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Original Works

  • Tom Stark-Malfoy (a Draco Malfoy fanfiction)

    Tom Stark-Malfoy (a Draco Malfoy fanfiction)

    Book&Literature Magic Harry Potter Avengers Slytherin Ironman Stark Malfoy Draco Tony Timetravel

    //Disclaimer: I do not own the beauty that is Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling does. And I obviously don't own ironman nor avengers, marvel does. Okay now that we have the formalities covered, moving on~ // Harry lost. He died at the hands of Vol- the Dark Lord. We've been at war for years. The death eaters want my head and those at the order secretly wish me dead. I've been tasked to go on a suicide mission to retrieve something that could serve as our last hope. The last chance to make everything right again. If you were given the chance to change the past, would you? I know I would. but. . . now that I am here, nothing is as I remembered it to be. I don't care if my new adoptive father is rich! In fact I would prefer it if he was just normal. How in merlin's name am I supposed to practice magic with all this muggle technology inhibiting it, and this strange voice named Jarvis watching me 24/7?! I NEVER SIGNED UP TO BE RAISED BY A MUGGLE! //Draco's soul travels to the past and enter's his baby body// . . Hiatus until summer begins. 'Cause you know... Online classes are so much harder than in person ones. Especially Uni classes. Like, how on Earth am I supposed to learn Biochemistry (a heavy mechanism course like OCHEM) by watching videos that lag and have static every 5 minutes?!?! #H8Quarantine . Wanna buy me a Butterbeer to speed up my writing?

  • The Demon Emperor's Third Son - Occupation: Healer (OLD VERSION)

    The Demon Emperor's Third Son - Occupation: Healer (OLD VERSION)


    A group of five young heroes march towards the Demon Emperor's Castle, the Last boss they needed to defeat to attain the world's peace and restore happiness and joy to all corners of the land. Leading this group is a human man with red hair and eyes that would seem to blaze under the light of the sun, on his back a Giant sword that would glow due to the high amount of holy power it possesses. Accompanying him are his four fellow heroes, teammates, and friends - A male beast-man with black hair loosely tied back and black eyes wielding a spear, its shaft as dark as the night and its blade forged from a silver dragon's scales. A male dwarf with short orange hair and brown eyes holding a battle axe, a weapon won from a previous great battle. A female elf with long silver-blond hair reaching past her waist and blue eyes, slung across her shoulder was her tribes' ancient bow, with a history said to have been passed down from the gods. And lastly, a man with snow white skin and hair that perfectly framed golden eyes, he was no less beautiful than the elf; one of his hands holding a staff and the other a book. Even from afar one would not fail to see the radiance and Pure Yang Ki this man would omit. (A/N: Ki is like energy more commonly seen in stories and martial-art practices. Yang is that white part in the yin-yang symbol. Ex. Pure Yang Ki = extremely clean positive/holy/good energy inside one's body) Than man is me Aster Vulmuir, and in contrast to my appearance and occupation... I'm a demon. (A/N: this is all fiction made inside my mind so there are no real facts in this story since I have no knowledge of anything about martial arts, and whatnot and it's all made up in my head whether it may be true or false doesn't matter cause its fiction) //Image Disclaimer: I do not own the cover picture// (i am debating on rewriting it to make it more sensible) . . . Wanna buy me a Potion of inspiration to give you more chapters? Just remember to say the title of this book so I'd know which story to use up my SP (Stamina Points).

  • Pack Queen

    Pack Queen


  • Flight (Story Idea)

    Flight (Story Idea)


    Welcome to my world, a world closest to the description of fiction, horror and sci-fi combined. Currently the only thing that stands between us and being attacked by “them” are the towering wall and force field that are capable of keeping out low -> mid high level diseased. The diseased are what the scientists came to a conclusion of “genetically altered humans carrying all kinds of diseases” The only hope of humanity, are the soldiers who have been strengthened using the same genetics that created the "diseased". I was once one of these soldiers, and I was so ready and looking forward to the day I bring honor to my name by serving the country. Until I met a "her" who changed my whole world. //Image disclaimer: I do not own the cover picture// . . . Want me to write this story? Become my patreon on and I'd be inspired into writing all the chapters you want me to write! . Sorry if I seem very cheap. I'm a college student, frugal is our middle name, and energy is one thing we also have to conserve. But with enough coffe, I'd definitely have enough energy for writing this story!

  • Not The Runt

    Not The Runt


    As the title says. I'm sooo not the runt of the pack. so hi, my name's Kristie Jefferson head cheerleader of Katy high's cheer-leading squad girlfriend of all-time-hottie Devon Faulkner american football captain... well... not really~ more like a best friend, though people don't know that except him and me. But to be honest... i really do wish we were real. The only problem is... were we really meant to be? Do i have to find my 'the one' somewhere else? My whole life is practically breaking apart now as one problem pops out right after another. And not problems your usual ordinary werewolf girl faces everyday. Try adding second chance matings (in the wrong time!!!), secrets, traitors, revenge, and a whole bunch of misunderstandings to the picture. bad enough? Now add murderers, faction wars, prophesies, 'creatures from hell?', and a 99% chance of 'us' failing that will lead to the fabric of our world ripping apart. bad enough yet? The saddest part is... I neither have the time nor the tears to cry anymore. So I ran away, to escape everything, join a new pack, and changed my name, my appearance, and even my gender!!! But why do you insist on holding my hand? Who are you? Why do I feel a bond with you that should'nt be there? And why do you seem so familiar?! I dont know you! Why do you keep looking at me with that loving gaze?! . . . Bro. . . are you gay?!?!?! . . Want to buy me coffee to continue this book? Support me on . Also please say you want more warewolf chapters so Id know which novel to pour my effort on! ♡

  • Cursed Blood

    Cursed Blood


    There's something there, wasn't before. the shadows knock on every door. My fears unlocked, nowhere to hide. Under the sun, the gears unwind. The darkness creeps, the clock had moved. The stars align, the seal removed. The fates of all, strung by a key, The witch controls my destiny. Prologue: In a far off village near the shores of Khyreene, there is a legend about a love of a witch and a chief of a village. The villagers did not believe in their love and thought that their leader was under a spell. So they burned the witch when the moon was at its fullest and the sky was red. The chief woke up because he had heard a cry of pain. Finding out that it was his lovers, he cursed his own village and left. Soon the village caught on fire and burned till there was none left on the land but ashes. They soon left and settled down in the forest, not realizing that there was an extra little girl because many have been lost, And that the blood of the witch still continues… 00000 This is the story of a young boy whose purpose in life may be more than what it seems. A mysterious past, a misunderstood boy, an uncontrolled power, and a journey by which he stands between death and hell... ~//~//~//~ (ps. the twins are 15. And this story was made when I was young. Like really really young. I was in elementary) . . . Want to guilt me with Sun God Scriptures to continue writing this book? Support me on . Just tell me that you want me to continue this book so I'd know which one you want me to continue (I've got several novels you see ?)


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