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  • I'm just a 15-year-old boy with above-average looks with a unique blood line through our family , my public personality is what you called A Dandere , a shy and anti social type while a tsun in priva

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Original Works

  • Reincarnated Godzilla In Remnant

    Reincarnated Godzilla In Remnant

    Music & Bands


    An unlucky 3rd year boy casually walking down in the pedestrian lane, but died because of a truck. running so fast at nearby bank the robbers are in a hurry and drive too fast, and it just in the road a kid was walking the boy got saved buts the boy died, he got reincarnated by a god and got 3 wishes because he died early so he got reincarnate as Godzilla in Remnant!!! with a system!!! the MC personality is serious and a realist. A/N: BTW its my 1st story im just practicing my English so i can maybe or maybe not leave this story... no PROMISES.

  • In anime world with infinity gauntlet [ ON HOLD ]

    In anime world with infinity gauntlet [ ON HOLD ]


    after the event's of death battle darkseid vs thanos, thanos soul got stuck in an endless death, an otaku died and his soul got reansported in thanos with the infinity gauntlet,but he can use it in any universe!, so he traveled in anime, when he woke up he is inside of thanos body,and hee have the infinity gauntlet,and live his life to the fullest.

  • Zero's Bizarre Adventures

    Zero's Bizarre Adventures



    A young man did something unbelievable that create a chain reaction in the world , he got transported in another world as a reward he got a wish for saving the world by saving an orphanage from the sucide bomber due too grudge , thus saving them create a chain reaction by inspiring them and create good deeds all over again.... PS : I don't owned the jjba or the other Anime's and movies, and I don't take credit for this and this is a non-profit novel/fanfiction and im 15 years old. I only owned Zero and Shirou who is inspired by the JJBA Dio and The Fanfiction's plot. PS : This is a multi universe type of isekai

  • Multi-Verse Has A Bad Time

    Multi-Verse Has A Bad Time

    Anime & Comics

    A Random 14 year old boy playing a game in his mobile called Undertale ,while his having an earphones and charger's on , he didn't know that there's a heavy storm with a lot of lightning forming in the clouds , and striking near his house causing the house exploded on black out while the boy die because the lightning traveled on his wires ( ya know what I mean conduction of electricity stuff ) causing his brain toast and he died... unknown too him.... he got fused on someone...or something , as a partner , a Comrade in the battle of Life and Death with the body of 9 year old kid. ( Basically a team death match hunger games too) P : S : I dont own Undertale , Rwby , HSDxD , Death note , Etc only the Characters and the Plot that I've created.

  • Death Note : Reborn as a Shinigami's Great Disaster

    Death Note : Reborn as a Shinigami's Great Disaster

    Anime & Comics

    I Died and Reborn in the realm of Shinigami , from Death Note, while Having the body of the Nazarick's Great Disaster. PS : Test only wont Update 3rd Chap until views Reach 5 k

  • RWBY: Crimson Light

    RWBY: Crimson Light

    Anime & Comics

    When Diavolo and Doppio got defeated by Giorno with the Help of his Gold Experience Requiem, They entered inside the Eternal Death. But somehow it disrupt Space and Time thus Resulting transporting Doppio "Alone" with a Kid's Body. How would he interact with the inhabitants and survive from this world using nothing but his. Child Body ( 7 year old ) King Crimson ( Time skip powers ) Epitaph ( Future Seeing powers ) And A bit Experience on dealings with Mafia/Gangsters

  • M.E.T.A_Lica


    Anime & Comics

    just your typical transported isekai Fanfi- nope... no its. not. It's not cliche or Mary sue ,Harem , Fool and Naive Mc like the others. I may not be skilled like other authors and I'm writing this out of inspiration and the lack of this kind of fanfic. here's the clue though. The Mc has the powers and Arsenals of...... Personal Ability = Metallica - from risotto Nero in jjba Personal Armour = Improved M.E.T.A Armour - from Maine , the rouge freelancer, ( several Arsenals removed and A.I's too. but.... this has a mixed of Fall out with additional ability from ??? Weapons = Brute shot ( Grenade launcher) Magnum ( pistol ) Power gloves ( mele )

  • Reborn as an Android in Another World

    Reborn as an Android in Another World


    A Teenager who Suffered a lot in life , Due too the Injustice , Debt , Broken family , Family Problems , and Cancer , He decide that he have enough so he fix his whole problem by suicide. He then woke up in an Empty Lab room and Escaped too Ventured The New World of Supernaturals/Fantasy. Anti hero I dont owned the Picture

