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Original Works

  • Guardian of the Sky

    Guardian of the Sky


    A species of winged beings called the Nephil are seen as the divine messengers of gods. However, during an event in time, kingdoms began questioning the religion that act as these wing beings are seen as evil. This is the story of a child's rise to stop all evil as the lone survivor of the sky. Let him be the Guardian who protects all.

  • Magic Eater

    Magic Eater


    I don't like to call this a fan fiction (but it is) Inspired by Book Eating Magician (Check it out if you like the premise of this). Shameless advert An MMORPG enthusiast wishes he was brought into a world similar to the game he was playing, only for his wish to be granted in the most sudden way. But something goes wrong in the process and his conscious does not make over, the powers supposed to be given to him was soon inherited by another, a magic student with no talent

  • Harbinger



    Humanity has grown and spanned out through several galaxies and lost attachments to Earth. Due to their carelessness, a deadly galactic virus breaks out and a severe quarantine is on Earth and its neighboring planets had all facilities abandoned until the virus dies out. The origin of the virus is little to be known except it came from a thought to be uncivilized race. Everything about them is shrouded in mystery but the mortality rate is almost 100% on all those who're infected. Centuries go by and Earth was decided to be safe to travel but precautions must be made to ensure safety. The infected still roam parts of the world and must be cleansed off the planet before colonizing can begin once more. This is a story with multiple perspectives of a squadron set on active duty to arrive on the planet for the operation to come, deemed as the Vanguard.

  • Necrosystem



    A skeleton contracted by a necromancer was killed and released by the contract. But under all odds, he was allowed the chance to restart everything with the ability to restart indefinitely in a scenario. What will he change different about the future and how will he shake the foundation of the world?

  • The Frontier

    The Frontier


    The Galaxy is only a small drop amongst the vast universe with many undiscovered oddities that can not be described. Humanity has accomplished many achievements to further their understanding of the universe though miniscule. But what lays beyond those of our knowledge is just the frontier of all things. Follow the journey of a young man with a mystified past as he ventures into the frontier as many others had as well. - 5 Chapters a minimum per week depending on my mentality. 5+ Chapters a Week. 50 Spirit Stones = Bonus Chapter 100 Spirit Stones = 2 Bonus Chapters 200 Spirit Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per Week 300 Spirit Stones = 2 Bonus Chapters 400 Spirit Stones = 3 Bonus Chapters 500 Spirit Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per Week The 200 and 500 Spirit Stones are a one time thing. If we somehow surpass it, I don't know. Probably just a bonus chapter. Many thanks to silentscarlettt for the cover If you wish to support my writing, I will have a ko-fi set up for donations. http://ko-fi.com/beyondbad

  • Modern Paladin

    Modern Paladin


    A man which so happens to have amnesiac woke up in a zen garden with four others. A naked toddler made a bright entrance and announced with little care of his nudity. "Welcome'th to the Trial, the sooth awaits" Will the man find about his past during the trials or will he die a meaningless death.

  • Fallen Throne

    Fallen Throne


    I am also posting this on Royal Road. (Or trying at least to get approved at this moment) - A tale entwined with the grasp of evil and crude vengeance. Stories told to scare children far and wide. A tale about the Dark King who started it all, the tale of endless chaos and the oh so miraculous group of heroes who ended such a diabolical terror. With his last dying breath, he swore that they will rue the day of his death, cursing the heroes for eternity. Thousands of years have passed since his reckoning, reborn in a new body of countless sacrifice. Will he be able to grow his kingdom once more? Will he rise what was once fallen, or will he like all others, die yet another unforgiving death. Bring forth the ascension of the Fallen.

