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Original Works

  • The God's Realm v1

    The God's Realm v1

    Eastern Fantasy



  • The Buggiest System v1

    The Buggiest System v1

    Magical Realism System


    After a realization of his irrelevance, Zhou Lei gets a life-changing system that enables him to redeem himself - in the most attention-catching way possible! "System, I said to upgrade my intelligence." "Are you sure you want to upgrade: Appearance?" "I already said no!" "Upgrade processing..." ----- On good weeks, a chapter a day On normal weeks, a chapter every two or three days On bad weeks, possibly no chapter at all More often than not, I have bad weeks, so if you come here expecting a good upload schedule, I'll try my best to comply, but it would likely be impossible. WARNING: This novel is extremely childish, as the author has the mind of a child. This novel would have what many people call "filler", although I don't see them as that. This novel can get on your nerves, especially in the early chapters when the system practically bugs out every day.



    Eastern Fantasy

    Dropped due to me realizing its unoriginality.

  • Your Typical Reincarnation Story (On Hiatus)

    Your Typical Reincarnation Story (On Hiatus)


    On Hiatus _____ Thank you Google Images for the anime guy in the background of the cover. https://www.zerochan.net/1878832

  • Black Belly Best Friend

    Black Belly Best Friend



    Getting a second chance in life, Fan Lingxin swore to take revenge against the people who betrayed her. Her best friend who seduced her fiancee, her mother-in-law who schemed, and her parents who dared to sell her off! ...Huh? Their roles have been switched? Unexpectedly, Fan Lingxin reincarnated into the body of her best friend! "How surreal to see myself... I will become the best best friend!" Betrayal? No, why would I betray myself? Scheming? I will stop them before it impacts me! Husband? I will find someone else! _____ Picture credits: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/433682639108566749/?lp=true

  • The God's Realm

    The God's Realm

    Eastern Fantasy

    In a world where strength reigned supreme, a talentless youth rose through the ranks at an unprecedented pace — with a goal from his distant past.

  • Stop Reincarnating Into Me!

    Stop Reincarnating Into Me!


    undergoing changes


sinkingship: If you read this you have to brace yourself beforehand. A good 70-80% of the overall word count is dedicated entirely to MC eating food.

I'm not the type of person who particularly enjoyed "reading about other people eating" ( do such people exist?!?!) so I ended up skimming a LOT of what I read of this story and the little bit that was left... wasn't very good.

You see from the very start the MC is really strong. He kills everything in one - or maybe two - hits so, correspondingly, the battle aren't exactly riveting reads. Plus the MC, drained by a century of battle, doesn't have much in the way of motivation. He doesn't really want to do anything, except for eating. It seems like the author noticed this problem and tried to compensate by adding a lackey character that actually has the motivation to grow and get stronger and whatnot but it creates this weird scenario where there's one character that cares about things and people but he's relatively powerless. And then there's this superhuman android guy who wanders around emotionlessly and only occasionally gets pissed off (and, you know, motivated to do SOMETHING) because he sees a restaurant get destroyed or something.

Feels like the author had a real hard time coming up with plausible reasons to jolt his MC into action after establishing his initial character setting and instead of rectifying that problem with something like growth, or character development, he instead choose to try to drown the reader in a deluge of words about food and eating or distract the reader with an actually interesting (but powerless) other character.

Three Meals of a Reincarnator
2 weeks ago
ye me too i was gettin tired of it das why i filled up down left right on the chapter lol View More

wanderer_of_novels: finally done with this ****ty ddr arc, holy **** i want to blow my brains out

The Buggiest System v1 · C149
3 weeks ago
sorry guys !! View More

Morggyb: I knew it would just be that but I had to check😭😭😭fuckkk

The Buggiest System v1 · C0
3 weeks ago

Rahul_Rox: isnt this really pointless?

Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C15
3 weeks ago

Supreme_Leader: if he fucks them over now he will just be making enemies, I hope he doesn't make his own life harder by doing this.

Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C15
3 weeks ago

Ekon: I’m so scared about this novel Turing to face slapping. All good novel have be ruined because of too many cringe face slapping moment.

Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C15
3 weeks ago
ben shapiro View More
Remember The Name · C28
3 weeks ago
Hmm I have this conflicted opinion about wish fulfillment in that even though it kinda feels good it's just not good plot, idk. View More

ToxicMe: Sup dude, we are in no hurry. Go ahead and add a few teaspoons of wish fluff.

The Buggiest System v1 · C148
1 month ago
Wait oops View More
The Buggiest System v1 · C0
1 month ago

Ancient_Devil: From Mr Bones helping of famale students, it'd probably won't be what you think.

Gamers of the Underworld · C179
1 month ago

La_Lumiere: f(x) = 4/(1+x)
f(a) = 4/(1+a) = 2
Cross multiplying gives
4 = 2(1+a)
4 = 2 + 2a
4 - 2 = 2a
2a = 2
a = 1

Gamers of the Underworld · C176
1 month ago

LeechesOfSoul: Professor bacon teach girl in need is decadent.
Bordil house that teach you "various new knoledge" is decadent.

Knowledge, learning and teaching is decadent. I see....

