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The ORC is fucking detestable (for me at least).
Akeno's way of speaking is so annoying it was well made in the novel, you could feel that she was some kind of femdom but nice.
Here she's just a ***** even though I don't hear her a lot, that's a bad first impression.

I just want to hit Kiba but that's normal.

Koneko acts weirdly but I guess we will in the next chapters.

Rias is just way too different from the real one. The way she acts is horrible but I can't express why.

Basically your novel is infuriating and good so I will read it while gritting my teeth in anger.

Hope the mc changes himself and the characters around him.

Good fanfic. View More
High School DxD: The Tale of the Gutsy Sekiryuutei! · C6
7 hours ago
Harem. View More

DragonkingKyo: harem?(hope so) if not who is love interest

Pokémon - Battle Legend · C3
1 day ago

BookDao: Excuse me wtf why is this one being released first the other one had more votes b r u e h b r u eh b r u e h b r u eh b r u e h b r u eh b r u e h b r u eh b r u e h b r u eh

End of the Magic Era
1 week ago

hottiegamer: “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

Returning from the Immortal World
2 weeks ago

Poii: Almost 6months.... damn you QI for ruining this good novel hope udeze is still the translator..........................................................

Returning from the Immortal World
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
Yo my nigg how udoing

est une blague à un mec qui est en plus de sa part et qui est en couple depuis un génie qui est devenue une couilles... mais il ne sait que tu préfèrerais que je ne me touche plus en ce qui ne te connaître que tu préfèrerais le monde de toi qui te souviens... tu View More
2 weeks ago
What View More

UncrownedSwordKing: *Ding*
Siraorg Bael you received a green hat want to equipped them?

Life in DXD · C33
2 weeks ago
Degenerate. View More

DearCompanion: Use your logic dude, imagine your wife got a sleeping disease for years and then she is healed, of course sometimes within 6 months after her wake up you would have already do it with your beautiful wife.

It's the same with mc, if he take her after she wakes up then it would not become NTR for mc, unless he doesn't take her to begin with but it's not the case for this mc bc he is after all milfs

Life in DXD
3 weeks ago
Why doe? View More

Scarlett_Mccormick: I think we already have a lot in common

《Infinite Stamina》 · C1
4 weeks ago
Agreed. even if it make the novel bad it still make sense View More

IdHc: The **** are you talking about? You know he's Issei right? "I will become the Harem King" Issei? Think first, then comment.

Ultimate Highschool DxD · C32
4 weeks ago
Sadly it's like that everywhere View More

Taitiruk: That isn't love, treating a woman you supposedly love like that is bull****. That was nothing more than ******** fvcking, no love making there.

Ultimate Highschool DxD · C21
4 weeks ago
Lol yes thx View More

Loli_Peeker: I hate rias so much tooo

Ultimate Highschool DxD · C2
1 month ago

SuzakuRyou: I'm self study english. By read novel with english language.

My Life as Hyodou Issei · C11
1 month ago

Chado_Sama: Would not the same logic apply to you publically posting your opinion? "Seriously chill out and take criticism or don't f*cking post your comments on a public site!" I believe you advocated? Why so salty frome being challenged?

Marvel: My Rules · C6
1 month ago
Thx bro for having a brain and using and not wasting one when there's people neurological disorders that would want a good brain. View More

Chado_Sama: God, I can't stand people like you!

You read a free story, comment that you hate it, and then get annoyed when people call you out for being a little b*tch!

If you have an opinion, back it up! Don't jus be a whiny little b*tch!

Marvel: My Rules · C6
1 month ago
Car>Sex View More

Harem_fan: Crap hes 18 ...that means he can get married and finally have sex ...I thought it would take for ever and the first thing he thinks about is a car not a ladie...shame on him lolol

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C37
1 month ago
Sadly... View More

Djabilong: I'm afraid not, considering this was dropped.

In The World of Boku no Academia as a Harem King · C57
1 month ago
🤝🏼 View More


Hitotose Note · C23
1 month ago


Hitotose Note · C23
1 month ago
There's gay and BL in the tags. so is there really BL things? View More

DerpasorusRex: Yeah the whole interaction between sparda and amatarasu is a replica of a what happened when ryu met mei at the kage summit in a warriors path

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C22
1 month ago
Exp View More

Megajoke: I would have needed to know why my so called friends betrayed me.

1 month ago
Nii-Gaz View More
1 month ago
Oh no thx to you he is more clown than normal in my mind View More

Obito_Tobi: i could not say it anyway better .

they seems to be forgotten that part ,

and actually i don't hate this act it add some comedia to the story . i imaginate his weird dance is something like God Serena's weird moves (Fairy tail) .

and man i also imaginate in his ninja clothes , he look like Kakashi .


Reincarnated in DxD with Three Wishes · C17
1 month ago
BRO FINALLY, I thought I was an alien. I hate when they don't, I find the text DISTURBING AND FILTHY without capital letters. View More

BrokenPersonality: Can you capitalize your sentences, idk if it me a me thing but it just annoys me when the first word isn't capitalize, great start btw.

In DxD with Demon summoning System · C1
1 month ago
Bro don't you get that he was obligated to do that because he felt pressured by God to become much different from Issei and that he will take revenge for his balls. Author actually thinks ahead View More

Sevennamed: Just when I thought this story could not get any worse. I am dropping this.

Reincarnated in DxD with Three Wishes · C17
1 month ago
Don't stop tha **** bro haters don't even think before dropping View More
Reincarnated in DxD with Three Wishes · C17
1 month ago
Nique ta mere fdp fais pas comme c ptn de chinios et espagnol qui parle dans leurs mm l'auteur comprend r ( pas d'offense évidemment...) View More

ice_devil_slayer87: Excellent chapitre comme d'hab je vous remercie pour votre travailler avec vous remercie pour votre travail continuez svp ce roman est génial

Reincarnated in DxD with Three Wishes · C17
1 month ago
Bruh View More

LoliHunter: Dropped Good luck btw.. no originality... just taking Issei away and insert his own character. We already saw the anime.. we want something new. Not just copying the events of the canon episode by episode.....

Reincarnated in DxD with Three Wishes · C15
1 month ago
Well he must not hurt the npcs while killing the priest that's impossible except if you have an OVERWHELMING speed View More

Arshia_: why is MC so weak??? dosen't he have one for all till at least 30%??? yet he couldn't even fight back when e low class fallen angel threatens him??? his speed with boosted gear and one for all together should be more than enough to fight them with minor causalities, you didn't even consider surprise element because they didn't know how much power he had so he could kill many of them before they could calm down

Reincarnated in DxD with Three Wishes · C14
1 month ago
Well he don't need to if I was him I would too, jumping from roof to roof is more thrilling than Flying like a faggot View More

Weirdo: Can't he fly? If I was not mistaken, devil wing could help them fly too, isn't?

Reincarnated in DxD with Three Wishes · C13
1 month ago
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