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  • Hey there, i'm an author that works mostly on fanfictions, if you are looking for a Naruto fic, then this is NOT the right place, so turn your heels around and leave.

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Original Works

  • The Heavenly Dragons in Anime Worlds

    The Heavenly Dragons in Anime Worlds


    Two brothers were bored, poor, and without parents, so they lived by themselves while helping each others, one day at the park they found 2 mysterious gems, one was green and the other was blue, they hoped that those gems would gave them money so they ran at the nearest jewelry but got caught in an accident and both died, be the spectator of the two future legends English is not my main language so i try my best at writing, the updates will be irregular

  • Journey of Yun Che and his Companion

    Journey of Yun Che and his Companion



    i noticed that usually reincarnation stories are 45% as SI and 54% as entering one body to possessing it, while the 1% is other so i though, what would happen if i put the two mentioned before together, here what happens, our protagonist entered Yun Che mind and became his companion

  • Ex-True God in Animeverse

    Ex-True God in Animeverse

    others OP MC Gets Nerfed


    Xiao Qiangwei, was the first man who became a True God while starting from the bottom, he was born in the Illusory Demon Realm, and travelled the entire world with many treasures. At the age of 10 he took down an Emperor Profound Practitioner. At the age of 15 he left the continent and travelled in the other two. At the age of 20 he ascended and left for the Divine Realm At the age of 24 he was labelled as Genius from everyone At the age of 30 he became a Divine Master. At the age of 35 he formed a faction on par with the other 4 Realms At the age of 45 he became a True God, and the year after that a war started, everyone against him, he was lonely, he became too strong but no one helped him, and fell after many sacrifices.

  • Journey of a Divine Weapon

    Journey of a Divine Weapon



    (Rewrite of Journey of Yun Che and his Companion with different options) Jean, a teenager, was a boy who was Always alone, kicked out from his family, dropped out from the school, even random people would stay away from him, because he has an innate talent to unconsciously release killing intent. He didn't liked this, even when he would look at a mirror he would be scared of himself. With time, the killing intent got stronger, to the point of killing insects just with his presence, he couldn't do anything without scaring anything, until...

  • The Misadventures of the Espada (Monster Girl Quest x Bleach)

    The Misadventures of the Espada (Monster Girl Quest x Bleach)



    some years before the incoming war with the Soul Society, there was another one that stood on the throne of the 0th Espada, Solo Virtuta. But one day he heard a conversation between Aizen and Gin, and in that moment he was testing an item of the 8th Espada, which concealed his reiatsu to everyone, so he was undetected from them. They were planning to kill him after the war, so he decided to get revenge by stealing the Hogyoku, which was half-successfull.

  • Hail the Ant King

    Hail the Ant King



    Gabriel Brace was playing with his friends, his life was good, he had family, friends, money, food, and entertainment, from sport to anime and sex. But, while he was playing, a friend of his had the 'fantastic' idea to put random things in Gabriel's water bottle, which created a colorless poison. He, without knowing anything about it, drank poison, and died, but unexpectedly, he found himself in a forest near Tokyo, in the Chimera Ant King's Body. And near him there was a letter, unexpectedly wroten from £&$@#*. He had 1 year... 1 year before everything started... 1 year to know how to use his new body and nen... And 1 year to know how in God's name he can transform in a Human form.

  • Nine Tailed System

    Nine Tailed System

    others Lemon Monster Girl Quest


    Marco, one of the abnormal trio(With Gabriel in Fanfiction: Hail the Ant King and Billy in WIP), lived his life peacefully, until he and Billy accidentally sent their friend Gabriel to another world. When they received a mysterious letter from him, they got enraged and picked a random house to suicide, promising to kick Gabriel's ass when he will meet him, Marco leaves the world with a special gift... … Fanfiction in Monster Girl Quest.

