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  • The Gene Warrior (Dropped. Check Synopsis!)

    The Gene Warrior (Dropped. Check Synopsis!)

    Martial Arts System Weak to Strong Alchemy Martial Arts

    The story is being rewritten with another name. Link to the new version : https://www.webnovel.com/book/12426836305431105/Legend-of-Aurum

  • Legend of Aurum

    Legend of Aurum

    Martial Arts Reincarnation Second Chance Alchemy Martial Arts Kingdom Building Doctor AI


    I resent the fate for giving me no potential in martial arts. I resent martial world for not letting me live peacefully after I left the martial world. I resent ordinary people for not letting me finish my work. In this life, I don't want to be in your skin when you mess with me. Follow Neo on his journey in his second life with help of AI chip and previous life memories. # Important. - COVER MADE BY SILENTSCARLETT! Praise the godly skills! :D - I am not a native English speaker. - I write to improve my English and writing. I will edit chapters multiple times. - I am a university student and exams are coming. - I hope you can pinpoint some logic and grammar mistakes. Thanks for checking out this novel. You can contact me via email: ArcaneDragonX@gmail.com


See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Avarice System · C0
8 months ago
He should slaughter that stupid priest with a smile. The stupidity of her will leads to a giant number of people's suffering. It's game, yet intelligence of 'believers' remains the same. View More
Reborn: Super God of War · C32
10 months ago
I don't think, the group that is kidnapping random children and brainwashing them into the killers would change that easy. It's easier to create a new organization from scratch and eventually take over UNSC.
Another question: How could Alex make them change? View More

Democratis: TY for the chapter, tho I am disappointed that he will eventually leave the UNSC. They may not be the best, but they can change. And also, you haven't really described Alex's armor, like how big is he in it, color, etc.

Reincarnated in HALO · C15
10 months ago
Is it dropped? View More
Jay Aslan: Journey to the Top · C40
11 months ago
It's easy you need to eat it and then chant Buddhist mantra. After that, you need to count all the grains of sand on Sahara. After you do it, you need to create a model for the movement of sand on deserts and then finally matrix will bind with your blood and mind. Easy! I believe you can do it :D View More

number0NE: I am an engineering student and i use matrix all the time
But it still didn't merge with my blood
Can any one tell me how?

A Wizard's Secret · C21
11 months ago

Daoist_Kermit: Have good break

Legend of Aurum · C28
1 year ago
Did you think about becoming an editor? Hahaha. The point is a million mistakes in one chapter convicted me in one thing. I need to take care of my university and edit previous chapters. I will post notice :D Thank you once more. I wrote some chapters in haste because I wanted to stack up some chapters and here we go. Basic mistakes escaped my sight, that's quite sad. View More

AquaMarini: btw... why the cover change...;}

Legend of Aurum · C27
1 year ago
First 'Forest of Death' was at the beginning of the novel it was the 2nd chapter. View More

CinnamonTsunami: Did we miss a chapter? Or is the name of the chapter wrong?

Legend of Aurum · C27
1 year ago
Hahaha. It's not that hard. Every chapter is released 7 AM of qidian time. View More


Legend of Aurum · C26
1 year ago
Thanks for your opinion. I cannot promise that in near future it will be improved to the level that you will enjoy. The story will be edited multiple times. I decided to first write some kind of skeleton and then make a break to flesh it out. Yes, I should just write it and edit and then publish it. I needed someone to help out with this procedure as I lack experience. So reviews and comments will help me, understand what is lacking and so on. You are talking about minimum standards of the proper author, I will reach it someday and show you my work by then. I wonder if you go from work to work and leave reviews about not reaching these standards. Ok, thank you for your attention. View More

Eddicted: Author buddy i think you should stop writing this novel too and try improving your writng skills and logic even more.the charecters of the people are too shallow, almost one dimensional.and if there are immortals in that world this idiot selling things like cleansing elixir as a weakling will only result in those immortals kidnapping him,torturing him,getting info from him,then finally dissecting his brain to look for abnormalities.and your world background is terrible.i hope you can atleast reach the minimum standards of a proper author by the time of your next novel if you dont give up by then.Goodluck.

Legend of Aurum
1 year ago
Mistake :D Thanks. I will correct this. View More

AquaMarini: 'I won't go explore the Forest of Death' to 'I want to go explore the Forest of Death'.

