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Original Works

  • The Warfare Of Races

    The Warfare Of Races



    In a world with magic and swords excels and many different races lives, for million years Ruler after Ruler they kept raising wars between them. After many sacrifices, betrayals, disputes, 6 rulers stand at them top of each race creating a peace-treaty relationship thus forming the united flag of the races (U.F.R) that represent's them along with a dark sun in the middle of them that represent's the dark history of them. Due to creating such a treaty they had to find a way so that no one will repeat the past mistakes. They created a tournament which every six years all races participate in a match that determine their ranks from 1 to 6 and their proper treatment and access to resources. Now having passed thousands years the human race have lost countless times and always ranked last having nothing left from resources they are forced to perform a summoning of six individuals from other worlds to help them stand again. After many tries, many rulers they finally succeed in summoning but instead of six people nine appears.

  • Dungeon System Within DanMachi

    Dungeon System Within DanMachi

    Anime & Comics System Harem


    A neet a closed in classic otaku as he was passing his days watching different kinds of animes... Decided it was time to go out and be something in this rottern world... Too bad that fate had other plans when he saw a car losing control and fell on him!!!

  • Bleach System Within Bleach

    Bleach System Within Bleach

    Anime & Comics System Bleach Harem


    Our MC Xiaolan Sora passing his meanigless life peacefully styding, going to work, and finally like any classic otaku watching and reading animes, manga, novels..... One rainy day like any others while running to go and watch the last chapter of Bleach he saw on his way a girl with a few bullies in the alley... He thought to himself (perphaps i can save the day and take the girl).... Little did he know that those thoughts - bullies and girl were the reason for a new exciting life........

  • Fairy System In Fairy Tail

    Fairy System In Fairy Tail

    Anime & Comics System Harem Fairy Tail


    While Natsu And His friends fought side by side against evil, against time, different worlds, different timelines... Eventually in each and every tree root of all alternatives futures when they reached the point of creating the Time Hole to seal Acnologia the burst of energy from going back and forth in time messing with the order of things burst out reducing everything in an empty space leaving an injured Acnologia only to turn into nothingness as well... The Gods Sighed they reverted the world back again and again but this realm was reaching it's limit... thinking a solution they decided to ask for help from the Celestial Realm Dragon a being so powerfull none of the Gods could contain her in their worlds letting her travel in the gaps of realms watching countless worlds and mortals... It was then that the adventure of a certain someone Began!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Naruto System Within Naruto

    Naruto System Within Naruto

    Anime & Comics Naruto System


    Linley Riku lived his life as a total MADAO.... leaching off from everyone he could..... His love was anime Manga and all types of fan-fictions but his most favorite one that would kill if he missed something from it was Naruto.... One day as he was sitting in an cafeteria seeing Boruto series..... Sound of brakes could be heard and the last thing he remembered was a huge BUS... Stepping over them killing him instantly.....

  • The Universal Fan-Fiction Plane Wars

    The Universal Fan-Fiction Plane Wars


    After the big bang... 3 Planes came to life a)The Mortal where countless if not trillions similars earths exist in there passing their lifes as humans... b)The Evolution Plane where mortal from plane a reicarnated after their death for an exciting journey to reach Godhood.... c)The Gods and Demons Plane where the surviving rate in reign supreme is less that 5% d)The Creators who are in control of everything or they think they are??

  • TODAG System In TODAG

    TODAG System In TODAG

    Anime & Comics


    The First Time Nie Li was born everything was so slow to him....... his life, his cultivation, his secret love..... He had to go through a myriad of ups and downs to lose everything in order to be reborn 2nd time and try to prepare for the Future..... A future so black that he must paint it white for his loved ones..... only to fail for the second time..... and be born for a 3rd time with the help of his Beautiful Master...... A Young boy 21 years old died in working hours as a few thugs tried to rob him.... and they did they robbed his life....... His only regret was that one of his favourite Novels never got to be finished.... therefore he swears to whoever could hear him.... that if he gets sent there..... He Will Help Nie Li Finish off the Sage Emperor and get all the girls he never threw a glance.....

  • One Piece System In One Piece

    One Piece System In One Piece

    Anime & Comics One Piece


    2 Siblings...... Leyla and Leon, As they went a road trip with their private plane..... on the road of return never would they have imagine themselfs in a new adventure......

  • DxD System In DxD

    DxD System In DxD

    Anime & Comics Harem Dxd Hentai R-18 System


    A certain fan Otaku having everything in his house be it small or big he had collected all items of his favourite Anime DxD. Haoh Yorion was turning 25 years old today as a virgin when he brought a cake with candles he made a wish in the roof where he was sitting. "As The Legend Goes, I Wish For My 25th Year Old Virgin Self To Be Reborn As A Mage Preferable In My Favorite Anime!!!" He blew softly in the candles making them go out and started eating his cake. As if the heavens heard his wish he choked on his cake that had a few complete almonds instead of trimmed ones and died.