  • Eternal Heaven: Lucky Cultivator in Disboard

    Eternal Heaven: Lucky Cultivator in Disboard



    A reincarnator from a universe entered a mortal world... The classic, right? What if... The reincarnator was a cultivator, who knew that he would reincarnate at his death? What if... This reincarnator was so lucky that he never got any bad event? What if... He would later enter a world where games decide everything, and his luck would greatly work? This is the story of someone that some of you readers know... Xiao Qiangwei... ...Coming from the novel Ex-True God in Animeverse... ...Coming with a new set of techniques and cultivation ranks... ...Coming from an universe where he was considered a god... He is back, ready to win. [WARNING: THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK, READ THIS BEFORE READING THE REST OF ETERNAL HEAVEN SERIES] Fanfiction: No Game No Life

  • Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic)

    Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic)

    others Reincarnation Gods Against the Gods Slightly OP MC Bleach elements Other elements


    ([[I apologize in advance for any racial / LGBT / etc... slur, term or slang that I will use in this novel. They will be used because I am a great fan of dark humor.]]) "Kill me..." Everything started with that thought... A man that lost everything... Being unable to see... Being unable to smell... Being unable to taste... Being unable to speak... Being unable to hear... Being unable to move... Being unable to feel... He will find in a situation that could only be seen as a "Dream". He will get back everything he lost, and even more! Like a cockroach, he escaped certain death, and doing so, he will take revenge to the Heaven for stealing everything from him... ...By becoming Heaven itself... Watch him as he plays with Destiny with the "Almighty" How he knows everything with "Knowledge" How he comes back to life with "Miracles" How he will play with people's lives with "Zombie" And much more...

  • You can't KILL me

    You can't KILL me



    Madness is everywhere... Every single being has Madness inside one's mind... Some more than others... See the story of someone who dies and dies, trying to help his friends and allies... The story of the third member of the Abnormal Trio, Billy, the God of Gambling. Fanfiction: Akame Ga Kill

  • I don't belong to such a stupid world

    I don't belong to such a stupid world

    Anime & Comics


    So... I guess everything started with an accident... It's hard to explain, but this is how I started from being a normal human to the strongest person in another world. But I don't have a magical talking weapon, or a strange ability... I don't have any bloodline or system. I can say that it is everything thanks to my shitty luck of being respawned into a idiotic world with a gift I never really wanted...


He's stupid View More

robocoaster1: but crushing it to find it's core is illogical as you'd also crush the core

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C38
3 days ago
Well, he needed to find a profound stone that wasn't there, the motorcycle is as strong as a normal one, and the one crushing it was a True Profound Cultivator View More

robocoaster1: I think it's more like restoring a house broken by an earthquake, some of it must be still there as it's very unlikely the guy hit it until everything was broken.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C38
3 days ago
That is the same as trying to reduce a bunch of rubbles into the mansion it once was, now it is a lump of metal that could at most be used to make armor by smelting it View More

robocoaster1: He can still take it so he can learn the parts and repair it, and so no one else gets the technology...

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C38
3 days ago
Too weak? Bruh that guy got past more than 1'000'000 deaths just to clear 1 floor out of 100, he is put in a worse situation than the players of SAO and the guys from Danganronpa put together 😁 View More

overgodMonarch: My boi will is still too weak. He need to cultivate the DAO of heart.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C105
6 days ago
Sounds kinda gay View More

Sondre: dude, I think I am falling in love

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C65
1 week ago
I also don't like the show in itself, but I will NEVER make a fanfiction on Naruto View More

TazmanianDevil1997: Mabye you cab still make a naruto fanfiction but as you replacing the naruto as a SI. What should you do. How would you do it. WHO WILL YOU KILL!!! And how screwed will the storyline be because of your future knowledge which you will abuse the sh*t out of???
DUNNO Just think that if you hate how people do them make one yourself and show them how to make a proper one. Maybe???

You can't KILL me · C42
1 week ago
He will do it in another way View More

Sondre: could he use visionary to make more phoenix/ dragon/ etc blood and then consume them to get permanent enhancments? should work, right?

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C24
1 week ago
This is requiem View More

Cpt_LickMe: xp

Supreme Summoning System · C0
2 weeks ago
It is the same thing with "Money doesn't buy happiness."

