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Original Works

  • One Shot Story Like Every Normal Protaganist I Have A System Too

    One Shot Story Like Every Normal Protaganist I Have A System Too


    Our character dies and gets Reincarnated with a system I did this story for my english Assignment about war time experience. So the firt chapter will be the whole story and the second my explanation of story, so some people could get and idea from it. i got 47 Out of 50 for this story

  • The Upgrade/ Sect/ Anime System

    The Upgrade/ Sect/ Anime System

    Fantasy System


    The protagonist is killed by his parent. After dying he gets reincarnated with an upgrade system that upgrades anything related to him. To get his revenge on his 'parents' he upgrades the talent that killed him, into something with limitless growth rate. "Goes in other animes" My reasons for why you shouldn't read the story. I'm not good at writing so don't bother about this story if you want top quality novel. English is my second language I post the moment i finish the story I write whatever comes to my mind when i write a chapter. I'm 14 years old

  • The Hack System

    The Hack System

    Fantasy System


    The main character is a fat loser that has dropped out of school and has nothing to do except watch anime and play games but that will all comes to an end, when he creates a hack system to hack a game that he likes very much. If everything went according to his plan he would have been a very rich person with the help of the bot but before he could test it, he was hit by a lightning which sent him to go in a coma and when he wakes up he has a hack system that can hack anything. Release rate unknown but will do bonus chapter.

  • I Am Able To Buy Anything

    I Am Able To Buy Anything

    Fantasy System


    The main character reincarnates like every other MC and Gains a system. A person is betrayed by his girlfriend (Cliche), he tries to fight the person that she cheated on him and when he gets into a fight with the person he dies with one punch. When he dies our Mc Ed takes over his body with a system that can buy anything. some extra information the system can be upgraded to buy anything from any world or fiction

  • Reborn in dragon ball

    Reborn in dragon ball



    Imagine dying and then being granted 5 wishes. What would you do? Will in this story our main character wishes for the one and only thing he wished in his whole life. Being reincarnated in dragon ball. 1 chapter a day And every 10 reviews = 1 extra chapter. The only wish I can guarantee is 50 chapters of this story. Extra I'm a ’top class’ writer so expect so ’good’ writing. I'm not exaggerating my writing can even match the guy that made Romeo and Juliet. This novel will go done as THE national treasure in the history of mankind. Please point out if there are any mistakes in the description of this novel. Thanks Oh I forgot to say that you needed to interpret the extra part the opposite way.





    The story is about the worlds number one troll and how he trolls everybody when he is reincarnated in the world of cultivation with a troll system. 1 chapter= 1.5k words

  • Universal King’s Journey

    Universal King’s Journey


    The story of an overpowered king, that has nothing to do but sit on his throne, but that does not last long as the boredom is killing him. He was so bored that he didn't want to even live, so he put a bounty on himself through all universes but sadly no one is capable of doing anything to him. Now he starts his journey from the very beginning and goes to a mortals body to make friends that don't care about his authority.

  • 10 wishes

    10 wishes



    The story of an assassin being reincarnated in a cultivation world with 10 wishes. That can grant him anything. Stuff I will do: Going to an anime world Stuff I might do: Go to dc or marvel. Release rate 5-6/week For every 20 reviews, I'll release an extra chapter. I will be posting the mc stats here. MC-Stats Cultivation stage: Immortal Emperor: Peak of immortal realm, Bloodlines: Saiyan, SSJ (unlocked). Uchiha 6 tomeo (unlocked), Mangakyou Sharingan (unlocked), Eternal Mangakayou Sharingan (unlocked). Bloodline abilities: 1st Tomeo: the people that fight you will be slowed down while facing against you. 2nd: the number of tomeos you have will decide how many times you can reincarnate 3rd Tomeo: your regeneration speed can even put shame the best of medical pills. 4th Tomeo: you can stop time for 40s 5th: whomever that fears you will feel 100 times their own pressure on their body. 6th Tomeo: can read and change people memories Mangakyou Sharingan: 1 type of full body Susanoo, teleportation. Eternal Mangakyou Sharingan: 3 types of full body Susanoo, dimensional transfer, time jump. Super Saiyan: 125 times your power. Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox (Female) Skills: Erase, Ice Armour, Freeze, Blizzard Tags: Harembah, strong to stronger, system (ish), adventure, weeb’s fiction.

