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  • Hey there, i'm an author that works mostly on fanfictions, if you are looking for a Naruto fic, then this is NOT the right place, so turn your heels around and leave.

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Original Works

  • The Heavenly Dragons in Anime Worlds

    The Heavenly Dragons in Anime Worlds


    Two brothers were bored, poor, and without parents, so they lived by themselves while helping each others, one day at the park they found 2 mysterious gems, one was green and the other was blue, they hoped that those gems would gave them money so they ran at the nearest jewelry but got caught in an accident and both died, be the spectator of the two future legends English is not my main language so i try my best at writing, the updates will be irregular

  • Journey of Yun Che and his Companion

    Journey of Yun Che and his Companion



    i noticed that usually reincarnation stories are 45% as SI and 54% as entering one body to possessing it, while the 1% is other so i though, what would happen if i put the two mentioned before together, here what happens, our protagonist entered Yun Che mind and became his companion

  • Ex-True God in Animeverse

    Ex-True God in Animeverse

    others OP MC Gets Nerfed


    Xiao Qiangwei, was the first man who became a True God while starting from the bottom, he was born in the Illusory Demon Realm, and travelled the entire world with many treasures. At the age of 10 he took down an Emperor Profound Practitioner. At the age of 15 he left the continent and travelled in the other two. At the age of 20 he ascended and left for the Divine Realm At the age of 24 he was labelled as Genius from everyone At the age of 30 he became a Divine Master. At the age of 35 he formed a faction on par with the other 4 Realms At the age of 45 he became a True God, and the year after that a war started, everyone against him, he was lonely, he became too strong but no one helped him, and fell after many sacrifices.

  • Journey of a Divine Weapon

    Journey of a Divine Weapon



    (Rewrite of Journey of Yun Che and his Companion with different options) Jean, a teenager, was a boy who was Always alone, kicked out from his family, dropped out from the school, even random people would stay away from him, because he has an innate talent to unconsciously release killing intent. He didn't liked this, even when he would look at a mirror he would be scared of himself. With time, the killing intent got stronger, to the point of killing insects just with his presence, he couldn't do anything without scaring anything, until...

  • The Misadventures of the Espada (Monster Girl Quest x Bleach)

    The Misadventures of the Espada (Monster Girl Quest x Bleach)



    some years before the incoming war with the Soul Society, there was another one that stood on the throne of the 0th Espada, Solo Virtuta. But one day he heard a conversation between Aizen and Gin, and in that moment he was testing an item of the 8th Espada, which concealed his reiatsu to everyone, so he was undetected from them. They were planning to kill him after the war, so he decided to get revenge by stealing the Hogyoku, which was half-successfull.

  • Hail the Ant King

    Hail the Ant King



    Gabriel Brace was playing with his friends, his life was good, he had family, friends, money, food, and entertainment, from sport to anime and sex. But, while he was playing, a friend of his had the 'fantastic' idea to put random things in Gabriel's water bottle, which created a colorless poison. He, without knowing anything about it, drank poison, and died, but unexpectedly, he found himself in a forest near Tokyo, in the Chimera Ant King's Body. And near him there was a letter, unexpectedly wroten from £&$@#*. He had 1 year... 1 year before everything started... 1 year to know how to use his new body and nen... And 1 year to know how in God's name he can transform in a Human form.

  • Nine Tailed System

    Nine Tailed System

    others Lemon Monster Girl Quest


    Marco, one of the abnormal trio(With Gabriel in Fanfiction: Hail the Ant King and Billy in WIP), lived his life peacefully, until he and Billy accidentally sent their friend Gabriel to another world. When they received a mysterious letter from him, they got enraged and picked a random house to suicide, promising to kick Gabriel's ass when he will meet him, Marco leaves the world with a special gift... … Fanfiction in Monster Girl Quest.

