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  • The System User in Another World

    The System User in Another World



    Jay Silvers is just your average Otaku, but blessed in handsomeness. While he was out buying novels he happens in an accident where he save a little girl. In the final moment of his life, the only thought running through his mind was 'I want to be like those MC in novels who Transmigrate or something' = = = = But he didn't know that because he save the little girl, that would be his ticket to start his adventure in Another World. ---------------------------------- This is my first time creating something like this. Hope you also enjoy the story that was taking place in my head.

  • The Chaos Immortal

    The Chaos Immortal

    Martial Arts

    The Chaos was the beginning of the Universal Worlds and Realms. After billions and trillions of years, is the Chaos will become its end? ======== I don't know mandarin, I'm not Chinese, but I like their stories about immortals, so I'm using Chinese names on this one. English is not my main language, so if there's mistakes in my grammar. I Apologize. I will not update everyday. At least 2 times a week at most, if not 3.


Written by - Your's Truly, Motherfucking Human King Lin Fan! View More
The Strongest Omni Traveler · C187
4 days ago
The story was good and all, but don't focus too much on other characters because they're not the protagonist, and I'm really confused on the simple, He or She. You should know that distinguishing a Female and Male was the one of the basics of English. Please fix that. Thanks. View More
Otsutsuki In The Celestial Realm · C12
1 week ago
He's becoming stupid and overconfident of himself, just because he have a very large magic reserve, he's completely defenseless from the start.. what stupidity is this. View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C840
1 week ago
Stupid Mc, Why did the Di Clan, delayed opening that book? How the hell he got that? Did he brings their Cultivation manuals everywhere when he was in yul something continent?? Why didn't he finish reading that first??? So Stupid. View More
Ninth In the World · C19
1 week ago
Can you not make the entire episode a chapter? We already watch it in the anime, you can just summarize it up or describe it vaguely short. Then, just focus on claudius POV himself all along for the next chapters. View More
Code Geass: Azure Prince · C24
3 weeks ago
I'm freaking right! He's going to eat the other girls too. View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C798
1 month ago
Since this novel's about to end.. i bet he's going to eat all of their honey pots for the next chapters? View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C796
1 month ago
You're going to rewrite it? That's cool! And by the way, you need someone to edit your chapters, its somewhat confusing on what you mean on some broken sentences with weird words. View More

Glace: Oh, i’m sorry That you feel that way, but i have said it before, that if anything is strange tell me and i will try to correct it in the future and i’m happy that you brought it up, i will try to change as much as possible, i know so far it hasn’t gone well how the system work and how weak the mc use it, but Gin was Not supposed to be in that world in the first place, won’t say more, that would be spoiler. But that means his way of using things are back and forth, i could write that he could use everything like a pro, but that wouldn’t be him. I hope you understand and i will Take my time with the story, There Will be awhile untill the Novel is ending, since i have à LOT to write about it, what i have writen so far is Nothing yet. And i Will continue this story untill the end!

RWBY: Reborn With A System · C54
1 month ago
What a dumb system, what a dumb stats.. what a dumb mc with weak will... i say author san, in my honest view, the training he got were completely wasted when you wrote the fighting scenes with a life and death scene.
I dont know what you are thinking when writing this plot, its already cool to have a faunus and grimm transformation. Its just that, i cant put it into words, but its plain dumb, and trash system, doest he buy anything to boost his training in the shop? And some potions too for the past 6 years.. 6 FUCKIN' YEARS. View More
RWBY: Reborn With A System · C54
1 month ago
Nope! Nope! NOPE!
Its free to use comma, or dot. Its also free to use Enter if you're using a computer. What are you waiting for? Try now. Just call 0999999999 or just send an email to nopenopenope@nope.nope! View More
Reborn In DxD World With My Goddess Wives · C1
1 month ago
I dont know why keep on mentioning this yasuo this yasuo that.. sure you accepted the body's identity and see him as a friend.. but why dafuq did you treat him like a best friend.. author san, a best friend and a friend were different, please remember that. You clearly said that yasuo and you were not close and just a school mate or otaku mate. Im just pissed off by the way you make this story, its just like yasuo is an Protagonist, and you were a cheated one who will help him.. View More
Love Fest! · C12
1 month ago
Was there no time skip?? The random chapters was already prolonged enough. Please dont be offended. Im just cliff hanged by the drama. 👌 View More
Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C92
1 month ago
I bet he already has a Diabetes. He keeps eating sweet honey pots since some 100 chapters.. View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C781
1 month ago
Hahaha what a troll View More

LittleApple: becouse its fun?

The Multiverse Conqueror · C89
1 month ago

LittleApple: becouse its fun?

The Multiverse Conqueror · C89
1 month ago
Wrong move. Even though you want some entertaining episodes, but why did you choose this f...u...chk up game.. View More
The Multiverse Conqueror · C89
1 month ago
For some reason, you keep on writing his full status,inventory,quests, etc. He should just clarify what he wants to see. Useless words occupy most of the word count of the day.. please change it. View More
The Multiverse Conqueror · C85
1 month ago
So its a certain distance.. i thought he already forgot he can resummon his staff.. View More
The Multiverse Conqueror · C3
1 month ago
Hmmm i dont know if hes just emotional or what? It irritates me, please dont make it over emotional exaggeration, he got the Gamer system right? Why doesnt he have a gamers mind and body? Or i just skip through it when the being explained it? View More
Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C10
1 month ago
Did he lose his memory? I he didnt know why isnt he training on the leaf thingy, the water walking thingy and the climbing thingy to control his chakra, or does his chakra needs to be awakened or something? If he lose his memory, please kindly tell me the chapter, i may have skip on it. View More
Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C6
1 month ago
As long as its interesting, i dont care 👌 View More
Felix's Classroom of the Elite · C50
1 month ago
Armament Hero:Emeral Knight.. was more pleasing to me.. but yeah.. you already decided. View More
My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C21
1 month ago
I... I am the bone of my sword... View More
The Irregular In ATG · C44
1 month ago
I think he's the reincarnation of Lin Fan, when he created another universal realms. View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C31
1 month ago

reRimuru: 4 people are wet on the audience though

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C31
1 month ago
*Ram* *Goat* *Rat* *Snake* *Pig* *Ant* *Fish* *Cow* Talk-talk-no-jutsu: Release!!!! View More
My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C14
1 month ago
And this Internet thungy made me drop this.. pity, its been good and all about an animal cultivated until he has a human form, but this Internet, damn.. View More
Golden Fox with System · C76
1 month ago
Is it really Kingdom? Not Realm? View More
Golden Fox with System · C0
1 month ago
I dont know why he seems to be struggling against this some weaklings if he have a grand completion physiques of 12. He should just use his full strengh to end this ambush in case of something unexpected to happen.. hes becoming dumb, you keep on nerfing him. View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C145
2 months ago
Its always worth the wait.. but damn.. didnt know you would update in the middle of the night..(our timezone) View More
The Wish of the Dragon · C106
2 months ago
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