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  • Life can be hard as a happy person. But why is it the people we expect to be the most miserable are usually the happiest? Thoughts are the biggest enemy of happiness.

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Original Works

  • The Search for Somethingness: Shinobi Training System in the Narutoverse.

    The Search for Somethingness: Shinobi Training System in the Narutoverse.



    What happens after you die? Depending on the religion or doctrine, it could be a lot of things. Heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo, samsara, or absolute nothingness. But, even taking all of this into account, very few consider reincarnating into another world. That is what happened to me. I died and woke up hearing two foreign heartbeats. My mother’s and my brother’s. The only people I had ever wanted to protect. But, who knew I would be reincarnated into this chaotic world. A world where magic known as chakra runs rampant and a single person can destroy a country by making funny positions with their hands. I reincarnated into the world of Naruto. And the only way I could protect those close to me, become the strongest and eliminate all of the dangers. Am I becoming a monster or a saviour? Both, but none at the same time. I am becoming a warrior. A ninja. A shinobi. Everything with the help of a system that does nothing but teach and only grants me three single uses of a cheat every other transmigrator seems to have. Really, how is that fair?

  • Super Emperor of the Heavenly Realms and the Inmortal Sect

    Super Emperor of the Heavenly Realms and the Inmortal Sect


    Shu-wi-la is the son of the king of the emperor of the realms. when he turns 20 he achieves the power of the gods and conquers the world.

  • Super Gene: Domination

    Super Gene: Domination



    What happens when a genius doctor and biologist transmigrates into a world where people enhance their genes by consuming the flesh of other creatures? This is the story of Ling Yun, who will enter the sanctuaries with the advantage of foresight and dominate the inhabitants within, human or otherwise, all while trying to steal as much as possible from a certain former MC. With the goal to become strong enough to protect those precious to him and give them a better life, he will climb the ranks of the Alliance and reach the peak of evolution. Will Ling Yun be succesful in his endeavor? Or will all his hopes wither in the face of adversity and apparent insurmountable odds? ------- NO HAREM.


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