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Original Works

  • Reverie Online

    Reverie Online

    Magical Realism


  • Beast Journey

    Beast Journey


    Mauled to death at an exotic cat zoo, Xerxes must now get acclimated to living as a magical beast in another world. He starts off with many gifts, and just as many problems.

  • Douluo Dalu: Dragon God Douluo

    Douluo Dalu: Dragon God Douluo



    When a young man dies because of a wealthy business man disliking his actions. He is allowed to be reincarnated and because he has earned enough karmic merit it allows him five wishes in his next life. *I do not own the cover image *Updates may not be stable *There WILL be a harem, some OC and some from the Novel itself *Will not follow the original plot exactly! *Will have H-scenes (Maybe)

  • One Piece: The Elementalist

    One Piece: The Elementalist



    When a young man dies because of a wealthy business man disliking his actions. He is allowed to be reincarnated and because he has earned enough karmic merit it allows him five wishes in his next life. *This is set as an Alternate Reality as my other book, Douluo Dalu: Dragon God Douluo *There will be H-Scenes *Will not follow the original plot exactly! *I do not own the cover image *Updates may not be stable

  • Travelling The Heavens

    Travelling The Heavens


    Andrew Drake, Multi-billionaire software engineer, After a twenty year long project, finally finished his dream of creating a computer brain chip, Along with his self created AI. Months later the world turns to turmoil, many people start missing in larger numbers, at first it was only speculated as a hoax, because the disappearances were rare, and infrequent. Yet many people had to believe when a nation leader was giving his speech and disappeared in the midst of a blue light. Conspiracies anywhere from aliens to terrorist threats abound, yet no one knew the truth. People quickly dug up any information about people who disappeared, looking for signs about it. Even with governments trying to suppress the panic, it was found out that people would report seeing visions of blank blue squares and have bouts of nausea. They would then be reported missing twenty-four hours later. Andrew Drake had these symptoms, so unaware of what was to come, he prepared for the worst.

  • Soul Dungeon

    Soul Dungeon

    Fantasy dungeon Action

    A human craftsman from earth, dies and becomes a powerful mage in another world, then dies again due to betrayal in his old age. Through a series of circumstances, is reborn yet again in the same world, as a dungeon core. *MC is Asexual, both as a human, and a Dungeon core. Do not expect romance.


The boss died to the self explosion View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C164
7 hours ago
Getting another top emperor star for demons View More
The Lord’s Empire · C1110
1 week ago
Xiao Hong has the golden crow bloodline, shouldn't she have Uber Pure flames too? View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C144
1 week ago
It was mentioned we he came back that he had someone send the carrots cause he couldn't do it personally since he was a man View More

Shadizar: So if I'm remembering correctly he's owing the Rabbit In The Moon for the pill she concocted and saved him with at the encouragement of her disciple? Did he even remember to provide he the carrots he owed her yet?

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C136
2 weeks ago
Klein can escape it, the quill wrote sherlock, not Klein, plus, even if it did write Klein, he isn't Klein either! 'His' true name has never been discovered. View More

Aby55: What. The. Fuck. There's almost no limit to this 0-08...

Lord of the Mysteries · C471
2 weeks ago
Did everyone here notice "Dark God" for Xiao chou...? View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C128
2 weeks ago
We already voted for it though... View More

TwlLlghT: And many weeks later this will be added as a 'new novel' to vote just like that cthulhu something

Divine Brilliance · C173
2 weeks ago
break a cookie in two pieces, one is smaller, you have two halves, the half in this way is relative, two parts. If one was only a third, but two pieces,and the other is two thirds, you would most likely not call them both thirds. View More

SouIrin: A small half is still half,you can't make half of something smaller...

The Legendary Mechanic · C400
3 weeks ago
Sun wukong! View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C482
3 weeks ago
Internet. View More

benji210: Like everything about story...but his desire 2 return 2 earth leaves me baffled. Whod want 2 come back 2 this dull earth, especially he wasn't even rich or something...when his in such an interesting world where u could even be a God????

