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Original Works

  • Unexpectedly meeting him

    Unexpectedly meeting him

    Music & Bands

    The last thing he wants in a mate who would destroy his career, yet the one she's desperately looking for is her mate. How will things go between these two?

  • Loved him and still love him {Hiatus}

    Loved him and still love him {Hiatus}



    A story filled with mystery, revenge, humour, romance, and heartbreak at the same time. _______________ "I can't be in a relationship with you," Soobin expressed. "Are you thinking about my safety? You don't need to; I'm willing to dive into anything for you." "Don't be reckless." "As you're worried about my safety, I'm worried about yours as well. So, let's live and die together." "I can't comply to⁠—" Soobin was interrupted with a kiss. Pulling away from the kiss, Miyeon said, "So when are you going to introduce me to your family?" ___________________ "I love him. That's why, I want to protect him" "I love her. That's why, I want to protect her." They both walked in opposite directions. ___________________ A story between a female protagonist who lacked courage and a male protagonist who wanted to protect her. ___________________ Miyeon had a huge crush on him from her highschool days and when he left, she figured out that she held no weight in his heart. Striped of her title and status, Miyeon now lives as an ordinary citizen with decent life. However, when he shows up after years, Miyeon could see that her feelings for him didn't leave her. Will she chase after those feelings or forget about him? Her seemingly peaceful life takes twists and turns, discovering secrets of the past. Some secrets cause her to seek revenge. In order to retaliate, her character gradually develops. ______________ The story appears to have a casual beginning and shows love blooming between two people from different status. However, as it gradually proceeds, the plot gets darker and deeper. Violence is present, so read this at your own discretion. ______________ Discord server: https://discord.gg/J8wUxCE

  • Fallen for my student's tricks

    Fallen for my student's tricks

    Music & Bands

    Jaehyun, as a result of his clumsiness, kissed his male student and got wrapped into his student's tricks. Boy's love!

  • Reborn: The Unexpected Twist

    Reborn: The Unexpected Twist

    Contemporary Romance Reincarnation Female Protagonist Revenge Hidden Gem Second Chance Mystery teen Faceslapping Gender Bender Highschool


    In her last life, Jinhee was betrayed by both her talented bestfriend, Taehee, and her idol boyfriend, Jaehyun, and she realized that when she walked upon the scene of them both kissing. Now that she has gotten the chance to be reborn, she made sure to steer clear of both of them and let them have their romance without humiliating herself to a pathetic state. Revenge awaits those who wronged her in the previous life. A twin sister who bullies her? A family who is indifferent to her? Prevent the death of only person who cares about her? Stop her scheming uncle? Find the mysterious and powerful backer behind her sister? She was all in for it. Mysteries kept piling up in front of Jinhee, and things were much different from how they appeared in her previous life. However, why did it seem like there is something wrong with the plot? Was this really the same world? Why was her best friend so clingy and weird? Why was her previous boyfriend the one chasing after her when it was the opposite case before? Nonetheless, Jinhee wouldn't let them both change her determination to avoid them, and this time, she won't let herself be ridiculed by anyone. A highschool story filled with drama! If you take it as usual backstabbing friend and cheater boyfriend story, I'd have to disappoint you since that is too mainstream. ___________ Arching her eyebrow, Taehee, suggestively, spoke out, "Doesn't this give us some private time?" Rolling her eyes, Jinhee commented, "Can you stop acting like a pervert?" "It's only you who brings out the pervert within me."Taehee winked. _____________ The female lead might appear emotional and too weak in the beginning, but I assure you that character development will be there. She'll grow stronger and be completely independent. Letting go of past takes times~ I hope you all won't judge easily and give this a try (≧▽≦) ••• Update rate= 2-3 chapters daily. Cover credit goes to the original artist. Posted on RoyalRoad

  • Magnet || Min Yoongi

    Magnet || Min Yoongi

    Music & Bands romance historical bts sad suga

    Fate entangles the life of a naive girl and a cold male. Hidden secrets unravel as the time goes on, and betrayal surfaces. Uploaded on wattpad under the same name <3

  • Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast

    Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast

    Contemporary Romance System comedy Beautiful Female Lead Transmigration Fantasy Face smacking handsome male lead mystery CannonFodder