Legend of Aurum · C25
1 year ago
I am sorry. My time is limited right now. End of semester is hell for students. Many tests and exams. Deadlines for projects and other things. I will work on my grammar and edit story in the near future. I hope you can endure a little longer. View More

WisdomIsGood: The content has been deleted

Legend of Aurum · C24
1 year ago
Don't someday you will come back and get your glory back :D View More

I_AM_SEXY_OWERLORD: Fu*k i was playing dident notice chapter lostfirst feels like dying by a needle too the heart :(

Legend of Aurum · C24
1 year ago
It's called willpower :D People can achieve miracles through mere will and effort. Yes, even in the real world. View More

Illyanna1: I was cringing just reading about the pain, For as young as his body is im surprised he got them all done

Legend of Aurum · C24
1 year ago
Extraordinary meridians on. Ultimate acting though on. Anti young masters system on. Ready to go! Ohhhh sorry, I forgot about protagonist aura :D View More
The Brilliant Fighting Master · C388
1 year ago
Sir, this guy lost his sanity take him away :D View More

darkoneko: I'm a dragon. I'm a dragon. I'm a dragon. I'm a dragon. I'm a dragon.

The Brilliant Fighting Master · C387
1 year ago
In the future, at this moment MC is a kid and I will focus on the development of other aspects. View More

Just_a_person: Romance?

Legend of Aurum
1 year ago
I don't know. I am not against the polygamy but I don't like forced harems. I need to think it over. I planned some story in advance but there are a lot of unknowns. The first 2 volumes will be focused on other aspects so you can wait until I actually get into creating some romantic relationship hahaha. I cannot promise you anything because I still need to improve writing quality and there are too many variables. Thank you for your comment, I know I didn't answer your question, however, you need to live with it. View More

nothinsnew: no harem?

Legend of Aurum · C19
1 year ago
Naive? Hmmm, let's check if it blocks me too. View More

leylinn: i would hate to have a mother like that :P who makes their ***** innocent kid promise not to hurt anyone in that type of world? might as well kill himself =,= should have only made him promise to be a good person overall

Legend of Aurum · C1
1 year ago
Thanks for your comment. I will try to meet your expectations! View More

Power: Pretty good, just keep it with no harem and the mc is not a dense person that thinks with his dick

Legend of Aurum · C19
1 year ago
Dying people always make you promise weird things though. Thanks for your comment. View More

leylinn: i would hate to have a mother like that :P who makes their ***** innocent kid promise not to hurt anyone in that type of world? might as well kill himself =,= should have only made him promise to be a good person overall

Legend of Aurum · C1
1 year ago
Is it bad or something? There will be dialogues, thoughts, and notifications from AI. I needed to separate them or it would become unreadable. There is the possibility of using the ' instead of braces. Thanks for your opinion. View More

DevilsMocktail: It's kinda weird that you put thoughts in braces, Usualy "thought" he thought is used.

Legend of Aurum · C2
1 year ago
Reading Status: C4
This is a fantasy story but for it's more like military fiction. I think everything is ok and the story will develop later. Writing quality seems ok to me. The story, world and characters seem interesting. As long you want a detailed report of all your mistakes, go and ask Demon lord on our thread xD If I have time I will try to update review after you write more chapters. View More
The Three Realms
1 year ago
Reading Status: C5
I will check out later the rest of the story. It seems interesting. There are some grammar errors. I am sure you will correct them with time. As for the story, I will continue reading when time lets me and update the review. View More
Rise of Destruction
1 year ago
Predictable as f$%^... I sometimes think that authors turn off brains of their mc's from time to time. To let these scenes to happen. View More
The Brilliant Fighting Master · C371
1 year ago
Reading Status: C10
I feel like I am reading one of these Japanese novels that parody the isekai stories. So let's leave the plot/characters and the world. It's writing quality is ok. [Can you shut up these two?] Probably not gonna happen. #ReviewSwap #ShamelessToTheBone #LeaveSylvieAlone View More
Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
1 year ago
Her father is ok. The only thing that they need is to take care of son and father and they can weed her to another clan young master. 80% of clans in this novels are filled with people that have heads full of ****. WE ARE SO MIGHTY PHEONIX CLAN BLABLABALBLA! How dare you, do it we are a clan of strongest Pheonix. Bunch of chickens waiting for MC to slaughter them after he gets his power-ups. View More
The Brilliant Fighting Master · C370
1 year ago

Asteralles: The story has a promising premise. Down the road, I noticed there were too many abrupt time-skips in a single chapter. While this is inevitable, please consider a time-skip once every other chapter or so if necessary and use the chance to elaborate more about characters.

Settling that aside, as other had pointed out, there are grammatical errors, incorrect uses of punctuation marks and chopped sentences. I'd suggest getting an editor to help you with this issue and you could focus more on fleshing out your main plot.

Legend of Aurum
1 year ago
Reading Status: C6
It's not my type of novel. I have felt like watching school-life anime. I think writing quality is ok. There is probably room for improvement but I am not qualified to say it as my own English isn't that good. I hope you will find readers that enjoy this kind of story! Good luck! View More
Normal in Parenthesis—The Old Will and the Dawn to All | Our World
1 year ago

ASlyDrake: The story has its faults, but there is a noticeable growth for the author, so I expect this to change into a good story at some point. Author does sadly need an editor to help him or her out with the whole process, as there are mistakes and repetitiveness in the chapters.

Legend of Aurum
1 year ago
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