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Original Works

  • Adventures of godslayer

    Adventures of godslayer


    It is the story about normal guy suddenly becoming op and travelling to diffrent worlds. Sometimes destroing them sometimes helping someone. If some attacks him he just evaporates him. If it is a god it does not matter. He is the GODSLAYER.

  • Book of ideas

    Book of ideas


    I'm writing this book because i have many ideas for things in a story but can't write any good story with them. I hope someone will find these interesting and maybe write a story with them. If you use one of ideas in your story please mention it in synopsis.


Oh, you're finally awake View More
SCP Gacha System In A Cultivation World · C10
15 hours ago
Story isn't too bad, but the grammar is bad, please use grammarly or get someone to help with it because it will decrese the rating on the story View More
In Future with Unlimited Skill Points · C9
1 day ago
Firster View More
My Hero Academia: The Ajin Gamer · C93
1 day ago
Fourth View More
The Life Hacker System · C33
4 days ago
4 months already, is it dropped? View More
Detesting The System: Sundering Fate · C37
4 days ago
Great, a main love interest is gonna be his own power, never seen that before, sounds great View More
Detesting The System: Sundering Fate · C6
4 days ago
I found one, terrible problem, there are not enough chapters, please, do something with it View More
The Shopmaster · C11
5 days ago
It was a month already View More
Blood Creed · C63
6 days ago
Reading Status: C151
It's a good story, with intereating character and good plot, mc is op, but not boring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, View More
Requiem of Souls (Original)
6 days ago
I think she had a bit of time left, enough to let him mature, she had her chance View More
Surviving In My Novel · C82
6 days ago
Thanks fpr chapter View More
Living Life As A Game: Through And Through · C234
6 days ago
Bruh View More
Living Life As A Game: Through And Through · C225
6 days ago
50% of her conversations is interesting, the other half is just normal talking View More
Living Life As A Game: Through And Through · C201
1 week ago
Don't you mean incest vore? View More

zombielover: Nice cannibalism how lovely

Living Life As A Game: Through And Through · C110
1 week ago
So that's how his immortality will be compromised View More
My Hero Academia: The Ajin Gamer · C0
1 week ago
Good idea, if you see any problems with your work, it's good to solve them, also, i can wait, after changes i probably will reread the whole thing because all i remeber is chaos and slightly opmc, and a dragon View More
Reincarnation of the Cheater (Hiatus) · C69
1 week ago
Dragon balls? View More
Living Life As A Game: Through And Through · C67
1 week ago
Dual cultivation, achived, somehow without a guy View More
Living Life As A Game: Through And Through · C61
1 week ago
Yeeet View More
Living Life As A Game: Through And Through · C46
1 week ago
Third View More
Wizardry System · C58
1 week ago
How the hell, are you here so fast View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1306
1 week ago
After a long time, i finally catched up with the updates, now i will have to wait for next chapters View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1305
1 week ago
You can buy this, you alo get death, for free View More

Asura_Vajra: Vahn: There's nothing you can't buy in the shop

Random Person: Your daughter's hand in marriage?

Vahn: Theres one thing you can't buy in the shop.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1298
1 week ago
Don't you mean omega? View More

Einlion: Demeter is a mega-tier MILF.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1276
1 week ago
That was kinda sad View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C432
1 week ago
I think you meant 69^420 View More

Yudel: How to deal with this problem:
Step 1: organize a public event and invite everyone (especially your enemies)
Step 2: bring with you Heracle's wife and children, but not him, and leave then alone for some time.
Step 3: record the harassment they will suffer from the novel faction.
Step 4: show it to Heracles and fill him with 69420 Ephigies of the Hero (may have to eat the so they stay on his boddy).
Step 5: bring drinks, company and relax watching the show.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1234
1 week ago
Great idea, makes a lot of sense, considering that the yggdrasil was also a gate to othere worlds it could be a primitive way to connect records, even if the connection was only for information, and highly unstable because of law, and time flow diffrences View More

Zerak: It would be cool if the new world tree was still the same Yggdrasil, and every time he plants her in a new world it extends her reach to other records.

It could be a way for her to reach their 5 and really becomes a world tree or a record tree.

Though not sure how that would work in accordance with the rules you already set for this novel.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1231
1 week ago
Keep your friends close, but enemies closer View More

MichelAyres: To eat your enemies

Monster Pet Evolution · C428
1 week ago
Good thing i always assume every 18+ chapter is optional and skip it because they are hard to write properly, and well written are rare, so, to not decrese my opinion about a story, i just skip it View More
My Hero Academia: The Ajin Gamer · C86
1 week ago
One of wierdest injuries i have ever heard of, next to breaking a spine while tying shoes, and yes that really happened View More

Einlion: I fractured a rib while sneezing, so it has been better xD...

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1158
2 weeks ago
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