  • STB System In Strike The Blood

    STB System In Strike The Blood

    Anime & Comics Harem


    Noa Elkeon is a pretty much normal guy at least on the outside world... When he reaches home from work or different types of activities he changes personalities and become a Vampire progenitor... Or at least he would wish to become one but unfortunately, this is real life and not his favourite Anime... But what happened when an earthquake happens and demolished countless apartments??? The answer is simple he died.....

  • Seion Sect

    Seion Sect

    Anime & Comics

    This here represents any questions you might have towards my stories and possibly future ones... It is also a place where i will release short notices for many problems...


2nd!!! View More
Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C75
34 minutes ago
My self be like!! > Yeah!!! I've started repaying what i owe in chapters!!!

My Brain be like!!! > Sure lets just read ever novel you missed last month!!! View More
DxD System In DxD · C174
20 hours ago
3rd!! View More
The Lust System · C124
1 day ago
2nd!!! View More
Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System · C128
1 day ago
4th!!! View More
Uchiha Sasuke : Through the Multiverse · C28
1 day ago
Second!! View More
Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C74
1 day ago
which series?? View More

Thoth0: I have read that series as well.

DxD System In DxD · C173
2 days ago
For those that don't remember i had set it that Ishtar had returned to the Heavens when Seo saved Haruhime and i have a plan for her... Including meeting with Mikoto... View More
Dungeon System Within DanMachi · C222
2 days ago
first!! View More
Harem God of Origin · C113
2 days ago
It's quite nice!! Original enemies with unknow potential something tells me that glitch is Jean's future self or something... View More
Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C99
2 days ago

DaoistPureEvil: First... again..

DxD System In DxD · C173
2 days ago
Can you swear to the readers of DxD that they want him as a male?? View More

Raiseraph: Great Red is male if we are going by novel.

DxD System In DxD · C173
2 days ago
7th!! Damn it!!! View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1099
2 days ago
I don't want to enter the dark side of Yang Xin, she is scary as hell!!! View More
TODAG System In TODAG · C153
2 days ago
He explained he will add her after he achieves Balance Breaker... View More

brady_123464: What happened to Shigune becoming a pillar, i mean its fine not to but I thought u said she would be a darkness one?

DxD System In DxD · C172
3 days ago
After!!! View More

Taitiruk: Is he not gonna add Shigune to his list? Or will you make it once he hits Balance Breaker that it opens up more slots for him to fill?!

DxD System In DxD · C172
3 days ago
I had like 12 more plates to show but thought i should keep them for a future event... And now i'm hungry writing for foods... View More
One Piece System In One Piece · C137
3 days ago
2nd!!! View More
Harem God of Origin · C111
3 days ago
nice!!! View More
Harem God of Origin · C110
3 days ago
Yeah, re-unite... unite... bed union... View More

SuzakuRyou: You are good guy...... Want to reunite the cat's sibling

DxD System In DxD · C172
4 days ago
In the future!! View More

NotsofasT: Yeah clear about this situation.

Naruto System Within Naruto · C197
4 days ago
Near future!!! View More

Toes8778: When are they going to figure about Uncle Ben being a spy or do they already know?

Naruto System Within Naruto · C197
4 days ago
First!!! View More
The Lust System · C121
4 days ago
i had one in my mind, but due to a few reasons making me in debt in dailies chapters i have left it for now... View More

Laziest1: Thats cool too. Do have another novel planned already for after those 2 aswell? Is that why it is hard?

One Piece System In One Piece · C134
4 days ago
third!!!! View More
Harem God of Origin · C109
4 days ago
Any thoughts on his shikai?? View More
Bleach System Within Bleach · C615
4 days ago
Difficult... However i believe within max 2 months, i would finish fairy and bleach... Then i would have time to do so... View More

Laziest1: Like the novel so far. Is it possible to get an extra onepiece chapter every month?

One Piece System In One Piece · C134
4 days ago
He failed one more, around the chapters 30-50 View More

coccannonblaze: That's the first time I've seen a failed mission....

TODAG System In TODAG · C151
5 days ago
I have nachos does that count?? View More

SuzakuRyou: Trade with my CS jelly. I want the sweet one.not the salty

DxD System In DxD · C170
5 days ago

TrueImmortalDevil: But he can beat up Nie Li right?

TODAG System In TODAG · C151
5 days ago
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