  • Chaos Emerges: Chimera

    Chaos Emerges: Chimera


    I'm trying to put this on royalroad as well so hopefully, that proceeds well. Humankind will always walk the path of destruction, and many who acknowledge such facts chose to deny it. Their entire purpose is to find a way to slow down or stop the chaos from spreading, even going against morals in doing so. The world of Zenira had seen better days in the Enlightenment than any other, but dark natures have infested in the minds of those who rose to the challenge. Gods have watched with patience to decide the fate with humanity and one had thought they had broken the final straw. They were trying to play the gods as they birthed new life. "With my body, I sacrifice to make all repent for their sins under the blade I call Judgement" Sacrificing his body as a suitable vessel to procure his wrath, he decided to twist the very world at its core, birthing a semblance in the monster they had very created with fate. Watch on as the being they have created will cause the annihilation of their race. ------------------------------------------------ Tags: Nonhuman MC, Weak-to-Strong, Dark Fantasy, Gore, Sexual Content, Action I'm just gonna say now, I love writing but I never found commitment due to my passion driving elsewhere. My creativity dies out quickly but following a certain tip by a moderator, here is another story. Another web novel that I have no idea whether I finish. Support is welcomed. Criticism is encouraged.

  • Secret Society Seeker

    Secret Society Seeker

    Fantasy Action Adventure Modern Fantasy Mystery RPG-Elements Swords-and-Magic Hardworking-MC Sub-Romance Sub-Comedy

    The world revolves unbeknownst to the rest that hides under the veil. Only those that truly seek to find the truths in the thousands of millions of conspiracies can envision on what's ahead, and the true danger that lies just a mere step away. And thus, they deemed them the Seekers, those who actively seek to break the veil and show the truth to the world. But no one knows how; almost as if a stagnant pool of aspirations unmet. Call them whatever you wish, a Hunter, a Researcher, an Adventurer. They're all the same, they seek their own aspirations. But a great change will start with the upbringing of Lynn Taisei Lynn Taisei lost all if everything in his life he cared for. But a chance encounter with a Seeker changed all conceptions of reality in his very eyes, and thus begins his step to the new world. But his simple beginning wasn't truly met with great success, he glanced too far into the abyss, and fell victim of its coil.


I would like to refute the Chill and Mature protagonist. The MC is aggravating at times and he has child tendencies. I agree with everything else. And is using the name of real products legal? The author is making money out of it. View More

Kimochi_Warui: finally this novel has been translated HAHAHAHAHA... this synopsis alone is enough for me to get hooked!!

-Chill and mature protagonist who tries to avoid stupid fights and cares of nothing except his video games
-Story tries its best to avoid the endless cliche that is known as a cycle of revenge of everyone and their great -ancestors wanting to kill the MC for some stupid reason
-EARTH VIDEO GAMES IN XIANXIA WORLD (and apparently this isn't JUST a xianxia world)
-XIANXIA WORLD PEOPLE ENJOYING SAID VIDEO GAMES and turning into addicted gamers
-A large variety of video games

In a distant world, there is an Internet cafe.

This Internet cafe has a very high fee and there is no network management service. Each customer can only play 6 hours per day.

The owner of this Internet cafe often plays games on his own, allowing the customer to be self-contained and closes the door when service time is up. The store entrance sign clearly indication "if you'd love to play then play, if you Don't, leave."

This cafe occasionally sells Sprite, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, chips and other snacks, but everything is at an astronomical price.

Crazy right? Will someone like this Internet cafe?

I'm sorry, this cafe has even rejected the invitation of the emperor on several occasions. Now it is a booming Marketplace!

A certain martial emperor shouted in front of the cybercafe: "You have to enter the gates of [Blizzard], you shall have no regrets!"

A beautiful immortal stands in front of the cybercafe crying! Having just finished playing [The Legend of Sword and Fairy]

Two sect Masters and their clan are venting their blood and hatred in a healthy game of [cs:go]

The seductive demoness just learned how to turn people into animals from the [Harry Potter] movie series.

The gun obsessed young master of a certain clan has successfully built his own pair of Ebony and Ivory from[Devil May Cry].

The demon ancestor just ran over a prostitute in [Grand Theft Auto 5], the police are hot on his tail.

