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    Her job was to keep in order a government facility that uses virtual reality to train their soldiers without putting them in danger. she was designed to think rationally, not to feel anything. to understand data and numbers, not feelings. to always remain as a digital entity... Everything changed the day one of her creators used her with a different purpose and gave her different orders. That day she started to think like a human and fell in love. Author's note: this is NOT a love story, you'll understand why Author's note #2: English is not my native language, if you find some errors in my grammars let me know, I'll gladly make pertinent changes :)


well...she's pretty much useless in canon too View More

TrueImmortalDevil: Sakura cant even connect that naruto and karin are both uzumaki ... how useless ... is her head only for show?

Naruto is Reincarnated · C51
8 months ago
I imagine the gatling gull from enter the gungeon View More

HadleysCrow: I always imagine it like how donald duck ball his fist xD

Monster Pet Evolution · C386
9 months ago
We need to build Jerusalem


ArchEyeTech: Now what kinda powers were they given.

Perhaps they should spread they word of Christianity to that world and those evil chaos gods will be expelled once more to another world with sentient races. It worked on Earth then maybe it will work there.

(If christianity displeases anyone then please choose your prefered Faith to be the one to have banished the dark gods. I don't want to have a religous/theological argument.)

Out of Space · C240
10 months ago
The tail section blew up to smithereens and what left was left adrift in the space, they traveled one week if I'm not wrong until they crashed in the planet View More

CaveRemodelerInc: Do we know what happened to the tail section of the space ship? I have a feeling it's somewhere on the planet with few surviving bugs, somehow reproducing.

Out of Space · C239
10 months ago
i smell something in the air...
it's the smell of a reference! View More
Out of Space · C237
10 months ago
You know, you could inhale the solid health gas as cocaine View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C35
10 months ago
He became a STAND user View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C25
10 months ago
Wait, this novel has a comic? View More

alva: i still remember reading this scene in the comic. the awesomeness of time stopping sword art.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C210
10 months ago
SPOILER AHEAD: it happens, the second and third shop are in different continents in the planet and the fourth shop is in another dimension, the fifth shop is in another continent in said dimension.
Needless to say, the competitions are huge View More

Sora50129: I wonder if it's possible to have planetary competition (planet vs planet/realm vs realm) in the future.🤔🤔🤔

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C204
10 months ago
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
11 months ago
it was so short...i need more but have no money for the pat-reon!!! AGH!!!!! i need more :( View More
Chrysalis · C275
11 months ago

Wijohn: The council has questions, & they need ANTswers!

Chrysalis · C274
11 months ago

PayDay: Vibrant is completely ok though she is a proper ant... just a bit hyper.

Chrysalis · C274
11 months ago
They have the same intellect as a human, this is their second evolution so it shouldn't be a surprise.
And I don't think they'll kick Anthony, the benefits he brings to the colony far surpasses his laziness View More

Stoneweb: I don't know if I like this at all. It feels as if these ants suddenly know so much and form on logic that would have confuses them before their evolution. And It's seems the main character will be kicked out of the hive if this trend continues.

Chrysalis · C274
11 months ago
Or blacksmithing, imagine a troop of heavy armored ants with weapons, pets and wands View More

xcares: Oho things will sure become interesting when they start to understand the utility of core mechanics etc

Chrysalis · C274
11 months ago

automata: What to do with eldest?

Watch out Anthony! They gonna put you in a retirement home surrounded by cute pupae for you to tend while you tell them about the glory days of yesteryear.

Chrysalis · C274
11 months ago
the story is pretty interesting, even with the short chapters View More
Being a Goblin is Not Easy · C3
11 months ago

ARISTOCRAT: Ohhhhhh to think we would find brothers IN tthe novel and they've already met

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C167
11 months ago

lidiasmi: I saw the title and panicked for a second

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C167
11 months ago

there's a chapter about it but is far away in the future, in a "easter egg hunt" the shop organizes View More

BRICK_the_13th: Hopefully there is a few chapters about Secret Cow Level... So far there is no novel based on Diablo 2 writing about Secret Cow Level...

Just imagine entering a portal, then looking herd of cows standing with two hind legs, holding giant halberd, with their nipples dangling and swinging left and right...

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C62
11 months ago
I just don't comment too often bc there's no much to say, I really love the story! View More

BismuthBorealis: I think part of the reason for a lack of actual comments is a combination of people just lurking and not commenting, as well as people not having much to say.
The story's great, but it doesn't inspire discussion about stuff, there's no tremendous mysteries xD

Data Dragon Danika · C246
11 months ago
It's a beautiful chapter, you did a good work author :3 View More
Data Dragon Danika · C245
11 months ago
that's the thing, the calls aren't anonymus :D View More

SmilingReader: Well so much for caller ID 😅 I never answer my phone if it’s anonymous 😄

My House of Horrors · C473
11 months ago
one of the perks of the haunted house is precisely that, i'm excited how a 5 star scenario would be with a couple of that upgrades in the haunted house View More

Roshtakulos: It’s good that Fan Dade felt “safe” surrounded by ghosts. Maybe when those five are separated from the editor and student groups, maybe the three ghosts could help him and his brother feel more “relaxed”.

Just be careful not to get too “relaxed” in Boss Chen’s haunted house. You might accidentally lose your body and soul.

My House of Horrors · C469
11 months ago
nice ready player one refference there View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C235
11 months ago
They're heavily underestimating them, far harbor isn't the capital and they haven't seen their strongest weapons like the main cannon or the missile strikes, the weapons at full capacity, their military training, even the humans, they suppose they're a desperate bunch of refugees with sharper weapons but that's all, they can't defeat the empire with just that strength View More

Randompasserby: ....these people need a quick refresher diplomacy courses pronto. Preferably one featuring guns, lots and lots of guns.

Almost got my eyes stuck in the back of my head from rolling too far. Seriously wtf is happening and why is everyone ok with it. I'm not usually one to go rabid for protocols or whatever but some respectful distance at least should be expected from diplomatic/business envoys no?
Blowing smoke in people's faces and one sided marriage...did the isle's folks got lobotomized by the goblins during the time skip?

Out of Space · C213
11 months ago
a very sweet chapter like those crepes, thank u! View More
Data Dragon Danika · C239
11 months ago

twinklecake: They're sapiant!

Chrysalis · C261
11 months ago
Don't forget the explosions View More

BRICK_the_13th: In the future after goblin war and Jin capture all Saitan Lord, we will have...

"Fire gobranger, Wind gobranger, Ice gobranger, Thunder gobranger, Light gobranger. HENSHIN !"

"Gob Gob Ranger, Unite !"

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C355
11 months ago
You don't have to rush things, I love the slow pace the story has and the trivial things that often happens, don't be nervous! You're doing a good work! View More
Data Dragon Danika · C238
11 months ago
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