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Original Works

  • Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy

    Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy

    Fantasy Reincarnation Evolution Weak to Strong Isekai Dungeons LitRPG Cat Male Protaganist Magic and Swords


    Alexander is in a moment of total despair at the news of his family's death, he decides to leave his apartment to clear his mind, but this idea leads him to his death, but there was no end to him. There was no light at the end of the tunnel with his family waiting for him. He reincarnated like a cat inside an egg as if it were a joke, but he wakes up and realizes that now his environment is no longer the sweet earth he had known for his entire life. With his recent family dead and with his second life, Alexander has no choice but to pretend he is fine for his own good and move forward in this new unknown and hostile world. Alex will venture into a fantasy world that is not very friendly and will show you that the world was never made for the weak, Alex will not have another that place the other cheek before the events he will suffer, but he will not remain silent while receiving the blows. -- Somewhere unknown a drunk man looks scared at a cat in front of him, the man does not know if he really heard the cat speak or is too drunk that he has begun to hallucinate. "My fluffy legs are deadly weapons... and you don't want me to try them on you," said a cat through telepathy. . . [If you want to support me:] . . [Discord Server:] . . The Cover: It not belong to me and is only temporary.

  • Spiderman | La Maldición de la Mordida

    Spiderman | La Maldición de la Mordida

    Cómic FAN System Marvel Hero Spiderman

    Ken estaba preparando un burrito en el microondas cuando de repente una araña lo mordió en la mano izquierda, y debido a la mordedura, Ken olvidó quitar el aluminio del burrito dentro del microondas y esto provoco que terminara explotando en su cara y causando que fuera enviado a otra dimensión donde existen los heroes como Spiderman. [Truck-san compartió sus poderes con microondas-kun por el momento para hacer este fanfic.]

  • Pokemon | My second life

    Pokemon | My second life

    Anime & Comics Fantasy Pokemon OC Male-Lead

    This is the story of Alexander, a boy who died from a two-gang shooting when he simply went to the mall to pick up the new pokemon game he had set aside with his friend's help. But by fate or bad luck, he died instantly upon receiving a bullet in the neck. Alexander's vision went out as if it were a television, not understanding what was happening, his vision returned as soon as it left, but there was only one problem when he had opened his eyes. He found himself in a crib and a giant pink cat was watching him very curiously. The animal had as a red gem on its forehead while its tail was divided into two, the animal looked like fantasy but seeing it in front of him made him astonished by the appearance of the animal.

  • One step is all I need

    One step is all I need

    Fantasy Action Magic Weak to Strong Monsters Survival of the fittest

  • MHA | Dual Kosei

    MHA | Dual Kosei

    Anime & Comics Action Male Protagonist OC My Hero Academia Swordman Doble Kosei

    Alan Himura is a boy with double Kosei, something very rare since that only happens when two Kosei manifest themselves in the son of a couple with prominent Koseis. Alan ended up living alone with his mother when his father "died" in an attack of terrorist [villains] who destroyed a shopping center with dynamite, this caused a great hatred in Alan towards the so-called Villains. Alan swears in his heart that he would not restrict himself when he fought against one, he would hurt them enough that they could not have a life again. Since the day of the accident, Alan treasures his father's last two gifts, a fox mask that only covers half of his face and the bokken.

  • Tower of Mobs

    Tower of Mobs

    Fantasy Action Adventure Dungeon RPG-Elements Tower

    Different Towers appeared all over the earth, bringing with them the possibility of using magic under a strict system that allows people to use magic and enter the tower. Human civilization had a technological disruption caused by the waves of monsters that invaded the earth through the towers and as well as by the interference of the mana spirits that were curious about the electronic devices, the technology backed up big steps since they failed to prevent mana spirits from playing with the electricity within devices, causing humanity to explore the uses of magic and adapt them for their uses, thus making it an obligation that people could use magic to enjoy ancient luxuries that were common before.

  • I am a Muggleborn!

    I am a Muggleborn!

    Book&Literature Reincarnation Magic Harry Potter OC Character

    Nothing is worse than knowing that you were reincarnated in 1980 when you lived in the 21st century and enjoyed technology. . "Luckily for me... magic exists and I am able to use it!"

  • Naruto: Eye of the Storm

    Naruto: Eye of the Storm

    Anime & Comics Action Weak To Strong Naruto Senju Ninja Doujutsu Re-Born Second Shinobi War

    Re-born in the shinobi world when just the sparks of the second ninja war begin to form signs to start. Yuki Senju will not sit idly by while waiting for fate to continue its course where only one Senju is left alive. To avoid that, Yuki will eliminate all the deadly obstacles that will get in his way.


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