  • Eternal Heaven: Lucky Cultivator in Disboard

    Eternal Heaven: Lucky Cultivator in Disboard



    A reincarnator from a universe entered a mortal world... The classic, right? What if... The reincarnator was a cultivator, who knew that he would reincarnate at his death? What if... This reincarnator was so lucky that he never got any bad event? What if... He would later enter a world where games decide everything, and his luck would greatly work? This is the story of someone that some of you readers know... Xiao Qiangwei... ...Coming from the novel Ex-True God in Animeverse, even if completely unrelated to it... ...Coming with a new set of techniques and cultivation ranks... ...Coming from an universe where he was considered a god... He is back, ready to win. [WARNING: THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK, READ THIS BEFORE READING THE REST OF ETERNAL HEAVEN SERIES] Fanfiction: No Game No Life

  • Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic)

    Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic)

    others Reincarnation Gods Against the Gods Bleach elements Slightly OP MC Other elements


    ([[I apologize in advance for any racial / LGBT / etc... slur, term or slang that I will use in this novel. They will be used because I am a great fan of dark humor.]]) [Warning: The "Foundation" volume will be really similar to the original, from then and beyond, everything wil start to change] "Kill me..." Everything started with that thought... A man that lost everything... Being unable to see... Being unable to smell... Being unable to taste... Being unable to speak... Being unable to hear... Being unable to move... Being unable to feel... He will find in a situation that could only be seen as a "Dream". He will get back everything he lost, and even more! Like a cockroach, he escaped certain death, and doing so, he will take revenge to the Heaven for stealing everything from him... ...By becoming Heaven itself... Watch him as he plays with Destiny with the "Almighty" How he knows everything with "Knowledge" How he comes back to life with "Miracles" How he will play with people's lives with "Zombie" And much more...

  • You can't KILL me

    You can't KILL me



    Madness is everywhere... Every single being has Madness inside one's mind... Some more than others... See the story of someone who dies and dies, trying to help his friends and allies... The story of the third member of the Abnormal Trio, Billy, the God of Gambling. Fanfiction: Akame Ga Kill

  • I don't belong to such a stupid world

    I don't belong to such a stupid world

    Anime & Comics


    So... I guess everything started with an accident... It's hard to explain, but this is how I started from being a normal human to the strongest person in another world. But I don't have a magical talking weapon, or a strange ability... I don't have any bloodline or system. I can say that it is everything thanks to my shitty luck of being respawned into a idiotic world with a gift I never really wanted...

  • The Longsword of the Remnant Flame

    The Longsword of the Remnant Flame

    Anime & Comics Tragedy Akame ga Kill Bleach Elements


    Despite everything I have... No matter what I do... No matter who I kill... No matter where I go... No matter why I did it... No matter how it happened... I still can't do the very first thing I wanted, protect the dear ones. (Rewrite of "You can't KILL me") (Billy's side of the story) (WARNING: I am sorry for the writing style, but this fanfic was started before i changed style, so expect the same writing style for 30 or 40 chapters)

  • [Deleted fic]

    [Deleted fic]

    Anime & Comics Slow Progress

    The Last Trial of Humanity, the Last Embryo. They were powerful and fearsome beings capable of play with the universe like it was a white paper. They were the Demon Lords between the Demon Lords, beings capable and willing to wipe the humanity from the existence. There is the Winds of Decadence, End Emptiness, an existence summoned from the end of the time capable of erasing Gods and Buddhas. There is the Closed-off World, Dystopia, a mysterious existence that threatens to turn the universe into a land where destruction reigns supreme, pulling in its realm the naive people that approached it. And then there is the Absolute Evil, Azi Dahaka, he represents everything that is Evil, but at the same time he carries the illogical presence of Justice. Wishing for a person to slay him and hold straight up the flag of the victory, he carried the sins of his dear ones, turning into the "Final Boss" that every "Hero" must challenge in order to complete the "Game". And in the end, it appeared, the "Hero" came and did the impossoble, piercing his heart. However, his ideals are put in doubt... There is no "Hero" to kill him anymore.... No, that's wrong, there is literally no real "Hero" here.


Because he will turn into a thermonuclear H-bomb if he eats some op pill that gives him great power. View More

Nyxarias: wtf i mean how stupid is he the watch/system did say everethinck will vanish but pills and stuff he can eat will remain so way de **** dont he creat op **** to eat ???

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C5
1 month ago
That is a bad attempt at making an hatefic for naruto. However, I'm too lazy to watch the anime View More

LoSap: What about [Deleted fic]?

I don't belong to such a stupid world
2 months ago
Meh, i might make another one in future, more different than this.

It looks almost the same because it is the first time I work with this type of material, so I need to know a bit about the plot.