  • Gacha God

    Gacha God


    The story of a Saiyan ’transmigrating’ to a cultivation world, with the bloodline of Gacha God. His bloodline allows him to pick one gacha game and intrigued any skills of the cards that he has. The gacha game he has picked is Dokkan Battle Watch this to understand dokkan battle https://youtu.be/LVmO82V2pM8 The story is based on my other stories MC, He divided his consciousness into two so one could refine his god ki while the other half refines his bloodline. You don't have to read the other story to know everything in this story.

  • Rebirth of the strongest fusion

    Rebirth of the strongest fusion



    Our MC is reincarnated in the world of cultivation with Gogeta’s body and power. Being reincarnated has caused him to lose all his memories come along as he tries to regain his memories as he explores the cultivation world with his unbelievable power.

  • Fun Facts

    Fun Facts


    This is a book About Facts and theories In this book I give an interesting theory and get you interested so you can get interested into it and research it further.

  • A Cheat character

    A Cheat character

    Martial Arts

    The story is about a guy who travelled in the future to find a challenge. In his own time, his talent beyond anybody’s comprehension, so to feel a challenged even a bit he decided to go to the future where he might find a bit of competition.

  • Conquering with science

    Conquering with science


    A futuristic country is transported into a mysterious world where they do not know anything about the world, everything in here is a danger to their life, the only thing that can save them is the technologies that they have built over the thousandths of years.

  • Journey to becoming Over Powered

    Journey to becoming Over Powered


    In a world where every human being has a system, Our MC stands on top of them, but his life is boring, the only thing he can do is clear dungeon floor and nothing else. But luckily he has chance for a whole new life in a new world with a whole universe to explore . With his system, he enters this new world


I love you no homo View More

DemonGodHiatus: It seems that another novel has fallen victim to me, the Demon God Hiatus. The most evil god alive. Hated by all, and loved by none.

The Hack System · C100
6 days ago
Reading Status: C0
Let’s see how this goes
The character will level up faster in the beginning cause all games makes it so you level up fast in the beginning
Should I make him level up fast or slow though View More
Journey to becoming Over Powered
1 week ago
I know that king Vegeta destroyed many planets with a swipe of his hand with a power level 10k View More

Gamer1288: That idiot doesn't even have 1 Million power so unless he fires a massive Ki attack to a Planet's Core, he doesn't have a chance of blowing up multiple planets. Not like Kid Buu anyway who used overpowered Ki Blasts.

Reborn in dragon ball · C23
2 weeks ago
What f did write here View More

L1_a: Your not the only one and when I try write my main character name it changes it to I’d, we and sometimes something doesn’t go even sound like the, if I have a to before the name it changes it to toed

I Am Able To Buy Anything · C21
1 month ago
Ahhhh that horror of a story View More

Xandalar: could you update The Upgrade/ Sect/ Anime System

The Hack System · C99
1 month ago

huriazzell: Idk about later chapters but until this chapter, the logics killed my interest. Izroth boasts too much to the readers but he won't do ***t to those three.

The overreactions about his "rare" level 10 weapon doesn't make sense to me. Sure its rare, but its a f-ing lv 10 weapon, calm down Nggs. Its not like it took a long time to reach it. The trio already reached lv 5 at the first day of the game, i dont see why lv 10 sh**s mattered too much.

Izroth is stated to be some powerful cultivation master that lived more than a thousand years, but why the hell i feel his mentality is like some 13-15 year old that suddenly got amazing powers, where the hell did those one thousand year old wisdom go?

And then one bad thing about these vrmmorpg novels that were always repeated is that they always mentions that the game is so realistic, so immersive, not very much different from real world, etc. But then they used stats like attack and defense, attack speed, and health points, etc. Realistic is death when someone stab you in the vital parts not just some critical hit with higher dmg. immersive is you dont see your hp on your vision because you cant in real body. Real world doesn't have stats, you actually grinds to get better not just add some stat points and you actually choose how fast you trying to move, not through some stat like attack speed.
If you still put this in the so called "highly realistic games", then its not realistic. It just a plain old computer games from our time played using a more advanced type of VR tech, not realistic game.