They just want us to not rebel so they spit bull**** View More

Ishkariot: never understood why a lot of martial artists are preaching that you need to be calm in order to fight well. Emotions are powerful weapons and it is fear and rage that can push a human beyond the biological limit.
There was once a 18y old guy in my town who helped his dad repair his car. Shit happened and his dad ended up stuck below the car while being unable to breathe, the son was so anxious that he lifted the whole car in his panic. His father survived and the son suffered from some torn muscles, but happy end.

Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C27
2 weeks ago
The entity is the glitched thing that sent Cang Yue and Fen Juechen away and trapped Jean, check chap 99 View More

airambach26: What happen who are this entities

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C104
2 weeks ago
Actually no reward, except for the increase of power he gained through the madness and something that is a spoiler View More

overgodMonarch: I wonder what the rewards for completed this madness.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C104
2 weeks ago
Still, better asshole than classic jap mc or edgy mc View More

YoungPrimordial: Have to admit I dont really care about Jean. All he has done is been an asshole the entire series.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C103
2 weeks ago
Now i don't really care much about this novel since i literally dropped it the previous year. For me, this is as much cringy and bad made as you also see, i still don't know how people liked it. View More

RekiChan: This chapter felt too forced. In the original ichika and houki combo can deal with gospel albeit with some difficulties. But this FF mc? He was countless time stronger than both of them, his body alone can defeat almost all IS, his IS is at least one generation stronger than the one made by Tabane, furthermore he used burning heart and multiplied his power by 4. Even with all these he still can't defeat gospel?

He must use purgatory to multiply his power by 5 times before he barely defeat gospel and he almost died.

In the original Houki's IS, Aka Tsubaki's maximum speed can catch up to gospel. But although Aka Tsubaki maximum speed was a bit faster than Hong Long, Hong long acceleration was so fast that it can instantly disappear from the opponents view and reappear behind or in front of them instantly. Multiply that by 4 times because of burning heart and that Gospel distant to it was 48m when it started to retreat after he used purgatory.

Ex-True God in Animeverse · C18
2 weeks ago
Not really, the only thing that changes on Xiao Qiangwei's IS are only the Evil Gates and the looks, it could be easily replicated if the bunny girl wasn't restricted from the ecchi tag on Infinite Stratos anime, ask the original author of the franchise why he decided to make the IS like that, not me View More

RekiChan: You still didn't answer the first question. How the **** can they clone Hong long? Even if it just the data from mondo grosso, at that time his IS is at least 2-3 generation ahead of the current latest one by that rabbit girl.

Ex-True God in Animeverse · C15
2 weeks ago
No, the fairy tail fanfic is also a project like the others. In my discord you can find a prototype of every fanfic I started(which are around 11).

When they will be completed or with enough chapters, I will post them here. If you want to enter my discord to read the chapters of each fanfic i planned before they are published you can look at my invite in author's notes in chap 100 here View More

Ludociel: Tnx for the chap! Can I find the new fairy tail fanfic on webnovel bro? Also can I ask what happened to the other projects you thought of like the one with sds demon power on date a live crossover something was it scrapped?

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C102
2 weeks ago
Bruh, if i ever make a naruto fanfic, slap me. I hate that ****, also, I might make a one piece fanfic, but that can't be said for certain because I wanted to use the power of time acceleration somewhere. But like I said, the place isn't certain.

Also. I am probably the only author who goes to search for the least popular franchises to use, seriously, who would have ever thought of using Armed Girl Machiavellianism? View More

Erik_Medina: Dear The_Auditor, I really enjoyed your work and hoped that you can continue to make amazing novels like this in the future.

P.S. I genuinely enjoy your work because you don’t follow those annoying fan-fics that every author is using like naruto or one piece.