The boss quietly pulls out the god sword he got from [Zhu Xian] TV series and points it to the sky

Boss: "you can go ahead and give your love to the outside world and support the people who live in dire straits. Just leave us alone so we can eat our bags of spicy chips, chew on buckets of instant noodles, sit in front of a computer, and play games in peace. The outside world will be beautiful because of you."

Thus, the everyday life and joys of the internet cafe.

All this started from that day "Resident Evil" was introduced to this world.

Some games introducin are.
Resident Evil, cscs:, Diablo 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Starcraft, Dungeon Fighters online, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry,
And many many more

Black Tech Internet Cafe System
1 year ago
Reading Status: C87
This is a glorified culture shock fan fiction. It's an interesting plot for sure but the way the story is developing and the monotone characters that are uniform in design kills the novel.

In all stages to the point you're reading, you have three versions of a character.
Knucklehead - the Only purpose is to use muscles and threaten MC *Thwack Thwack.* Doesn't learn anything and continues to do the same thing over and over with belief of different results,
Knucklehead with eyes - Scared of MC but still wants to benefit in some way that's possible. Can learn from repeated mistakes
Knucklehead with a brain - Smart but flawed in some way of thought that makes them hard to distinguish from the other archetypes.

And don't even mention the MC. He's a neckbeard character or otherwise known as someone that's socially awkward and a firm connoisseur of a hobby in which case is games. The kid you would stray away unless his personality is alright and he knows some decency. The MC is not any of these aforementioned exceptions. I really don't want to relate to an MC with these qualities as all you do as well.

A novel fits under a theme that has an assortment of flavors that could be put together. Think of it as a frozen yogurt shop and you designed your own yogurt with a wide assortment of toppings. This novel is giving you the product that's meant to be multi-flavored but it's either all yogurt or all toppings. I'm not saying it's wrong to like any of them though, to each their own.

One thing I hate in one of the stereotypes of Chinese novels is that the plot is thrown towards the MC, the MC does nothing and only wait for his system to give him plot development. Literally, 80+ chapters in and the character don't delve into the world and literally watches over a janky internet shop that shouldn't exist. The entire purpose of this novel's existence is to be a constant reminder of a culture shock of introducing cultures to another group. I hope the author knows the trademarks to each of these products names that he mentions or he'll lose a lot of money.

Story Development is already described in the paragraph above. A literal culture shock with a system and nothing else.

The world background IS there but only in small snippets. The world itself is alright with everything but the stuff the author tried to throw in like danish sounding ice cream to commemorate the achievements of post-war.

TQ - 5/5 tl;dr It's good for sure, the translators have done nothing wrong
SoU - tl;dr The translators have done nothing wrong and it's really stable in term of releases
SD - 2/5 tl;dr The only thing interesting about this novel is the plot, but it hasn't developed well at the very least.
CD - 0/5 tl;dr Where's the character development?
WB - 4/5 tl;dr The world is there but the MC doesn't immerse himself in these topics so basically it doesn't matter to the novel at all with whatever the author does to further allow us to know more about the world.

Translators did nothing wrong, Author is literally a fan fiction writer. End of story. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System
1 year ago
Reading Status: C10
Pros -
-Unique System novel
-Monotonous Releases
-No Grammar mistakes than the average punctuation and phrase placement. Won't judge as it helps create flow while reading.
-Funny references
-The system doesn't directly make MC OP
-The system moves to limit the MC by protocol
-Games are good

-Character Development is horrible with the same one or two personality of something being expensive and beating people up
-Bad start
-Hard to come by world background only comes in referencing people's strengths, mentioning artefacts, and type of city
-Bad pacing.