    Not only Lee Soohyun spent a night with the main villain, she found herself in the body of the Cannon Fodder, Moon Jiwoo. Now, bound to a system, she had to reach three goals in order to avoid death— Top the Villain, get him to open his mask, and lastly, make him fall for her. Something that is truly not possible when, according to the author, the main villain was smitten by the female lead. On top of that, following Jiwoo's last wish, she had to separate the male leads and the female lead when they were her favourite ship! Moreover, if the talented main villain couldn't do it, how could she then? This was truly too unfair! °°° Wrapping her hand around Minhyun's neck gradually, she whispered, "Then, what if I try to make you miss me?" 'I think that's how the girl in the drama said it.' Pulling her back by gripping her hair, he spoke out, "You'll regret messing with me." Soohyun wanted to cry out. 'I know, I know. But what more can I do when my life is on the life? Sadly, I can't let you know of my perils.' "Then, show me how I'll regret it," Soohyun said. °°° "Dear Husband, as much as I want to beat you up at this moment, I don't want to show my ugly side you and make you reluctant to sleep with me the next time around." "Is your so-called ugly side worse than your smiling expression at this moment, Dear Wife?" Han Minhyun questioned. "Dear Husband, what are you talking about? When I smile, the flowers bloom and skies clear up. The moods of the animals improve, and the birds start singing." "Dear wife, the delusional disorder you have seems serious. Should I take you to the hospital because when you smile, the flowers wither and storms wreak havoc, the animals get a headache and birds get sore throat," Minhyun voiced out. Lee Soohyun raised one of her eyebrows. "Are you sure, Dear Husband, that you are not the one with delusional disorder?" _______ Transmigration Series: Moon Jiwoo— Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella Hwang Yejoon— Transmigration: The Loquacious Rapunzel {Coming Soon} Other Novels: Reborn: The Unexpected Twist Enigma: Being Chased By A Sly Ghost Husband

  • Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella

    Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella

    Fantasy Romance System action Comedy Romance Modern beautiful female lead handsome male lead strong female lead mystery vampire


    The arrogant, ill-mannered, and narcissistic Moon Jiwoo had met downfall in her previous life, and when she faced death, she was given a second chance. She was transmigrated into the body of pitiful Shin Daerin. Now, bound to a system, she was given three tasks— Protect the heir to the throne, return him to his rightful place, and get him to be with his queen. Not only that, she had to unlock her powers and train them in order to protect the prince. In Moon Jiwoo's opinion, they seemed impossible, and her prideful attitude won't let her bow down to anyone. Nonetheless, in order to fulfill her wish, she had to go through the missions. °°° Update schedule~ 4-5 chapters a week [Until two of my main works are completed] Chapter Length~ 500 to 700 words

  • Enigma: Being Chased By A Sly Ghost Husband

    Enigma: Being Chased By A Sly Ghost Husband

    Fantasy Romance romance fantasy handsome male lead strong female lead mystery supernatural ghost Korean


    Fate intertwines two people in a weird way. When a Fortune Teller predicted that Shin Ryujin's life would go through drastic change, Ryujin was not ready to believe it. Nonetheless, Ryujin understood the truth behind those words when she met Ahn Jaein. Founder of a successful gaming company, Jaein was almost at the peak of his career when an accident took his life. Woken up, he realized that he had turned into a spirit, and no memories were there within him. The only thing he had was his hatred towards Ryujin. Troubled by the mischevious ghost, Ryujin visited shaman, priest, exorcist, and even the Fortune Teller to get rid of the him. However, when none of this methods work, hot-headed Ryujin decides to take the matter into her hand. What does she do? Simple— Beat up the ghost so that he wouldn't be troubling her any longer.

  • Villain Academy: Being The Worst

    Villain Academy: Being The Worst

    Fantasy Action Adventure Comedy fantasy Strong Male Lead fantasy adventure Villain


    Villain Academy— at where only worst of the worst studied. In order to get through the school year, there is only one simple rule— Be the worst. Min Hyunjin and his friends were not considered to be particularly worst at the school, but he held a secret— the secret that made him more powerful than everyone present. When the Villainous Dark Crown was stolen, it was considered to be a shame upon the the Villain Academy, and they were assigned to get back the Crown. Join him in his adventure through magical creatures to finally get back the Crown. °°° This is the author's first time attempting to write a male lead novel, so hopefully, you can be lenient with it. This is basically a fantasy and adventure novel with mysteries present inside it. Hopefully, you will be enjoying it.


Reading Status: C9
I like how the scenes in the novels are described, and the author did a good job in portraying the characters. The plotline is very much well written! View More
Risen World
3 days ago

VivitheGreat: It's an interesting start and I like the variety of characters you are already starting the story out with. I hope we get to learn more about the world in the coming chapters. I also hope you keep the story going as long as you enjoy writing it. Good luck in the competition btw.

