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Original Works

  • The Chosen One | Book One

    The Chosen One | Book One

    Fantasy Greek Mythology Mutants greek gods and goddesses zeus

    200 years ago, Mutants ruled the Earth except they were known as heroes to humans. Slowly, they began to disappear one by one until they were all considered extinct (or, so they thought), There wasn't another open mutant until Carter. Carter not only becomes a mutant, but she ends up with the powers of three strong mutants which gives her the ability to control the weather, telekinesis, and superhuman strength. Along the way, Carter meets three other mutants who had been hiding their abilities for years. She discovers that mutants weren't extinct after all. Becoming a team known as Heroic IV (4), they form an alliance and work together by fighting crimes in the city until they are taken into custody at the Martial Program - a school located in Zims, New York for mutants and other kinds to live their lives together and learn to control their powers. As Carter adjusts to her new life as a mutant, secrets about her true identity comes to light. She realizes that there is something about her that makes her a phenomenon in the small city, and she soon discovers that her Mother's death became an iconic moment in Zims history, and discovers her title as The Forbidden Child. But, skeletons come out of the closet and secrets cannot be hidden forever. With the news spreading that Carter had returned to Zims, the man who murdered her Mother is coming back to finish where he left off. The Heroic IV (4) becomes the Heroic VII (7) for protection which forces Carter to not only fight for her life but for those she loves, yet she must first figure out who she truly is before she can solve anything else. Carter is no longer The Forbidden Child. She is The Chosen One.

  • The Former Games | Book Two

    The Former Games | Book Two

    Fantasy Fantasy gods mutants greek greekmythology goddess

    No one understood Carter like the Moon. Due to the current events happening in the present, Carter travels to the past to save the future. She has to figure out her true identity but what happens when Carter realizes that she has been living a lie? After learning that she and her friends had met before, the crew decides to investigate and find out what caused their sudden memory loss but along the way they learn that not everything is what it seems. Secrets begin to come to the light. True identities are revealed. These were their lives yet it all seemed to be one big game. Welcome to The Former Games - where even the truths can be a lie. Book Two | Sequel to The Chosen One

  • The Goddess | Book Three

    The Goddess | Book Three


    Carter's true identity has been revealed. She was far from ordinary. She was the daughter of Zeus. She was the Goddess of all Gods and Goddesses. She was the Queen. She was more than the Chosen One. She was more than the forbidden child. She was a Queen and it was her time to rule. But having a title and an important role comes great responsibility and danger. What’s done in the dark will soon come to the light. There will be no more lies and Carter will only be faced with the truth. The Goddess is simply the calm before the storm.

  • Bermuda


    Sci-fi Action Adventure Sc-Fi supenatural supenatural powers BermudaTriangle

    Rayne Munroe managed to do the impossible. Rayne is a 18 year old who has just got accepted to a huge university. To get away from stress, Rayne's parents gift her and a friend with a trip to the Dominican Republic as a graduation present but your happiest moments could easily become your worst. Flight 74 gets hijacked, loses control, and crashes right into the Devil's Triangle known to many as The Bermuda Triangle. While every other passenger on the plane disappears, Rayne does what no other person has done. She survived and she left the Bermuda. She was never the same.


rachel54: I loved it ❤️ It was incredible and I’m so proud of the outcome. I fell in love with Carter, Mikey, and even Zion! I’m so ready for what’s to come. Can’t wait for The Former Games to be released!

The Chosen One | Book One
9 months ago

yungjjks: INCREDIBLE


The Chosen One | Book One
9 months ago

magicimpact_09: So so so amazing. I love the writing and the world building. Monroe D'Carter is talented. I love seeing Carter grow throughout the story and falling in love with the characters.

The Chosen One | Book One
9 months ago
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The Chosen One | Book One
9 months ago
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