  • The Multiverse's Merchant

    The Multiverse's Merchant

    Realistic Fiction

    Dying and Raise back from the dead and become a Multiverse merchant~ sounds easy no??? the answer is no. countless Enemies, Monsters , Thieves targets him as a piece of meat ( not the lewd way ) , and wants his Mecha and magic items that can upset the balance of the universe, Items and Stocks that can cripple the countries economy. Items that can dominate man kind and monster kind and items... that can make Gilgamesh put too shame ( not yet anyway ) Mc : What !? , No clean water and non-radiated foods in the Wasteland???? , No problem. Mc : Problem on walkers / Zombies??? , I have a cure !!! ? Mc : hmmm.... so you think your gadgets and technology are beyond humanity can reach??? , Check out my Gundam and modefied oxygen Destroyer( In Godzilla ) Mc : hmmm...? , you have a summon ? I have pokemon!!! Mc : Heh... so what if you have Mana inside you , I have tons of Nano bots and Artificial Intelligence inside me!!! Mc : heh...? , who needs that sword when you got EA !!!!! Author : .....im gonna nerf you if you dont shut up. Mc : .....heh? , who needs you when i got readers. ------------- Weak too strong , Rational Mc , Smart Mc , Arrogant Mc , Swearing , Romance ( probably) , Fantasy , Scifi , Other persons PoV , Multiple PoVs , Parallel worlds , Anime Worlds ( i dont own ), smart and pure logic Mc ( not heartless but if necessary Sacrifices he wouldn't hesitate)

  • Death Claw : A Story of a Reincarnated monster in another world

    Death Claw : A Story of a Reincarnated monster in another world


    A 16 years old boy vission suddenly black out and wakes up inside of an egg. join boy in his journeys on another world of monsters and medieval era peoples with magic as a Baby Death claw ( not that he know what species anyway ) Join him grow as a bonafied baby death claw until a Magical War Tank Lizard that can kill even the Gods Watanabes , Edgey Demon lords and Celestial Dragons. Weak to Strong , Rational Mc , Manipulative, Neutral too Chaotic personality , Isekai , Fanytasy , Monsters , Strong Language, Bit Gory, Mythological species like Cthulhu and such... Ps : I dont own the pic and the idea of death claw design ( except the upgrades ) are from the google and fallout game , I only owned the Story , Plot , Mc , Etc. Ps #2 : Im just writing for fun and also a non profit novel

  • Journey Throughout The Time

    Journey Throughout The Time


    What happens when a guy who has zero interest in cartoons (Anime) died unknowingly turned into a Certain Stand ( king crimson ) and stranded in another world... would this guy die alone in the stranded planet filled with Prehistoric Animals, Demonic monsters and Spiritual Entities...? or be a hunter and hunt those preys and absorb them. few powers for Spoiler: Time skip, Time stop, Slow-motion, Reverse, and Dimension travelling ( possibility a crossover like Nasuverse or something ) Ps : im just writing for fun.


Reading Status: C5
Mmm... whayt should I say... The Mc have some sort of OCD or Fetish on Cute Female's, His... decision is full of absurdity and the world is... not much... this is a Gender bender mc.

Mc is Naive, has Happy go lucky personality ( try referring it to Naruto on his Child hood )

He's a man child...

Also who the heck use an Old SHOVEL ( of all things... ) as your Bond Weapon_object in the Multi world threat.

The Side characters are not worth mentioning, I haven't read it pass 6 but... the sheer absurdity is just... *Shiver*.

The only worthy of it is the English language quality ( probably his mother language which is Rare... But wasted on this... Mc or story, )

Sorry author but the Chats are all 5 star and im not even sure if they're properly rating. View More
Cutest in the Omniverse
2 weeks ago
Ugh, I quit... also being born hurts a lot especially of the... "Cat", if ya know what it means...

Constriction hurts like a bitc-( Female Dog, gosh! Language mister ) why do you guys think Babies shrieked like a banshee in the first place hmm...?

Also won't the Parents suspect...?

Im no Expert but... Im pretty sure overly cute in the omniversal level DOES NOT run on the family genes...

Brrrr... *shiver*

Im not gonna explain about it since I AM SO OUT.

Try reading books from
His books is... 8.5 /10
Also numbers such as this is leagues away...

If im rating this one I think... 4.5 / 10... sorry buddy. View More
Cutest in the Omniverse · C5
2 weeks ago
Do you know OCD...?
This is not lesbianism.
He's not even a girl in the first place, Im guessing he have a ( the mc ) problem like... THAT.

( He's a NEET or Otaku... Though I find it creepy that he have huge obsession being a Cute Female, probably A gay, now before you judge there are a LOT of gays )

Well the Prologue already confirmed that he Likes living Alone in Tiny spaces such as his room, he have huge obsession on cutes, ( he probably got that on his early life in his/her child hood, probably such as Name calling in his Ugly face, the author is probably a girl. )

( Sometimes writing a Book, the author probably portrays him/herself a bit on MC. )

I all that the MC i see as a problem is...

