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Original Works

  • Passion or Puzzle

    Passion or Puzzle


    The king of the Fleauran Empire, King Guillaume gets successful in possessing all the powers of the world. He stores those powers and locks the powers to protect it from anyone who tries to steal it. He and his wife, Queen Wilhelmina died after a vicious king, King Bernhard attacked them. After 100 years of this incident, the king and his wife are reborn. The story now focus on the love of Prince Esteban and Princess Regina and the rediscovery of the Tilism, in spite of facing a lot of trouble created by Prince Carlos, who consider himself as the rightful owner of the Tilism.

  • Indian Summer Fashion Hacks

    Indian Summer Fashion Hacks

    Realistic Fiction

    This is a blog which is based on how to mix match your clothes in a largely conservative country like India to make it less revealing and to create your own fashion statement. I am more of a Indo-western fashionista, so I have made this out of my point of view which you can modify according to yours. I have included 15 of my best styles here. Hope!! You all will like it.

  • Love through swords

    Love through swords


    Set in ancient India, during the decline period of Indus Valley Civilization and the starting of the period of Vedas, this epic tale follows the saga of the war between the Aryans and Dravidians. In this story, Devsena, the daughter of Chamundi, lead the Dravidians in a war against Aryans. However, she meets Varundeva and falls in love with him in the battlefield, despite the knowledge of him being a Dravidian.

  • The King's Daughters

    The King's Daughters


    Set in a fantasy world, this story revolves around three princess sisters - Delphine, Coraline and Claudine, daughters of King Theodore of Wreahan. This story is about the three princess who realize their true potential when every relation they cherish and the kingdom they value is at stake. When the crown prince, Elijah and the queen, Rhiannon, of the neighbouring kingdom Seleucid, known for their magical powers attack them, the princesses not only fought the evil and protected the kingdom but also changed crown prince and the queen for good. But.... they didn't forget to feel their home in somebody's arms. So, let's join them in this roller coaster of their life.


See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1
3 weeks ago
It took me god knows how much time to realise that this is actually the night Raymond not another person View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C27
1 month ago
Then how did they end up having a kid ? View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C19
1 month ago
A***..... This day Raymond is just too adorable for me to resist View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C18
2 months ago
God ! Can't he just talk a bit properly ? He is so demonic. View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C15
2 months ago
Finally ! I even don't know how much I have been waiting for this to happen. Nikki + Leon = #NiOn View More
Paying The Price · C45
2 months ago
Still ! Wouldn't Leon be feeling a sense of guilt because of that night. I know that Sarah's words seems more unreasonable and Leon would have surely wanted to prove he don't love her but still leaving a girl in the middle of some lonely street that too a night, moreover the girl's a pampered princess. Looking from his prospective it seems like he is deep down accusing himself for what happened to Sarah. But I would want him to hate Sarah to the core if anyday it comes into knowledge that this was all Sarah's plan. View More

marieseravin: Actually, i dont pitying Leon and Wayne, because the real man should firm to what decision they have done before, even it is not something they trully desire.

Paying The Price · C44
2 months ago
So he is having Dissociative identity disorder. So sad. View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C14
2 months ago
A***.... I really like this child Raymond. He is too adorable. View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C13
2 months ago
Oh my my ! So Raymond is having two sides. Childish in the morning and regain back to his senses during night. It's now feeling like granny Wayne has destroyed her life. If the first night only is like this, it should be better to not even imagine about the coming nights. Seriously feeling sorry for Luna. View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C12
2 months ago
Suspense ? But I like it. View More

voiletevergarden: You'll see more side of him later 😉😉

Darling, Don't Run Away! · C11
2 months ago
Reading this chapter feels like they can be good friends. He even listens to her. I just wonder what could have made them apart ? Despite of the illness, I am liking Raymond. View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C11
2 months ago
Why it is feeling like I m started to hate granny Wayne ? View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C8
2 months ago
God ! I feel so sorry for Luna. View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C10
2 months ago
God ! Such strict rules. Is it a marriage or some sorta job ? View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C9
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C7
2 months ago
No worries View More

Sree_ExoL: Sorry for not choosing appropriate words😖🙁

Darling, Don't Run Away! · C4
2 months ago
Sleep tight author View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C5
2 months ago
Just lovely ? This family is incredible View More

Sree_ExoL: She has a lovely family at least

Darling, Don't Run Away! · C4
2 months ago
Hope you will continue with the Fallen Princess soon. I will be missing my Yuina ! : (
But if will also be good if Luna can replace Yuina.
Best of luck for this new novel. View More
Darling, Don't Run Away! · C1
2 months ago
Seems like Zach is not someone ordinary ? View More
Paying The Price · C41
2 months ago
So when are we getting another novel ? View More
Since Then, It’s Already You · C57
2 months ago
"I am gonna end everything tonight". Does it means we are having another chap today ? View More
Since Then, It’s Already You · C53
2 months ago
Well! Who is the lead actually - Darren or Dylan ? View More
Imperfect Desires · C21
2 months ago
All this while I have thought the love story of Seraphina the best but this is incredible View More
Bound To You For A Lifetime · C15
3 months ago
Didn't thought that it would end this soon. It has just been 67 chapters View More
love is unnerving · C67
3 months ago
My heart is paining from the bottom to know that this lovely story has already got it's end. At least I was wishing to see the love bird's child. Knowing that the story has already end literally brought tears to my eyes. I just loved it. View More
The one I've loved · C72
4 months ago
I am going to follow Jessica's footsteps in my wedding too View More
The one I've loved · C68
4 months ago
Oh my god author. It had just completed 66 chapters and u r thinking of ending it. Really not fair. View More

MADsi: You are right .

The one I've loved · C65
4 months ago
I too want this not to end View More

mayb4: I hope this story doesn't end. I definitely want to see it continue!!!

The one I've loved · C65
4 months ago
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