And I dropped this because even I recognized it was turning into trash. View More

holson_Charles: well its ok if you didn't watch or read konosuba, read to chapter 31 so i can say its still the same to me.. original konosuba mc i let a couple of thing go cause mc was weak and poor so i can understand but in here mc still do same thing as original despite having an op power... so like i said no difference to me,, i came here expecting something different but nope nothing change...

I don't belong to such a stupid world
2 months ago
Not these types of quests, wait more chapters for event quests View More

Hasu_Yodd: Is he getting any reward from quests

Nine Tailed System · C41
2 months ago
Yep View More

Weirdo: Is this a part of trilogy or what? One friend die first, and his two friend follow...

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C1
2 months ago
I will stay partially silent on what mc will choose in the end because it will be a major spoiler, but no, he won't fall in love with Esdeath. Honestly, i don't care much about what type of evil she is. I stopped caring about the characters of a certain franchise since i make a second fanfiction on that same franchise.

So, don't expect anything for the final, because it will be different than anything i ever did since I started to write View More

Nirvanic_Sun: Is it the change esdeath route? The 'his comrades thinks he betrayed them' route? The he actually falls in love with esdeath and has to choose between her and justice route? I just hope that you don't treat esdeath like a villain to be used and thrown away. She's like a child that ripped off a butterflies wings and drowned it. While it's a bad thing to do, she's not evil just because she did it. She's done a lot of evil things, but i believe that she's the 'innocent' type of evil

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C38
2 months ago
That one is already taken, but don't worry, there will be someONE to help him later... View More

aarana22: i dont mean fire power wise i mean overall capabilities for instance the chapter were he got the book on teigu i saw one that says brings out 100% potential just saying wink wink a perfect combat body with op attack power perfect combo

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C37
2 months ago
He already has Ryujin Jakka, there is nothing else more op in this fanfic View More

aarana22: this is an awesome retelling keep up the good work author your writing gets better every book i read and just curious but will he get a unique teigu or one we have seen before

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C37
2 months ago
Yeah View More

DaoistZoid: Interesting, so it would be close to the nine tail fox system one?

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame
2 months ago
Hard to say, since there are multiple women, it can be considered harem from one's perspective, but mc wants to have only 1 girl, the others are either dead or friends with benefits View More

DaoistZoid: Lol I read the other two stories, will this be harem or just single romance? The other two stories with the other friends were fun reads.

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame
2 months ago
Don't worry, you will see REALLY satisfactory results soon😉 View More

Nirvanic_Sun: Just remember, he is an ASSASSIN. Even if he didn't train like one, he should at least try to act like one until he mans up enough to face esdeath

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C37
2 months ago
Not really, now things will start to change a lot since Billy has free grounds in the empire View More

Sevi_01: The same w/ the series but just twisting a little bit. So he will go w/ the thing happened w/ the original mc ??

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C36
2 months ago
Apart for the first part, which I also think it is something I shouldn't have really done(at least not much)...

y'all care so much about the rape of a 11 years old girl that you all know only by her name and appearance, in a fanfiction of a manga where rape, torture, murder, and cannibalism is like the school shooting in America.

If it was the TV news you all would have not cared about someone getting raped, or at least forgetting it in a week.

**: Sorry about being a bit unreasonable, I am extremely stressed about everyone caring about the rape of not a main character, not a side character, but a backgrond character. That's just stupid. But about everything else you said, you are quite right. View More

Alexandre_Quissang: Without imagination,
all copied from the anime,
just swaps Tatsumi for Mc with firepower.

And also a boring Mc who lets a colleague be raped for a year until she gets pregnant without saying anything,nor to his father who is one of the strongest fucking revolutionaries.

only when she becomes he helps, then the girl whit 11 years commits suicide.

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame
2 months ago
The minimum time I need is 1 hour(which i counted at the beginning for every time I wrote chapters) for any chapter between 1'000 to 1'200 words, and this was 1'500 long.

There wasn't any novel about akame ga kill so the only think I can copy is the dialog from the manga. Everything else such as description, movements, expressions, etc was done personally.

There is also a check-up for any error, and I also thought i would need less time but i guess time goes fast when you ignore it long enough View More

Nirvanic_Sun: Literally everything was the same. It shouldn't take an hour to pull up the manga and write all of the words down. Also, how did you remember it took an hour if you wrote it a long time ago like you said?

