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    Magical Realism COMEDY Adventure Academy magic Female Lead Transmigation face slapping Fantacy Cross-dressing fourth wall breaking


    What will you do if you suddenly wake up as another person after you die??? What will you also do if you realized that your pet, cat, started talking to you??? **** This is the story of Mu Lingxi, a hopeless romantic teenage girl from the 21st century who transmigrated to another world after falling to her death. Together with her little black cat Janus, she began to traverse an unfamiliar world where warlocks and sorceress exist. Due to a few unexpected turns of events, she ended up being engaged with a prince. But she strongly believes in Queen Elsa's words before from the movie FROZEN, "You cannot marry a man you just met once!" and this was why she highly objected to the marriage arrangement. She even chose to cross dress just to hide her identity! On her journey to learn the way of magic, she got herself entangled with five young handsome men. Together they will venture the world of magic, love, and friendship. "Living in a place different from where I came from, how will I survive??? How could a hopeless romantic girl like me cope up with a life surrounded by five beautiful young men??? Will I be able to hide my true identity until the end??" "MEOW~" [Oh c'mon, little lass. Why are you asking yourself that??? You sound so rhetoric.... It's not for you to say, but for them to find out by themselves] *Janus winked to the readers out there* P.S. Pic's not mine...Credits to the owner.


haha... originally was planning to use a dragon. But while writing, I saw the cartoon with a Yeti as one of its characters... and so, VOILA... I use one as well.. HEHEHEHHE View More

ardhitap: I almost thought it was somekind of wolf, dragon or anything else but yeti is the least in prediction. Good work author

SORCERESS 101 · C172
9 hours ago
😅😅😅 View More

M3ira: Awe

SORCERESS 101 · C192
2 weeks ago
Err... let's see View More

roseyheqrts_: So cuteee..do you think it would become Mu Lingxu pet?

SORCERESS 101 · C174
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the read 😉 View More

M3ira: Aww thanks for the chapter!

SORCERESS 101 · C172
2 weeks ago
Aye! Hihi.. thank you.. View More

aishbae: No pblm.. ☺ I enjoy the book.. Keep it up.. 👍

SORCERESS 101 · C179
2 weeks ago
Hahahahaha View More
SORCERESS 101 · C181
2 weeks ago
errr... Guilty Author here...
certified Potter Head View More

aishbae: I think this author is heavily influenced by Harry Potter series..

SORCERESS 101 · C179
2 weeks ago
You are very much welcome my dear.. *^_^*
Thank you for reading my book... View More

roseyheqrts_: Yay 10 chaps tmr thank you author san~

SORCERESS 101 · C165
2 weeks ago
LOLS View More

FallenBlue: Lols, hahhaa, proud to be shameless here, *sends flying kiss*

SORCERESS 101 · C158
2 weeks ago
Hihi... you're welcome...
And thank you so much for allowing Jiang Li to visit my humble story.. hehe View More

FallenBlue: Thanks, wolf XD <3

SORCERESS 101 · C157
2 weeks ago

FallenBlue: Thanks for reading and
Please visit:


Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess · C152
2 weeks ago

xunlovesyou: The content has been deleted

2 weeks ago
hehe.. I guess, you were the one to say that about my grammar... LOL.. thanks... View More

vickyjon: To begin with!! I truly like the settings of your grammar so do keep it up.

2 weeks ago
hihi.. sorry about that. I use to put that note when my book was a month old... but don't worry.. I've already stopped doing that on the latter chaps.. hihi.. I hope you will continue supporting my book.. View More

vickyjon: Please author wolfBane. stop occupying the space for the story with your appalling cuz is making the story very short .

2 weeks ago
Im a greedy person... please satisfy my greed.....
Mooooooorrrrreeeeeeeee chaps! 😭😭😭😭😭

Please! View More
Oh My Ghost Lover~~ · C2
2 weeks ago
Yes no worries... I won't.. hehehe...
I hope you will continue supporting my book..
And enjoy reading.. 😅😅😅 View More

ClayRayne: Thanks for the chapter. Don't drop.