You can't KILL me · C42
3 weeks ago
Don't worrry, this story is dropped more than 1 year ago, this isn't my interest anymore View More

Valhalla123: why add things not from this world personally it makes the strory horrible

Journey of Yun Che and his Companion · C4
3 weeks ago
Wow, people still like this cringy thing? I didn't expected it. View More

X12345: He should have continued this novel but still one of the best novels i read and am thankfull to the author for writing such a great novel hhhhhhhh

Ex-True God in Animeverse
3 weeks ago
Same thing, now that I know how the story goes, I can add my own elements where I want, it's always like this for me, the first time is something average, but the second attempt is much better View More

Swordking123: Eh, that was more to the series of Rosario as a whole. I watched the series once ages ago and I just remember her character confusing me.

Hail the Ant King · C65
3 weeks ago
There isn't any BAD tragedies, i honestky don't know how to call it except for "Neutral Ending", also, the novels are just prototypes, so it will be improper to post them when I still didn't even reach half of them,

And I will drop the konosuba x aqw fanfic, now trash is coming out, and trust me when I say that I can't fix it anymore. View More

Peace12345: Your not posting them here anymore? As for the whole at the end thing I just do not want to see him break and stop caring about everyone and everything. I have said it hundreds of times on various novels but I can't stand tragedies so I always pester authors to give me a heads up. It is nothing personal and does not mean that I do not like your story, it is just me not liking stuff like that. On a side note are you still writing your adventure quest fanfic?

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C101
3 weeks ago
Like I said some chapters before, everything will be clear at the end of the novel.

I will have my fun when you guys will read it... Also, I will be quite busy since I have quite many novels I am beginning, you can read them in my discord, then you need the code then look at chap 100, the more opinions i get, the better it is View More

Peace12345: So the person who put him there just wants to torture him? Did he piss of some deity he does not know about? The guy should at least let him rest every ten waves or so or Yun Che would break and if he wants him to get stronger it would not make sense for him to not let him rest.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C101
3 weeks ago
Don't worry, we'll get at that part pretty soon, give him some months and he will start screaming... We are talking about Yun Che too, not just Jean, and YC went more than a year of time being hunted from everyone, it is still a miracle he didn't mind break yet. View More

Peace12345: Pretty sure he would have went insane by now without a break. Even the strongest minds cannot withstand being killed again and again without a break time. Plus he would also need some time to meditate to absorb what he learns. Resting is also a part of advancing. At least in my opinion.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C101
3 weeks ago
Don't worry, i am also making a rewrite of this novel, but with a different power, maybe you will understand there... Also, i can't say when it will come out since i have more than 10 different fanfictions i'm working with, even if only 2 are out here View More

Swordking123: I never understood Kahlua, doesn't she hate fighting but is an assassin?I also never got why/how the chick became the new 'head' of the vampire family

Hail the Ant King · C65
3 weeks ago
The cringe is strong with this one... View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C0
4 weeks ago
Sad? Happy? Describe it, there might be something between my proto-fanfictions View More
Hail the Ant King · C67
4 weeks ago
Chotto matte View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C22
4 weeks ago
You know, if you read this and try to imagine the fight, it is still incredible how such a man, even if he was boosted to the point of matching Boros, was still helpless against Saitama View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C20
1 month ago
Honestly, i might even drop it because the fanfiction is already to a point of non-return in the bad way View More

Ligare: Despite having more competent SI, the story faithfully follows the original, which has all the merits of overly brightly, sickeningly sweet sour bitter, artificial-additives street snacks of the worst sorts, why?

I don't belong to such a stupid world · C12
1 month ago
There is actually a really big reason for the other party's OPness which will be found at late part of the novel, and there is a reason I inserted a total of "3" big problematic enemies. View More

Peace12345: The only thing I do not like is that Jean is suddenly as weak as an ant. I came for the OP MC and him getting girls, not to see some random thing abduct him and separate him from his wife/girlfriend. With him not being there something might happen to her and I do not want that.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C99
1 month ago
It's like i'm dealing with women here, first you guys were angry cuz the plot was almost the same, and when I add something special you guys take your leave.

You asked for it. View More
Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C99
1 month ago
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