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C34
2 months ago
Bro, i wish it was copy paste, so I won't have spent 1 fucking hour to write everything.

Also, there isn't really any change so even if I want to add something, I don't know what to add View More

Nirvanic_Sun: It's literally a copy paste of the original Akame ga Kill. You can do better than this. I understand that the yaegers need introduced, but if you just copy paste the whole thing at least make it longer or add something new.

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C34
2 months ago
You say that because you didn't see how strong is Bora yet, right now he is at the peak in terms of combat and physical prowess without a teigu View More

RealmSeeker: 15 years to reach the peak huh? There’s got to be a better way.

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C33
2 months ago
Don't worry, as long as you understand.

But I am sorry for some novels like Ex-True God or Journey of YC and his companion.

As I have said, it is because there can be better combinations or they are getting a bit ****ty.

You guys think that they are good, and that's nice for me. But I really can't properly continue them. In ex true god, mc will jist keep getting op before the start of the plot, and in Journey, Jean is already op as **** now that he can get out from YC, and it makes great threats like Xiantuan Wentian look like children, which should be real threats.

Also, there are 2 news:
1) the story will start to greatly change once Jean reaches New Moon City, (Spoiler alert: -he will befriend Fen Juechen instead of getting hated-)

2) I am already preparing another ATG fanfiction with mc being a complete outsider, so no reincarnation or something like that, and mc has a glitched out gacha system. Things will be different since the beginning too, unlike here. View More

Ptera: Nyahahahaha😂... Being hated like this is a weird feeling but I guess I'm in the wrong here. Sorry author🙏... Let me clarify why i said that in my review. I haven't read ALL your novels/fanfic but the ones I have read ended up having been dropped or rewrite like this novel here which is not as much entertaining as the original IN MY OPINION which is infuriating to me. I know that it is a bit of a lowball for me saying that you have little commitment which I greatly apologise. I can delete the review if you want so as to not escalate this😊.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic)
2 months ago
Oof... View More

goldzi: i didn't even read this novel :)

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame
2 months ago
Really? Are you going to copy-paste the other guy just to **** with me...?

At least give me a proper review 😭 View More

goldzi: The Dao of -Ahem Sect

Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect Ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect ahem sect

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame
2 months ago
Nine tailed system, 188 chapters.
Hail the ant king, 68 chapters.
You can't KILL me, 40 chapters.
Eternal Heaven: Lucky Cultivator in Disboard, 124 chapters.
Misadventures of the Espada, 70 chapters.

Without actually knowing me, you think that I "never" complete fanfictions. It is funny since you might think they are just "Lucky" attempts, when they are almost half of everything I did.

I would let it go if the review was about this novel, but you just go and "Lie", thinking you are the judge.

This isn't a shop, the customer isn't always right. As for now, for whoever likes my fanfictions and wants to read them, I am their superior because they will be my responsibility.

If I can't continue a fanfiction, it is because: 1, i can't continue it;
2, I can't fix the **** that the fanfiction has become;
3, I used wrong informations the entire time:
4, I really lost interest to it because I actually found a better combination between franchise and ability for the fanfiction.

If there is something I don't like, they are liars like you View More

Ptera: The author is terrible and I want to inform anyone that every novel this author wrote he will drop it or make a sorry excuse like a writers block or something which is a sorry excuse for commitment.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic)
2 months ago
Now that's what I call a Oof View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C36
2 months ago
Like i said to everyone else, wait for the start of new moon city, this part is jist the foundations for everything, and for everyone who didn't read ATG to begin with View More

Ptera: This isn't what I hoped for when you said your going to rewrite "Journey of Yun Che and his Companion". This is so disapointing. Well you(author) are going to drop this like any of your other novels/fanfic that you post so far😑😑😑

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C9
2 months ago
Nope, incursio goes to someone else View More

ChocoCrinkols: So he gets incursio as his armor and ryujin jakka as his main weap?

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C31
2 months ago
For the love of god, can there be more varied reviews? I literally have only 3 different ones, me included, and one of them is about the cover View More

The_Auditor: Heya there, it's me, the author!

So, I will talk about this novel...

There are some rape scenes(not concerning the mc or his friends), violence, death, and tragedy.