Dandy, Naive,


His Character ( about...almost all of it... )

Why am I off the topic...? Wait, why am I even bothering on chatting... oh right, the author never bothers in reading. View More

o_oDoyouknowme_o_o: Have you heard of lesbians?

Cutest in the Omniverse · C4
2 weeks ago
I like the quality of this novel but...
The sheer absurdity of... ya know what I mean...

Is... lets change the topic, is this all comedy type...? With no seriousness like gintama...?

If so... Your comedy is... well... Erm...


Okay...? Though a bit gay-ish to me View More
Cutest in the Omniverse · C3
2 weeks ago
I have a question, Does he have a love interest?
He said before that he likes anime.
Does he fancy someone...?

If there is, was it.


They do seemed a match.

Its not that Ilike Harem ( unless if the mC is naive, Arrogant and doesn't know the mindset of "think before your Dick" or "Bro's B4 Hoes", Etcetera )

But if the Mc doesn't have a partner it's still okay to me.

But a pair is even better 😏😏😏( Maybe... Esdeath, Cinder fall or Raven brawmen ) View More
The Universal Villain · C18
3 weeks ago
Mmm.... so satisfying... Rwby verse is a good place too farm. It doesn't have much strong opponents but it's Infinite grim would give him tons of Exp.

Quantity vs Quality.

Ps : Don't mind it's animation since it's story is good for me lol View More
The Universal Villain · C18
3 weeks ago
I truly did struck gold...
Please more 🎄 View More
The Universal Villain · C17
3 weeks ago
What the!
CLIFF HANGER!!!!! View More
The Universal Villain · C16
3 weeks ago
Not sure on what I'd react but... okay...?
I got a question though... is he naive or he's just really gullible...? View More
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C1
3 weeks ago
Its 2 : 29 here in the Philippines and I didn't regret reading this...

I have no regrets... View More
Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C18
3 weeks ago
Let me tell you, terraria is a Dark world, not a good place for a Naive MC, im not criticising you, but giving you tips, The world of terraria is Full of Darkness, no sentinent and Sapient species ( NPC is hardly a sentient... also Sapiens are different, trust me on that. ) monsters that would either chop you in pieces, Smash your bones, monsters that want too liquefied your Guts inside out, or burning you alive ( not fun, Don't try leaving the stove on, it's... it isn't a pleasant sensation. .. )

I doubt Elsa's powers can Destroy the Moon lord, heck i doubt it even surpassed the hard mode.

Also creating axe out of Ice?, is Basic but the Structures of Guns, Machine , Etcetera without knowledge...? And Creating them out of thin air...? I call bull****, Elsa created a Castle because she is Knowledgeable about their Era type buildings, being a princess in their includes Buildings, Business negotiations skills, Etcetera, need too learn from the age of 5-6, Being a ruler is no Joke ( try comparing it to the President of United states.

That's why elsa can create its Building structures.

If you don't get it, Try watching Fate ( an Anime )

Shirou's Trace on is no Joke because it follows the World's logic ( except magic ) like...

Example, Using Reinforcement magic too strengthen the Body's Body structures and made you veins stronger and using your Reinforced heart too pump more blood just so you can just jump 6 meter-ish.

Wait... im off the topic...

The point is you need too research more... so you can create a good Novel... or fanfiction... View More
Transmigrated in Terraria with Elsa's powers! (HIATUS) · C2
3 weeks ago
I thought this has potential due too Elsa's Cryomancy ( Ice powers ) that can be used to create matters made out of ice, and Cellular level freezing ability Etcetera, Creating lige has a lot of potential too...

But never thought that The Disney's... what should I call it...?

Child/Kid level Naivety and plot, Not to mention His wasting his powers....

Probably a New author also an Underage just from this Plot alone... ( Probably 12 below )

And... It's so cringe-ish and Gay-ish... Fix it please...

Also I wish You luck fellow author ( I quit though... when I was 14 ) View More
Transmigrated in Terraria with Elsa's powers! (HIATUS) · C2
3 weeks ago
...What? View More
Transmigrated in Terraria with Elsa's powers! (HIATUS) · C2
3 weeks ago
Naruto's memories and powers...? What... a kid version naruto...? Bruh that's pretty useless because 1st, He's a Dead last in terms of Jutsu, Nin jutsu and genjutsu the only thing that kept him OP is because of his Kyuubi that supplies him MANA, And Im prettty sure he dont have the Uzumaki bloodline cuz ya know... DNA, what, he magically changed his DNA structures into a Cellular level ( A Chakra Storage supply No less!!! Because Duh, RWBY world Don't have Chakra!!!! )

I cringe a lot BTW View More
RWBY: The Phantom of Remnant · C3
3 weeks ago
Sometimes the Updates confused me...

