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  • Chaos Breakdown

    Chaos Breakdown


    time is distorted everything is in ghaos put before all of the happens we find a box that strangely appeared in and old rundown apartment who's apartment is these place and what's in the box well reader's you shost need to find out (hi guy shost a heads up I don't own the cover illustration if you guys can make a cover or know some one that can make me one I'll be forever grateful)


Lol minecraft View More
The Empress's Gigolo · C457
10 months ago
HEY don't hog the rock it's my turn to use it lol View More
Super Gene · C1316
11 months ago
Yeah han sen pound her all day View More
Super Gene · C1285
11 months ago
And in a few chapters he will forget he ever had these powerful beasts soul doll type because it's to op View More
Super Gene · C1280
11 months ago
Hercules ape is jealous lol View More
Monster Paradise · C882
11 months ago
We do not speak that evil name you be wise to not mention it again young child you have been warned View More

Ancient_God_Exp: Has anyone ever tried to Google translate the raws

Super Gene · C1266
11 months ago
The power of homer's socks compels you
The power of homer's socks compels you
The power of homer's socks compels you
Lol View More
When A Mage Revolts · C291
11 months ago
The skull man looked at han sen and saw two words plot armor
"Hes not going to die today" View More
Monster Paradise · C815
1 year ago
I think saint fan is the one ho hurt moment queen in the past making her weak and she want's revenge on him shost maibe View More
Super Gene · C1236
1 year ago
Me: I summon 5 monster cards
Han Sen: ***** please look a these (he take out thousands of cards)
Me:0.0 ....f##k I give up View More
Super Gene · C1224
1 year ago
The thing I hate is the racism in every goddam time
The story is good until you kill with politics and racism
What's on the mind on these authors are they jealous of other country's because they do it All the time View More
Dreadful Radio Game · C202
1 year ago
Because you got to catch em all like know one ever was View More
Super Gene · C1186
1 year ago
It's finger licking good View More
The Empress's Gigolo · C319
1 year ago
It's the danxuan sutra read the novel again it emits a type of smell that attract monster to him and now it's more potent because of the blood sutra you guys need to stop skipping the story seriously he had these abilities way before the king spirit form read the novel again and stop making deductions from something that has been explained aloooooong time ago View More
Super Gene · C1169
1 year ago
Run beach ruuuuuuunnn View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1032
1 year ago
That's the thing captain I'm always angry View More

soulwing: You don't want to see me wen I'm angry wruuuuaaa
Turns in to scorpionman

Super Gene · C1127
1 year ago
You don't want to see me wen I'm angry wruuuuaaa
Turns in to scorpionman View More
Super Gene · C1127
1 year ago
Mi mind: eat eat eat hungry hungry hungry more more more novel novel novel lol View More
Super Gene · C1124
1 year ago
Come nimbus....ups wrong show come minibus View More
My MCV and Doomsday · C495
1 year ago
First full metal alchemist and now spiderman seriously mc stop reading comics View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C19
1 year ago
I like the old man an mc grandpa talking in the phone lol View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C16
1 year ago
What is these full metal alchemist mc need stop washing anime View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C3
1 year ago
Mc has learned the Dao of stupidity to lvl 10 View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C1
1 year ago
The book says don't trow fire ball's at spiders
MC:...hmmm I suddenly want to trow a fire ball at a spider let's see what happens View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C1
1 year ago
I whant to slap him so hard right now he's so a virgin boy do more dam man it's to vanilla for me View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C684
1 year ago
Can't hold on mush looooongeeeeeeer View More
Reverend Insanity · C645
1 year ago
Urarurauraurauraaaaaa View More
Super Gene · C1047
1 year ago
Super Gene · C1046
1 year ago
I will kill you with my Phoenix sword
Random guy: .....um that's a feather View More
Super Gene · C1034
1 year ago
Like father like dather only she's still a little innocent View More
Super Gene · C1030
1 year ago
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