If you want to complain about the tragedy on the fanfic, it is your freaking fault for not reading the tags.

Anyway, this is some sort of rewrite of You can't KILL me, a disappointment as a fanfiction.

But this one is much better than the other!

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame
2 months ago
Now that's a long list, but in the end of the novel, the pairing won't be any of those you listed out View More

ninja_potaetoe: I have some ideas
(Bulat x mc)
Kurome × mc
Akame x mc
Mine x mc like tatsumi did
Leone x mc
Other not main character x mc
Chelsea x mc
Sheele x mc (oh **** i forgot you killed her off f u by the way for that)
Sponge bob x mc
Steve from Minecraft x mc
Alex from minecraft x mc
Lubbock x mc
Tree x mc
Hot ss class danger beast that can transform x mc
Mc x mc
Mc right hand x mc
Mc x his sword
Mc x his dad
Could you give me a hint on who/what is mc paired with

Is it a gay couple or not
Please give me some hints to narrow it down my imagination going wild

Mc dead girlfriend x mc
Mc's feet x mc

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C29
2 months ago
I mean that as an excuse for avoiding poor people rebelling to the rich people View More

vastoking: Tell me one rich person that isn't happy except if they sent content

Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C27
3 months ago
I'll be honest, I want world travel as much as naruto, it can go **** itself. I planned only a single world travel fanfiction, and it is "particular" even for me

No world travel, and the lucky couple will be a mystery. View More

MoonPlum: Esdeath x MC plssssss
And will he travel world or only stay here???

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C29
3 months ago
Meh, also, the ending will be a lot different than the original, so don't think that your guess is correct.😋 View More

Nirvanic_Sun: I'll try to continue, but no promises on me finishing the story

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C28
3 months ago

Jokes aside, i'm already starting to correct the future chapters when you warned me about some stupid errors here View More

Nirvanic_Sun: You could have fixed it before uploading it. You could have had him report it and najenda send sheele reinforcements and if you still wanted sheele to die you could have used koro's instinct warning seryu about billy as an excuse for her to also have reinforcements. I don't want to read 12 more chapters of stupid errors, so I'm out ✌ bite me

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C28
3 months ago
Alright, you beaten me. But that wasn't because I couldn't write anything for plot, it is just mere negligence from my side, otherwise there would never be those 15 chapters of backstory. Also, this is made much time ago as I have said in the description, which was when I still used this trashy script dialogue, so that's quite a bit of time ago. However, as right now, I "think" that the story is flowing without any stupid error(around chapter 38 and beyond) View More

Nirvanic_Sun: I don't give a sh!t that sheele died and I could care less about the members of the night raid since all of them will die except akame, and she'll die two years after stabbing herself. They didn't know that the minister had a teigu, not the identity of the teigu itself. They didn't know about the royal teigu because it's the strongest teigu and has never been activated, while there is no need for anyone but the emporer to know about it.

I couldn't give a sh!t about who dies and I wouldn't read a 'happy ending' akame ga kill fan fic. It's SUPPOSED to be dark. What I care about is how AWFUL an assassin billy is. Did he not become cautious of all enemies, especially teigu users after getting his team killed. Or did you not use that to evolve his character at all?

He didn't try to get a SINGLE scrap of info from the new teigu user he found in the capital. He didn't even report about Seryu to najenda. Don't you think that info would have been a LITTLE important? NO! He can't report it to najenda because then the plot would slightly change and you wouldn't know what to write. Don't even say that he couldn't report it while on a mission, the revolutionary army has PLENTY of eyes and ears in the capital he could use, and he had leone to lead him to one before the mission even started

The empire SHOULD have documentation of every teigu since they made them. I can understand them not being able to keep and protect every teigu, but they can't protect a piece of paper they can have 1000 copies of?

"WhY wOuLd tHe NiGhT RaiD hAve a MaP oF A pLaCe tHAt a SINGLE mEmBeR KnoWs The LaYoUt oF." Are you even serious right now?

Also, he didn't say that she's ogres subordinate. EVERY member of the police force was his subordinate. He knew that she was directly in his SQUAD. A squad is a group of 4-5 people, you know? A group that she was transfered to a few days before killing sheele.

The Longsword of the Remnant Flame · C28
3 months ago
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