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
3 days ago
Reading Status: C8
The synopsis of the novel managed to catch my attention, and as for the storyline, it is something I would usually go for. I had a pleasant time reading this, and waiting for more chapters in the future! View More
Undercover Superstar : A Song of Pyros and Snowflakes
3 days ago

Azzack: It's too early in the story for me to talk about much, but here's what I've gotten so far. Mind you, I'm not that good either.

Writing Quality: Average.
Feels like a first timer.
It's not good, but it's not terrible either. In fact, it's better than most I've read from original authors. Some have reeeaaally bad English, but it's not their fault it's not their first language. There are only a few grammatical errors in this novel. So I guess the rating stems from the flow of the story.
The way it's written is that every scene moves on so fast, that we aren't able to digest what's happening. There isn't enough info to make the scenes blossom in our minds. A character appears one moment and by the next sentence, I don't even remember his/her name because another name had appeared. The explanation of the characters' appearance isn't bad, but how are their appearance supposed to get us attached to them? I think it would be better if you elaborate on what they had to do with the main character as well.

Update Stability: Unknown/Above Average
It's too early for me to tell with only 3 chapters. So I give a little above Average.

Story Developement: Above Average
Again, I would like more elaboration on what the characters had to do with the main Character. I don't need their whole back story the moment they make an entrance. But a reason why they were there would be nice.
Some names popped up and appeared out of nowhere with no explanation of who they were, why they were there or what they were doing. With nothing to help me remember them by, I forgot them in an instant.

Now, giving pet names for characters is great. I like the fact that the Dragon called the main character "Jinnie". I was caught a little off guard, but it was cute. Because it's similar to the original name, it was easy to catch on.
But when many new characters and names are pumped out in a single paragraph, or chapter, it needs a little more information for readers to digest and remember who they are.
So my advice is to take the scenes a little slower in certain areas that contain new ideas/scenes that readers need more time/info to envision it in their minds.

Character Design: Average
I love the talking dragon. But it bothers me that almost no info is said about him/her. I'm sure it plays a pivotal role in the story, but I don't even know how big, small or even what color it is. The backstory can come later, how they met etc, but as a reader, I need to be able to fantasize about a boy sitting on top of a talking dragon. Now that I think about it, did you mention at all what the boy looked like besides him being 15 and the jewel in his hand?
I remember the most explained about a character was the vampire. lol

Character Design: Excellent
The characters seem very interesting! So many different races, species, whatever you want to call it, and how they're all within the same society. Seems exciting <3

World Background : Excellent
I can already tell the writer has a vivid imagination. The fast pace in which the number of different races were introduced in the first few chapters is incredible. Granted, it could have been better a little slower, but it was interesting nonetheless.
I can kinda get the vibe of a competition going on and it's definitely a good hook for the first chapter. Makes people wonder where it's going and why they're competing. I think the world background is definitely the best the writer has got to offer so far, and really, that's **number one**. People have to fall in love with the world you create.

Writing quality can improve, but imagination stems from a creative mind.
Kudos to you author! You've got a GREAT imagination! Can't wait to see how much better you get!
Sorry if I was a little direct or sounded harsh. I give uncensored criticism.

Your Snowflake,


Villain Academy: Being The Worst
3 days ago
Reading Status: C7
The book cover of the novel attracted by attention the most, and I find the plot line to be quite intriguing. When it comes to the grammar, there are couple of mistakes in it. Nonetheless, it is not enough to disrupt the reading. Good job! View More
Fire Starter at White Day High
3 days ago

FaceMask49: First of all, I wanted to wish this story a very good luck. May it bloom like how the other stories present here at WebNovel. For the story, it has a very good start, a very hooking first chapter. By the way, KIM TAEYHUNG!! That name may have not the same as a person is. But still, it was a nice hooker. Then, the repetition of the same word throughout a paragraph should be omitted, and it can be practiced.

Overall, it was very nice. I hope you will give my story a rewiew, too. Fire Starter at White Day High


Villain Academy: Being The Worst
3 days ago
Reading Status: C5
Wow! This book started out really amazing, and I am looking forward to more chapters from this. It was very much well-written as well! All the best with it! View More
The Secret Life of an Amateur
3 days ago

ArtistaFeel: The story is great! I like this type of right-into-action stories!! Good luck author on your future endeavours!!
And remember your review swap promise.

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
3 days ago
Reading Status: C4
This is not the type of book I would generally be reading. Nonetheless, this started out really well, and the current amount of chapters is not sufficient to leave a proper review. The grammar requires correction at parts. Good luck! View More
Rekka's Last Stand
3 days ago

Chitawulf: Okay. First things first, I'm a sucker for talking dragons. So that's a huge plus. There's only three chapters, all of which are pretty short, so I can't really give a super in-depth review here, but from what I see it's a really solid start. The things that stand out to me most are the character designs and the worldbuilding. I love the idea of competing to be the worst and I loved Minhee the second she was introduced. I'll probably stick around just for her. There are a few grammatical errors, not too much to be totally distracting, but it's noticeable. A suggestion would be to use more active instead of passive voice. Overall, a great start!