Ill probably stay for 3 more chapters before dropping this, the logics are killing me lol

Realm of Myths and Legends · C5
2 months ago
Yeah, I like solo levelling too much that I cannot wait for an update so I made a whole novel and gave my mc a similar kind of ability and made similar for him. View More

Azraeeeel: Why are the last three a solo leveling fanfic?
Anyways, 2, 3 and 4 are interesting but mostly 3 cause I'm pretty excited to visualize our MC's empire. But, if you have some chapters there on standby, why not just post it and alternate between them like mon - (Insert title) tue - (Insert title) etc. Just a suggestion though.

The Hack System · C0
2 months ago

Azraeeeel: Hope you make a 2-4 chapter story about the duck's adventure with the system and gaining a human body.

The Hack System · C97
2 months ago
I said u won't update any chapter, well that was a fucking lie View More
The Hack System · C97
2 months ago
What do you want him to hack? View More

DunnoWhatToPutHere: First two chapters not the first chapter.

The Hack System · C95
2 months ago
Reading Status: C378
Misunderstanding should now be a genre by itself cause of this novel.

Like how many misunderstanding can lead to the situations MC went through.
If I had this kind of misunderstandings happening to me then I would be the luckiest alive, like how is there no negative but all positive misunderstanding
The love between the characters are there because them not have a social life and just saying nothing, which leads to many misunderstanding View More
Strongest Abandoned Son
2 months ago
Download it an vs me my name is succforce View More

DemonGodHiatus: No.

The Hack System · C94
2 months ago

JohnYio: I hope she cries again. Breaking my brother's heart. I hope she remembers her past, but can never be with him. Let her live with that.

Strongest Abandoned Son · C351
2 months ago

ilsunny: I love you too but i love yr aunt...

Strongest Abandoned Son · C202
2 months ago

RukitoRin: Ty for the chapter 👏👏👏👍👍

Ning xingxue (hope i spell it right) should find ye mo and say her true feeling because this self blame is sad 😭 . I want them to be together soon 😊

Strongest Abandoned Son · C129
2 months ago

WebDiver: "Finding Ye Mo" - Coming soon in theaters near you , 2XXX

Strongest Abandoned Son · C129
2 months ago

J0KER: The queen of misunderstanding is at it again. He tried to take the damn brief case but your @ss was still selfish while unconscious and wouldn't let go.

While we are talking about this....how the hell is a cultivator who is stronger than 95% of the human population not able to pull a bag from an unconscious, mortally wounded, dying, disabled girl?

Hey author, it's not ok to force a plot to the point of rape......you don't have to mind break every single one of your readers.

Strongest Abandoned Son · C129
2 months ago

Syahmuda: Wtf. She's good girl. She already repent her mistakes.

Strongest Abandoned Son · C129
2 months ago

smugscholar: Can she just die already?

Strongest Abandoned Son · C129
2 months ago
I fucking hate NTR but this one would have made just feel good from how retarded and annoying she is View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C94
2 months ago

Chaoscycle: Stupid chick let her get raped and die

Strongest Abandoned Son · C93
2 months ago

Sir_Abel: the moment i read she was going to Flowing Snake, i switched to the comments because i wanted to see wether people would rage as much i did... and i was not disappointed.
Truly an utterly foolish and retarded woman. -_-'

Strongest Abandoned Son · C93
2 months ago

lucitfler: You must be kidding me. She actually went out to look for trouble. Goddamit.

Strongest Abandoned Son · C93
2 months ago
If she gets raped or anything, she fully deserves it View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C93
2 months ago

EccentricFrank: I guess it's like Kuro and Shiro in Japanese. If someone translated that as black and white it'd feel quite dumb

Strongest Abandoned Son · C88
2 months ago

HurHur_123: Bro white shark is so complying he needs to change his name to canned sardine.

Strongest Abandoned Son · C88
2 months ago

Yhelia: She sends the blood away to be tested, but it's not testing to see if the DNA matches the MC (where would she get a sample from anyway?). No, she tests the blood to see the type!

LMAO, congratulations, you've ruled out approximately 75% of the world's population. There are now less than 2 billion suspects...

Strongest Abandoned Son · C80
2 months ago

TwilightReverie: It shall circle the equator three times. He will be the greatest threat to public decency the world has ever known. Women shall fall pregnant by simply witnessing his magesty.

Strongest Abandoned Son · C80
2 months ago

Artsoloer: 5 gols in 3 minutes? must be shaolin soccer team

Strongest Abandoned Son · C73
2 months ago

Oracle: After so many days, now she thinks of SD of the camera on the floor?

Strongest Abandoned Son · C47
2 months ago
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