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swaran: Issei already has matsuda and motohama and his right hand, he don't need any girls

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C896
6 days ago

IcyCold: Shuchi’in Academy? As in Love is War??? Hell yeah.

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C578
1 week ago
Shuchi’in Academy? As in Love is War??? Hell yeah. View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C578
1 week ago

ShLight: Najenda: "You won't sit in that place too long"

Haru: "And you won't be a virgin too long"

Najenda: ".... try me"

Haru: "Okay then..."

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C549
1 week ago

LifeLessCorpse: Out of all NR Girls, Chelsea is definitely my favorite but I did not expect Haru to bag her first

Imagine Najenda, the old virgin's reaction when she tries to rescue NR girls and finds out that they have all graduated...

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C549
1 week ago

hungrywolf: author"this plan will be named ' the great capture of akame' "
haru" eat this bread"
akame"lets get married"

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C539
1 week ago

TheeUnknownSaint: I’m caught with Translations. It’s a hilarious story and it has plot. But there’s much to be desired from the Characters. The Author has already set up a good cast like “Daily Life Of Immortal King.” If they get discarded along the way, then this Novel will be ruined.

It feels like this story will stray at any moment and become milked like any CN now.

So i hope the Author focuses on his Characters, like his 4 lovers. For once I really like this Polygamy. But if it grows too big and we no longer get to see them, it’ll be disheartening. They all provide hilarious duos with the MC.
I mean Meimei has already been discarded, so it’s kinda disappointing.

Hopefully, his relationship with his lovers is established soon as I want to see them together more. I wonder how they’ll react if MC dies? Please no disappearing every hundred chapters sh*t, that will ruin this novel.

Universe's Ultimate BOSS
2 weeks ago

Solomon369: Shuri/Enemy: What are you???
Hiro: Ya know, whenever I tell someone that I am Hiro the Harem King, they always focus on the harem part. Everyone seems to neglect that I am...
Shuri/Enemy: ...?
Hiro: ...a KING!!!
*A great pressure descends crushing every enemy and deforming the ground for kilometers!*

Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C11
1 month ago
Murphy’s Law at its finest. I love it Good Job author-san View More
Life in DXD · C52
2 months ago

Not_a_Penguin: Megumin: *Intense breathing*

My Multiverse Trip · C108
2 months ago

Kid_Speech: *speechless* O_______O

Op System · C14
3 months ago

MoriO: I'm really impressed by his 'serious' secretary who upload a video of him without his consent. Which could potentialy destroy his image of a singer before an important music tournament... A secretary who take her job 'seriously' and don't let her feelings pass before her job.

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C468
3 months ago

southgamez: Cuck1: B-brother I need to tell you something before we die *Cough Cough*... Cuck2: W-what is it bro?... Cuck1: R-remember that guy who slept with your wife?... Cuck2: What about that bastard... Cuck1: I-it was me,hehe... Cuck2: Y-you bastard!... Hahaha... Cuck1: Whats wrong brother, have you gone mad?... Cuck2: No... Brother do you remember the man who slept with your wife...Cuck1: No!... Don't tell me!... Cuck2: Yes, it was me the whole time... Cuck1: Y-you bastard! I will kill you!... Cuck2: Not if I kill you first!

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System! · C18
3 months ago

LegendaryMob: Haru + Kage bunshin...

Day 1 morning - Activate 30 kagebunshin then spread them to the city...

Day 1 evening - Haru and his kagebunshin return with additional hundreds after hundreds of women now part of the Harem...

= Bad Idea...

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C362
3 months ago
😑😑😑 View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C358
3 months ago

Octaeon: Ok someone needs to remind me why am I reading this on a crowded train with people reading over my shoulder.

Dual Cultivation · C6
5 months ago

Djabilong: Moral of the story: dirty bishounens can get anything and get away with anything with zero effort on their part. Go explode, riajuu!

5 months ago

LuxVonDeux: You magnificent bastard, you just give me an idea

Power Manipulator in Dxd · C9
5 months ago

Leixein: For those who can't use the 1st link I posted in the previous chapter, Warning NSFW!:





The Wish of the Dragon · C108
5 months ago

Kyoang: Smh..... This guy with his wishes.....

Your wishes are bad!!!

My wishes for example are:

1. A cultivation method where as I only need to sleep to cultivate.

2. Where as the longer I dream, the more experience I get with fighting and such.

3. That I can stop time

4. A system guide equiped with convinient stuff such as appraisal/map

5. Each of my dreams takes 10.000 years to complete and the time will add to my spirit rings.
(10.000 years = 1 dream = 12 hour of sleep? Sort of)

6. Able to choose a specific spirit ring every time I am eligable to add one. (I can choose for example: Supreme thunder demon spirit ring)

7. Sleep traps: If I am asleep a defensive mechanism will activate where nobody can hurt me and will receive their own attacks back by 5 times the damage.

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C2
6 months ago

sspade66: Du Shung
Thought he was hung
Because a whore's bell he rung.
He dropped down his pants
To show off his lance
And found she was full of dung!

Master Of Erossu Book · C12
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System to Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! · C69
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System to Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! · C42
6 months ago

Morvian: he should got sixth sense skill from his chat friend so he'll know people that want to harm him~

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C161
6 months ago

*open and finds 100 yen* damn...
Older Bro: oh I got one! *opens and finds 3 copies of Unreleased chapters*
...... DIE BROTHER!!!! (0-0)/)

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C72
6 months ago

Leixein: Kill him! Really.... he hang out with your daughter then ur solution is to kill him.... sure ur rich but when **** goes down he will regret and stuff... now where will Lan stand, will she obey her father or stay true to mc
Imo she just gonna be like " but i dont love him, i do like him but... uh... but...." then she will use it as an excuse to stay away from mc coz she want to protect mc so classic -_-

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C72
6 months ago

Leixein: Hmm i think chang'e just got used to old days compliment, and since chen is from modern days and a god candidate on top of that so his compliment does twice the work more better than the old mans up there on heavenly court since god is more higher ranked than deities apparently on this novel even jade emperor flatter god lol

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C70
6 months ago

LordofOriginalSins: That girl been ***** because he only going to chen because of riches from their family. Saviir = can change desicion

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C54
6 months ago

Dooop: I think it's because of how she acted in an earlier chapter and Chen still has a bad feeling about her from then

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C54
6 months ago

visualreader: Is me the only feeling weird about a passive skill need a mana or some kind of famous thing to do now?
But seriously i see a passive skill U know passive so it not really need energy or something to active it ( that will make it a active skill or what not. But not a passive skill).

Supreme Martial System · C30
6 months ago
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