Lord of the Mysteries · C454
3 weeks ago
Webnovel probally already had this up. just wants to make us pay for it View More

Dragoncyclone316: Haha.. Is there something wrong with my device? Why are there comments from 2 years ago?

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C2
3 weeks ago
Also his quality, he reached mythic once and is now legendary. View More

BigAL: umm .. dumby is almost hitting lvl 60 .. he is lvl 59 .. and it was said that each lvl difference in king tier is pretty huge

Monster Pet Evolution · C475
3 weeks ago
then don't most chinese authors get paid per chapter, they have long mastered the art of useless filler. View More

Flooff: I dont wanna waste spirit stones on this filler BS

The Lord’s Empire · C1070
3 weeks ago

PopcornSectGenius: Parents really are the same, regardless of the world

Super Gene · C1565
4 weeks ago
Moral of the story, "where's my roast goose?" View More

HNIC_Grape: Right in the feels and then the swan was roasted

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C21
1 month ago
It got wrecked by mag View More

Suicidal: Is this even a cooking system anymore?

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C20
1 month ago
Referring to a website where you can read for free View More

bladerift9: More like circle novel. Going around and around and never actually getting anywhere, forever repeating the dull cycle

Monster Pet Evolution · C470
1 month ago
*cough* box *cough* novel *cough* View More

bladerift9: Did I just fucking waste stones to read about a tree and nothing happens...? Wow..just wow..

Monster Pet Evolution · C470
1 month ago
It took him 100 days on non-stop cooking, with the knowledge and experience, if this guy didnt have a time cheat... he'd already have no hope. View More

MeiMeiStarDust: Ikr lol I guess to chinese culture if you can't master a rice dish you done already failed your mission lol

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C10
1 month ago
It'll be explained further on, (I haven't been able to write a few days cause no WiFi, power outage) View More

HalonFox1: Wasn't he a pretty peaceful guy it seems like hes about to commit a bunch of murder to grow in power

Soul Dungeon · C3
1 month ago
There is that one birthday party that never happened View More

FineCheese: I wonder why the MC never interested in the opposite sex. It's a good thing since he is very busy and no time for it.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1676
1 month ago
Put aulu in the material mana tank View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C143
1 month ago
You mean "Long Aotian" type of character ;) View More

Marlbrough: Boy is fucked. It's great that he is not that Marty Sue type of character.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C18
1 month ago
Do whatever the hell you want, I'm in no position to say anything cause u haven't updated my own work in months View More
The Buggiest System v1 · C122
1 month ago
Was it the butt or the foom foom View More
Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend · C97
1 month ago
The cards are not a part of the blasphemy slates, as they were created by roselle, but they do contain knowledge from them. View More

XianWu: That wheel of fortune card might be the same as the dark emperor card......A part of the blasphemy slate

Lord of the Mysteries · C388
1 month ago
Would have been perfect for dollar, but guess gold armor is needed View More

GldnApplImortality: It would have been cooler to be armor with the word overbearing on it.

Super Gene · C1495
2 months ago
This applies to all novels... View More

Joseph_Jumani: We just ignored small stuff like these by now it's useless to argue anymore

Monster Pet Evolution · C402
2 months ago
Anthony is from the modern world, and can make such jokes, often times his jokes make no sense, but that is the best part. View More

Daoist_Rubeno: Dear Author,
Please do not use modern words like "Subwoofer". Yes, as a readers we do understand such word, but currently action is happening in fantasy world and such item is foreign to monsters and surface races alike.

This is breaking immersion a little ;)/

Chrysalis · C304
2 months ago
If saitama told you to summarize something and gave you a number, would you not as well? View More

nin9_heaven: He literally summarize it in 20 words

Saitama: The Strongest Hero arriving in the Cultivation Realms · C3
2 months ago
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