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Original Works

  • Summoned to a Shattered World

    Summoned to a Shattered World


    Torn from his everyday life, Cathal is summoned to serve a minor Demon Lord who also happens to be a young woman. With little in the way of powers or special abilities, Cathal is drawn into a new life of blood and battle in a magical world plagued by monsters, strange invaders and the consequences of its own warped nature. A new chapter will be posted every saturday (US time).

  • Kano's Necromantic Comedy

    Kano's Necromantic Comedy


    Kano, a human soul placed in an artificial body, is surrounded by fools. Unable to comprehend her brilliance, they insist on dragging her into their nonsense as she wanders the absurd, violent world. Plagued by memories that belonged to a very different her, she leaves a wave of spontaneous havoc in her wake. She winds up caught in the stupid plans of necromancers, the only beings capable of creating new life, and struggles to find meaning amongst the death as she kills her way free. Until she stumbles upon helpless “children”, born of these insane machinations, which revive emotions she hasn’t felt in a long time.

  • Sacrificed to Summon a Shattered God

    Sacrificed to Summon a Shattered God


    In a world overrun by demons, humanity is forced to survive in walled cities under the personal protection of their gods. When Derzina's city comes under attack, her goddess rushes to defend it only to be slain. Deprived of their guardian, the people of the city concoct a ritual to return her to them. However, the ritual requires a vessel to be offered to the goddess. Derzina, a lowly initiate, is chosen as the sacrifice for her goddess' resurrection.


RedMirage: Great story, I especially liked the whimsical nature of all of humanity having perished and being replaced by zombies.

Plus - technology based necromancers. That made it all worth it.

Kano's Necromantic Comedy
7 months ago

RedMirage: So first things first: I really enjoyed Kano's necromantic comedy, so I decided to give this the chance it deserves. And I'll be honest, it wasn't easy. This is the authors first go at first person, and it shows. The beginning is very clunky, but after about 5 chapters it gets better, and after 15 it flows very well.

The story is a tad darker than most people enjoy reading, but ditn let that deter you. I think it will grow on you, especially as the authors style improves. In addition, Endless crafts a great world as always. He doesn't info dump, but rather, peels off one layer after another on the world you thought you understood. Combined with the refined flow of his prose after the rough start, it's a story worth reading.

Summoned to a Shattered World
8 months ago
Reading Status: C94
Blending a more western style of story-telling with xianxia, Painting the Mists offers a fresh yet familiar take on the genre. Though it has its flaws, it only seems to get better as it goes on.

If you're at all interested in xianxia or chinese novels in general, I'd thoroughly recommend giving this one a look. View More
Painting the Mists
8 months ago

MKibsi: Great sense of the other world, writing style puts you on the event with MC. The development is slow but rather intresting.
The demon lord character though has starnge drift in her attitude, sometime arrogant and sometime understnding and could not undestand her personality yet.

Summoned to a Shattered World
1 year ago
This series will stay the same (once a week on sunday). Kano's Necromantic Comedy will be updated every three days. View More

Kimara23: What is your release schedule going to be for your two series?

Summoned to a Shattered World · C6
1 year ago
Reading Status: C12
A great start, full of authentic detail, to an intentive take on the alternative history genre.

Worth a read for anyone interested in World War 2. View More
Second Chance War
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
Second Chance War
1 year ago
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