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Original Works

  • The Suit-Maker

    The Suit-Maker


    Tobias Wong is a man with secrets. He dreams of being a Battlesuit Designer. He does not hate the government. And his father is a supervillain. Then one day, his absent father left him another. A secret so big and powerful, it would change his life forever.


he's basically saying; I can rip off other people, but no one can rip off me! View More

killab: He got that anger.

The Mech Touch · C959
19 hours ago
Wait, you are only wondering about that now? View More
The First Order · C30
20 hours ago
Only he can't give it to the MC, but to the brother. Pity the brother! View More

SmilingReader: A teachers greatest weapon-homework 😱

The First Order · C27
1 day ago
Why in the world would Ves need to use the CFA comm just to contact Calsie and Melkor? That is just so brain-dead stupid. What's the use of having his own encrypted comm methods if he is opening his comm to the one party that for sure has the means to break his encryption? Idiot! View More
The Mech Touch · C956
1 day ago
When I read the story, I thought this was going to be a ******** sci-fi story, but the author seems to be more interested in playing it for laughs. Instead of The Martian, we get Martian, the Comedy. Not sure how I feel about that, but I'm willing to give it a chance. View More
Dead on Mars · C12
2 days ago
Sorry, but wrong country. View More

Epaxx: Hey author will you do a military arc, cuz from what i know everybody there has to go to the army mandatorily right?

Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C54
2 days ago
Yu Tong is a silly man. Trying to frame a man known to be ruthless without any preparation is a road to death View More
The First Order · C23
3 days ago
No. Putting codpieces on swordmaidens' mech is just...no! View More

The_Unprofessional: "it's like this, first of, i want to put a codpiece on every swordmaiden mech, making the regiment more 'non-binary' in their gender identification." Ves exclaimed, with a crazy glint in his eyes. "but we are all girls." Commander Dise frowned. "see thats the point! IT'S ALL JUST LABELS! once you have a codpiece on, you will see that you like it. you will feel it's power!" the little maniac raised his fists and started chanting 'Codpiece, codpiece, codpiece' afterwards.

The Mech Touch · C950
3 days ago
So the stealth shuttle is going to get destroyed on it's first mission? After all those boring chapters on it's construction, I am cheering the deserters on this. View More
The Mech Touch · C947
4 days ago
Well, at least there's one guy in the Vandals who knows Ves isn't on the up-and-up. Good for the Vandals, not so good for Ves. View More

The_Unprofessional: "I like the bright republic, sir."
"Achoo. Sorry, Larkinson, i am allergic to your bullsh*it."
"I like you too, commander"
"Really...? Damn it!!! Quit horseing around you moron!"
"Ha ha. Got'cha. You did not sneeze this time, Bromander!" The feisty mech designer joked.

The Mech Touch · C946
4 days ago
I think Ves will be even more spooky than Skully. View More

dragonfly99: Please don’t be as spooky as the Skull.

The Mech Touch · C944
5 days ago
Welcome back! View More
Farming For Gold · C58
5 days ago
Ren may be more dangerous than the fake doctor. View More

ic4ru577: Let me treat you, or else 😂. Thx u Legge

The First Order · C16
6 days ago
Ves is paranoid like hell, and now he is facing doctors who are just as paranoid as he is. Irony! View More
The Mech Touch · C941
6 days ago
we all do, but it will be some time before we go back. The war is still going strong. View More

dragonfly99: I miss LMC.

The Mech Touch · C937
1 week ago
Two Skill Duplication Scroll used; zero skills gained. I don't get it. If the scrolls are going to be gone anyway, why not learn the skills? It's still better than nothing right? View More
The First Order · C14
1 week ago
You are right. Ves is a walking dead man right now. It's a matter of when, not if, his secret is out. If I was Ves, I will fake my death and take my chances on the frontier with a new identity. Odds of long-term survival will be much higher. View More

NAJ_P_Jackson: A deal with the devil.

I don't thing Ves' secret would remain secret for long. Two is already too many. And sooner or later Sigrund would get discovered by the CFA. What's to stop the AI from blabbing his secret then.

The Mech Touch · C935
1 week ago
Of course they are not sincere. No one is ever sincere when they had to do this as a student. This is actually normal. View More
The First Order · C12
1 week ago
So basically he is an alien/AI hybrid. Does this means he can 'infect' the cores of other warships that were made from Sandmen? If the answer is yes, humans are cooked! View More
The Mech Touch · C932
1 week ago
Yup. Ves has got his supervillain card right there. Ves Larkinson; the man who doomed mankind. View More

NMinh: Skynet, is that you??

The Mech Touch · C931
1 week ago
The novel seems different from most of the others here, so that's a plus, but I'm holding off till I get more of the story. The first ten chapters seems to be mostly world-building. View More
The First Order · C10
1 week ago
Nope, there's nothing wrong with NOT wanting to go on a dangerous mission. View More

Legge: No, nothing's wrong with my head for commenting here for all the chapters

The First Order · C8
1 week ago
About time too View More

Stark3: Yeah! Finally, some progress on the Vandal quest. I'm hoping that the time differential means that Ves is done with the war once they get back to normal space

The Mech Touch · C923
1 week ago
Well, Ves is a bad guy in all but name now so... View More

killab: Kidnapping like he’s trying to get married in the old days

The Mech Touch · C920
1 week ago
Of course Ves doesn't care about the lives of the Vandals, he is a villain. He is looking out for number 1, aka himself. Look at how many merits he blew on his personal wishes already. For a superspy, Calabast has read Ves totally wrong. View More
The Mech Touch · C919
1 week ago
not sure why Ves want to waste merits on all these credits when Foster could kill him without breaking a sweat even with them. View More
The Mech Touch · C915
2 weeks ago
well if by higher dimension, he means ghost...then it might be possible. Not sure I like it though. We will probably go ten-twenty chapters without touching a mech now. View More

chomp: Is that how his ghost mom finds him?

The Mech Touch · C917
2 weeks ago
Icarus; flew too close to the sun and then drop to his death. Sound like Ves when people discovered he has contact with the Compact. View More
The Mech Touch · C913
2 weeks ago
He's an AI. I don't think any of them can hurt any of the humans who is part of the crew.. Foster, like Ves, is currently considered part of the crew View More

Tan201: What a jack ass dwarf he could have killed that expert pilot

The Mech Touch · C912
2 weeks ago
Uh...he's a guy. Broken Hearted Woman is a woman's song. Surely he changed something, or it make no sense. View More
Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C5
2 weeks ago
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