Its reverse common sense.

Gamers of the Underworld · C176
1 month ago

LostMyFirstAccount: Knowledge apparently. Prof. Bacon was actually teaching those poor girls. Still one of the best baits I've ever read.

Gamers of the Underworld · C176
1 month ago

LurkSupergene: He did cite Sylvanas as an example afterwards, so perhaps he's in the short bow legion before. LoL

Gamers of the Underworld · C160
1 month ago

SmilingReader: These gamers have a few screws loose if they think murdering an ally right in front of another is alright. Even in most rpg games this is not allowed 😓

Gamers of the Underworld · C160
1 month ago

Rahien: Well, in theory, the gamers haven't had much contact with NPCs.
From their perspective, Sherlock is the main character, so it makes sense that he looks lifelike since there's a lot of work behind his 'animations'. The lich doesn't talk to the gamers since he signed a contract preventing him from doing so, the dwarfs usually just ignore them most of the time, the gnome instructor... well, I'm guessing he teaches them and then runs away as fast as he can. There's the succubus and the dragon, plus the fairy, but still... No NPC actually spends a whole lot of time among the gamers. Also, the fact that most of the underworld creatures are dumb as f*ck doesn't help.
This gamers spend most of their time doing pve missions and competing among themselves, and most of the time the game appears some kind of dungeon sandbox that is a bit too realistic.
Thus, it makes sense they do whatever they want. Some of them take the missions seriously, like the escort of the 3 hamsters out of the gladiator arena... some others don't, like these two. And when they are all together, things are a fucking mess.

Gamers of the Underworld · C160
1 month ago

WOHOO12345: It seems Qidian has been taking lessons from Sherlie. Or is it the other way around?

Gamers of the Underworld · C116
2 months ago

LeechesOfSoul: QuidanSytem: [post 20 chp straight]
Reader: what seriously?? (Open the book)
Reader: ....
QuidanSystem: ...
Reader: are you devil?
QuidanSystem: yes, superior Devil.
Reader: ...

Gamers of the Underworld · C116
2 months ago

Grandchase: Almost jumped with joy after seeing the notifications about 21 chapters..
Then I see the privileged thingy..
My disappointment was immeasurable

Gamers of the Underworld · C116
2 months ago
Why did you even post this review? Your petty prejudice against Chinese novels has somehow made you more or less as racist as the authors that made these "nationalistic" novels. Anyway this novel doesn't even have an ounce of racism so far (I ain't gon guarantee though, else I might jinx it) so you should stop looking like a stupid idiot and read the novel, at least a chapter before posting a review. Peace out. View More

RionSteiner: Years ago I like to read this modern type chinese MC like IRAS and others, but now I usually stay away from modern chinese novel genre, most of them have heavy nationalism at certain point of story. I fed up with that so I usually read alternate earth or just less to no nationalism stories.

My Extraordinary Achievements
2 months ago

TheQuestionMark: Your review makes no sense. You say you don't like modern Chinese stories because of nationalism, so you immediately rate this story as 1 star. I am currently in chapter 70 and so far I have not seen any obvious trace of nationalism and certainly have not seen any form of prejudice or hatred of people from other countries, just a story with incredible humor, following a slice of life with a system and the mc constantly developing. Really, I recommend that you read this story.

My Extraordinary Achievements
2 months ago

Cynical_Taste: So what you are saying is that without even reading you put the novel in the trash and rate it one star?
Don't drag novel score down just because of your own prejudices.
If you don't like concept just ignore it instead of *****ing about something you didn't even read.

My Extraordinary Achievements
2 months ago

FoodSect: Chinese title: 我的成就有点多
Date started: 07/26/2018
Rating: 8.4
Chapters: ~527
Word count: 1.33 million
Status: Ongoing

Author: 虫2
Number of works: 4
Website: Qidian

Novel is tagged as "都市" and "都市生活" which translates into "Urban" and "Life". This is the same as his other novels which translate to English as "From writer to superstar" and "Superstar producer". All of them have some sort of system as well.

My Extraordinary Achievements
2 months ago
I mean, we're at chapter 145 and only a week has passed XD View More

ToxicMe: Shiznizle dude, ill hold you up to that.

The Buggiest System v1 · C146
3 months ago
I plan on continuing the novel for at least thousand chapters so yeah View More

Morggyb: This handsome brother shall take first;)
But is there “still hope” it you continuing the novel?🤣🤣🤣

The Buggiest System v1 · C146
3 months ago
Well then thanks! View More

n69: Its not I was actually serious i love this story

The Buggiest System v1 · C145
3 months ago

SmilingReader: Lol those gnomes are like “let’s save the fish since they’re drowning” 🐟 ☀️ 😵

Gamers of the Underworld · C95
3 months ago

SmilingReader: Great job in censoring Bacons identity in that interview 👍

Gamers of the Underworld · C95
3 months ago
is this sarcastic i can't tell View More

n69: thank god more chapters have come in the amazing quality that we expect

The Buggiest System v1 · C145
3 months ago
wait what why View More

IssyxX: It's kinda a let down how fan crazy he is...

The Buggiest System v1 · C145
3 months ago
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