Theres 1 times a week ( Uncommon)

2 times a week ( common )

3 TIMES A WEEK ( Rare )

Then suddenly a 7 times a week ( surprised pikachu face ) View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C878
3 weeks ago
Dude... I... Im speechless... this what im looking for!
Sure there are others better than you like a Pro author ,Veteran, Etcetera, but do you know how many of this ( impressive for me ) are out there?!, Almost nonexistent. View More
Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C17
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C15
Though im npt knowledgeable in bleach due too how long since i last watch it, I still remember some major plots and i say it's 8 / 10

Your updates is good too.

The storyline of yours is also good and I'd say 8.5/10

The mc is not a Beta mc nor a Nuisance.

OP but still a reasonable amount of powers.

Though I hoped that after he Finished this Bleach Arc he would go too the Nasuverse Due too the uniqueness of it. Or the Naruto SHIPUDEN ( please not the S1... I can hardly tolerate their mc's Naivety ) View More
The Universal Villain
3 weeks ago
He's over confident As F...

He should learb a think or two too ainz, And here I thought he'd be paranoid ( which is a good thing!!! ) if one player is in earth land, who says that others can't/don't exist...?

If I were him, I better learn Death magic such as his very own Grasp heart by putting a gravity sphere or Gravity Centre inside the person's heart, and use a fake heart too crush in his hand like some type of activation....

OR Unlimited Bldes work. They don't take much mana except the trace on which is he can replicate, he can also create or atleast recreate EA.

Or learn ainz trump card, The Goal Of All Life Is Death.

But knowing him, an overconfident Coward who relies on his magic and meta knowledge ( which pretty stupid cuz he should know that it was changed due too the butter fly effect), Heck!, even Gilgamesh has a good reason to be Arrogant and overly confident, At least he EARNED it, plus he is not naive.

For a guy with An age 30+ he sure is a man child.

His powers have a lot of potential, to bad it was wasted on him... *Sigh*😞😞😞 View More
Devil's Word magic in Fairy Tail · C12
4 weeks ago
God my eyes hurt... View More
Unlimited Anime Works · C2
4 weeks ago
W8... really...?
This is a copy paste?
If so, may I know the org? View More

iloveyanderes: You said you would change some things
but you haven't changed anything
Do you think I won't turn the table?
Well, if I shoot it!
(╯ ° □ °) ╯︵ ┻━┻
better not
┬──┬◡ ノ (° - ° ノ)

4 weeks ago
W8... really...?
This is a copy paste?
If so, may I know the org? View More

iloveyanderes: You said you would change some things
but you haven't changed anything
Do you think I won't turn the table?
Well, if I shoot it!
(╯ ° □ °) ╯︵ ┻━┻
better not
┬──┬◡ ノ (° - ° ノ)

4 weeks ago
W8... really...?
This is a copy paste?
If so, may I know the org? View More

iloveyanderes: You said you would change some things
but you haven't changed anything
Do you think I won't turn the table?
Well, if I shoot it!
(╯ ° □ °) ╯︵ ┻━┻
better not
┬──┬◡ ノ (° - ° ノ)

4 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
4 weeks ago
Last I check I was in... 25-ish chaps...

I was actually saving the others so I would suffer the Cliff hanger...

But this... is much worst than I thought...

Oh well... it was... good while it last...😑😑😑 View More
******DELETE*** · C0
4 weeks ago
Err.... what the **** happened too the older chap...? View More
******DELETE*** · C0
4 weeks ago
Emotions are a failure.
Thats not how he supposed to act, assuming he should been affected far more heavier.

He should fell Dull, hatred, Anti social, PTSD.

Trust me i know this through common sense and personal experience. View More
Felix's Classroom of the Elite · C2
1 month ago
I still can't find any flaw in this stories yet this comment section is dead ghost 😅 View More
Chaos System: I'm Evil so what? · C19
1 month ago
Not the 1st but meh View More
Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C24
1 month ago
Reading Status: C0
I see... so this is why you don't update your other novel...

Another Flawless one I see...

Manipulative, Smart, Weak-Strong, logical, Evil, Reasonable ( so far ), Note worthy Mc.

With Yandere, Manipulative, Willing in Harem, Smart, Weak-Strong, Lovable, Sweet, Sadistic 1st and Main Wife.

Plus there's no Cringeworthy **** like in other fanfics/novels. View More
Chaos System: I'm Evil so what?
1 month ago
Reading Status: C2
Try the grammarly APP, though it used more Data or wifi the quality of Spelling and Sentence ( not too mentioned the Grammar)

It would improve the story.

Make the MC more... soldier-ish ( more stronger will and wouldn't be baffled easily and good at acting and good at strategy or being a good strategist )

Sorry my English suck View More
The Most Powerful Quirkless
1 month ago
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