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Original Works

  • Regret - Path to Kill Immortals

    Regret - Path to Kill Immortals


    After The End, Tens of Millennia have passed, In the aftermath, humanity has evolved and the world repopulated, magic has taken a hold over the planet and cultivators immortals, demons, and monsters run rampant. All memories of the old world are gone aside from evidence gathered by historians. But now, through the carnage, the world has reached a point. New Quest: Heaven's Wrath Objective: Kill those despicable, deceiving humans who call themselves "gods"

  • The Ultimate Dōjutsu In A Cultivation World (Naruto / Anime System / Another World)

    The Ultimate Dōjutsu In A Cultivation World (Naruto / Anime System / Another World)


    Regret Sin Enters a World of Cultivation! armed with the Ultimate Dojutsu: The RinneSharingan, along with its varients. Game System Knowledge of Naruto Series Reincarnation Cultivation System Progressive Training Concept Greatly Inspired By In Another World With Naruto System and Idea to write it because of "God of Infinite Paths" by VoidChaoticGod Regret Sin’s 3rd Incarnation, this time in a World of Immortals, gods, Demons, and Cultivation with all his abilities reset a second time. Read as Regret recovers his old strength and becomes the strongest cultivator with his RinneSharingan. With the powers of Shinobi no one will be able to become his equal. ————— ACTUAL SUMMARY ————— The Third Incarnation Of Regret Sin. In his first life he was Regret Sin of Earth, who was reincarnated with his memories and became the Chaos Emperor Sin, a Peak-GodKing Swordsman, who lived 25,000 years before dying, now finally he is Reincarnated into the body of Morpice Myriad, and is now on his journey with the powers of a shinobi, and a Rinne-Sharingan, and is on his way to become the best magician too in a world of cultivation

  • Reincarnation into the World of Remnant; Team KRMA (A RWBY FanFic Story) (Temporary Title)

    Reincarnation into the World of Remnant; Team KRMA (A RWBY FanFic Story) (Temporary Title)


    Unknown person who has only seen up to the first half of RWBY Vol 3, reincarnates with a Dungeons and Dragons-esc system as the twin brother of Blake Belladonna thinking the world would would be a happy, fun and safe place. In Beacon Academy he meets two people who also don’t belong and a mysterious Ice Mage. —- Cover made by me repainting over 4 characters by hand pixel by pixel with black to make silhouettes and definitely did not take over a week to do... —- This is a fan-made novel. RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth, RWBY Team, and created by Monty Oum.

  • Fate/REGRET



    Spinoff of Fate’s Path Through Infinity. (Not Released Yet) Follows Regret, after being banished from The Root's Counter Guardian Force. However, disinterested in helping better mankind or whatever, they are just bored enough to do nearly anything if it seems interesting. —Regret Sin is the Alter Ego of Siris Sacrifice. Aside from their eyes and hair, they are physically identical. After Regret physically split from Siris into their own body, Regret lost his status as a Heroic Spirit, however Siris kept it. They are both genderless, and their appearance is considered the epitome of androgynous perfection.— Tags: Fate Type-Moon Fantasy Mythology OverPowered Protagonist Humanity Hating Protagonist Ageless Protagonist Genderless Protagonist Handsome Protagonist Beautiful Protagonist Anime-hating Protagonist Card Games Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonist hating Protagonist (Protagonist hates Protagonists in general) Isekai-hating Protagonist OCD Protagonist Murder-Death-Kill Eye-Powers God-Slaying Immortal-Slaying Immortal Protagonist Trope-Hating Protagonist Romance-Hating Protagonist Note: infrequent updates and I am mostly working on a prequel to this which I haven’t uploaded at all yet.


Reading Status: C4
Fate + GenderBender = Instant Best Novel!!

123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657 View More
Lion King: Of Sword, Spear and Magic
2 hours ago
Didnt read original but this seems interesting. View More
It's Gone! · C1
1 day ago
Too bad... View More

ShiroHime: That's a no sorry

Lion King: Of Sword, Spear and Magic · C2
1 day ago
When the only things you like are Fate and GenderBender, then you find this novel. :P View More
Lion King: Of Sword, Spear and Magic · C1
1 day ago

MilkGod: MilkGod's Fact: 2+2=4

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C78
1 day ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C1
1 day ago

DoWhatYouWannaDo: Shuhang uses Splash

It's not very effective

Doudou uses Bite

It's very effective

Shuhang died

Cultivation Chat Group · C342
3 days ago
Wow View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C98
3 days ago

MilkGod: Note: So if someone dies younge tell them "Get Gud" or "Lol Noob".

