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  • Hello and welcome to my profile *waves* 👋 Call me Alpha. #proudAfrican #Bookworm I am a young African writer who dreams to touch many hearts with my writing.

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Original Works

  • Not Your Average Love Story [SEQUEL ONGOING]

    Not Your Average Love Story [SEQUEL ONGOING]



    They say you can't force love, You'll most likely find it when you're not looking. Just like how the Fetridge's Law works. Important things that are supposed to happen do not happen, especially when you are looking. Most important things in life really do happen when we least expect and it has happened to me. Love found me when it was the last thing on earth I was searching for. But what if Love isn't everything we compare it to? What if love isn't roses that blossoms? What if love isn't a fairy tale that brings magic to our lives? What if love is not air that you never get tired of breathing? What if love isn't rivers, and oceans that flows without end? And that we're just swimming in seas of depthless metaphors? SEQUEL STARTED IN THIS VERY BOOK

  • Battle of the undead

    Battle of the undead


    You have heard of the battle of Hastings right? if not you can google it up. although I'd advise you not to! why? well everything they've said so far is a lie... the tales they told are all false. what if I tell you I have the right tale of the battle of Hastings in here? This a tale of what really happened at the battle of Hastings and I'm not telling lies. *grins evilly* ©AlphaWrites

  • Habiba ~ Dilemma of an African Muslim girl

    Habiba ~ Dilemma of an African Muslim girl

    Realistic Fiction

    Everyone should be able to be who they want to be, speak their mind and pursue their purpose in life. Yet many women from all over the world are still denied this freedom and that is the plight of Habiba ,a young and beautiful African Muslim girl, who runs away from home to escape an early marriage with an older man. What happens to her when she is found by some clansmen and brought back to her home? ↪written purposely for 2018 international Women's Day

  • He Never Loved Me

    He Never Loved Me


    For what seemed like a match made in heaven, Carl Moore fell in love with the daughter of his employer, CEO of a highly reputable law firm in Boston. The CEO got murdered in cold blood and Carl was accused of committing the crime. Carl spent ten years in prison for the crime and returns determined more than ever to win the love of his life back. Now, Kimberly 'Kim' hates him for killing her father and seeks to have revenge on him no matter what it takes. Carl on the other side will do anything to prove his innocence and win Kim back. But the truth becomes more hard to find as he get closer to it. Will he be able to prove his innocence and get back with Kim with all the obstacles he would have to face ? ▶▶updates on weekends. Love y'all Amazing cover by @candice

  • Enthralled Danger

    Enthralled Danger


    Lennon Keegan, an impulsive News anchor and Editor of the Harpersville's news hub wakes up to a radiant morning with a smile plastered on his face and ready to have a feel of that soft and delicate skin he had his hands all over the night before but he turns to see the other side of the bed empty - as if he had imagined all that he thought he had done that night. Then the city police showing up in front his apartment a week after, questioning him about a girl he had picked up the week before brought together the missing pieces of his memory making everything more real than he believed it to be. Who is that girl and what happened to her? Why did she take off without prompting Lennon and why was the police in front of his apartment a week after? Find out in "Enthralled Danger" by Boakye D. Alpha __________________________________ Cover by let_alpha_write Kinda #steamy inside


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