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  • I'm a new authur, publushing my first novel here. It's 'Red Wings' check it out.

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  • Red Wings

    Red Wings

    Fantasy System

    It's a story about a level-headed guy that dies in a motorcycle accident. He gets reincarnated as a mosquito just because the Morrigan wants to be entertained. Or are there more powers at play? It's my first real writing project. If someone wants to redo my cover and get their name on here they should just say so. I'm really curious about your opinions. I'm Dutch, so my English will not be perfect, but it is pretty okay.

  • Monster Haven

    Monster Haven


    Gosamu is a boy, almost 10 years of age, living a homeless life in a small city. He has nothing but his freedom although he doesn't have the power to make anything of it. But this changes soon after he makes a friend. We'll follow him through his bumpy start with his life after he met his first friend, how he escapes the small life in this city, how he creates his own religion and how he gains more friends and followers to protect and how he meets people to protect them from. And eventually how he grows strong enough to do so. Let's follow Gosamu how he creates a true Haven!


Astonax is the crafter dude with his fairy, you know, his parents got killed View More

Wolfytopia: Thanks for the chapter! I'm honestly having a hard time remembering who astonax is though...

Monster Haven · C43
10 hours ago
It all rings a bell.... Does he end up being helped by others a lot? And train on a gods mountain while giving himself limitations? View More
Possessing Nothing · C2
1 day ago
Ever tried actually singing a song and kissing at the same time? 😂 View More

Gorefiend: Wonder if there was a can singing 'kiss the girl' at the same time.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C288
4 weeks ago
I personally never like the 'outside' stories so much. So unless you enjoy writing them, don't do it 😂 if you do enjoy writing them I'll read them though View More
Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy · C15
1 month ago
And woehoe, 75 people who added Monster Haven to their collection! It might not be much yet, but I hope there will be more and more people the more chapters I upload. At one point people will notice right? 😂 View More
Monster Haven · C40
1 month ago
Flags are good, it gives me the opportunity to show that things might or might not be going to happen 😂 so I hope they keep you curious. View More

Wolfytopia: The more religious it gets the more flags I feel being raised...

Monster Haven · C40
1 month ago
I'm glad you like the idea, but you know what he needs to do to get the body's 'blueprint' right? View More

Wolfytopia: Hmm the snakes structure could be useful, why give it a new body? Its unique circumstances could have an interesting evolution

Monster Haven · C38
1 month ago
Longest chapter yet, I'm thinking of at least increasing the chapter length, I'm not going to post faster with shorter chapters anyway 😂 View More
Monster Haven · C37
2 months ago
Reading Status: C24
Heya, it's a good read, the story is good, the characters are good, and the English is good too (at least better then mine) a missing word here and there but nothing to fuss over. I'm glad I picked it up and spend my time reading it.

I hope there will be some plot twist down the line though, as it kind of feels that the hints for the plot aren't very subtle. But that might just be my taste! Doesn't make the story worse.

All in all, I recommend! View More
2 months ago

FattyBai: Hm, where should I begin? This another novel is yet another unfortunate example of a decent novel getting buried underneath, never to be seen again except for the select few who've ventured out beyond what the site would recommend. I love the brotherly bond between the two main characters and the world that's been created for them.

It's a shame that RL circumstances prevented the author from updating consistently -- given how ultra-competitive it is to gain attention on this site. Hopefully, the wind can pick up again and get the ball rolling for this novel again. Give the novel a try and support the hidden gems on the site.

Monster Haven
2 months ago
I was thinking "Fitness? How did he make any link to fitness?" But Finesse? 😂 Yess! And maybe, magic weapons, maybe I'm planning something else, who knows View More

Wolfytopia: Fairies and forging eh? And fitness being his specialty? I smell magic weapons. Also, we got a portrait for the story! Congrats!

Monster Haven · C35
2 months ago
Woehoe a new commenter, welcome to the show! View More

ChiseHatori: Yess I love it. Also first!

Monster Haven · C35
2 months ago
I live in Belgium, visiting NYC, a coworker took me to brooklyn. And yeah I can't wait either 😂 View More

Wolfytopia: Interesting... So you live in Brooklyn or are you just visiting? I can't wait to see how you go about this reincarnation...

Monster Haven · C32
2 months ago
1 per 10 levels, he used 1 for the skin thing and the eye thing costs 3, so 1 spare View More

Ancient_Reader: Why does he still have 1 skill point shouldn't he have more???

Born With a Unique Skill · C4
2 months ago
If it was a joke it'd have been fun, but I don't think it was meant to be there 😂 View More

DimondGold: Dam mobster skills didn't knew he was in a mafia lol thanks for chapter

Born With a Unique Skill · C3
2 months ago
Not really, but in a way yes. I was more planning on a completely separate flow of reincarnation. But you'll see next chapter 😂 I wrote some more today. Which is terrible, I should be out exploring the city! But my legs are so tired, I walked from brooklyn to Manhattan yesterday, it was a little further then expected View More

Wolfytopia: Thanks for the chapter! Does this foreshadow necromancy of some sort?

Monster Haven · C32
2 months ago
Let's torture some controlling parents 😎 View More
New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness · C182
2 months ago
What would Da Zi think of that? He'd be heartbroken! A new dragon bug came when he was gone! View More

Dogmoustache: I'm hoping little 7 can plunder some dragon wings from a corpse in that valley. That would be terrifying. Like a li'l DaZi

Monster Pet Evolution · C513
2 months ago
Hehe first, always on the massacre chapters View More
New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness · C169
2 months ago
I'm kind of sad, I always love the mystery eggs from space 😂 would have loved to know what's in it. Maybe there was a parasite in it and the cobra will explode and the Alien will come out View More
New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness · C168
2 months ago

Oneesan: We finally sat it true, he's dead. But fear not! Another enemy is coming who's coincidentally just as strong!

Monster Paradise · C1141
3 months ago
We finally sat it true, he's dead. But fear not! Another enemy is coming who's coincidentally just as strong! View More
Monster Paradise · C1141
3 months ago
You don't even know how happy I'm with you 😂 I always get happy when I see a comment, and you're always there View More

Wolfytopia: Reminds me of how some rabbits change colors depending on the season/temperature

Monster Haven · C30
3 months ago
I'm a bad writer 😂 not very consistent in releasing chapters. Also it was super busy at work and with the moving. There's still so much to do :o so I won't promise anything, but it's always in my head View More

Wolfytopia: I thought this was dropped, glad to know otherwise

Monster Haven · C27
3 months ago
😂 The boy just got chased, saw his first dead people, his village is in danger and Nex thinks it's a good time to help him with his shyness. Like why can't you do that after you saved the day? He'll only get more traumas like this View More
A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO · C40
3 months ago
An armed worm 😂 imagine a worm covered in an innumerable number of arms popping out of the ground, you'd be horrified! View More
New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness · C154
3 months ago
Well, the crocodile got close, so he's surprising it, obviously 😂 or crocodiles know no fear View More

Kupkake: isnt fishing on top of a king tier familiar counter productive. Stripeys size alone would scare of most animals. Not to mention that he also has a king tier familiars aura so I dont think any aquatic animal would have the balls to go anywhere near stripey.

Monster Pet Evolution · C453
3 months ago
Can't Five get those 1 time totems to come to his dungeon? They'll disappear anyways, and Five has some biomes to fill View More
New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness · C150
3 months ago
I only wonder what strength and agility will do in creating a game world 😂 other than that, pretty awesome View More
MMORPG: The Tales of Souls · C1
3 months ago
First again, such a loyal reader 😂 View More
New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness · C148
4 months ago
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