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C76
3 days ago

MilkGod: MilkGod's True legit Facts Of Knowledge: If life was a a game we would all be pro gamers. (You know like Minecraft ******** mode, only 1 life.)

As for levels it's how old you are.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C76
3 days ago

Jeanscout: Headline news: yesterday evening at 1800 GMT, NASA received some footage from satellite DAO (no they dont have one called DAO) that has raised some questions. Their findings showed some interesting objects ranging from a 21st century DAIKIN airconditioner unit to what seems to be a imperial carriage whose construction seems akin to those found pre-Tang dynasty.
"The findings have raised some key questions on whether space exploration was in existence pre-1900. We suspect this might be a situation of time-space distortion due to the recent energy fluctuations we have found in our solar system. Of course many turn to idea of alien races or space 'junk' that managed to traverse into our solar system and closer to home the idea of spiritual powers enabling space travel. But these are highly unlikely" says NASA spokesman, Bai.

Cultivation Chat Group · C168
6 days ago

Totally_Random: Read the authors thoughts.

Marvel: My Own Path · C22
1 week ago
How is Danny there then? Wasn’t that not until like 2016 or something? View More

Wandering_Sage: 2009, time skips coming soon.

Marvel: My Own Path · C22
1 week ago
Wait what year is it again View More
Marvel: My Own Path · C22
1 week ago
I wasn’t talking about Nasuverse I meant in the mythology proper View More

TheHiddenSword: In the Nasuverse Excalibur exist before the fae even appeared as it was some sort of copy of the sword of mars forged in the core of the planet. That's why I tried to connect both of the stories. But Excalibur wasn't forged by the Fae in the Nasuverse. It was guarded by them as the faeires are extensions of the world. The other explanations are just theories in the fate universe.

Other Dimension's Knight · C0
1 week ago
Excalibur was a sword crafted by the Fae by reforging the Sword in the Stone, Caliburn. Or it was made by the lady of the lake, and Caliburn and Excalibur are the same. Or the Lady of the Lake was a Fae who reforged Caliburn as Excalibur. But then again originally they were the same sword, and the sword in the stone was a separate, unarmed sword. View More
Other Dimension's Knight · C0
1 week ago
He killed 5 of the 9, he is one, so three of the gates should have Sovereigns in them. View More
Only I level up · C235
1 week ago

gamer44real: I.. am... Seong Jin-Woo *snap*

Only I level up · C230
1 week ago
The “Who am I?” Question loops back around once more.

This chapter was kinda like inception but also a memory. A dream of a memory which is being rewritten. View More
Only I level up · C218
1 week ago
The guy Rick hates and doesn’t give a **** about. View More

Xcolibur: Who's jerry?

Marvel: The Convergence of Souls · C9
1 week ago
Does the fusion have an upgraded form? View More

robert374: Why didn't he fuse both abilitys and upgrade it afterwards? Wouldn't the fusion then be as strong as the fusion of both lvl 2 abilitys or stronger?
Or did I miss something?

Marvel: My Own Path · C20
1 week ago
So mean to fury.... why Mc so mean? View More
Marvel: The Convergence of Souls · C3
2 weeks ago
No clue since I literally only just decided to make it now and haven’t even finished a single chapter yet. View More

CrimsonFcker: Ok what's the title then

The Ultimate Dōjutsu In A Cultivation World (Naruto / Anime System / Another World) · C13
2 weeks ago
Except for Danzo, this is good. View More
Marvel: The Convergence of Souls · C1
2 weeks ago
Why did it move? View More
The Other Dimension's Knight · C1
2 weeks ago
One of the tags says harem, plz say it isn’t. View More
Other Dimension's Knight · C23
2 weeks ago
Why did the novel move? View More
Other Dimension's Knight · C23
2 weeks ago
No matter how much I like Yu-Gi-Oh!, I’m not reading this anymore because MC said uwu View More
Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Supreme Emperor · C8
2 weeks ago

im0with0stupid: Why doesnt he just say he is a lesbian. It will stop alot of hassle

Lilim Heritage Online · C57
2 weeks ago
This game is so not PG. It is probably worse than most R rated games. View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C22
2 weeks ago
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