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gamabunda4873: Other than mc back and forth behavior love the book i believe it can be played in to the story so i am hoping it will stabilize later

i feel the author could stand to be a little more generous with the background details he feels detached from the plot like he needs to follow a hidden plot line and keep going not slowing down to enjoy which i feel will be fixed by detailing
([《{if u paint a picture to showcase u dont leave a white background}》]) ** let him interact with the background

Like how the mc is dabbling in cooking and other things he finds interesting fits his character
Hope later in he will use said skills more

Have super super high expectations for this novel
Every thing written here is personal preference but i think it will balance/smooth out the novel so it is easier to get carried away with the story

Is that a Wisp?
1 month ago

AlexzY: Alex tries to give you one of his skewers, but trying to do it the fourth wall prevents him from giving it to you... internally he is a little happy because he doesn't have to give you his meat.

Thank you very much: 3

Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy · C36
1 month ago
Reading Status: C1
I seen bad grammar and this almost got 1st place... I do not recommend this if bad grammar or wording bothers you. I haven't even finished the first chapter yet. If you like a mash up of cultivation and release that witch while not minding the last sentence then this is for you. View More
The supreme sovereign system
1 month ago

Schutz_Wolf: A true anime professional :P

Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy · C32
1 month ago
He's back! Thank you for the chapter! View More
I´m the school beauty´s bodyguard! · C18
1 month ago
My instincts are usually right. I've trained them after a several years of predicting in anime.... View More

AlexzY: For me, that is only your inner desire... ¬¬

Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy · C32
1 month ago
Something tells me that Alex will turn into that girls pet for a while at least...? View More
Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy · C32
1 month ago
Thanks for the hard work! View More
Nero, My Existence is Perfect · C27
1 month ago
Have a good rest. I agree with everyone else it was satisfying. View More
Dragon's Hope · C46
1 month ago
Thanks for the narration! View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C28
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Surviving In My Novel · C44
1 month ago
So many yet not enough. They're begging for a beating. Thanks for the chapter! View More
Dragon's Hope · C45
1 month ago
Hm nanofudo nanofudo. Soon the combat will begin. View More
Dragon's Hope · C44
1 month ago
Well now I think drill Sargent is a appropriate name for a skill, it may actually suit him I think..? View More
Dragon's Hope · C43
2 months ago
I like his response. If he was someone else I would've said that they were arrogant. Thanks for the chapter. View More
Dragon's Hope · C42
2 months ago
Eh? View More
The Happy Go Gacha System (Hiatus) · C8
2 months ago
Well I guess Alex's harem is even more of a walking disaster.... View More
Dragon's Hope · C39
2 months ago
Umu umu nanofudo nanofudo. There is always self centered people or ones who who don't understand/see the whole picture. Let them yell and act like a 10 year old if that's the case. View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C23
2 months ago
Lol only if the bear knew! If you're having fun gaming I have no problem. I'm a 1st person shooter or strategy person. View More
Dragon's Hope · C38
2 months ago
Ah it is nice to read this story.... View More
Dragon's Hope · C37
2 months ago
Yep it's confirmed +1 harem member. Thanks for the chapter. View More
Dragon's Hope · C36
2 months ago
It's funny how the roles reversed lol 😂 View More
Dragon's Hope · C34
2 months ago
Thanks for the hard work! View More
Dragon's Hope · C33
2 months ago
Please no the mc is already op. It'll just turn into a mix of China cultivation stuff ( I think it is called xia or wuji?) with one punch man and more cliché. I think it's better to let the author stay where he/she can have more creativity. There's already one like the one you're talking about..... View More

CliffkunLolRekt: The mc needs to have the queen join his harem

Also may I suggest there be a type of rare fruit that only grows in the most dangerous monster filled areas that can permanently increase ones affinity from low to medum high or master

Different quality fruits and different attribute fruits

And there is one at the end of the novel if you chose that can make ones affinity from master to demigod

Where if they train it they can get a godly verson

How about a wifu be a fallen angel or a angel so you can do something simalar to how he got the dragon affinity
So the mc can have a holy affinity and demonic

Dragon's Hope · C32
2 months ago
No problem here. 8:16pm. Thanks for the chapter! View More
Dragon's Hope · C32
2 months ago

Flip: Bram? His arms will recover.

A Magical Destination · C35
2 months ago
Is he going going to get his arms back or No? Hints? View More
A Magical Destination · C35
2 months ago
Thanks for the chapter! So experimenting with draconic magic now? View More
Dragon's Hope · C31
2 months ago
I am getting excited. 😊 View More
Dragon's Hope · C30
2 months ago
Am I being teased? XD
Thanks for the chapter! I forgot about that other fiance to be honest. View More
Dragon's Hope · C28
2 months ago
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