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Original Works

  • The Legend of Astan's Queen

    The Legend of Astan's Queen



    He Jian and He Mei Ya, known as "Evil siblings", leaders of the Gui assassination sect are killed in an explosion in one of their mission. They wake up to find themselves in the bodies of brother and sister of He family abandoned in woods. Realizing that they are in a different world full of magic, and the bodies of original owners are bullied and labelled as 'trash' by young masters of other clans, they wow to each other to shake this new continent. You guys think you bullied us.. bullshit.. we will show you what bullying truly is...You think you are rich.. look at our He family's new business.. what?... now you are not even the worth of dust under our shoes... Crown Prince and Crown Princess.. You cancelled your engagement with us.. We will make you know what regret is.. Yes.. We will make every single one of you know what regret truly is.. The Elder brother He Jian and his sister He Mei Ya make their mark in this new cultivation world and their hidden forces shakes everyone.. making He family untouchable... Both the siblings meet with various strong cultivators on their journey of magic, martial arts,.....specially the charming and domineering two-faced He Mei Ya.. with her powers she becomes a pristine lotus in the hearts of many.. Their lives are changed completely when He Mei Ya accidentally releases purple eyed devilishly handsome man and her destiny becomes entangled with his for eternity... A road of journey of family.. friendship... love... watch as the siblings along with the evil-doer change the future of entire realm with our little He Mei Ya as the little queen of the black-bellied evil-doer.

  • An Indian Bride

    An Indian Bride


  • My Beautiful Commander

    My Beautiful Commander

    Historical Romance Romance Reincarnation Female Protagonist Comedy Transmigration


    Xia Lian, a 21st century military doctor died in an explosion and found herself transmigrated to the body a 12 year girl. Her mother died and her father abandoned her and her little brother for another woman. But she strives to provide a bright future for her younger brother and herself. She slowly makes herself stronger so that no one can bully her and her brother. Many admire her for her strong and free personality. Even the cold and aloof general falls head over heals for her, but she does not accept love as she only has her brother in her eyes. But he does not give up as he realized that he is in love with this weird and strong woman. Note: Pic credits goes to Webnovel team. The story is set in a fictional era.. Release rate: 14 chps/week Connect with me on Discord: neha_#4373

  • Fated to Love You

    Fated to Love You

    Contemporary Romance Mafia Slow-Romance Love Triangle Model Painter


    "The first time you fall in love, it changes you forever and no matter how hard you try, that feeling just never goes away." — Nicholas Sparks. ... For Brian, it was not love at first sight, meeting Isabella only sparked an intense dislike between them. But, it did not take much time for him to fall in love with the fiery woman who rustled his fur. Isabella was the woman Brian fell in love with, and is still the one in his heart. She's his first love; but he wasn't hers. She fell in love with another man, a man who wasn't him. ... He was her first love, first kiss, first to embrace her soul... but also first to break her heart. For Isabella, her first love was a bitter lesson; one which built walls around her heart. She was determined to not give rights for another man to hurt her, like he did. ... For Brian, Isabella is the final destination of his heart. She was his muse, his everything,and he's not going to lose her again. But, can he win her heart, when he lost before? ... This is a journey of two souls who waddle through the web of love, heartbreak and trust.



    Fantasy Romance Female Protagonist


    Her father was beheaded, her mother was thrown into the cold prison, her brother was cut down in front of her eyes. She was known for her ugly looks . She married him, believing her aunt's and cousins words like a fool. She begged her husband to spare her family. He smiled coldly and said ruthlessly " You are a pawn in my game of chess. You helped me in removing your family, who are a threat to me. So, I will give you a less painful death." Her sister visited her in prison " Sister, I am marrying your husband." Thanks to her visit, many things became clear to her. At the time of her death, she realized how many sacrificed their lives for her and she smiled mocking herself for being so weak and foolish for trusting others. She was killed with poison. The heavens did not abandon her. She woke up in her 13 year old body. The girl smiled coldly " I, Jun Lan has returned! In this life I will see who can touch my family." Protecting her family from sinister plots, Face slapping her foes, Embarking on a whole new path of cultivation, meeting new friends and a shameless flower boy tagging along with her like a tail, Jun Lan starts her new life with adventures all along her way. Release rate: 4-5 chps / week