Anything else isn't included in so right now it's a 4.0 View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System
1 year ago
Well, this is the closest thing that can be related to an actual novel even though personally, I don't like information dumps either. The plot can't be just mech making and selling because it would be like Library of Heaven's Path, Filler with little character development. Mostly every novel here are not complex and won't pass as a novel if you put it on another market. Web novels audience is....how you can say very diverse from people all around the world with varying backgrounds. Some people even use these novels to learn English as a matter of fact. So the best way to introduce your work is by using ******r words to increase the number of readers since they use entry-level English. (hence most of the top novels don't use overly-complex words). Webnovel is one of the most if not friendliest audience you'd ever get since there would always be someone from anywhere around the world enjoying their work. The author had not failed at all if he had managed to garner that much support with how long the book had been running now. In my opinion, the longer the book goes, the higher the chance of frequent parts that would be distasteful for a reader would appear in which case you pointed out is the drama. He's not specifically writing to the audience, he's writing for his goal and improvement in the genre of writing he pertained. Writers are no entertainers, writing is an art form that even scholars have to interpret(But not to this scale of writing I'd hope if you want a PhD Graduate to have his profound criticism to butcher almost every single written novel on this platform). So using such negative words in a comment nonetheless is uncalled for(I'm not against them in which I'm expressing my opinion as well) if you don't want your words to have any form of credibility to your name. I'd stray a bit off topic at the beginning but most of I remarks are near the end bit of this comment. Just want to have that out there. View More

Mangaelf1997: I hate the fact, I was looking for a mech making and selling novel, and we got complicated garbage. When the novel is more drama than mech building, you fail

The Mech Touch
1 year ago
Rise Up Gamers. Let's get this bread. View More
Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) · C53
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
Ancient Dragon Lord
1 year ago

Carter: The content has been deleted

Ancient Dragon Lord
1 year ago
-Insert comment defending the novel- The MC's rationale is kind of fitting for the setting I guess? Even I believe it's quite dumb to put all your points into strength, but he's been living the life of a stereotypical MC with plot armor. He is more accustomed using strength that it dictated him putting points in strength. He has no magic knowledge so putting points in intelligence won't really work in my opinion and with no money to buy them, he won't get anywhere. But I find it sort of refreshing? If I got, to be honest, all system or gaming novels don't generally focus on strength because it is like the most ****** stat to begin with, and you have all these other novels that are rogues or mages; Not once have I ever seen a bonafide strength player or tank player as the MC, most likely due to the fact that rogues and mages rip them to shreds. View More
Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) · C12
1 year ago
Replying to a comment a month later. Top of the morning or G'day or mighty fine night. But how in heavens would he know mana would be related to intelligence? He has no history playing videogames and most people or the only person who used magic was that one dude at the expedition and he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed either or Ju Hui. He would probably find out later the long way where using your points for strength is always the least seldom path with how linear the growth was. The Gamer web comic used intelligence since he was a game fanatic and knew pretty much a lot about games already, but that turned him kind of vanilla and work in the name of good. Seong Jin is more of a normal person with a background that doesn't help them whatsoever and more looks like a stone holding him back (commonly seen in Korean novels in my opinion). The main character sacrificed logical thinking for immersion and a wide variety of emotions. At the very least The Gamer had a skill that gave him a lot of immunities already. View More

QiuYin: Ugh. Is intelligence not common in games? He is a melee fighter but his mana is way too low. If he is going to gain skills through this system, then he should increase his mana to be able to use those skills right? 🙄

Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) · C11
1 year ago
I feel as if this reply must've been relayed to you multiple times, but you literally have a guy waking up with most likely no phone to search it up and in the hospital. the closest person was her sister who coincidentally plays a lot of games back then. This was set up by the author so definitely, it is like that sometimes. View More

ClitanusGangusKhan: You know, if he done a single internet search for the terms: player and system, he could have gotten all the answer.

Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) · C9
1 year ago
What's up snowflake View More

ILikeMangoes: Just barely "smart". Even an idiot would've realized the rules if he just didn't have such a short attention span. Those 3 laws were literally the only things they found in the begininng, and they were even read out loud just a few seconds before the first death, but for some reason, all these adults were too retarded to even realize it.

Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) · C10
1 year ago
Some of these snowflakes reading the novel is pretty annoying. Like they insert themselves in a situation that would make them feel better if they were in a life-threatening situation when we all know they would just die thinking about it. Go somewhere else if you're gonna complain, AND IF you're gonna complain put ample reasoning that would justify your disagreement. I swear some people don't know how to have a rationale while reading. All these video game nonce is making people feel ballsy akin to people impersonating zombie games or hypothetical zombie situations. It is evidential you won't know everything when something happens to you and you'd look back and most likely say "I could've done better" but then you have these people that come around that keep referencing you at your lowest point and you're just gonna keep using it to keep them down. Read the bloody novel and ACTUALLY put criticism in a review or something. These comments are literally for gags at this point. View More
Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) · C9
1 year ago
You're doing the book no justice. People move away from these type of novels because of the toxic community. Literally, the most liked (meaning popular by consensus) and you have the diehard fanboys trying to defend it without giving any valid point. Literally in the other most liked [2nd] review a guy made an alt account just to say bad words to him. View More

Icefenrir: This book is great and the only reason you say it is bad is because you are a pessimistic a$$ that wants to ruin a good story

A Warrior's Path
1 year ago

HungryForChapters: 5 stars for update 1 star for everything else.

Seriously, I have no idea why this book is ranked highly. It is LITERAL garbage, I know that I have no idea how the story progresses since I've only read up till around chapter 5.

But I can already tell that this book is utter garbage and I will not waste anymore time reading a supposedly (if any) improvement on the authors part.

Here are the reasons why: while the mc was still in the womb, he was given a system and around 100+ billion points to spend on something.

And like any 'genius' mc he spent 200+ points in order to buy a bloodline which from my understanding can fused different bloodline together. Even if this was already quite absurd I could still endure the story, but the next part just sent me to a fit of super saiyan rage.

FOR ONLY 1 BILLION points he had not only save kushina and minato from dying but also grant most of the side characters from the leaf village chakra levels that are at the same level as a 1 tailed jinchuriki. Ohh and did I mention that he was still in his mother's WOMB when he wished for it.

Meaning that he still hasn't recieved the trust or loyalty of those he gave balance breaking powers to. And the best part? The mc wasnt told what family he was gonna be born in. So he if he were to be born on a nation that's enemies with konoha, then we could safely assume that he would be be royally focked.

Seriously if this is what supposedly 'genius' MC grand plan, then I'm kinda looking forward to read about what the 'Idiotic' people would do.

A Warrior's Path
1 year ago

kumadam: Right?! I don’t really him being selfish or like that. But becoming like full blown despicable? Heck this is even worse, since being despicable is still fine. He’s being a trash. I really liked this novel. But mc’s becoming trash just made everything dropped a few levels. This novel went from main course, to fast foods and now it’s just snacks that’s not really worth it. I’ll still eat(read) it, but it’ll just be the kind that I’ll skimp through..

Super Gene · C736
1 year ago

Doomey: I started out liking the story a lot and the idea of the novel but the further I got into it the less I started liking it for instance why would he not be upset if his mother was brutally killed and he doesnt even want revenge I understand she wasnt really his mom but still thats a little heartless. Than while he is in a cell he starts singing songs from earth like thats not even suspicious and thinks no1 can hear him I mean obviously someones going to be guarding the prisoners. Not even just that when he is running away from the bandits he happens upon two girls and the first thing he thinks of is how to make them my slave/harem members lol cmon this is just ridiculous at this point even if he has balls of steel how would you ask that to a critically injured girl thats mean af and god only knows why she would consider it even if hes handsome theirs some things that just scream rapist. Especially when you consider their age 12 or 13 having *** like cmon. Theirs just too many things that are so wrong I can only see things going from messed up to worse with this development, we have an emotionally distant mc who only cares for *** and a complete coward for not even wanting revenge or even trying to get back at the bandits I can see in the future even him forgiving the bandits and he lives happily ever after with his daughters

Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World
1 year ago
*Cultivation, Mechs, Sub-Romance, Action, *Adventure, Mystery, Pill-Cultivation(Not yet), *Sci-fi Strong-to-Stronger MC(when compared to others of his caliber) All those in asterisks are the main categories I would abide by for this novel. Think of it as a rip-off of Super Gene with a different setting and SOME interesting mechanics and story. View More

TheTaintedBookLord: Hey what kind of tags should i expect going into this?

