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Original Works

  • Dimension Traveler

    Dimension Traveler


    After an unfortunate death our protagonist was given a choice to go to a different world and start anew. Join him on his adventure to travel throughout the anime verse Hello guys I am a new writer and I'm just trying this out to see how far I can go and how much I can butcher my fav anime and novel hahahah, so please be lenient with me as I might ... uhhh scratch that as I will make some mistake. write me some idea of what you'd like and which anime world. cover by some guy in discord 1-3 chapters per week, and if possible I’ll try to do more.

  • Reborn As Luffy With Saiyan Powers

    Reborn As Luffy With Saiyan Powers

    Anime & Comics


    Follow the mc to his road to his greatest adventures full of riches and pleasure. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE STORIES THAT I'LL FANFIC WARNING: Mature content, if not adult not recommended to read.

  • World Outbreak

    World Outbreak

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ACTION Monster Apocalypse back to past Zombie

    A strong Envolved man died and went back to the past before the start of the apocalypse. Would he be able to change the future and save his loved one?? Follow our hero and find more. Hey guys, it's me Powerhungry, I'm back with an original Novel hope you like it. If you do, then comment, reviews and vote because the more you do the more I'll be motivated and write more and give you more chapters, take it as a give and take situation P@treon coming soon so please find in your heart to support this poor author later, if you enjoy my contents For now support me with a cup of Kofi: Ko-fi.com/powerhungry


moontoon: He keeps on saying "bonus chapter later/tommorow" but ends up nothing.

Netori System · C0
2 days ago

Pripriri: Another new novel again. Why keep. Creating novels if you don't even finish it

Netori System · C0
2 days ago

josekpo40000000: no se de otras personas pero me gusta.

World Outbreak · C3
1 week ago

DDRBOG: I liked

World Outbreak · C3
1 week ago

Satan_God: Fin my exams. Think i made it to next grade

I'm Hentai God · C9
1 week ago
Come on!!!!!!
Please one more chapter, I can’t wait for him to shred them apart View More
DragonBall X: The Ultimate System [Re-Mastered] · C69
1 week ago
Fabulous!!!! 💓 loved it View More
Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C84
2 weeks ago

blazuki: I'll try to squeeze a one. But no promises.

Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C81
2 weeks ago
Just hope in the future the author doesn’t make a chapter that’s 90% system info View More
ZORO in HSDxD · C12
2 weeks ago
Issei doesn’t deserve harem, take everyone from him View More

Jatt_Life: I did 3 chapters just in a day.
Well i will post 1or 2 chapters tomorrow as well

ZORO in HSDxD · C3
2 weeks ago

Mr_even: take all of isse's harem and more

ZORO in HSDxD · C3
2 weeks ago
I’m sure the author is using google translate or some translator that’s y, there is this problem and other avoidable mistakes View More

max1103: he/his/him: masculine
she/hers/her: feminine

My new life in One Piece · C7
2 weeks ago
Honestly it’s not too bad, as unfortunately I have read worst, however at some point it’s really unreadable and seems google translate View More
My new life in One Piece · C4
2 weeks ago
I suggest you maker shorter paragraphs, as it’s more pleasing and easier to read. View More
My new life in One Piece · C1
2 weeks ago
More!!!!!!!!!!!!! View More
Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C80
2 weeks ago
It just had to stop here!! I DEMAND ANOTHER CHAPTER!!! View More
Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C79
2 weeks ago
I hope the author doesn’t include little Yui as a harem member in the future, because for me it’ll ruin it.
Since being their cute and lovely daughter is what suites best in this story. View More
Golden Fox with System · C115
2 weeks ago

kyuu4: I would love it if Lanrou was the woman chosen by his mother

Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C71
3 weeks ago
i'm sorry, but i feel verry lost at the end of the chapter View More
Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C15
3 weeks ago

blazuki: I'm writing this for fun, I know I'm not perfect but So what, No one born perfect.
Some will like it and some won't, it's Ok everyone has his own liking.
I would listen to all the suggestions to improve the story.
( Except for that guy that keep spamming, take his mother sister...)

Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
Honestly, if possible I'd rate it even lower than 1 since it's literally theft, well to be honest this guys isn't really ripping off the author, but him posting it without permission, is causing many people to not read from the main site and losing many readers for the original hard-working author, since even I at the beginning didn't know that it was a copy and I read it here but from the original place, so how can you imagine how many people like me, who doesn't know and keep reading here causing a loss to the author.
And I suggest the one who put it here to stop posting and at least get the author's permission. View More
Recarnation of ultimate Spider man
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter and more please 🤤🤤😋 View More
DragonBall X: The Ultimate System [Re-Mastered] · C62
1 month ago
Make raynare his slave instead View More
Reincarnating in highschool dxd with cheat · C22
1 month ago

DevilTriggered: He like say all his secret and let's be honest, that's was lame. Think about it, now they will distrust him. In serious work it would fired back at him in the ass, but oh well, don't think here it do something.... Talking about draig and devils would be enough, but when guy totally hint that know all, even thing that not many knows.... Well whatever....

Reincarnating in highschool dxd with cheat · C17
1 month ago
where is it, i cant see it View More

shashank_bhatt: It is already uploaded

Reborn as Kenichi in the world of History's Strongest Disciple · C38
1 month ago
I suggest captain america style, big but not gross, and slightly pleasing to the eye if you don’t like the mc being handsome, or make it so the more you know the person, the better you feel about him etc... View More

Siv: I have already planned for such ritual to not make him stand out when he attends Hogwarts.

Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C7
1 month ago

FOX_FIRE: make him at least manly handsome or hot not girly handsome who make girl blush but a man who inspire strength, security and safety

Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C7
1 month ago
Franky, if he gets struck by more average curse I’m out, so far this is enough, I just hope with the rituals he slowly become someone exceptional View More
Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C5
1 month ago

Monster_Paradise: That is why he won’t be getting that bloodline for now. It will get to boring if there is no challenges which I want to avoid.

DragonBall X: The Ultimate System [Re-Mastered]
1 month ago
Honestly I’m a harem reader however in DC and Marvel harem is not a good option, it’s very risky since it gives birth to many plot holes if not done right, no harem here View More

Honeypot: Beautiful story. Interesting concepts
Nice system build
Although story could use a little bit of harem
It's still in it's early stage and quite unpredictable
Apart from that, it's a splendid book

1 month ago
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