  • The Rhythm of Love

    The Rhythm of Love


    Li Yan is nicknamed as 'The Nightingale' because of her excellent voice. She is well-known for her soul touching songs.. She won many awards.. But, due to her step-sister and her fiancée, she was badly hurt and lost her voice. Doctors told her that she may not be able to recover her voice.. She was then ridiculed as the nightingale who lost her voice.. When everyone abandoned her, she steeled her heart and she refused love. She believed in herself and tried hard to recover her voice.. Like a ray of hope, He entered her life and supported her during her most difficult times.. Who is he? Why is he helping her? She had many questions in her mind but she did not ask him. Because of him she understood that ' I am here for you..' is more touching than ' I love you..' A pair of eyes stared into the other haltingly.. Don't look at me like that.. he said Why.. she asked Because I feel like stealing you away and lock you up in my heart.. he replied Thus began a beautiful story of two hearts.. Follow the musical journey of Li Yan as she rises to the top again crushing all those who stepped upon her, while cherishing her man..

  • Beauty Tycoon

    Beauty Tycoon

    Magical Realism

    Ellen Wells, a 20 year cosmetic chemist finds herself transmigrated into a young girl's body in a parallel world. She ends up in a difficult situation, gets pregnant and breaks ties with her cruel family taking her younger sister with her. "Mabel, we are totally f*cked up.." Ellen whispered while looking at the $20 in her hands. " Sister, what should we do now?" " You just focus on your school. This grandmother, will see who can stop her from becoming rich." Ellen smirked as she steeled her heart. He was just a average man with no killer looks. But, will he able to open her heart to him? Follow the journey of Ellen in a whole new parallel world, who ascends from the depths of hell to become a beauty tycoon using her chemist knowledge. May be, she finds love in this life..

  • Friends, Enemies or Lovers?

    Friends, Enemies or Lovers?


    She is the tomboy.. He is the hot guy She is the badass.. He is the prince arrogant She is the non-social type.. He is the social bee.. It is said that two polar opposites attract each other.. So, what happens when Naomi Duston and Ethan Ryder who are exact opposites meet each other? Friends, enemies or lovers... What exactly are they??? Note: Pic credits goes to pinterest

  • Dreams of a Silent Night

    Dreams of a Silent Night


    Shui was a high class courtesan in ‘Spring Flower Pavilion’,the famous brothel, where her job is to entertain the guests. He was a mysterious man who she happened to save by chance. It was a chance encounter and they never expected to meet each other again. But,by weaving their destinies together and by making them meet again and again, Fate sure works in it’s own mysterious ways. … ‘Once broken, though fixed, it will never be the same.’ she stated coldly. ‘Yes, it may never be the same. But, if fixed, it will much more beautiful than before.’ he replied with a warm smile. In a world filled with men who broke her, she willingly bowed her head to the man who respected and loved her. As time passes, secrets resurface and the past threatens to destroy the current peace in Shui’s life. Is their love strong enough to last through all the trials and tribulations?

  • Ascension of The Evil Queen: Wife above; Husband below!

    Ascension of The Evil Queen: Wife above; Husband below!


    Zhuang Mei, the lone wolf gets assassinated by the boss of the rival gang. Her soul roams around the world; on one of the sightseeing trips, she meets another wandering soul who grants her two choices: Rebirth or Transmigration. Bored with her previous life, Zhuang Mei opts for the second choice. ... Upon waking up, Zhuang Mei finds her soul in the body of an 18-year-old girl— who coincidentally shares the same name. On top of that, the girl is the vicious female side character. After learning all the vicious deeds of the original owner, Zhuang Mei laughs, amused. "People, let me show you the real meaning of viciousness..." ... Meng Meng: [Host, what do you think about the ML?] ZM: Too honest and boring; not my type. Meng Meng: [...I want romance, no, I demand romance! Meng Meng wants meng!] ZM: *sighs* I will find some beautiful male and seduce him, calm down! Meng Meng: [(✪ω✪)/]

  • The Legend of Deathblade

    The Legend of Deathblade

    Eastern Fantasy

    —When the only light abandons you, you have no choice but to embrace the darkness, for it might be the only hope for your soul to continue its journey.— ‘The scars on my body define me, and I was molded by my mistakes; those from which I can hardly redeem myself and those which I truly did not come to regret. I cherished life but death was my famous greeting. I seldom trust others; I only believed in mutual benefits— I’m not the likable kind. I was hated by many, and loved by a few; well, one man to be exact. Though I changed a little with time, my penchant towards death never faltered. Slave, Demon, Enchantress, Nightmare,... A few names called by people who thought they knew me. Those who really knew me, or those who met my sword— called me Deathblade.’ NOTE: Since this novel is a side project of mine, there will be three chapters per week.

  • Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride

    Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride

    History Drama SlowRomance

    Su Qing is the forgotten daughter of the Su family, a spawn of one of the several mistresses of her father. She is a pawn waiting to be deposed off for her family's political benefits. Bullied from young, beaten, malnourished and mistreated, Su Qing loses faith in love. As the days pass by, she becomes cold, mistrustful and aloof. Can the frail body mask her clever mind? Wang Mo Xie is the playboy fifth prince of the kingdom. Wine and gambling are his favorite activities. He is loathed by all and looked down by his own imperial father. Is that all to him or is it merely his facade? So, when an imperial edict declares marriage between the wastrel prince and the sickly young miss of the Su family, everyone mocked that it was a match made in heaven. But, little did they know that it was truly a match made in heaven.


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Hello, Heir
8 months ago
Yup, I'm currently editing the chapters and I'm going to update soon. ☻ View More

wonderxinghe: Wow! new cover! .... I hope there'll be an update soon.🤞

Fated to Love You · C5
8 months ago

wonderxinghe: Wow! new cover! .... I hope there'll be an update soon.🤞

Fated to Love You · C5
8 months ago

chloe28: thank you

My Beautiful Commander · C9
8 months ago
Hi dear, I knew I sucked in the past few months. So, I'm not promising another date again. But, let me say that I will doing a mass release in Jun Lan and MBC in one of the coming TGIF's. View More

knittinggal: Could you pls inform us about the status of "JUN LAN" and "My Beautiful Commander"? There have been no updates, not even the teensiest bit of a comment or answer to a comment ever since April and May... despite your frequent and never kept promises about more updates, more regular updates and mass releases >:(

Ascension of The Evil Queen: Wife above; Husband below! · C0
9 months ago
Hi dear, thanks for sharing your thoughts. There will be no domestic abuse. This marriage is non-consensual, and both ML and FL are not interested in each other romantically. So, both of them will do some things not caring about other's feelings. You must have seen that already from the ML's side. He literally announced that he has no interest in marriage, but all at the cost of the humiliation of FL. So, yes, the start is bumpy; however, their interactions will slowly smoothen out as the story unravels.

There will be three stages in their relationship: Trust, loyalty, love.

Both ML and FL will have their backstories.

I'm against polygamy, so the ML has zero chances of having a harem. hehe.

Happy reading ☻ View More

Daoist478249: It's a historical novel which has potential, as long as there is no domestic abuse from the spouse nor in laws. I mean thus far the main lead has been abused through neglect but she shouldn't hope for more of the same treatment from her spouse. People should begin marriage with optimism or not at all.

The main lead will need support to obtain justice for her murdered mother; the playboy husband will have to slowly show us his kindress, his friendship and thus grow the loyalty between them. I am curious to know if he has ever loved anyone before in a romantic relationship and if has ever believed in monogamy because I expect that to be a basic courtesy in marriage.

I look forward to reading more.

Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride
10 months ago
Haha! That's true lol. He is not the best, but not certainly the worst. Let's see if and how he will change in the future. View More

Daoist478249: The prince has bad friends and bad manners.

Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride · C4
10 months ago
Thanks for enjoying the story. ☺ View More

jwow39: Thank

Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride · C2
10 months ago
Hi there! Thanks for enjoying the story. ☻ View More

desperatelurker: Thanks for the chapter. This looks interesting.

Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride · C3
10 months ago
Lol, there will be retribution for evil. But, FL will not be revenge-minded. View More

Quetz: a****** I was hoping for some spicy revenge ....

Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride · C1
10 months ago
No, this is not going to be a slow revenge story. There will be a few plots and politics going on, but this is a slow romance story. Revenge is not the driving point of this story. View More

Quetz: is this a slow revenge story ??

Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride · C1
10 months ago
Hey, you can attempt to write about 100 chapters with about 800-1000 words per chapter. I wish you the best. View More

VirginiaCornel: Yes true, I wonder if how many chapters a story should be? I am writing mostly short story but I also want to try here...?

Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C1
11 months ago
Thanks for your criticism. I truly appreciate it, and the FL is not a good person here. Well, at least in the initial half of the story she is a bad person. She is bad, and I'm happy that I'm finally able to portray her as bad. She is a cold-blooded assassin in her previous life, after all. She is flawed, but she will change after the appearance of ML in her life. Thanks to your emotional words, I'm finally relieved that I'm successful in portraying her as a bad person. View More

Agrotera: I'm totally fine wuth her being flirty etc. (with consent ofc). If someone is into casus s"x, that's ok. If someone only wants sex within a relationship or marriage that's ok. If someone doesn't sex at all that is ok as well. Hate the societsociety's double standards in this as well...
But I think it was totally unnecessary and arseholely to immobilized that poor man (and harass him).
Yes she is a free spirit blah blah, but that doesn't have aashownythinhg to do eith this act and neither does it show her (mental) strenght. That is kinda just bullying the weak.
Taking away the freedom (to move and communicate) from someone else just for fun is disgusting...
Well that is my point of few and it is not my story.
And I still appreciate the work you put into.this!!! Writing a novel is not easy.

Ascension of The Evil Queen: Wife above; Husband below! · C0
11 months ago
So, if a man flirts with many women we call them as a playboy. When it comes to women, it's a whore. I'm enlightened and appalled at the same time. What's wrong with flirting, but if that's your definition of a whore, then yes, my female lead is one. You are welcome to enjoy my novel. View More

Kul: You made her sound like a whore with that author note Author anyway Thanks for the chapter!

Ascension of The Evil Queen: Wife above; Husband below! · C0
11 months ago
Thanks, dear. I didn't know that. I will contact the WN team asap. **: I really wanted to use those emojis'. View More

Yuki_Qing: this might sound offense to you. Dear Neha, sorry to say this, as a contract, should know that any kanji/emoji/non-English text will lock up the book from receiving votes.

Ascension of The Evil Queen: Wife above; Husband below! · C0
1 year ago
The vote button disappeared from yesterday and even I have no idea why. But there is a vote button in the app, it's not there is the desktop website. View More

JoKim: vote button is gone author

Ascension of The Evil Queen: Wife above; Husband below! · C0
1 year ago
You are wrong. Don't associate racism with white people. Prejudice comes from all classes of society, not just whites. Your way of saying whites treat blacks as slaves is also racism. View More

Byankee: That's why the whites treat us blacks as slaves...

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C17
1 year ago
Excuse me, do you even understand what I am saying? It's the mistake of author, but somehow the novel got picked. It is the job of translators here! Are you saying that they can't even distinguish the phrases here? Just because the author spoke about racism doesn't mean that translators should follow that suit!

It is the author's mistake and so is the translators!

And did I ever praise the author here?

Think twice before you speak! View More

Elissiaro: I dont undetstand why you think its the job of the translators to censor novels that theyre translating?

Like, do you want to praise this author on how good they are or whatever and never know about the racism? That is actually written blatantly in this novel?

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C17
1 year ago

punny9: Thank you so much❤
Glad to have such a large support finally!!

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C17
1 year ago
I seriously agree with you. The phrases on black skin and using Africa as a reference is seriously sick! And I have no words to say to all those who are justifying racism using class as an excuse. No matter what the setting of the novel is or what class you belong to, racism is not be encouraged.

What's wrong with the translators? It's their responsibility to remove any possible offensive phrases from the novel! I did report this novel to webnovel asking them to implore the translators to remove all such phrases from the novel. View More

punny9: The content has been deleted

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C17
1 year ago
Reading Status: C3
Those who have read World Domination System already know about the author's excellent and gripping narration. All his novels are completely different from each other, each unique in their own way. So stop hesitating and give the novel a try!
ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ View More
Age of Teras: Monster Evolution
1 year ago

chaitu743: While I was voting with powerstones.. I saw the rank move from 34th to 33 😎

1 year ago
When is your birthday dear? View More

twinpurple: Yay! It'll be on my birthday! 🎂 🎉

1 year ago
The start seems promising. Fellow Author, all the best for this novel and I'm looking forward to the next chapters. View More
Age of Teras: Monster Evolution · C1
1 year ago
Fluffy's appearance will be in the coming chapters. :) View More

Ana4: Missing fluffy.mass release plz.we are not satisfied with only one chapter a day

1 year ago

adeolaruqayat: Supported, though am not a published writer

Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C1
1 year ago

Marner: Go get 'em Master!

1 year ago

Lukidi: Спасибо за главу)
Когда читаешь новость про 10 глав... Но нужны деньги, а ты обычный школьник это как купил мороженое и оно упало на асфальт

1 year ago

Wenz26: Yeah. Go get em master ..

1 year ago

ReezeBells: Hahahahaha! Her brother is so cute bullying her

1 year ago
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