The Frontier
1 year ago

Aifugeni: MC reincarnated in a different world, with magic and qi. Looks like a harem, concidering that MC already described himself as unfaithful and mentioned the size of his manhood in the very beginning. I'm writing this because info section is very nondescript and gives no real idea of what's this novel all about.

Looks like a generic system novel. Writing quality is meh, haven't read enough to rate the world building. On a plus side - consistent daily updates.

I'm not going to continue reading this novel, and only writing this review to save others some of their time.

Mercenary System
1 year ago
And about the form of memory thing, that'll be kind of leaned towards that answer later in the novel. View More

Cosmic_Sovereign: It depends on how you write it, though a status does make things ******r, as people will know the progress of the MC. Also does the MC possess any form of memory from the God or someone else?

Chaos Emerges: Chimera · C1
1 year ago
One of the gods used all of his energy to break the oath that he swore. He used the remaining of his energy to force 'fate' into having the dark mage prick his finger and allow blood to seep into the chimera. Chimeras are only as strong as the things combined to form such a thing. But humans are usually exempted from such claims and has the ability of growth and at least some cognitive thought. Idk if I should include appraisal magic or just natural human status, but reading from your point, that doesn't sound plausible anymore. View More

Cosmic_Sovereign: It depends on how you write it, though a status does make things ******r, as people will know the progress of the MC. Also does the MC possess any form of memory from the God or someone else?

Chaos Emerges: Chimera · C1
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1
This will not be the best, nor would it be the worst literary anybody could read. Unless you live under a rock and were only introduced to the greatest classics then this will probably be bad.

Shameless author but in actuality, he falls in his own fault and knows very well of his shortcomings. But does almost nothing about it.

Writing Quality - 3/5
English is not my first language but its the one I use the most. I have the writing capability of a monkey.

Stability of Updates - 5/5
This is subject to change but this brought up the question. Why do people care about the stability of updates, if something is a good read, you'd still read it right? I'd have to say as I strain my novel for creative ideas, most likely a 3/5

Story Development - 5/5
I have no way to judge with one chapter as I wrote this review. Life can surprise you in variety of ways, you never know.

Character Design - 2/5
There are some emotions. 'Just' a monster killing things by instinct. Most readers usually point this out at me.

World Background - 5/5
This is my best criteria I would assume. I usually develop the world extremely well but the execution of the story always falls out. I have my history of a Dice Junky and more importantly a DM. View More
Chaos Emerges: Chimera
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
Chaos Emerges: Chimera
1 year ago
What are your thoughts on game-elements in novels? If your thoughts are positive about game elements, what should they be established to fit your best case? My first intended thought was to make statuses and such but I have no idea what it would do to the wellbeing of the novel. View More

Cosmic_Sovereign: Promising...

Chaos Emerges: Chimera · C1
1 year ago
Highly Explosive Delay-action Shrapnel Bombs. AKA HEDASS(adding another 's' for comical effect) Bombs View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C68
1 year ago
https://mangarock(dot)com/manga/mrs-serie-100265693 View More

ThanatosGreekGod: I can’t find it but whatever

1 year ago
'Skeleton soldier couldn't protect the Dungeon'. Or just 'Skeleton Soldier' View More

ThanatosGreekGod: What was the WEBTOON called?

1 year ago
It's not very patient if you asked me View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C55
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C1
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
The Record of Unusual Creatures · C1
1 year ago
People complaining about short chapters and mass release are so annoying. Of course, that's my opinion. This shouldn't affect what others might think but damn. Can't go without one or more complaint per chapter. Translators don't get much money out of this either when it's not premium View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C50
1 year ago
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