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  • Shrouded in the dark

    Shrouded in the dark


    Power - check Best friend - check Falled in love - check Best friend fucked MC lover - check Betrayed - check Revenge - ???????? Harem - ??????? Future - ??????? Just a random story writed on a whim.


Its good keep up the good work View More
Evil Goddess System · C12
3 days ago
Wow, he wanted to kill like 95 % of human population to leave only the Best ones :D, wait he still wants but its his second goal now There is not So many inteligent/wise people in the World who can become inventors scientists or researchers . Yeah '' he changes'' nope nope nope. Human cant change his 100 years of World perception in few days its illogical. And Sophia is a bi*ch. And by the spoiler we can mostly deduct what will Alaric choose. Yup **** him. Nicolae for the win *loud cheering* View More
The Alchemists · C364
2 months ago

bhar95twit: This is a clever as f**k MC😅😂😂

The First Order · C1
3 months ago
Nicolae and Alaric are Brothers - change my mind meme View More
The Alchemists · C324
3 months ago
I Just want to See a moment when heero will slap all BIG shots that are in the ranker Alliance and heroes. Wood guy stops 10lvl calamity by himself, you want to have bad relations with his Master, small brains go die View More
Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C68
3 months ago
Dont put your Dick in crazy!! Is it really hard to remember?! View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C48
3 months ago
Blood will flow View More
Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C54
4 months ago
Stroheim Man od culture View More
Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C71
4 months ago
Good **** give me more dealer View More
The Goddess of Death · C7
4 months ago
I Care more about mariel or what was her name (the girl that got kicked out of the Wolf pack) than him xD View More

Missrealitybites: Not good, it seems.

The Alchemists · C216
4 months ago
... Lets See what Lauriel have for us View More
The Alchemists · C216
4 months ago
It have 4.7k of Stones for me So its fault of webnovel. There is a lot of original that arent shown on the power original ranking only in the second from right cattegory 0 info on changes etc View More

Orthanos: Holy crap Pass Don some power stones, this is the first time i seen this story drop below 200. I am used to seeing this story 15+ in power rankings.

Likde WTF mate?

Dragonborn Saga · C441
4 months ago
Alchemists have immortality potion, death, wiping memories potions 50+years. that potion that makes you not hungry that one of them is testing, So Lauriel why the **** you dont have serum of truth or another thing like that :D Master of poison :D:D View More
The Alchemists · C199
5 months ago
My opinion about Rory went sooo good dam low So low that he shares the same place with alexei. He almost killed my New reason for continuing living uh ah but you said that my past love is alive So you must be 200% sure and I Will believe you, I kick you from Wolf pack cuz you said she is dead uuuuhhhhh and wanted to protect me. BIG BRAIN, he loves her sooo much but he never made sure that she died in that war BIG BRAIN go cry in the corner thrash, it Will be fixed later but my opinion of him will not change go drink death and cry in the corner View More
The Alchemists · C195
5 months ago
Was there something about increasing her monster title level by killing people in that trial if not farm Time xd go massacrete the Town xd View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C114
5 months ago

JAsura: I don't really know how to describe these past chapters. I mean, I know it's kinda a slice of life fanfic, but it's getting more and more boring(?), I think..

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C604
5 months ago
Wasn't there AN alchemist who was touring around the World who was giving signs that he is still alive from Time to Time if I remember correctly hmmmmm didnt read previous comments So i dont know of someone had a idea like that before View More
The Alchemists · C139
6 months ago

Darcksage: And unfortunately this is where I'll have to stop. Good luck on your endeavors.

Master of Time · C112
6 months ago
Ash used comand give 10000000000 rare candys, Julian defeated THE END View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C234
6 months ago
Enjoying twilight need to See a doctor View More
A New Wolf in Twilight · C17
6 months ago
Its sad when you spend 150 power Stones +, 5th in the ranking and its get locked, the worst part is the price if it would be like 5 no problem, I could have resigned from another payed to read story to continue this one. Its goodbye maybe will read it when price goes down if ever View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C66
6 months ago
I am throwing up, dropped View More
The Indomitable Master of Elixirs · C37
7 months ago

Aastron: Will Tanya appear? Lolol.... it's like youjo seki

Master of Time · C47
7 months ago
Fluff is source of unlimited power, good job changing into fluff View More
Dragonborn Saga · C394
7 months ago
Fluff is the True source of unlimited power, but theirs devotion is not Deep enought to grasp the power that fluff can grant to the devoters. Stupid hoomans, Cat dont bless View More

MacD: i think don should do some more overly fluff centric chapters in praise of the floof

Dragonborn Saga · C393
7 months ago
No fluff for you author for that Cliff View More
Dragonborn Saga · C393
7 months ago
'' Cat bless hooman'' it won everything View More
Dragonborn Saga · C360
8 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! · C93
9 months ago
Another one who made a deal with devil? View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C15
9 months ago
1000 power stones for chapter??xD wanted to add it to library but dont see a reason to do so 1 chap in a year View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C10
10 months ago
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