2 weeks ago
Lols.... we really got a nauthy kitty on board.. hahahaha View More

FallenBlue: Janus: Plot armor is the best protective armor.
Me: *slips down, face-planted on the ground* Lingxi, transfer the MC-hood (if the term exists) to Janus. 🤣✌️

SORCERESS 101 · C135
2 weeks ago
Haha... no worries.. I respect varying opinions.. Im still glad that you find time reading my book.. View More

wizzynnorom: Your character is so stupid, this is just bad writing, no offense

3 weeks ago
Oh gosh!!!!!
My bad... hahahahahahaha...
Thanks for pointing that out... i'll edit it right away.. hehehehehe View More

catsAreCute: Wait what!! Isn't it supposed to be She is my girl

SORCERESS 101 · C129
3 weeks ago

Another work of art in the making.. hmmm

The son of the dinosaur got me there... hahahhaha..LOL

So did she eventually landed on the dog's poop?? That's gross..

What an ill fate... dying next to a poop.. 😭😭😭 View More
Oh My Ghost Lover~~ · C1
3 weeks ago
Hi Nikolsz.... I remember, you were one of those who commented and encourage me back on my depressed day... I'm glad to see you here.. 😂😅

Thanks for your constant support... and Im glad you like the chap.. haha 😊 View More

Nikolsz: Hahahaha, well that was something unexpected! Even better that way! Thanks for the chapter.

SORCERESS 101 · C120
3 weeks ago

nicknaks26: (Jump to your death or being burned alive that was the choices she was given hell!! Neither way they both dead anyway )
Hilarious 😂😂
A Human girl and her funny pet cat enjoying thier second life in the other world.

3 weeks ago
Hahaha.... View More

The_Dyslexic_Won: Thank you for the, ah, info dump? LOL lots of plants that can kill you by the looks of things.

SORCERESS 101 · C115
3 weeks ago
hey krish! Glad to see you here... I only notice your comment today. 2 months have already passed... aww.. miss you! View More

krisangeljak: Lodi ko talaga to eh apakahusay

4 weeks ago
Ohhh... Hi Jiumu.. long time no see..(Err.. I mean in the comment box. LOL) welcome back.. hehe View More

Jiumu: Love the title, lol

SORCERESS 101 · C113
4 weeks ago
Matuto kung paano bigkasin
No es un problema en absoluto. Me estoy divirtiendo hablando con mis lectores.

Aunque me alegro de que te guste mi libro. Espero que sigas disfrutando de mi historia. ¡Amar mucho! View More

Delirio: Bueno puedo entenderlo.
Y gracias por tomarte la molestia de responderme en español, estoy leyendo desde mexico pero mi gramática es terrible en ingles así que normalmente me da pena comentar.

Por cierto amo tu historia, ¡por favor sigue asi!

SORCERESS 101 · C107
4 weeks ago
Yeah it is.... what a relieve.. hahaha.. I can still monitor it through phone.. Though I still miss my lappy.. Hahaha View More

The_Dyslexic_Won: Thank you for the chapter.
Looks like your auto post is working

SORCERESS 101 · C114
4 weeks ago
bueno, algunas chicas tienen este tipo de pensamiento extraño. Cuando rechazan a alguien, al mismo tiempo odia ver a esa misma persona que rechazaron superando su rechazo rápidamente. Se sienten traicionados por alguna razón.
LOL... please bare with my spanish. I used google translate.. hehe View More

Delirio: No lo entiendo, si Mu Lingxi ya declaro que solo tubo un ligero enamoramiento por Long Fuzi que ya paso y ademas básicamente lo abandono para no volver cuando dejo el clan Mu, exactamente por que se enoja que el tenga citas con alguien mas.
No esperara que le siga siendo fiel cuando ya lo abandono, ¿no?
Eso es demasiado pretencioso de su parte

SORCERESS 101 · C107
4 weeks ago
Ahmmm... I guess we have to wait for the latter chaps if she will reappear.. hehehe View More

HaloCutie: How about yanyan?

4 weeks ago
Woah.... that's great! 😍
Im glad that you like it...
Thanks for the support.. love lots! 😉 View More

jul81: I love this novel so much....💕💕💕💕thanks for the chapters.......

SORCERESS 101 · C111
1 month ago
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