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    In a world where anything goes our story takes place in the middle of a deserted mountain range. Humans have all but forgotten this mysterious peak that reaches the heavens. In fact if an outsider was to ask anyone what they saw when staring directly at it, They would reply that they saw a simple deserted flat land that nothing could grow in. It was because of this people shyed away from this unfertilized land. Little did they know that the mountain was home to beast beyond their imagination.


Zhen realllly makes a great contrast to our lil girl.❤️ View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C147
4 days ago
God I do like Zhen for our Male lead!! View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C145
5 days ago
OMG she is sooooo her great x 100 grams🤣 View More
Hidden Hallows · C57
5 days ago
Team ZHEN! View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C143
6 days ago
Kain for the Main Male Lead!!!!! View More
Hidden Hallows · C55
6 days ago
Where's my Zhen?! View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C141
1 week ago
I'm down for a demon lover🙌🏻 View More
Hidden Hallows · C47
1 week ago
This is such a bad story to read when in a board meeting with your CIO.🤦🏻‍♀️ View More
Something Is Wrong With The First Young Miss · C53
1 week ago
Oh lawd Zhen always makes my heart drop with his actions. Can I get a carbon copy of him!??? View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C128
1 week ago
This right here is life! I've been on here shoes before. My husband was so infatuated with me when we meet again as adults. I wanted nothing to do with him because love and a steady relationship was not something I wanted after being hurt by my ex husband. I wanted freedom to do as I please and make my own choices without feeling reliant on another. Yet for 6months of being an utter hag to my husband who was courting I realized the thing o needed in my life was not just companionship but... Steadfast and reliable actions. It's so hard when reality hits you in the face. You can't just sum it up in a single sentence and except another to understand. It's amazing tho when two people who share half a soul meet and emotionally on the same page because petty words are not needed. The mute conversations are simply understood. Zhen and our FL are exactly that I feel. View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C118
2 weeks ago
His such a douchebag!!! No wan worth her salt would accept the idea a man was only interested in her at first because she reminded him of another. God that just shows so much I can't even start to write about. I will never accept him as the ML. TEAM ZHEN!! View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C117
2 weeks ago
Gimme mass releases!!!! View More
Drunken Lotus: Fated With The Rogue Hidden Dragon · C89
2 weeks ago
I about vomited blood the jerkass is back. Mighty Author make him go away, TEAM ZHEN ONLY!!!! View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C116
2 weeks ago
(Snickers) I have heard it's rough to love a woman who has a strong relationship with her horse. My husband and my gelding are forever at odds when I'm around. Anyways TEAM ZHEN!!! View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C110
2 weeks ago
Zhen and her relationship just makes me melt View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C108
3 weeks ago
Oh my Zhen is so cheesy but I can't get enough of it. View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C107
3 weeks ago
I will always patiently wait for a release like a faithful wife... Damnit get better!!! I was never a good wife.🙄🤣 View More
Hidden Hallows · C40
3 weeks ago
OMG Zhen is amazing.🙌🏻🙌🏻 View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C103
3 weeks ago
OMG Team ZHEN !!! At least one of the brothers can see she has feelings for Zhen. OMG they are so cute together, reminds me of how my husband and I banter . View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C99
3 weeks ago
Team Zhen all the way!!! View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C97
3 weeks ago
Ah Ambrose, You've stolen my black heart.🙌🏻 View More
Hidden Hallows · C39
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C37
I normally hate paranormal romance because the female lead always gives I'm at first glance and never reacts like a normal.person would. Yet this story I am digging because we have a MFL that isn't stripping down in five seconds. View More
Hidden Hallows
3 weeks ago
Geez if she doesn't go for Zhen I say marry her off to Li Chenyang since they ain't blood. View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C95
4 weeks ago

Webnovelcom: I really don’t know why people are hating on Yu Zhen just as much as they hate Jinkai when the former has done nothing but being a tease and mysterious. As I see it, the gravity of his faults are not as detrimental as compared to Jinkai’s so far. We can fault him when he starts showing threatening behaviours like Jinkai.

The Rise of Xueyue · C94
4 weeks ago

lostpinkstar: Although I do understand the character of Jinkai, I really just don't like what he's doing. And he has too many complications. From his history with that li girl, and his mindset. I feel tired even from just thinking about it. Also, the twins doesn't like him. Thus, Yu Zhen is the right choice at this point.

The Rise of Xueyue · C94
4 weeks ago
Wen pisses me the **** off. That's how all abusive husband's start off. Sure hope to hell this story ends up positive cause the Wen thing is killing it for me.😭 View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C94
4 weeks ago
OMG Zhen had me at go!!!!!! I want him as main lead !!! View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C75
4 weeks ago
Moooooooore View More
The Revenge Of The Abandoned · C41
1 month ago
Ahhhhhhhhh CLIFFHANGER SUUUCKS!!!!! Lasigh View More
Star Crossed In Time · C206
2 months ago
Moore more more moooooorre!!! I simply cant get enough of this book, especially with the long wait we had. Boohoo !!!! View More
Phoenix Rebirth : The Unruly Empress · C78
3 months ago
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