41
10 months ago
I'm actually probably going to release some more chapters today. We will see. I might decide to save the next three chapter for tomorrow. View More
Divinity | Modded Core · C8
10 months ago
First chapter of the day, expect at least two more chapters to come out today. View More
Divinity | Modded Core · C6
10 months ago
That's the last of todays chapters. I'll post some more tomorrow. View More
Divinity | Modded Core · C5
10 months ago
Casually yeets the Sea God into space. View More
I'm not OP, I'm just Lucky(DCEU) · C7
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C943
10 months ago
Nope, most of my attention is focused on Don't Fear The Mask, the story I started before this one. This story is also in the works though. It just requires a lot more attention than the other stories. So it's updated less. Although future chapters will be much longer. I'm not picking up any new stories currently, just working on my old ones. So got that going for me atleast. View More

Forgotten_Druid: Do you have a release schedule yet?

Infinity World · C1
10 months ago
I'm returning to the world. Starting to write again. View More
Infinity World · C1
10 months ago
Well, this is the rewritten version of DFM, I've gone a bit less supernatural with the story. Next chapters going to be in the POV of Drive Reason and Rage. It's been a while, Glad to be back. View More
Don't Fear the Mask · C1
10 months ago
I dropped this btw, however if you go to wattpad you can find a lot more Undertale Fanfic's I've worked on. View More

Lover_May: So Amazing!!!!😆😆😆😆😆

DarkTale · C1
1 year ago
Been to busy to work on this novel. View More

Forgotten_Druid: Please come back...

Infinity World · C0
1 year ago
Too bad, I can't draw or else I'd make this a comic. View More
DarkTale · C3
1 year ago
It's still in a paused state as I haven't caught up with work IRL, but it's the same plot for the first volume but with MAJOR changes. Let's just say this novel isn't going to just VR. For now, I'm working on world development during my free time. View More

SkyDevil: Are u writing all again with same plots or will there be some changes. Looking forward for the chapters!

Infinity World · C0
1 year ago
Removed Previous chapters for now. View More
Infinity World · C0
1 year ago
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