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  • I'm 19 years old and I write for fun I guess... Funny thing is I hate English language arts.

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Original Works

  • Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System

    Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System

    Anime & Comics Action System Adventure Harem Mature Anime Male Lead OpMC Power Killing


    The Main Character Soren was *Cough Cough* in a car when an accident happened, he was then killed and brought in front of God. God gave him 3 wishes, his wishes had some restrictions but he wished for a System that in connected to every Anime in the Multiverse and now he travels getting stronger to become a God himself, This is my first one of these type of Novels and I do not own any of the Anime or materials used except my Character, I only made this to improve writing skills. Thank You

  • Sacrificial Exchange in a Parallel World

    Sacrificial Exchange in a Parallel World

    Fantasy Harem Magic Fantasy Isekai r18 Parallel World Sacrifice Violance Nudity StrongToGod

    Have you ever wondered how a terrible encounter might change your fate for the better? Kai is your average High Schooler, he then happened to meet Truck-kun who then sent him to such a world. meeting the goddess, she gave him the chance all young boys want at some point. (I don't mean sex) The goddess then sent Kai into a Parallel world of his own and gave him access to magic. Join Kai on his adventure in a Parallel World as he saves it from destruction.

  • Journey With Cheat Like Magic

    Journey With Cheat Like Magic

    Fantasy Action Romance Adventure R-18 Modern OP-MC Weak-to-Strong School-life ranking system Badass-Mc

    Soren was a young boy drafted into the army at around 14 years of age when the world was being destroyed due to war and famine, but one day a God came and revived the whole world and it's people giving them "Magic", the God then created 50 cities in which the people were migrated to, the God told us that we had Magic, but had to find out how to use the magic on our own, he then disappeared from our world leaving the newly revived inhabitants to experiment. "I, Soren Yakut will be the one to be the strongest of this new world full of Magic... But first I need to find out how to use it"

  • A Star Wars System

    A Star Wars System

    Movies Reincarnation Action System Romance Adventure Comedy R-18 Weak to Strong OP MC Star Wars


    Our MC Kylo Ray is a hardcore Star Wars Fan who was on his way home from a Star Wars meet up and died from a heat stroke being overweight and the sweltering summers heat. Join Kylo as he journeys through the Star Wars Universe and becomes either the hope of all life throughout the Galaxy, or the one to bring it's downfall. Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Star Wars Franchise and all rights go to their respective owners. The only thing I own from this fanfic is my character and the creativity put into his Journey... Please support the Official Release of the actual Star Wars Movies

  • Avatar With A System

    Avatar With A System

    TV Reincarnation Action System Romance Adventure Comedy Weak to Strong OP MC Avatar Firebender


    Join Soren as he joins Team Avatar on their Journey around the world running from the Fire Nation while training to fight and defeat the Fire Lord and end the war to bring peace and balance back to the world. Disclaimer!: I don't own anything used in this story related to Avatar: The Last Airbender except for my character... Please Support the Official Release! pay* (don't use the *) Support me if you want by Donating to my Pay *Pal join the Discord and have some fun

  • Multiverse System in the Real World

    Multiverse System in the Real World

    Anime & Comics Reincarnation Action System Romance Adventure Harém Comedy R-18 Modern OP-MC

    Soren had died and met with God who was originally going to just send him to Heaven like everyone else who entered Judgement Day, but due to looking over Soren's memories, God found all the stories he had read interesting and decided to create a world just for Soren to grow into a God. Join Soren on his journey to the top of this parallel world God had created. For Fans of TAMS, you all were sad to see it end, so here is a squeal if you want to call it that with another broken Soul fragment of Soren. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Anime used in this Fan Fiction, and the only thing I own is my OC. I used 2 images I found on Google to make cover, so I don't completely own cover, but made it my own in a way, and if you are the creator of either image, and can show proof I will take down the cover image.


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