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
3 days ago

CosmicPrime: For a start this pretty interesting and a unique start to your story. It flows and get's one curious to see what happens next in the story. Looking forward to the next chaps.

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
3 days ago

EidenSensei: Wow! I think this is the first 5-star rating I have given out, anyway I loved the story it honestly piqued my interest. Since there are only 4 chapters, and I'm the kind of person who pieces things in my writing along the way, I can't offer real advice. I loved the character design, and how you put together the plot, I'll definitely keep on reading!
Sorry for my sucky review...

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
3 days ago
I will be soon explaining about that :-) Thanks for reading this! View More

zetsubouaichan: I'm wondering about the dragon's appearance. Do they look like the westerner's dragon, or eastern's dragon?

Villain Academy: Being The Worst · C2
5 days ago

zetsubouaichan: I'm wondering about the dragon's appearance. Do they look like the westerner's dragon, or eastern's dragon?

Villain Academy: Being The Worst · C2
5 days ago
Reading Status: C8
The writing style of the novel captured my attention the most, and although the plotline was not exactly my cup of tea, there might be others who will be liking it, so I would not be judging on that! Any way, keep up with the good work! View More
Shining Duos
5 days ago

GoodHunter: Interesting start, given the author's first try at a male lead, probably a villain - too early to judge.
There are dragons and magic. Chapters are easy to read and not too long to get you feel bored.
Language is fine. I advise the author to reduce the usage of the passive voice though.
I'll keep reading to see what the author has created for us here. There's enough to spark my interest.
Read it and leave ur opinion too.

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
5 days ago

MeriemR: Pretty interesting start. Only 2 chapters so far but enough to intrigue me to come back for more. The writing is not bad and the beginning is very interesting, I like how the story dives into action right away. Looking forward to more!

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
5 days ago

AbhaySingh: For a start, this is a good one. It makes me genuinely interested to know more about the characters. As there are only two chapters up right now, I can't give a detailed review on it but I can say that it has made me curious enough to keep on reading it.

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
5 days ago
Reading Status: C28
As far as I have read, the novel is quite interesting. There were very few grammatical errors, and the author did a good job with conveying the ideas in the story! Good work! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes
5 days ago
Reading Status: C17

I really love the concepts of female leads transmigrating into otome games, and this was fun! The Crown Prince is really cool, and the female lead is very much realistic and intriguing! Looking forward to more in this novel! View More
Love Game - The Quest To The Prince's Heart
5 days ago
Reading Status: C20
The story started out really amazing! Surely, there were some grammatical errors, but they did not obstruct the reading. The plot line is very much intriguing, and I always find myself looking forward to the next chapter! Keep up with the good work! View More
A Psychic's Scarlet Dream
5 days ago

ShanBan: Seeing that this is still starting, I am not able to fully judge it. But it did get me interested. Might come back later for another review. Hope to read more of this.

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
5 days ago
Reading Status: C2
Two chapters are not enough to comment on how the story is. Nonetheless, the story started out good and intriguing. I am curious to see what all they will be encountering in the world they have travelled. It was well-written with few here and there grammatical errors.

Any way, good work! View More
Deployed to Destiny: Elite Force in Another World
5 days ago
Reading Status: C7
In my opinion, the story is quite unique, especially with the girl's abilities, and this just makes the entire thing intriguing. I have never read such a story 😂. The grammar is quite decent, and the writing style is fairly good as well. There are slight corrections needed for grammar at parts.

Nonetheless, over all, this is an interesting novel! View More
Smelling Secrets
5 days ago

Ashley_Babe: First of all, you deserve 5 stars for sure!
The beginning is quite great, given the fact, that the author is trying to write a male lead novel for the first time. There are only 2 chapters for now. So, I will come back for another review later!
Good luck, Author!

Villain Academy: Being The Worst
5 days ago

Soumya_Bt: Liked it

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast · C1
6 days ago

Jeta_Kryeziu: love this <3

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast · C40
6 days ago

Sweettia: Thank you

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast · C6
6 days ago

Morse_Pascal: ShinSungmi-san thank you for another chapter of this story. I've been waiting for your update eversince this story started. I will wait for the Protagonist's life progress. 😁

Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella · C12
6 days ago

Sweettia: Thanks

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast · C4
6 days ago
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